B- for Back off !

B- for Back off !

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Wednesday’s blog is when we look at matters of the soul mostly, don’t we?

I need to get something off my chest.
You see, when you run a company and you go on TV, 
you sign an invisible agreement which states that you are 
no longer allowed to say what you really think, and
no longer permitted to react badly when people come at you. 
There is a hidden clause which states that you must always be upbeat and not bite. 
Actually, my Dad taught me that one years ago, way before TV,
so it isn’t hard to keep my mouth shut, hit the pause button and swallow. It’s better for peace of mind too, not to react – although I do find it quite hard when uninformed, mean spirited individuals start using me and my team as some kind of punchbag – especially when there are so many much more important, gravitous things going on in the world.  
Facebook has a lot to answer for actually, and I find I am withdrawing more and more, which is such a shame, because in essence, it is a fantastic place for communities to gather and share.
Last week, I posted about the changes to Hochanda’s schedule now that they have come off Freeview betweem 7am and 7pm.
It was just after I had blogged about Tina, Grace and Steve.
I started the post by asking people not to moan or complain, 
just to please accept the information for what it was.
(quite honestly, I was too low to be able to hack moaning about something so insignificant).
Well, it was fascinating, because ALL the responses came back magically, with thanks, thanks, thanks for the info, thanks for letting us know, that’s fine, etc.
In fact, the whole thread was conspicuous by its pleasant tone!
Did you notice that too?

If facebook were a park, and we were all sitting on various benches in the sunshine, you wouldn’t go over to the bench under the oak tree and say, 
“This bench is crap. Come over here and look at MY bench.”
“Your company is useless – where’s my order?”
or “I don’t like Groovi. It isn’t parchment art.”
“I am disappointed in you. You have abandoned the stamp side of your business”.
If you did, I don’t imagine it would go well, and I don’t think I would stay on the bench for very long (I’d probably get arrested!)
The majority of Clarity followers are lovely, kind and considerate.
But there are some who perhaps should hit the pause button and not be so negative and down on things. It’s not good for them, it’s certainly not good for those around.
And the keyboard warriors with that last word routine, of spewing nastiness, and then if anybody tries to defend, come back in with
“Oh, so now I’m not allowed to say what I think? 
I thought we lived in a democracy.”
Spare me! Well that’s what the unfriend/block keys are for, I guess. 
In this world of senseless, evil violence, of shocking tragedy almost daily, I really do think we ought to try to be kinder. 
My Grandad always said, 
“Civility costs nothing”

And let’s think of Facebook as a huge park, 
with lots of benches and picnics going on. 

Can’t stop – have a flight to catch.

I will be sure to keep you posted, so no worries.
Love & Hugs,

128 thoughts on “B- for Back off !

  1. I have to agree Barbara, some folk moan about the silliest things when there's so much more scary things going on in the world today. Patience is a virtue! People need to remember how busy you and the clarity team are sorting out all the orders. As for Hochanda you can catch up on your pc or tablet or phone it's not the end of the world that it's not on telly 24 hours a day! Hope all goes well for Grace . Xx

  2. Keep your chin up and stuff the ones that are bitching bitches. Take no notice if they was'nt moaning they wouldn't be happy . Your team are a great asset and if we have to wait a bit longer for our plates to arrive then so be it and also we have something to look forward to and appreciate it all the more. Hope everything goes ok for Grace and steves back gets better and tinas parents get better soon . Thank you Barbara for everything you do. Hugs pat

  3. Hi Barbara, well said, if you can't say anything nice don't say it at all. too much other stuff going on to worry about all that, but you always get someone to stir the pot don't you?!

    Have a safe journey, will be sending positive thoughts to Grace and yourself on Friday. Enjoy your visit together despite the circumstances. Hope Steve is feeling a bit better and good luck to Dave and the team holding the fort ! xxxx

    In the meantime I'm off to open my second Clarity parcel of the week……oops ! That's not even any of the new stuff yet either !

  4. Terrible I have always been taught If you have nothing nice to say then don't say nothing at all. I love ya Barb and so does millions of others, Hope all goes well with Grace, you will be in my thoughts xxxxx

    1. I wasn't taught that, I learned for myself to speak out positives to and about people and situations as much as possible, and only to speak out negatives if it's really needed. Something I love about the internet, gives me freedom to thank and praise where it wasn't possible to in the past. I know firsthand which is the better to be…

  5. Oh Barb, try so hard to ignore them, for your own sake. They really aren't worth it, honest. They are nothings, trying to make themselves bigger by trying to bring everyone round them down! Stand tall with your head held high Barbara, that's how you stand up to them. Don't get sucked in, do the next right thing, like you tell us to do. They don't like that, because it means they've failed to drag you down to their level or below. I know, I know only too well, easier said than done, especially as you're a pleaser. I'm glad you have let it out though, not healthy to let it build up in you.

