We Stand With Manchester

We Stand With Manchester

If you don’t mind, I would rather not craft today.
My head is elsewhere.
In fact, 
if you don’t mind, I would rather not speak today.
It is way too shocking for words.

Love & Peace

58 thoughts on “We Stand With Manchester

  1. I know Barbara xxxx

    Is it ok if I speak, to try to help you if I can?

    None of us can ever understand why. The perpetrators clearly have not an ounce of humanity, what it means to be human in them, and they're not worth a single word or thought.

    Try to think of the true humanity that shone out through it all. All the local people who came out to give food, drinks, opened their doors to offer shelter and a bed for the night to complete strangers. And all the drivers and taxi drivers who came from all over Manchester and as far afield as Liverpool to give free rides to anywhere those caught up in it needed to go. All the people who flooded the blood donation centres, and the off duty staff who flooded in to help the emergency services. That's what's warming my heart in all this.

    Lets pay that forward. All those amazing RAKS that have occured since last night, lets pay them forward by making a concerted effort to do our own RAKS. That's how we fight this battle.

    Those creatures will never win, will never change the way we live, will never destroy our humanity in us. Instead it just draws us together, makes us help and look out for each other even more, makes us stronger. And that must really get to them.

    There is hope. Humanity, true humanity will prevail.

    I know this doesn't help those poor souls who lost their life and all those injured and everyone affected in some way. All we can do is pray for them, think about them, show we are standing side by side with them, they are not alone.

    Love you xxxxxx

  2. No words can begin to comprehend this atrocity. We Mancunians are a tough no nonsense crowd and will bounce back in time. But thoughts and prayers for all. X

  3. I am focussing on the way the people of Manchester have come together to look after all those who needed help, the taxi drivers who took people wherever they wanted without taking a penny, the private citizens who are still helping to get people home safely, the children taking bottles of water to the police, the queues of people to give blood. The list goes on and just shows why we will never be beaten by these murderers, even when they target innocents in this cowardly way. xxx Maggie

  4. Understand just so heart breaking just heard an 8 year old is one of the dead my heart breaks for her parents and all the families who have lost loved ones for what nothing but !!! Hugs everyone xxx

  5. My daughter moved to Manchester last year for the vibrant music scene. She works at a music venue and at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. She has friends who work at the arena, they thankfully are safe. The raids and controlled explosions carried out today are in the roads next to where she lives. She is in a dreadful state, nothing like this has touched her before, but she went in to the hospital this afternoon and did her job. She told me the people of Manchester have been amazing and in the midst of it all is grateful to live in a city where the people are so giving. Thoughts to all of those who have lost loved ones and to those who now have terrible injuries to fight. We must stand together. xx

  6. Impossible to understand the thinking behind such a horrific act of violence. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.

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