We never stop learning…

We never stop learning…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Just finished watching Rosie’s first hour on Hochanda.
Didn’t she do well?!
I loved the way that bow came out on the tag!
It’s all in the whitework, I guess.
I also was most impressed when Rosie showed an aspect of our Colouring Book which hadn’t entered my head.

There was me thinking it was simply a colouring book, 
or a painting layout.
I’m very proud of it.
Just wish I had more time to use it to its full potential.
My owls are coming along nicely. Slowly. But nicely…

So are the nuthatches.
I have done them Postcard size, but no idea where that piece is, so want to go large now!

Then Rosie asked me a couple of weeks back if it was okay for her to show off the colouring book and postcards
as a mammoth collection of Parchment Patterns.
I had never even contemplated the artwork in that capacity, but Rosie assured me that it was absolutely perfect to be used as parchment patterns.
Now I am not good enough to trace out the image on parchment and emboss it freehand. Not yet anyway.
But I can certainly trace out the line art with a black pen.
So I decided to have a quick go and see whether it worked…

Flipped to the back and did a little whitework.
I used a selection of embossing tools, not least a shader

Magic. This idea certainly works!
And colouring in from behind is a piece of cake too.
The shader really is great for getting into tight areas and white lining.

The Perga Liners are great for adding colour from behind after the whitework is done,

And look! From the front it looks excellent!

Layed up on a sheet of Northern Lights paper, 
and Bob’s your uncle.

All I need now is about 100 hours to spare.
But we must be careful what we wish for,
so I shall just pop all my unfinished symphonies in a box 
for a rainy day. 

I for one will be glued to the TV at 2pm, (www.hochanda.com)
to see what Rosie has to show us. The colouring book and the postcards should be part of everybody’s stash – parcher or not!
Speaking of feathered friends, 
Dave and I are doing something very, very special tonight.
We’ve been planning it for weeks, 
and we’ll need a lie in in the morning!
The mind boggles…
I’ll tell you about it tomorrow!
Love & Hugs,

34 thoughts on “We never stop learning…

  1. I am going to invest in this book because Pete has never stopped talking about those owls Barbara. He just loves what you have done with them. He's 70 in September, so might have enough time to finish it and get it framed by then lol. Wonderful work and birds are a favourite subject with me. Xx

  2. Mmmmm – late night out involving feathers? Either you are flying birds of prey or going to a burlesque show! Variety is the spice of life after all!!! Enjoy x

  3. Totally agree with you. Rosie's shows were brilliant and I'm really looking forward to the 5pm slot. She is marvellous – a true 'natural'. Love this great idea to trace the line art for parchment techniques and even though I'm no parcher I do have some tools to have a go at this – when I have 100 hours of course, ha-ha! The nuthatch looks so beautiful using this technique and your colouring is amazing and just cannot be rushed to achieve the standard you have.
    Intrigued about your late-night event, enjoy!
    Tonbridge Sue

  4. Hi Barbara, This looks brilliant, tracing with a black pen. Love your colouring in and whitework too. Thank you sharing. And thank you for reminding me I was going to have a go at black line tracing. I think it looks very effective, and maybe more my thing than white embossed lines and lace work etc.. I did have Rosella on this morning, but can't remember it, so head must have been elsewhere! Had better luck with her second show though. And looking forward to her next one, especially the stamping on fabric, I need some pointers on what to colour in with, that will not bleed and will be permanent. Hopefully she'll cover that too.

    You've convinced me, I need those postcards! How long has that taken, eh, succumbed in the end!!!! The book images will be a bit too big for me.

    Yes we never stop learning, especially if we choose to. And I love that, brain like a sponge, despite the best efforts of my CFS to prevent it! Nourishment for the brain! Use it or lose it, which is true. And learning new things helps to reduce your risk of dementia too.

    What birds are you going out watching tonight? Looking forward to hearing about that. Can't be bats, they have fur. I wish I could find out what birds fly over here during the night squawking loudly. Similar time every night. I'm intrigued. But how do you google a sound you've heard to find out…. Hope you have fun, and it stays dry for you. And hope you do have that lie in tomorrow!

    Love Brenda xx

  5. I just bought this, and the postrcards. Going to try my new Aquablends on them. Thanks Barb, this is right up my street.