    Being honest, I was surprised by some of the names (including folk from here) leaving nasty comments /empty threats on Hochanda facebook page, after they announced the change. Folk showing their true cowardly nasty colours methinks! If I can handle the change, losing Hochanda on Freeview, with my Asperger's and personal situation….

    You're right, many of them wouldn't dare say it face to face! And if they did, wouldn't get away with a lot of what they do. They are all keyboard warriors in my mind. Free speach /democracy doesn't mean – throw away the basic fundamentals of what it is to be a human. In fact, as is being demonstrated around the world these days, democracy means – freedom to express what it means to be a human being – love, compassion, consideration, understanding, politeness, kindness, support, help… Bringing people together, embracing each other, no matter the differences.

    Hope you have a safe fight. You'll soon have your mummy wings wrapped round Grace, taking away what you can from her, and fully supporting her through what you can't. Fill you heart with the loving and positivity that's been flowing your way, instead of the negatives. Loads of love, hugs, and positive energy for you and Grace xxxxx

    1. Speech, obviously!!!!

      P.s. please everyone vote tomorrow. It's even more important now to support and defend our democratic way of life. Yes folk will say it's their democraric right to not vote. Well not really, because not voting is a slippery slope to fewer and fewer people setting the rules with no one to hold them to account, and our voices not being heard. Vote for a minor party or Independent candidate if you don't like either of the main parties. Your vote will still count even if your choice doesn't get in, it's still a vote in support of them, and the bigger the number of parties, the better democracy works.

    2. Yes Brenda, we shall be voting – I will get Neill there on his crutches! I also think that it is SO important for women to vote – an awful lot of very brave women fought to get women the right to vote xx

    3. Gilly that's so true I always use my vote as I think of all the women who fought for us to have this right and my daughter has the same attitude too, I can remember my gran talking about the suffragettes when I was young and it's stuck with me. Xxx

    4. Yes Brenda I will be voting nice and early on the way to the gym. I do believe it is important to vote and to accept the outcome whatever it might be . Love and hugs Alison xx

    5. I have to do a postal vote so it's always gone before manifestoes are released which makes it even harder to decide most times. But this time was easy, didn't matter what their manifesto was.

      Hi to everyone who reads but doesn't comment, or not very often. Please come say hi every day. Even if it's just to say hi, and thank you to Barbara. The more the merrier. We don't bite, well as long as what you have to say is positive of course!!! And it lets Barbara see all the followers she has too. Must be hard sometimes to spend all that time every day writing blogs and doing demos for us and then only seeing a few comments left. Xx

    6. Morning Brenda aye sometimes its stupid-o-clock when a read the blog so must get into my head that if a comment its no gonna be peeing in everybody's techy stuff to waken them up eh so jist type Dot.
      Cuddle fir yi…Love Dot.x

    7. Hi Dot, thanks for the (unintentional) laugh, that is, after I'd spent a few minutes trying to work out what word you were really meaning! Aye daft Asperger's, got stuck on that sentence, so wouldn't let me move on to read your next one until I'd given up trying to work it out!!!!! Cuddles back xx

  6. You do a fantastic job Barbara,especially with so much stress and worry you are going through at the moment
    You will always get those people who have nothing better to do than moan and cause as much unrest as they can, then you have those who say one thing but then when it all comes out it's a very different tale
    You, Dave , Steve your DT, and everyone in the background at Clarity towers do a wonderful job, and you know if you have a query about anything your lovely Jeannie, and Louise will sort everything out for you no matter what it is.
    Hope everything goes ok on Friday with Grace I am sure she will feel a little calmer knowing that you are there supporting her.
    Have a safe flight and take care of yourself to

  7. The moaners and groaner are not worth worrying about. Why is it the people who really have something to moan and groan about, don't? It's because they are nice, caring people and they deserve our lovely be and understanding. xx

  8. Good lord, and these people call themselves grown ups!.

    If people don't like what Clarity is selling then why are they following them.

    Life is to short surely the last couple of months has show people that.

    If haven't got anything nice to say then don't say anything!

