Manchester 22.5.2017

Manchester 22.5.2017

Hi there.
Thanks for dropping in.
Retreated to the back of the cave today.
Stayed home. 
Cleaned all morning. Did laundry.
Can’t listen to the radio. 
Can’t read the papers. 
Can’t watch the TV.
So I’ve pottered away in silence all day.
I suppose it’s my way of digesting what happened in Manchester.
Not that it is digestible – ever.
It sticks in my throat and makes me feel sick as soon as I think of it. But I am certain I speak for most of us.
It is heartening to hear about the goodness all around, the humanity and the help which was almost instant and has been flowing since the explosion.
But I still feel sick and heart-broken for the innocent victims, 
children! KIDS!!! and their families, and their friends. 
It makes me wild actually. Really livid too.
So today has been a day for reflection, 
trying to reconcile my anger with the reality of it all.
Art helps calm the mind.
I know this to be true, so this afternoon I got right inside my head, and used colour and Grunge paste and stencils to crush my demons. 
There is no niceness about this piece.
It is not intended to impress or educate.
It was purely a vehicle to drag my dark thoughts out into the open, so I can deal with them. 
If you can see the symbolism in it that I sought to connect with,
great. If not, great.

There’s something liberating about throwing the perfectionist rule book away and just not worrying about the outcome. 

And then the mayhem ensues, and the colours run everywhere.

Birds fly to the light.

And the 22nd of May 2017 is forever fixed in our minds 
as a very, very dark day.

This piece joins the other tributes on my little window ledge.
With all my heart and soul, I wish it wasn’t so.
Tonight I shall light a candle, burn some sage,
and say a prayer.

Love & Peace,

33 thoughts on “Manchester 22.5.2017

  1. Manchester. A City United in grief.
    Your artwork is beautiful Barbara and a very fitting piece as your tribute to those who lost their livs and to those still fighting for them!
    Love, hugs and peace to you too! Xxx

  2. Your artwork reflects my feelings too. I cleaned etc in silence and then went to my allotment and planted some pansies for thoughts of those lost and those grieving. My best wishes and love to everyone and prayers for a peaceful world
    Anne (Reading)

  3. I understand exactly where you are coming from Barbara. I find myself choking up at the slightest mention of these atrocities and have spent today mostly alone with my thoughts. How very sad that your tribute windowsill is filling up so rapidly and wouldn't it be wonderful if it grew no more? Sadly, I don't think that will happen and my heart aches for the world my grandchildren are growing up in.
    Wishing for a peaceful world. X

  4. Hi Barbara, glad to hear you managed to get yourself to sit and make your art piece. I was hoping you would, so your head could start along the path to helping you. Very sad to see how crowded your wee windowsill is becoming… I think I get your symbolism in today's piece. Please try hard to stop feeling angry, it's what they want. And it's not going to help you or anyone else, only wear you down and make you ill. Instead, try to think of and feel love, love for all the poor wee souls, the other victims, and their families and friends, and everyone who has been affected in some way. Love for all those who jumped in to help, as far afield as the Boston hospital who sent a big pizza delivery to one of the Manchester hospitals today. The 2 youths who had a banner in Manchester saying free hugs for anyone wanting them. It's love and compassion that we fight them with. It's love and compassion that will heal. Why don't each of us start by showing love and compassion for someone we would otherwise not give the time of day to? That's my aim. Lets become more tolerant, understanding, more willing to see past things that irk us about other people in our life. That's what will defeat them in the end. Love you xxxxx

    1. Well said Brenda, I feel so sorry for all the victims and their friends and families but also for all the emergency services who have had to work in such awful circumstances. They do such a difficult job at the best of times. My husband was a police officer for 30 years and dealt with some horrible things but thankfully nothing as awful as the recent events. Thank you again for your thought provoking words.
      Gayle x

  5. It is a lovely piece of art and a wonderful tribute to all those who were hurt, maimed or killed. Sadly your tribute window is growing but it doesn't mean that we have forgotten any xxxx

  6. My husband too was a police officer for 30 years and saw things no one should see. Again Barbara thank you for your thought provoking words. Perhaps a piece of artwork can be dedicated to the emergency services and to the thoughtful and brave act of that homeless man Steve.

  7. Hi Barb,
    It is so sad that your windowsill has so many pieces of artwork on it now. Please God that you don't have to add to it. It is all beyond my comprehension how people can be so evil. At least you have your artwork to fall back on to give you some sort of peace. My birthday will always be tarnished by these horrible events – something that I will never forget. I think your piece of art today is very, very poignant. Love and hugs Alison xx

  8. I too am pretty quiet at the moment, can't for one moment stop wondering why in this day and age the old 'live and let live' statement cannot be true – we're all made the same! My heart goes out to anyone affected by this latest 'event' whether a survivoror mourning a lost loved one and indeed all those who have freely given help in any shape
    or form. xxx

  9. Hello Barbara
    I know what you mean about having to switch off from the news on the radio or tv, I think I cried through the news each time I saw it yesterday. Such awful news, so many families parents and children, so many lives changed forever. It came on top of some upsetting family news too so a real double whammy. I can see a dove of peace in your artwork and possibly an angel, very thought provoking. It's such a shame there are so many pieces of artwork on your window sill and sadly there may be more to come. Take care, sending you a big hug.
    Love Diane xxx

  10. I love the depth of colour in your creation and the depth of feeling in your words Barbara. Last night's events will stay with us for a very long time. How can people do such horrific things, but as can be seen by all the people who rushed to help there is still some good in the world thank goodness. x

  11. Hello Barb, as always, you seem to echo everyone's thoughts, and your tribute is very fitting. I pray for all the people who's lives are in shock and turmoil. Thank God for that spark of humanity that still abounds. Bx

  12. Very shocked here, Down-under. I hope we can all adjust to this dreadful wave of violence. I keep hearing that folks are tough – we won't let it make a difference – but it does. The streets have more police and now soldiers which used not to be so. The floral tributes in Paris, London, Nice, Sydney, and now Manchester are imprinted on my mind. It wasn't so before. I feel that we must be tough, and brave, and agile but we won't be the same as before. It makes a difference, this violence, this mad violence. I'm so sad. Thanks for your thoughts Barb, and all the thoughts that have flowed since.

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