A Photo Transfer Trick…

A Photo Transfer Trick…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
The kids have been on my mind a lot since they were here for Dad’s birthday. It was great to see them, and I was so proud of them for making the time and effort to celebrate their grandad’s birthday with the rest of us here in England.
They certainly got their priorities right there, didn’t they?
But I hate that they live so far away.
New York and San Francisco are too far from this home here.
I know we don’t have them to keep them.
I know we give them wings so they may fly and all that.
I know I did the same and lived abroad for over 13 years.
I know they’re only doing what they were taught, 
which is to travel, explore and live life.
But all that knowing doesn’t change the fact that I miss them so much it aches. 
My way of dealing with it today is to play with a picture of them.
For Dad’s celebration dinner, I got loads of snapshot style photos printed of his childhood, him growing up, his friends, Mum, the kids, the grandkids, siblings. It was very special.
It involved a lot of scanning photos, but it was definitely worth it.
You should have seen all the family when they came into the private dining-room, and they saw the beautifully laid table and then all the pictures hung around the room.
It was quite moving to watch my nearest and dearest moving slowly around the room, soaking in all the memories and moments.
There was laughter, there were tears.
But I can tell you, it was precious.
I think I finally understand why people enjoy making photo albums and scrapbooks. It’s never really been my thing. 
But I thoroughly loved gathering the photos, and scanning them, giving them all titles, and decorating the room with them.
It was like diving back in time to when we were young, thinking about my darling nan and grandad, and Aunty Evelyn, and all those wonderful characters who have gone on ahead. Each photo reminded me of a time in the past, not just the people in it.
So today, when I woke up missing the kids even more than usual, 
I decided to play with them.
I also wanted to try out a new product, and see if it really does do what it says on the jar. 
Finding a photo of the kids was easy – I had scanned loads, remember? I printed it off on my laser printer, and cut it out. 

Grace and Mark both went to Edenbridge Primary School.
Nowadays I see the same little uniforms trundling past me on their way through the school gates every morning when I drive to work.  

Right. This is the gear.
The clue’s on the jar!
Brush some on an A6 canvas board 
and on the front of the photo copy, too.

Flip the photo copy face down onto the little canvas board.
Working from the centre outwards, flatten it slowly with a brayer, to roll out air bubbles.

On the jar, it says “now wait 24 hours”
Not a chance.
I will give it 5 minutes maximum or it’s a non starter.
Okay okay, I will help it along with a heat gun….

Spritz the whole thing with water now.
I know. Bizarre.
But see how Grace and Mark start to peep through?

Use a scoochy sponge or a kitchen scourer 
(not the scratchy side though – the spongey side)
to gently rub away the back of the copy paper. 

Gently does it. 
But look!
You can decided how grungy you want it to look. 
The more you rub, the more will come off.
Mind the faces. You don’t want to rub their little faces off!
I wanted to distress the edges a little, so more rubbing required. 

Dusted the photo canvas clean with a dry brush,

and Bob’s your uncle.
Actually, it’s Uncle Kevin, and he is wonderful.

Then I walked the brayer over another A5 canvas board 
with red paint that matched the kids’ jumpers.

I wanted that old, gritty feel to the object.
And I think it worked.

So although the kids are thousands of miles away, 
I’ve just spent 2 hours in their company, thoroughly enjoying myself. 
As for the product review, YES.
This gear works an absolute treat.
And it’s fast drying!
Canvas boards?
We stock them in many, many sizes.
Home made canvas photos make great gifts actually, don’t you think? And whilst I have just transferred the photo, wouldn’t it be cool to add stencil art and mixed media work to this too!
Laser printers aren’t anywhere near what they used to cost anymore either. £100 at Argos. I remember paying about $2,000 for a colour laser printer back in the day! And that was in a sale!
How times change, eh?
Got to go back to work.
Love & hugs,

43 thoughts on “A Photo Transfer Trick…

  1. Brilliant, ive got some of that but didn't know what to do with it! Photos are so precious aren't they, help keep those memories alive, bug never rrplaced what's in the heart. Wxx

  2. I love this idea and have wanted to try for ages but don't have a laser printer, thought they were way more expensive than that. Maybe our inkjet will have to have a little accident………..