  9. I, too was always told, if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything. It's a shame that some people feel the need to be so negative. We all have our own opinions but we don't have to foist them on others! Some people are so wrapped up in their own little world they don't stop and think about what they are saying and how it will affect anyone else. Don't stop what you are doing Barbara, you make a lot of people very happy with what you do. The ret of them can go ………….!
    I hope things soon improve at Clarity Towers and that you enjoy your time with Grace in spite of the circumstances.
    Love Gayle x

  10. This is my first post on here but I follow your blog daily and have done from the start. I think you and your team are so kind, and your blog so informative and helpful and I've learnt so so much. There will always be someone who will moan no matter what. I have learnt to tune out and skip those comments. Carry on being you and doing what you do Barbara because 99.99999 of us appreciate you I'm sure of that. Have a safe trip and I hope Grace gets better real soon xx

  11. Yes Barbara, I have seen some of those negative and horrid comments – which does go to prove that Facebook does an awful lot of damage. Focusing on the positive though – it's a fantastic place to see all the wonderful Groovi works of art. Please wipe all of this from your mind – just focus all of your energy onto Grace! Take our love and positive vibes and support with you, hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – thank you for your kind messages last night. I am happy to say that Neill did have a much better night's sleep with his new meds. I am looking forward to meeting some of you at Leyburn – which is now my constant focus, when things become difficult. It's stopped raining here! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Pleased Neill had a better night let's hope it continues. I'm so looking forward to meeting you and also those people I met last year. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  12. Barbara, I am sorry all this has happened. You and the Clarity team keep all of us up to date as to what is happening each day. When there is a problem we know it, and we should respect it.

    I have found facebook to be the playground of bullies, and i am posting less and less.

    Just take care of yourself and Grace. You give the best information, your blog is fabulous even thoug this is only my second post. Safe travels and I hope Grace feels well soon. Xx

  13. Thank you for today post. I have the same feeling with Clarity and Groovi groupes, a bunch of lovely people and very kind. I will avoid any bad comments. People are not always thinking straight. I am so glad you have created Clarity stamps, as it allows me to develop my skills with all your tips and ideas and now, I enjoy parchment. I had tried year ago and didn't like it at all. Now, it is a pleasure. So thank you very, very much.
    Go and concentrate on Grâce. All my fingers crossed.
    Laurence xx

  14. Beautifully said. Facebook, like life itself, has its very good side but also a quite unpleasant side. My take on it is that because we meet so many more people online that we would in life, it is harder to keep the bad bits at a distance. I also think that the vast majority of the moaners are just plain jealous and are using what is known as the "tall poppy syndrome", which is where those who can't try to knock down those who can and those who are loved. I have developed a new strategy whereby I put a warning on my page to say that I would be using my right to block moaners, whingers, posters of scams etc. Since then, after blocking all those who were getting to me or downright attacking me, my posts are now mostly very pleasant, filled with beautiful work or messages from great friends. Life is far more pleasant. In your case, Barbara, you can be sure that we all have your back and will support you through thick and thin in the way you support us. Now get yourself off for something far more important, to be with and support your lovely daughter. I am sure that we are all thinking of her and sending positive healing vibes. Safe journey. xxx Maggie

  15. I know what you mean Barbara. I put a comment on hochanda's site, and the bile that cam back to me was awful. I replied, clarifying what I meant, and more bile came back. Horrible. Take care Barbara and give Grace our love xx

  16. That's a very good way of looking at it. Xxx Now Sod off and get your own bench. !!! Ha ha xxxx. The "am I not allowed an opinion" one pissss me off too! Yes you are, but look up what diplomacy and keep it to yourself! Give Grace a hug from me please. X

    1. Also beautifully said, Sam. Anyone is allowed an opinion but not to ram it down everyone else's throats and attack those who do not agree. They would soon get even more hysterical if we turned on them. Attacking people who have different opinions leads to the kind of tragedy we are seeing too much on the news. Now, Barbara, as Sam said so eloquently, clear off and just be a mum. xxx Maggie

  17. Thank you Barbara for such a brilliant post. You have a way of saying things with so much meaning and what you have said is just how I feel. Only last night I found an awful post on FB directed at my lovely son. It broke my heart and what was said was beyond words. I can't even begin to explain! FB gives these cowards a place to say things which they would never repeat face to face. But unfortunately it is there for all to see. I'm spending as little time as possible on there now.
    Sending you vertual hugs and know you are amazing and deserve nothing but praise and admiration. Xxx

  18. Some people are only happy when they're moaning and whingeing. They have no empathy or understanding, they don't even try to look at something from the other's point of view. They are narrow minded and bigoted. I feel sorry for them actually, how horrible to be constantly negative and critical. All we can do is try to ignore, and not let their vitriol affect us.
    I hope Grace's operation goes well, with a good outcome. Take care xx

  19. Thank you Barbara for all the work that you and your team do , in keeping us updated and getting our goods out to us. I am so sorry that this has happened to you, it was so unnecessary.
    Wishing you and your family all the very best. Have a safe journey.
    Hugs to you and Grace.

