Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Just got home from the TV shows. What a whirlwind that was!!
Sell out in 20 minutes? When there was plenty to last for 5 hours?
Never saw that coming!
 Decided to come do a little simple inky stuff, to calm me down. Trouble is, I left all my craft stash up at the studios with Paul, so he could grab anything he needed.
That’s a joke.
I’ve got enough in this room to open up a shop!!
Found an embossed stencil piece to get me started..
Right. Here we go Stencil step be step…
Masking tape round the edges, where the emboss starts.
Use the side of the brush loaded with blue ink.
Back and forth. Use the side of the brush.
I used a really super Artistry colour here:
Wild Bilberry.
Work your way into the centre, but stop at the heart.
Load up another brush with another super colour:
Go over the blue around the edges, 
but don’t go as far into the centre, i.e. leave some blue.
Stamp Trust into the opening.
Trim the edges with your C-thru ruler with the strip of Groovi Grip material on it to stop it sliding, remember?
Mount on Manila paper.
Mmmm. Could stop there, get off the arty train now….
or I could risk a train crash and keep going.
So what do you think she did…
Torn paper and without reinking the blue brush, 
add a landscape, of course!
baby moon too.

Just a touch of a drop shadow around the base of a few leaves 
and the heart.
Yep. That’s done the trick.

Sometimes you just have to trust yourself, and trust your ideas, 
and let them loose.
What’s the worse that can happen?
It’s a piece of card.
But now I must go and cheer Paul on. 
I swan off after the sell out, and the hard work actually begins. 
He’s still ploughing on up at the studios, keeping the shows going.
What a great team player and friend that guy is. 
Never complains, never moans. (well, not to me anyway!)
Just gets the job done.
Thanks to all who supported Tina, Paul and myself this weekend.
It has certainly been one to remember. 
Still can’t quite believe what happened. 
Love & Hugs,

38 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Your face was a picture as the 20 minutes progressed. You have a wonderful team, every one of them a star, but then, they have a very special leader – you. What fantastic shows, all of them xxx Maggie

  2. Have now caught up the shows from yesterday, and I have watched today's too. The artwork is amazing and I am not surprised that lots of people have discovered the wonderful world of Groovi. I am disappointed thatvi missed out on the alphabet plates, but I am sure that I will get them eventually.

  3. Have now caught up the shows from yesterday, and I have watched today's too. The artwork is amazing and I am not surprised that lots of people have discovered the wonderful world of Groovi. I am disappointed thatvi missed out on the alphabet plates, but I am sure that I will get them eventually.

  4. I watched last night and you could sense things were flying! Yanis kept interrupting you which he never does normally… But it wasn't normal! And you could tell by your face how shocked you were!
    I loved it when you said something about Paul and looked for him then said that he'd run off!
    I was surprised to see you at 9 this morning but glad you were on as we got to see a few more samples along with the hints and tips that are always so useful to us all!
    Thank you Barbara for bringing us this lovely alphabet and well done to Paul for some great shows post sell out.
    Love and hugs to you! Xxx

  5. What a whirlwind- that is exactly what I said to my Peter when it all happened. To say you look gobsmacked is an understatement. Had to laugh when you said down the camera 'Brother, you are on nights'. Lol There were a joy to work with and I knew they would be a sell out. So no surprises there, just thought you would be there a tad longer hahaha. Talk about early bath. Paul has done you proud today, and I'll be watching the final call program. Congratulations xxx

    Saw your lovely clock face today Maggie xx

  6. I managed to watch all the shows and you all did a fantastic job, thank you. Your enthusiasm for all your products shows that you all genuinely love what you do and it is infectious. I just need to stop grocery shopping for a few weeks, so that I can buy everything I need (well, want would be a better word!) Our figures would benefit as well!