  3. This is great, and fun! Presumably one has to print the image in 'reverse' to get it to transfer the right way round?
    Tonbridge Sue

  4. Aw, so sorry you are aching so hard for your kids. It comes across, I feel it for you. But glad you could find a way to ease it, if for only a short time. Love what you produced. Thank you for sharing. I remember you doing that type of thing with nail polish remover and black and white photocopies.

    I had a bit of much needed Mindfulness this afternoon. Sat in the sun in quiet, in my craft room, Daisy snoozing on her chair, window open, listening to the birds and the world go by. Doing drop shadows, of all things. Who'd have thought that would provide me Mindfulness! But, it's still the same design, I made several, so not so scary by now!!!! I still think it's not quite right, but it's the best I can do, for now anyway. 2 to go.

    I hope you can go for your walk in nature later for some Mindfulness for you.
    Love Brenda xx

  5. Wow! I LOVE this idea – I had an idea about doing a canvas and wanted it to include some photos. You have solved my problem – thanks Barbara, xxx

    1. Hi Gilly, glad to hear Neill's is in less pain. You must be looking after him well. Sorry you aren't so good yourself, hope you feel more yourself today. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, glad to hear Neill's is in less pain. You must be looking after him well. Sorry you aren't so good yourself, hope you feel more yourself today. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  6. That's brilliant….sure beats the nail polish and back of a spoon job! Now to persuade someone we need a laser printer!
    Love and Hugs xx

  7. This has come at just the right time for me. I have a couple of celebrations to make something for and this technique is perfect. Thank you, Barbara. Have fun without h all those lovely family memories. xxx Maggie

  8. I have a beautiful black and white image of my Noel and his partner Jo. What a wonderful Christmas gift this would make them. We have a rule in our family, that at least one Christmas present has to be hand made.

  9. OH Barbara. I know just how you feel. Even worse when your on your own . My family are all over the world. Just one granddaughter in Manchester out of Ten . Have two granddaughters graduating this week, one from high school in Danville Cal. And one from university in Kamloop Canada. Can't get to either this time. The world is too big now. That is a lovely photograph. Beautiful children. I was thinking of doing a collection of photos for my daughters 60th birthday in July. Her children asked me to make a card which has been sent to three different places for them to sign and it will then be posted to her. Quite a few stamps. Hope she likes it. Thank goodness for FaceTime. Xxxxxx

  10. This has worked beautifully Barbara and what a great photo of Mark and Grace which looks fabulous on the canvas and love the slightly larger canvas painted red which makes the ideal background. I know how you feel about family being so far away. We have our son with us at the moment which is lovely and it really brings it home how far away he is in Australia and although we keep in touch a lot it has been 16 months since he last visited and it is so hard to have to say goodbye when he leaves. x

  11. What a lovely idea. A beautiful photo of Grace and Mark too. Glad that it's made you feel a little better and made you feel closer to them even if only for a short time. Mine live relatively close but only see them when we visit., but at least it's a driveable distance away. Think I may have to think of getting a laser printer it opens up a lot of possibilitits. Just ordered our tickets for the open day in Crowborough and Leyburn, something good to look forward to. Sending a big hug xxx

  12. Hi lovely bloggy friends, hope you have had a good day with some sunshine. I had a lovely surprise on Saturday, a crafter friend sent me a framed collage for my craft room, saying Pam's Craft Room. Brought tears to my eyes, aren't I so lucky.xxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    I can remember you using a black and white photo, nail polish and the back of a teaspoon to transfer photos to cards etc , but this looks so much easier! Can I ask – does it have to be a laser printer, or can you use an inkjet! Love what you have produced but it is such a shame that you miss Grace and Mark so much ( understandable), but at least you have them in your heart. Ordered my ticket for a Leyburn today – just hoping that I'll be able to make it – it will be Sod's law that I'll have lost the weight and had the knee op so not able to get there!! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Been absolutely glorious today. We managed to get the rest of the bedding plants in so at least that job is finished ( counted them 230 in total – no wonder our backs are aching!) . Hope you all have had as good a day as possible. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison that's a lot of plants but I'm sure it looks beautiful now you've finished. Let's hope for more sunny days ahead that we can spend enjoying the garden. Xxx