  20. Could agree more if cannot say anything nice then best not to speak. Bit some people love to moan. Anyway sending lots love be to you Tina Steve specially Grace as she waits and anyone else going through a hard time and big hugs live and prays safe flight here for you anytime want a friend like you are to usxxx

  21. I don't do face book, for some of the reasons you state. Plus if I did that, I would never get my lap top off my lap! As it is it takes me up to a couple of hours a day, just answering people and chatting. Honestly I would like more time to craft. I also have some of your stamps I want to convert to groovi I hope your trip goes uneventfully, and there are no complications with Grace's surgery.

  22. Well said Barbara you and your team are amazing. I am just starting my Groovi journey and so looking forward to it. I also love the Facebook Groovi group.
    Sending love and best wishes to you all xxxx

  23. I find it so sad that people can be so nasty on Facebook. There have been quite a few people recently voicing the hurt its causing. Pretty soon people , like yourself, will stop putting lovely things on Facebook because of all this nastiness. It hurts, even if you don't really know them. I for one, do hope that you do not stop. I love to hear what's going on, I love to see all the crafty bits you put on and I love hearing about all the things that make you happy and sad, when you giggle, I giggle, when you cry, I cry! Go and look after Grace and please let us know how it all goes.xxxx

  24. Well said Barbara. It is such a shame that throughout history human nature has tended to look for the unhelpful things to do with any tool that can and should be used for good. Just look at chemical warfare as opposed to medical research!

  25. Barbara, please don't listen to the people who have moaned. I only met you recently at Ally Pally and it was something you said, I will not be putting it on Facebook as it was a private conversation, when in discussion with my friend and I that helped me get through and still getting through, difficult situation. You are inspiration to many people and those of us that have had the pleasure to meet you and your team will easily be able to tell what a good and decent person you are. You all strive to do your very best and you can't do any more than that

  26. Having resisted FB since 2006 – I was Membership VP (voluntary) for an international group in The States and through FB, one email address was hacked with consequences for us all and I was the one who had the task of contacting hundreds of members then deleting, checking and re-entering information, a task that took over my life for some considerable time. I joined a couple of years ago with craft in mind. However recently, due to a family bereavement, I have not paid much attention to it and I feel all the better for it. I now get rid of messages I have no interest in, any politically biased and the reams of upsetting photos that certain sectors love to share. I do not copy and paste or share. I have far better things to do with my time.
    Safe journey. X

    1. The support out there far outweighs the idiots. With so much going on inn the world, their words were petty and nasty. I was so sorry you got the (excuse my lingo) shit end of it again. Totally agree with you that we rise above it all and concentrate on the good uns.

      Hope the journey goes smoothly for you and that all goes well for Gracie. In my thoughts and prayers xxx

  27. I read your blog every day and love it. You are such an inspiration in all ways. Your shows this week have been super. How you manage to keep so upbeat with so much on your mind is amazing. Thank you for all you do and always with such thoughtfulness. I, along with so many others, will be thinking of you over the next few days. I pray that everything goes well for Grace. How can it not with so much love from everyone. Take care of yourself Barbara. Look forward to the daily blogs as you share your life with us. I'm off to the Groovi bench! Nothing else will do for me. Pam xx

  28. Great venting . Loved every word . Blessings and good news for you and Grace . Heading out to Manhattan this am , maybe I will see you on the street . Have a safe trip . Jan

  29. Now you've got that off your chest, you'll be able to focus on the stuff that really does matter…Grace, Dave, Mark, Steve, your mum and dad and obviously YOU! Some people just can't live without having something to moan about…just wish it was the really important life-changing stuff that they did it about not bl**dy TV not being aired after 7pm…get a tablet, laptop or PC if it's sooooooo important to you!! Oh yes and it's got s*d all to do with Clarity and/or Barb anyhow! Ok…rant over….sorry! Xx

  30. Well said, it seems some people just like to be mean. Block them, don't take it personally as they don't know you and take care of things that matter like you and your family. Hope your daughter is doing OK. xx

  31. Wishing you a good flight and sincerely hope that all goes well for Grace. As for that nastiness, please try to ignore it. Groovi has done a lot for me this past few months. I was on my way home from my annual parchment retreat in February, yes traditional parching, and got called out in the airport departure lounge, I was then told that my son was dead. Needless to say that parching was out of the window for me as my hands were so shaky for weeks and weeks. Then I got Grooving, it didn't matter that my hands were shaking so that I couldn't trace. Then I was able to finish the work started on the retreat, and I have now bought lots more Groovi and cannot stop. So a huge thank you Barbara, you and Groovi has saved my sanity in the past few months – and destroyed my bank balance, I am reduced to eating Oxo sandwiches! 🙂 Travel safe.