    I keep telling myself to try the Groovi system too, the problem is I want it all at once, everything is sooooo pretty, lol xx

  6. Oooo, what a great idea! Another way to create groovi art work. Watching the shows, Rosella is such a calm person to watch and I always learn things from her shows. The new plates are lovely so I may have to order those and a shader tool…and the new stencils…and a set of the new baby stamps as for some reason I only have the one set! Xx

  7. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Off to my sisters in a while for dinner. She has been getting her patio furniture out and doing some tidying in the garden. Just hope the storms and rain stay away! Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Hope you've had a great time with your sister. Also hope that it's stayed dry for you – getting very black here at the moment and gone a bit chilly too. Love and hugs, Alison xx

  8. This is fabulous and just another use for the fabulous colouring book and post cards. I am very intrigued at what you and Dave will be up too tonight. Enjoy!
    Linda xxx

  9. What I have managed to see of Rosella today has been fab – will watch all the programmes again tomorrow. I bought the colouring book last year and can't wait to try out Rosellas idea of tracing a design from it onto parchment (Rosella – you're brilliant!). I had a busy day today as my Grandson and his wife and wee lass visited this morning (unexpectedly) and this evening I am being taken out to dinner…..it's my 80th birthday on Wednesday so the celebrations have started early! Lucky me….. on Wednesday I am planning to have the whole day playing with my new Groovi plates. LOooking forward to hearing what special thing you and Dave are up to this evening.

  10. Well, the mind does boggle, just remember we don't need TMI in the morning!

    Loving Rosella's shows and will be rewatching later. Birds are not my favourite as I have a phobia, much better as I've got older. Put some bones on top of the garage the other day and had the red kite swooping down for them, even Sally cat ran in doors in case he came back to her. I squealed and ducked !

    Have a good evening – are you owl watching or something …. xx

  11. Great shows and art-work. I watched them after recovering from working in the heat on my allotment. I cannot imagine what you two are up to!
    Lots of love to the bloggers
    Anne (Reading)

  12. Hi Barbara
    Hat a brilliant idea, the post cards and colouring book certainly come into their own don't they. I bought some for Emma but I have a feeling they are still in Aberdeen while she is down south! Typical. I saw the first of Rosie's shows, loved the castle and the bow, brilliant. Been busy dodging showers this afternoon so will watch the rest on catch up. I like the shader, might have to invest in one of those as it looks easy to use. Enjoy your evening, the mind boggles, but you do have a way of teasing us and leading us up the garden path! Have fun!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Haha that's What a brilliant idea, don't know where the hat came from! Hope everyone is ok and enjoying the long weekend. I think food will be cooked indoors tonight, rain stops play here. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Diane,
      You'll love the shader if you get one, really easy to use. Hope the rain has stopped – it looks like it's going to pour down here shortly. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Well I'd never thought of tracing the colouring book designs onto parchment. What a clever idea! Watched Rosie's shows this afternoon and loved them all. The bow she did was fabulous, it looked so 3D. Her and Dave make a good team and Alex was so thrilled about Crowborough. Enjoy your evening – I'm intrigued! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day and that the weather has been kind. Managed to get my tubs planted up and the bedding plants in the back garden and providing the slugs and snails don't devour them, they should look lovely. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  14. I have three possible ideas about your special activity – badger watching, although no feathers there, bat watching but I think bats have fur rather than feathers, or a Dawn Chorus walk. We did one of those a few years ago, starting out at about 3.30am and it was fantastic to listen to each bird starting up in turn. Whatever you are doing, enjoy yourselves. xxx Maggie

  15. I did catch the first of Rosella's shows and it was great, she is a natural teacher. I love the idea of using the images in the colouring book for parching techniques and your black pen outlines look fabulous and the bit of white work and colouring are really pretty. I'm looking forward to hearing tomorrow what you were up to tonight Barbara. My idea was the dawn chorus, but we shall see. x

  16. Great idea using your feathered friends as patterns for parchment lineart. Not watched Rossellas shows as been out and catching up on cardmaking tonight. Wondering if you have a camera in your bird nesting box and maybe you have Lovebird eggs ready to hatch so you're doing a vigil tonight. Just a guess. Whatever you are doing, have fun and enjoy your lie in tomorrow.xxx

  17. Hi bloggy friends, hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend. Watched the weather forecast this evening 4 forecasts that were all completely different. Beggars belief. It'll be what it'll be, wont it. Have a good holiday Monday whatever the weather.xxx

  18. Loved Rosie's shows…She always has a good giggle as well as giving lots of hints and tips…just what was needed on the grey, overcast day (still very warm tho!) today. As for what you and Dave are up to…not got a clue but I'll bet it'll be fun to hear about! Xxx

  19. I have watched the first two shows and still have no. 3 to go. Loved the fairy castle, would make a great birthday card for my granddaughter next year and the design team made some wonderful samples. May I put in a suggestion for a mermaid themed plate?
    Can't imagine what you got up to last night but I hope you enjoyed it.
    Horrid rainy day yesterday but at least I didn't have to water the pots and have woken up to thick fog. Can't see the bottom of the road let alone across the bay so I will finish making the 55 wedding invitations and 60 evening invitations for my son's wedding and start on the place cards and do a bit more embossing on my daughter-in-laws birthday card xx

  20. Hello Barb, Rosie's shows were excellent, so much inspiration, and this is a great idea to use those beautiful colouring images on Parchment. Whatever you got up to, I hope you enjoyed it. Will pop back later to find out all about it. Have a great Bank Holiday Monday all, even if it is a bit wet. Bx

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