  7. Beautiful art work, trust is such a good word. Your ODS show was so amazing, the excitement was obvious from both yourself and Yannis. Catching up on todays shows that I have recorded. Well done everyone, hope Steve isn't chained to the machines! Xx

  8. Hi bloggy friends, happy Monday. Pretty sure I've missed Spring and Summer and gone straight to Winter again! Cold and windy today but hopefully improving soon. Xx

  9. Wow what a whirl wind the look on your face panic disbelieve then adverts and you picked up carryed on some shows to catch up on so will watch tomorrow. They did look fantastic lucky people that got them xxx

  10. This is a lovely piece of artwork. I particularly like the colours. Can't say I'm surprised by the sell-out only how quickly it happened – TWICE! You have designed something very special and all the shows were just brilliant viewing.
    Tonbridge Sue

  11. Hi Barbara, love this stencil piece, thank you for sharing. Hope it helped calm your head a bit. Maybe what I could do with, mine is on the spin cycle at present!!! Sadly I don't have scrap boxes like you. Except for a big box of shaving foam papers that I still can't work out what to do with… Starting a new project for a birthday hopefully tomorrow though, got it kind of planned in my head, which is always a help!

    I'm glad you and Paul were still allowed to do today's shows. I'd have missed it. Have you got Steve chained to your laser room yet!!! Poor guy, he must be the only person in our Clarity family who dreads your first Sunday/Monday of the month!!!! You're doing a grand job Steve, just picture the happy dance the recipient will be doing with each plate you make.

    Trust, now there's a big word, good until it's broken eh! Sadly I don't have much left, broken too many times by too many people! And I still manage to leave myself vulnerable to it!!! But that's for their conscience, and only reflects very badly on them eh. Makes me glad to be on the victim end of that, wouldn't want to be like them. It's good to be alive. No matter what each of our circumstances are, good or bad, each of us should be mighty thankful to be blessed with this day. And should go to bed intending to treat whomever we come across tomorrow as we would want and expect to be treated ourselves. What a world that would make eh! Hope everyone is remembering to keep up with their Random Acts of Kindness. I managed a totally secret one, and it seems to have worked. I know how Santa feels now…

    Hope you're having a chill evening Barbara. Poor Steve will be singing nursery rhymes in his sleep…

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda,
      You always manage to tug on my heartstrings when i hear how youve been let down by those very people who should be helping you and yet you look at the positives and think about others. You are a very inspiring lady. Love and hugs Alison xx

    2. Aw thanks Alison, what special things to say about me. I try to think of all the bad stuff through my life that I wouldn't be me, who I am today, if none of it had happened. And, everything happens for a reason, just sometimes it's extremely at the time to know what that could possibly be. They are both good for helping to bounce back and fight on harder in life.

      I"m about to meet a new social worker from the long term team. Aye, taken all this time, and needed intervention from a local councillor, who, sadly, didn't get re-elected, so that door is slammed shut now. The social worker has already got some brownie points for helping in the background with a huge mess recently. So fingers crossed. Love and hugs back Xx

  12. Absolutely amazing show which I was watching on record !!!!! Fortunately managed to get my stash about 5mins before the new stock sold out. Phew!! Well done all. You must be exhausted, xx

  13. I love what you have done to this stencil embossed piece Barbara including that little scene inside the heart. What a fantastic evening and to sell out in that short amount of time was amazing. Paul has done a stirling job today and Steve will be making plates in his sleep. What a fabulous team you make. x

  14. Hi Barb,
    I'm not surprised that you needed to clear your head after such a hectic time! Really enjoyed the shows ive seen so far today – got the last one of Paul's to watch yet. All of them have been brilliant i must say – yet again the design team did you proud yesterday & today. Really love your stencil piece today especially the colours you have chosen. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      I hope youve all managed to stay warm because it's been blooming cold again here! Just got back from a meal out with my sister and a friend we played netball with & I have to say although the company was great, the same cannot be said about the food! We were so disappointed – wont be going back that's for sure! Love and hugs Alison xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    What a busy day you've had, I don't blame you for wanting a big of quiet time. Your face was such a picture when you sold out early and then again when you sold out the second batch too! Congratulations to you all, the artwork and shows were fantastic. Love this stencil piece today, so clever finishing it off with a little landscape. The shading makes it pop doesn't it. Have a good nights sleep, perhaps take Steve in a bacon toll before he goes to bed!
    Love Diane xxx

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