    1. Oh Sue, I don't know you, but I'm so sorry to hear about the tragic loss of your son. You're an inspiration. People like you bring another lovely layer to the Groovi cake – just like Tina Cox and those like her who can create something magical by combining the traditional and the contemporary. Keep going. You're in good company here. Love, Kay x

  32. Very well said, can't do with moaning or backbiting, there is no need. Some people just do not know when to shut up. I too do not spend as much time on Facebook these days, my energy going into our family as one close member is fighting a very serious illness. It can be a wonderful platform if used in the right way and I still love to see everyone's wonderful creations. I wish you a safe journey and send hugs and best wishes to Grace. I hope all goes well. xx

  33. Well said !!! I left fb due to not liking the nastiness and moaniness only rejoined to be part of the Groovi pages not that Isabella braved sharing anything yet. I love seeing the sharing of everyone's lovely work. Hope you can forget it all for s while and concentrate on sharing time with Grace xx Safe trip xx

    1. Karen, I can understand you leaving FB. I have come close several times, but have now settled for blocking people who moan and whinge or post things I do not want to even see. That has largely reduced my posts to manageable proportions and mainly from friends I want to keep in touch with. That blocking button is a real friend. Hope you soon find the courage to post some of your work. xxx Maggie

  34. Well said Barbara! I skim over a lot of nonsense. It depresses me! I saw enough bickering over nothing in my job as a teacher and thought I'd escaped all that! And what is ironic is that often dealing with children or teenagers arguing I often used the phrase ' you need to be more mature and grow up'. But the people on here causing problems are supposed to be mature and grown up so that doesn't work!
    Anyway you had a flight to get…I hope the wind had died down by the time you took off! Sending much love and positive thoughts to Grace. Hope all goes well for her.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  35. Hi Barbara
    Well said, I'm sure people think they can say what they like online because they can't be seen and can't see the person they are talking about. Put them face to face in a room with them and I'm sure the majority wouldn't say such unpleasant things. I like the image of a park with benches and picnics, a very pleasant place to be. I hope you have a safe journey and everyone is polite and smiley to you wherever you go.
    Love and hugs
    Diane xxxx

  36. Exactly why I don't and never will do Facebook. Ignore the whingers and keep on doing your best at Clarity – such good service and such patience from your team. You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time.
    Have a safe journey and my thoughts are with you all. Grace will feel so much better when she has a hug and knows you are there for her in person xx

  37. I must say that FB is a great tool to keep in touch with people, but I have had to learn how to manage it. Just the other day I had to unfollow someone who posted extreme political nonsense which really offended me. I didn't respond (although I probably would have in person)as the written word can be much harsher than a verbal remark and following discussion. I turn off all notifications, and when/if I have time, I check through posts and notices from friends. Back to my play time now, as OH has gone over to Skye to take photos, and I have a day off, and time in my craft room! Best to Grace x

  38. Safe journey & hope all goes well for Grace. She must be top of the list of thoughts for the next few days at least , the Clarity wheels will still keep turning whilst you are away as they have had a good teacher. Hopefully you will be home in time for the open days but you must do what is right for you & Grace, everyone will understand!! Hugs to you all, Steve & Tina as well .

  39. Well said Barbara. Unfortunately facebook has brought forth a new army. An army that fights with its fingers rather than with weapons such as guns and knives. These so called human beings have an uncanny knack of being able to floor a person with a tongue lashing as effective as a cat o nine tails. They hide behind their keyboard and type nasty spiteful hurtful words to people they have probably nevee even met – and neither are they likely too – because decent human beings would not want to be seen associating with such nastiness. As Maggie has already said those who are loyal to you and your family – relatives and Clarity – will always have your back and will defend you to the hilt!! Have a safe flight and give Grace the biggest of hugs from me and I will keep you both – no all – in my prayers and thoughts. For now your only job again aa Maggie said is to be Grace's mum. Much love and squishiest hugs.

