Wednesday – B for Back off !

Wednesday – B for Back off !

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Can’t stop for long – have a flight to catch.
I will be sure to keep you posted, so no worries.
I need to get something off my chest though.
You see, when you run a company and you go on TV, 
you sign an invisible agreement which states that you are 
no longer allowed to say what you really think, and
no longer permitted to react badly when people come at you. 
There is a hidden clause which states that you must always be upbeat and not bite. 
Actually, my Dad taught me that one years ago, way before TV,
so it isn’t hard to keep my mouth shut, hit the pause button and swallow. It’s better for peace of mind too, not to react – although I do find it quite hard when uninformed, mean spirited individuals start using me and my team as some kind of punchbag – especially when there are so many much more important, gravitous things going on in the world.  
Facebook has a lot to answer for actually, and I find I am withdrawing more and more, which is such a shame, because in essence, it is a fantastic place for communities to gather and share.
Last week, I posted about the changes to Hochanda’s schedule now that they have come off Freeview betweem 7am and 7pm.
It was just after I had blogged about Tina, Grace and Steve.
I started the post by asking people not to moan or complain, 
just to please accept the information for what it was.
(quite honestly, I was too low to be able to hack moaning about something so insignificant).
Well, it was fascinating, because ALL the responses came back magically, with thanks, thanks, thanks for the info, thanks for letting us know, that’s fine, etc.
In fact, the whole thread was conspicuous by its pleasant tone!
If facebook were a park, and we were all sitting on various benches in the sunshine, you wouldn’t go over to the bench under the oak tree and say, 
“This bench is crap. Come over here and look at MY bench”
“Your company is useless – where’s my order?”
or “I don’t like Groovi. It isn’t parchment art”
“I am disappointed in you. You have abandoned the stamp side of your business”.
If you did, I don’t imagine it would go well, and I don’t think I would stay on the bench for very long (I’d probably get arrested!)
The majority of Clarity followers are lovely, kind and considerate.
But there are some who perhaps should hit the pause button and not be so negative and down on things. It’s not good for them, it’s certainly not good for those around.
And the keyboard warriors with that last word routine, of spewing nastiness, and then if anybody tries to defend, come back with
“Oh, so now I’m not allowed to say what I think? 
I thought we lived in a democracy.”
Spare me! Well that’s what the unfriend/block keys are for, I guess. 
In this world of senseless, evil violence, of shocking tragedy almost daily, I really do think we ought to try to be kinder. 
My Grandad always said, 
“Civility costs nothing”
Love & Hugs,

3 thoughts on “Wednesday – B for Back off !

  1. Oh Barb, try so hard to ignore them, for your own sake. They really aren't worth it, honest. They are nothings, trying to make themselves bigger by trying to bring everyone round them down! Stand tall with your head held high Barbara, that's how you stand up to them. Don't get sucked in, do the next right thing, like you tell us to do. They don't like that, because it means they've failed to drag you down to their level or below. I know, I know only too well, easier said than done, especially as you're a pleaser. I'm glad you have let it out though, not healthy to let it build up in you.

    Being honest, I was surprised by some of the names (including folk from here) leaving nasty comments /empty threats on Hochanda facebook page, after they announced the change. Folk showing their true cowardly nasty colours methinks! If I can handle the change, losing Hochanda on Freeview, with my Asperger's and personal situation….

    You're right, many of them wouldn't dare say it face to face! And if they did, wouldn't get away with a lot of what they do. They are all keyboard warriors in my mind. Free speach /democracy doesn't mean – throw away the basic fundamentals of what it is to be a human. In fact, as is being demonstrated around the world these days, democracy means – freedom to express what it means to be a human being – love, compassion, consideration, understanding, politeness, kindness, support, help… Bringing people together, embracing each other, no matter the differences.

    Hope you have a safe fight. You'll soon have your mummy wings wrapped round Grace, taking away what you can from her, and fully supporting her through what you can't. Fill you heart with the loving and positivity that's been flowing your way, instead of the negatives. Loads of love, hugs, and positive energy for you and Grace xxxxx

  2. Dear Barbara please don't upset yourself Grace will be so happy to see her darling mum so many people love you just think about that hugs and prayers june horrocks xxxxxxxxxx

  3. No need for nasty comments is there, life is far too short. I was always taught that If you don't have anything nice too say then don't say anything. Some people eh… xx

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