    3. Hi Alison – well done with getting all of those bedding plants in – it will look stunning I am sure! I didn't realise that you have an operation in the pipeline. Good luck with the weight loss – love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    4. Look forward to seeing you at Leyburn Alison. Hope your op doesn't come up at that time. I've been waiting for appt from pain clinic since March 1st, was told could be Oct/Nov but luckily phone call today as cancellation came up so go on the 7th June. Your garden must look gorgeous or will do in a few weeks. However did you manage with that knee? xx

    5. Hi Gilly,
      I've got to have my knee replacement replaced after i dislocated it and tore 2 ligaments in a fall in January. My knee is held together at the moment with only 1 ligament ( they removed the other one during knee replacement. As a result i must wear a brace whenever i am standing. Ive git to lose 2 stones before they will do it though!! Lost 1/2 so only 1 1/2 to go!!! Im hoping if i can lose it in a couple of months, have the op I will make Leyburn – that's my goal anyway -what more incentive do I need?love to you and Neill, xx

    6. Hi Pam,
      Glad to hear youve got an appointment through quickly. Hopefully garden will look lovely if the slugs and snails dont eat them all! As for planting i did some where i could sit at the edge of the lawn and put them in, some just bending over ( backbreaking though!) but mainly i just put them where i wanted them and Dave planted them! It will be lovely to see you again, love and hugs Alison xxx

    7. Gosh Alison – both Neill and I are very sorry to hear what you went through and hope that all will go well for you too. I am keeping everything crossed that we can make it to Leyburn too xxx

  14. If you can't afford to buy a laser printer, or have no room for one, those photocopy shops that pop up in towns everywhere usually have laser printers, and you could just get them to copy your photos for you.

  15. Hi Barbara
    Oooh this looks interesting, I bought some of this about 20 years ago intending to transfer pictures to fabric but the cost of the laser printer stopped me in my tracks. Love the photo of Grace and Mark transferred to canvass, it's a great way to make it 'yours'. I hope looking at the photo brings them a little closer,it's hard being a mum isn't it,letting them go with a smile on your face and crying all the way home. You came back to England after all those years, who knows what the future holds for them. Hope you manage a walk tonight, it's a beautiful evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope all is well. It's been a beautiful warm day here again today,the peonies that were battered by the heavy rain have lifted their heads again and the baby sparrows are playing in the full birdbaths so all in all a good day here. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Diane, cloudy here most of the day but sunny later. At least the garden enjoyed the rain Sunday and Monday, saved us watering it. Havent had the birds in our garden at all this spring. Seems a bit weird. Xxx

    3. Hi Diane,
      The baby sparrows are lovely aren't they? We had some in one of our birdhouses and they fledged yesterday. Hoping we might get some more in residence soon. Love and hugs Alison xx

  16. Hello Barbara

    I have some idea of how you feel. At least only one of mine left the country (Japan for six and a half years).

    I remember you did something similar a while ago. Faux-tography on part 5 DVD?
    I will have to go back and check. Love the finished result.


  17. How lovely. We have had so many photos this year with a great family wedding. I finally have got some up to date ones but Guy did a brilliant best man speech using all the old ones of Greg. Like you say a walk down memory lane. Sometimes I get the albums out and go back in time. How I wish I could have them all little again so can understand you missing your two so far away. They are great kids though Barbara, you have done an amazing job of getting them to adulthood. X x

  18. Hello Barb, what a brilliant thing to do when you were missing Grace and Mark. Looks lovely. Great new product, something to think about buying. Take care. Bx

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