  40. I only read the nice comments. Can't be bothered with other, not worth it. I just had hospital appointment and They were running an hour late. The receptionist told me, the nurse apologised I said not to worry always think someone needs more time and if I do I will get it. She hugged me, I was only one not to complain. They do there best. Barb you do more than your best. TAke care x

  41. Safe journey…Facebook is an A*SE and I'm glad I'm not in business any more (so I have no need of it!!)
    MY Grand-dad used to observe that we waste too many steps in our daily lives (Grand-dads are invariably right – he was a farmer).
    Let's just focus on what's important – keep social media at arm's length (where it belongs).
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  42. Hi Barb, try not to take any notice of those mean spirited people, you are very much appreciated by the majority of people on your page and everywhere else for that matter. Concentrate on what matters most, your family, your company and your friends. Have a safe flight. I hope all goes well for Grace. Love and hugs to both of you,
    Alison D x

  43. Well, Barb, thankfully I and everybody else on here, can sit on a bench in the park with you every day. I always read your blog and look forward to it. Don't always respond, but on this occasion I felt I should. I'm so sorry you've been 'cyber abused' (if that's the correct terminology??? Sounds good though! Ha!). People who behave in this way have nothing better to do in their little lives, maybe that's how they get their kicks! Totally sympathise with you, but know this, WE LOVE YOU! (That's shouting by the way). Hope you have a safe trip to NY and everything turns out well. You know we're all behind you every step of the way. Sending you and lovely Grace lots of love xxxx

  44. Have a safe journey and rest assured that all those who matter will be wishing you well and that Grace recovers quickly from her op. Hoping Steve's back is on the mend and that Dave doesn't buckle under the pressure. Thinking also of Tina.
    Tonbridge Sue

  45. As you said barb, these are small minded peeps who have nothing in there life but to moan. I don't always agree with things that are going on but hey like you said I keep my mouth shut. Don't let it upset you as you have a much greater worry to deal with at the moment, that being grace. Hope everything goes well and enjoy your time with her. Love to you both xx

  46. It's that old saying you can't please all the people all the time. However you do manage to please many many of us, for which we are eternally grateful. Hope all goes well for Grace and you have a good trip. Xx

  47. I only joined FB for the crafty element, mostly for the Clarity pages. I don't often post and don't share the endless posts asking for people to like and share. The only things I post are my latest cards, crafty projects or comments that I would happily say to people if they were in the room with me. I really can't understand the need to rip people or companies to pieces by not letting issues rest, say what you need to say (if it needs saying) and leave it there, the constant chipping in with comments reminds me of the playground issues I deal with at school – from children!

    Hope your flight is a good one, keep smiling over the few days, hard I know but we are all sending our love across the pond for you both. Xx

  48. Keep smiling Barbara. Your work, your products and your inspiration are all wonderful. Difficult though it is, try to ignore these people – they are simply not worth losing any sleep over. Democracy certainly allows free speech but it also demands that individuals take responsibility for their words and actions. You have enough on your plate to worry about – forget them! x

  49. Hi Barbara, I agree with you , a brilliant company and staff .
    just wonder how some of thsee people would get on running a company I think we all know that one.
    My thought's will be with you and Grace. I just hope you have not forgotten her Groovi kit or you will be in trouble! !!!! Take care.
    Lynn xx

  50. Hi Barb,
    Well said. I was taught to only say something if it was nice and that is what I used to try to I still in my students at school ( not always successfully!) . I don't do Facebook because I have seen what it can do to people. Please remember that there are hundreds/ thousands of us who love what you, Clarity Team and Design Team do for us everyday and that's should put a smile on your face. Try to forget the nastiness and concentrate on what matters right now – being there for Grace, she has to be your priority. If you find yourself unable to blog, don't worry about that either – we have plenty of inspiration from past blogs to keep us going. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well it stopped raining but the wind is very strong – still good for getting the washing dry. Housework day today, but did manage to trace out and partially colour an anniversary card for my cousin. Hope you've all had as good a day as possible. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  51. Barbara sending a caring hug to take with you a hug for grace too .
    I don't do Facebook so haven't seen the nasty comments life is difficult enough without nastiness xx
    Hugs to all on the blog xxx

  52. Thinking of you on your journey. As for Facebook, well I personally think it is a dangerous place. I have better things to do than send inane messages, I would rather write on this lovely blog to all the lovely people out there. I was accused, at the Bristol Parchment Show of being a "cheating parcher". I said quite politely that Groovi had given me a new lease of life that I thought I would never do. It quite took the wind out of the sails of the "lady". I am just thankful for Barbara, Clarity and this blog.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Well Anne, you're in good company, there's an awful lot of us "cheating parchers"!!!! And I'd much rather be in our camp, far nicer place eh! You're a lovely lady too xx

