A Vibrant Cockerel! Step by step x

A Vibrant Cockerel! Step by step x

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The first Sunday of every month, and that means it’s time for TV!

If you missed any of today’s shows, you can go to the Hochanda website and watch on Rewind.

2pm to 4 pm saw Tina showcasing her brand new beautiful A4 Square Groovi Plates
Personally, I think these are just sublime.
Absolutely beautiful.
Clearly many of you did, too!
We sold out of one and almost sold out of the other one !
Then at 5pm is was my turn to put my stamp hat on!
Time to bring out some of my favourite stamps
Take the Cockerel and stamp him out with
black Archival ink onto a piece of 7×7 stencil card.
Now take the mask (which is included with the stamps)
and cover up the cock! (ooh er missus!)
Take a large moon and position as shown.
Now take a Clarity Stencil brush and the Golden Turmeric Artistry ink and apply the colour by placing the brush on the mask
and brush outwards to create a gentle hue.
Remove the moon mask.
Then brush some of the Golden Turmeric into the moon.
Now you can remove the Cockerel mask.
Position the outer part of the mask over your artwork,
leaving the cock exposed!
Take a make-up sponge and the Tenacious Teal Artistry ink 
and apply the colour as shown.
Now apply some colour using the Blaze Artistry ink pad.
Use Golden Turmeric Artistry ink to blend
the colours together.

Yellow and Blue = Green

Yellow and Red = Orange
 Remove the mask for the great reveal!
Take the word Cock-a-doodle-doo! and 
position on your c-thru ruler, ink up with 
black Archival and stamp as shown.
Use the C-thru ruler to ground the Cockerel.
(remember to remove the stamp first!)
Draw 2 straight lines and then create some boxes with a micron pen.
Colour alternate squares in with the black micron pen.
To frame your work, trim back and then take a 
black Sharpie pen and go around all the edges.
Mount onto a piece of paper from the Northern Nights
Designer Paper pad and repeat with the black
Sharpie around the edges and then 
finally mount onto a card blank.
So there you are – a really colourful, chipper cock!
Must dash.
8pm Groovi Nursery ABC launch.
Just a bit. 
Maybe it’s because of all the memories kicking around 
because of it.
Hope you can join us.
Have you tried IPTV on the Hochanda.com website?
That’s how I mostly watch nowadays.
Oh. And if you want info about the Clarity Open Days or the Bristol Parchment Show, just call the office tomorrow. 
Jeannine will give you the dates & details, 
and sell you Open Day tickets.
Love and hugs,

40 thoughts on “A Vibrant Cockerel! Step by step x

  1. Hi Barbara, loved all your shows and looking forward to your ODS. I'm going to learn a lot from my recordings of them. Thank you for this step by step, very helpful. My favourite was your canvas, amazing, defo one for your art wall methinks. I could look at it all day.

    Would it be possible to put on here a photo of Dee's purple and white Groovi piece that you showed for Tona's first plate please? I thought it was amazing, but also I'm in the process of trying to improve my drop shadow, and Dee's drop shadow on this piece I thinkmwould help the lightbulb to go on. I went right up to the telly to try and see, but it was too blurry and moving too much. Thank you if you can.

    I totally undrestand you being a wee bit nervous about this ODS. I don't think you have anything to worry about though. Hope your nerves soon settle and you can enjoy showing off your illustrated artwork and what you and your DT have done with it.

    Love Brenda xx

    1. So pleased for you Barbara, that so many people love your alphabet. Sitting here grinning from ear to ear seeing your reaction to its popularity. Well done you, and Clarity. I think Steve had better just move his bed into your laser room!!!! xxxx

  2. Didn't you do well in the stamping show – a true professional! I too appreciated the geese demo from last years Retreat and will have another go at that (couldn't remember exactly what we did). I
    Will you have the new Tina flourish/corners Groovi plates at the Open Days please? Good luck for the Alphabet launch later – all set to record xxx

  3. Fabulous Cockerel! Great demonstrations today. Good Luck with the One Day Special – not that you'll need the luck it'll probably be an early sell-out leaving you and Paul not a lot to do tomorrow!
    Btw, what is IPTV? I haven't come across the term before and I'd hate to be missing a trick!
    Tonbridge Sue

  4. Loved Tina's flourishes and corners. I have ordered these from yourselves, along with one or two other bits, they just fell into my basket, honest gov'.
    I will enjoy watching the ODS too. At this moment in time I'm thinking they're not for me, don't think I would get much use out of them, kids in our family are all grown up. But….you never know xx

  5. Wow Barbara watching one day wonder think should be one day speed didn't it go quickly mind you love the stamps have used those lot framed for children's names new baby and for children's names bedrooms etc fantastic and they look amazing in parchment. And mr cockerel have them to and love making canvases with them and goose so what you doing tomorrow instead so pleased for you xxx