    2. I am sorry you had that experience at Bristol and good for you for your perfect reply. Sadly, I think there are just a tiny hard core group left that actually feel threatened by the large numbers of new recruits to the craft and would resist any change, much like the Luddites destroying new machinery. Meanwhile, we, the cheating parchers, will continue on our merry way, learning as many of the traditional skills to add to our craft. xxx Maggie

  53. I'm so sorry to hear this Barbara, don't let it get you down. I always think if you can't say anything nice don't say anything! Safe journey , I think of you over the next few days . Xx

  54. I was also taught that if you can't say something nice don't say anything. It's one reason why I can't be doing with facebook……. too many nasty people hiding behind their computer screens to spit bile and then claim free speech when they are pulled up about it. You may be entitled to an opinion but that doesn't mean you have to share it or harangue the people who don't agree with you since they are also entitled to their opinion and this is the point that is lost on them………….
    People seem to be too wrapped up in their rights while ignoring their responsibilities and the rights of others.
    Hope everything goes well for Grace.

  55. I don't normally post for that very reason, however, I felt the need the other evening when your Dave came on to apologise for the delay in sending orders. I mean with everything you post last week about Steve and Gracie you all have a lot more on your mind. I am happy to wait until you are ready to send it. Just a thought but how about inviting the people who moan along to your company to see how hard everyone works and maybe do a night shift or two. Maybe they would realise that you are all human beings with feelings and doing the best you can with what would appear very little time to yourselves.

    Hope you have a safe journey and all goes well for Grace. Will say a prayer tonight for you all xx

  56. I was always told to hold my tongue if the words were not going to be kind ones.
    Facebook is insidious and as far as I have seen does more harm than good. I must be one of the last people left who refuses to join, or even have a Facebook page for my school. Don't use Twitter either. If I want to share good news I can text, call or go and see the people I care about.
    Ignore the moaners and groaners, I'd like to see them do as good a job as the clarity team all do. Oh BIG surprise they can't
    Safe trip Barbara and all good wishes to Grace for a speedy recovery.
    P.s. I trained as a traditional parcher and I'm totally sold on Groovi!!

    1. Jane you are not alone! Despite the fact I really miss the monthly challenge I will never join in with Facebook. I have seen too many lives ruined & cannot be doing with the minority who spoil it for the majority. Life is too short xx

  57. I have never entered into the Facebook world , I really don't see the point , haven't heard a lot of good about it . However your daily blog is different, all at C larity and all the readers are so lovely , very friendly and always lots of delightful chat. I don't message too often but I wouldn't miss my daily read with you Barbara and all my blogging friends. Hope all goes well with Grace , my thoughts will be with you both. x

    1. Sandra, I can understand your feelings about Facebook, but there is another and better side too. It allowed me to connect with lots of lovely like-minded crafters, and reconnect with friends with who I had lost touch. I am now very strict about what I allow to appear. I block and delete the things I don't want, leaving just what I do want. However, you are right to make your own choice about what you are comfortable with. Enjoy your crafting. xxx Maggie

  58. Safe flight, Barbara, and sending all the best to Grace.
    I am one of the few remaining without Facebook or Twitter as quite a lot of what I see is usually mean and spiteful – people who think anonymity gives them carte-blanch to be rude. As a " lurker" who reads your blog every day, but rarely (if ever) comments, I have to say I am impressed with how friendly and positive it is and look forward to reading others comments.

  59. Nil desperandum carburundum illegitami. Sorry to be rude but some people need the back of their legs slapped. Safe journey. All the nice clarity people are bolstering you up with hugs and genuine concern. Xxxx

  60. I don't do Facebook or twitter because of all you have mentioned. It breaks my heart that so many people, like you, are hurt by such mean spirited beings. The fact that you have taken the time, with all that you are going through personally, to say what you have, says it all. How mean and hurtful can people be and what shallow lives can they lead?
    You have enriched my life in many ways and I thank you for it. Sending love to you, Grace, Dave, Steve, Mark, your parents, Tina and all the Clarity family.

  61. I often prefer to stay in the park and avoid Facebook. People in business have a life. Business must wait when life throws a curve. People must adjust. Life is too short to stress about things over which we have little/no control. I appreciate you sharing information, Barbara. I'm off to my bench in the park where I will watch nature and breathe.

  62. Hello Barbara

    Well said! When my daughter-in-law was diagnosed 11 years ago with a terminal brain tumour she immediately cut all negativity out of her life. No newspapers, television or people who weren't upbeat around her. Only happy things. This positive attitude enabled her to live for a further eight years. Apart from the last few months her life was good. As a family we try to live like Nikki did – positively – and not sweat the small stuff!

    Don't feel you have to blog every day you are with Grace. We all understand.


  63. Hi Barbara I think you do a fantastic job and try to please everyone but you will always get them few people that spoil things for everyone they are nasty never think of others never give up you have worked from the bottom up and are doing a fantastic job and us your true members will always follow you don't know what has happened in your family but I do hope everything will be ok xxx

  64. I have never done Facebook or twitter, life's too short to deal with all that negativity. This is the only blog I follow and I really appreciate that you blog everyday and I love all the friendly comments.
    I want to say a big thank you Barbara for inventing Groovi as it has got me back into parchment craft and I am really enjoying it again.
    Hope your flight and entry into the US was uneventful. Put all the negativity behind you and take care of your girl xx

  65. safe journey. my philosophy is tht if i can't find something good to say then i don't say anything. and hopefully nobody gets offended like that, hugs xx

  66. Biggest hugs x lifes to short for nastiness. Sometimes we say things before we think (foot in mouth) but i do try to folliw if its not nice dont say it! hopefully i manage most of the time (odd slip). We should treat people how we want to be treated like my dad did and i try to live his ways . Well saud barbara . Biggest (((((hugs))))) to you xx

  67. I confess I usually only look at the pictures on the Groovi FB page! They're absolutely fantastic. Sometimes I add a "this is beautiful" comment. A few times I've put up my own work and it's always lovely when people say nice things. As for the others, Barbara, the ones who get a kick out of being sods – sod 'em. (I'd use a stronger verb, but not everyone appreciates my foul mouth. 😀 )

    Have a safe journey, and give our love to Grace. I hope it all goes well.

  68. Safe journey Barbara. Big hugs for Grace. I know you have left Clarity and House of Pergamano in safe hands so concentrate on being there for Grace. Find that special time for you. I hope all those in poor health return to good health soon. xx

  69. Sometimes think I must be getting old as never really got Facebook or Twitter, am bad enough about keeping up with real life friends so certainly not able to cope with virtual ones! So posts like this just make me feel rather smug in that clearly not missing much by not doing Facebook or Twitter. Loads of examples tonight of more important things to worry about than changes to a tv channel or products being so popular you need to wait a bit longer to get your goodies. Top of the list is to say thinking about you and Grace, hoping all goes well and how lovely to know the warm swell of love and joy from us all carrying you on your way to see her. Hope Steve on mend too, still picturing him helping you clean blinds in New Mexico, laugh I nearly had a little accident. Thoughts also with Tina. Fingers and toes crossed, love and hugs Karen xxx

  70. Well said Barbara, your a lovely lady with so much on your plate I just wanted to send much love, hugs and prayers to you and your family both personal & your Groovi team xx

  71. Very late catching the blog but wanted to add my thanks for you, your brill funny and often thought provoking blog, and all at Clarity Towers. Big thanks too to Dave and the rest of your family for letting you share so much of yourself with us! I love sitting on theClarity bench – even if a very occasional splinter is a right pain in the a*se! Sending all of you, especially you and Grace so far away, a flood of love to surround and shelter you and a deluge of positive thoughts for a good outcome. Xxx

  72. Morning Barbara just nipping in to wish you a safe journey and to give you a hug to take with you for wee Grace don't know why I'm up at stupid-o-clock but hey ho here am well where else would I go eh! I love sitting on this wee bench with you and this lovely lot
    of caring clarity family mind you it took me a while but so glad I did so if anybody comes near our bench you won't be on yir own in that police van they will need a police bus methinks and special restraints for our resident blog police woman no mentioning any names he he he morning Brenda (its ok she'l laugh).
    Any way safe trip look after yourself never let the buggers grind you down were here and were no going anywhere soon so take all our love with you.

    Love fae Dot..xx

  73. Safe journey Barb…sending my best for your darling girlie and a very positive outcome. Life is far too short for nastiness but I know it can be really hard to have a tough skin. My Mum and her Mum before always say, "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all". It has got me by all these years and I just block or don't read anything unpleasant. Hugs xxx

  74. It does get ridiculous on FB on a regular basis, I just scroll on by and use FB alot to keep in touch with my many crafty friends, which can be a lovely positive experience and I delete and unfollow those that annoy me, especially over recent weeks with all the election business. I do follow the mantra of if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all

    Wishing you a safe journey, keeping everything crossed for Grace, hope Steve is starting to feel better and tell Dave not to over do it too. All the best xx

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