  6. And you were worried about this being such a large bundle. I was having a heart attack just trying to get my order to go through. I was shouting at Yanis as he did the countdown,but I did finally get through on the phone for one of the extended stock. Can anyone tell me where to get the cheapest baked beans? Brilliant shows all day, Barbara and Tina. Are you onyour way home, Barbara? Night night. xxx Maggie

  7. Wow!! Sold out in 20 minutes, so pleased for you! Enjoyed the show and all the DT samples were beautiful. Hmmmm shall I set my recorder for tomorrow or are you already on your way home? Well done. Xx

  8. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. I was all ready at 8pm, plumping my cushions, deciding on my dismount monouve, preparing for a soft landing and…SOLD OUT! Well, I picked my jaw off the floor and then decided that I would just enjoy the show…until next time it comes! Xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    I do love how you have coloured the cockerel I , such vibrant colours. I haven't watched the stamping show yet, I will be watching that one on catch up. The shows with Tina are brilliant and as for the one day special wow oh wow!! 20 minute sell out!! That's amazing! We both sat here grinning at the look on your face, they certainly were popular. Now I thought they wouldn't be for me but seeing the design team and your artwork they are so useful. A few hints have been dropped for my birthday! Congratulations on the sell out, I know how important these plates are to you, the children will be so happy for you too. Poor Steve, I hope he gets to see a bit of daylight over the next week and he gets some sleep! Enjoy your evening, I wonder what you've hit for us tomorrow!
    Love Diane xxxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Wow! 20 minutes! That must be a record on any show! Congratulations on such a fantastic product. I know how much this meant to you and i thought you were going to burst into tears at one point. Poor Yannis didnt kniw know what was happening either. As for the other shows, loved them. Tina's plates were beautiful and just happened to fall into my basket! The stamping show was excellent- those new paints look really creamy. Love this cockerel canvas – I've still got mine from the calendar challenge last year . Really liked the geese canvas as well. Poor Steve ! Looks like he'll be needing a holiday again soon. Congratulations again, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Sorry havent been around for a few days but as you know Dave took me down to Norfolk. Only problem was, i left my handbag at home! No phone, no money!! So had to rely on Dave! We had a good time but it was blooming freezing and windy! Didn't expect to go south and be colder than the North East!! I've been made a fuss of since we got back last night – Scamp has not left my side and is currently doing a good job as a foot warmer. Woke up in the middle of the night in a right sweat – I had a fur hat on! Anyway, hope to catch up with the comments this week. Hope you are all as well as possible. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Morning Alison, that sounds like a good plan to leave your bag at home, means you saved your pennies for craft instead 😉. Glad you had a good time, always nice to come home to a furry welcome. Xx

  11. Loved the ODS Barbara and managed to put my order in on the extended delivery. I am sure they will be worth the wait. I tried putting IPTV into the search bar on Hochanda website but nothing was found. How do you access it please? I am unable to watch rewind, picture is distorted. I hope you were able to relax after the show and get a decent nights sleep. xx

  12. Fabulous plates, but please, please, could you do the same for the stamps.
    Congratulations on your super sell out. I'm not that surprised, as they are gorgeous, but I'm sure I'm not the only stamper who would love the alphabet nursery set. Xxx

    1. Thank you, I did know, but, a fabulous deal like the groovi is always welcome on the pocket,if it could be extended to the stampers amongst us. They really are quite special, whether in stamps or groovi. Xx

  13. Just finished watching my recording of the 8pm show, think you are going to have to start work on cloning brother Steve so you can double up on the night shift!! Can't believe the ODS sold out so quickly. It is fabulous and the design team did amazing samples. Tina's plates are gorgeous too. Oh dear, my wish list is getting longer xx

  14. Hello Barb, loved this demo, and the step by step is great, to bookmark for reference. What great shows, the ODS was so very successful, and Tina's plates are beautiful too. Well done. Bx

  15. Loved this demo. But disappointed this morning, due to tv clashes I recorded your grooving show launch on the midnight repeat to avoid family disputes and seems it must have sold out as it was something else entirely!!!!!
    Great for Clarity but sad for me lol.

    Will settle for watching my recordings from earlier in the day.

    Glad your plates were so popular xx

  16. Oh my what wonderful shows yesterday I am a bit poorer but will be a lot happier when the post man delivers my Tina cox plates and my advance order arrives on the half hour special lol
    Thank you Barbara for sharing all your special memories with us xx
    Poor Steve. Just think how happy you are making all the drafters out there xx

  17. I love that cockerel in such bright and pretty colours and the background paper is just perfect Barbara. What a quick sell out of the Alphabet plates but am not surprised, although I did think they would last a bit longer than that. I didn't get to see any of the programmes yesterday as I was out but hope to catch up. x

  18. Great shows all round on Sunday….to buy Tina's plates or wait to see ODS? Waited to see ODS…nearly missed it due to phonecall but managed to get myorder in on the extended delivery….couldn't miss the bargain for these gorgeous plates! Can just imagine poor Steve tethered to the laser machines for the foreseeable!!! Tina's plates are added to the wishlist as they are gorgeous too! Xx

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