Unveiling the NEW Gentleman’s Collection

Unveiling the NEW Gentleman’s Collection

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
There was a thread on Groovi Worldwide, our Parchment Facebook page a while ago, lamenting the fact that we don’t have enough Mens’ designs. Do you remember? It ended up as a very long wishlist of all sorts of lovely ideas.
Well, you spoke – we listened.
This coming Sunday, 
I shall be launching a brand new set of fab plates on TV – 
A One Day Special on Hochanda.
7 brilliant, diverse A6 plates, covering all manner of man!
We have motorbikes, tandems and bicycles;
we have boats, planes and automobiles.
There are hot air balloons and binoculars;
there are top hats and fobwatches.

There is also a cool little spacer, which reads 
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
And we thought it would be a good idea to include a selection of different skylines and backdrops on one large A4 sq. plate.
So there’s Paris and New York,
City rooftops and Monument Valley.
There’s a road for the cars,
hills, trees and bunting too.
That way, whether you are using the car, bike or even helicopter,
you can create a fitting setting to suit.
Jim designed these plates, and I think he did a grand job.
The thing about Jim is, he gets it. He knows what works.
He read the post on Facebook, 
and then got his teeth into this manly project.
Makes a change from flowers and butterflies, eh Jim!
Great plates, great introductory price.
More will be revealed here …
watch this space.
Love & Hugs,

61 thoughts on “Unveiling the NEW Gentleman’s Collection

  1. These sound great. Looks like I'll be in trouble with the bank manager yet again. I think he must know when Clarity shows are on TV as well as I do!

    1. Hi bloggy friends – today has been a better day for Neill, thank goodness! Less pain and more walking done today! The constant ice packs over the last couple of days must have really helped. It's going to be an early night, as my CFS has decided to give me a nudge today. Hope that you have all had a good day, love and hugs Gilly xxx

  2. They look great. Only one complaint – where is the Series Land Rover? Only joking,there is no way you can include everything, and there are so many great elements on those plates. Brilliant work,Jim. xxx Maggie

    1. I totally agree Margaret. I would love these designs (or some of them!)as stamps. Sorry Barbara, we're never satisfied, are we? 🙂
      Gayle xxx

  3. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Been groovying today, pricking and snipping. Tomorrow I fancy a painty, inky session…too many ideas, just need to get round to some of them! Xx

    1. I think the penny has just dropped, are you Jane Telford, Barbara's DT Jane? How did I not connect that before…..!!!! Nae hope for me. Wonder who else I haven't connected…. Looking forward to seeing your samples xx

    1. And a glider with a couple of tiny ones for perspective please, with winglets too, the bi-plane to tow them up is there (just got back from a gliding competition in Germany- there were over 100 gliders taking off every day!)

  4. Hi Barbara & ladies & men .
    Have been away for a while such a lot to catch up on.
    Well Barbara just what have you been up to while I have been away.
    Well I have the charm and beauty in stamps but will have to add to my wish list the other two in Groovi and so much more.
    well Jim has done you proud , the men's cards will be well and truly sorted now.
    Looking forward to the shows.
    The Groovi system has brought so much for us crafters.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  5. Hi Barbara, you always listen to your customers and do your utmost to please, and come up with what they want when it's doable. That's some of the things that puts you and Claritystamp head and shoulders above the other companies. Thank you.

    Got my eye on the motorbike and cars ones. Do you have any plans to make smaller versions in stamps? Wee, or wee wee ones would be good too…. The large landscape plate is a great idea. And the bonus being I didn't realise it would be this Sunday you would be on telly. Mind you when I went all day today convinced this is Wednesday, no it's Thursday, don't think it's Friday, no it's Wednesday, or is it Thursday…. Then there's nae hope for me getting your weekend on telly right!!!!

    Your – brakes are cowards pedals picture immediately made me think of my garden volunteer…. Could have been him saying it!

    Love Brenda xx

  6. Hope you've got lots, these are gonna slip Away soo fast . like ice cream on a hot day! Thanks for listening and for sharing. Lots of love Jxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    These look fabulous and think they will be a must have! Oh my poor bank balance!Thank you anyway for making these. I think I see another quick sell out. Love and hugs, Alison xx
    Ps well done Jim

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. Been a gym day today (& yes, it was open!) Felt good but shattered now. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  8. Wow, looking forward to seeing all the DT samples using these fantastic plates. Well done Jim for coming up with so many elements on 8 plates.

  9. Hi Barbara
    These plates are fabulous. I've used some of the groovi club animals for men's cards and the garden birds but these are wonderful. Thank you Jim, you are a star. I've got the balloon stamps and the skyline masks so having them in groovi will be interesting and perfect timing for Father's Day. I love the way the Clarity team listed to their customers.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, been another dull day here again so perfect for some crafty playtime this afternoon. Hope everyone is ok. Sending hugs xxx

  10. Good idea for gentleman. My craft room has reached crisis point. I began years ago with kits, progressed to stamps – 26 boxes! Now groovi plates abound. I felt very guilty this afternoon when I looked at all the array for craft paraphenalia. what is worse is that I have to squeeze through the door to get in and step over boxes on the floor now.
    Did I tidy it? No made some more groovi cards!
    Any good ideas welcome please
    Love Anne (Reading)

    1. Anne, I no longer have a craft room, I now have a craft house. I too started with kits and discourage, and am now getting rid of all the remnants of those days, things I will never do again. I am also getting rid of most stamps that are not from Clarity. I loathe rubber stamps because you cannot judge exactly what you are doing and the other see through stamps of the market are so poor in comparison with Clarity. Hoping the tidy up will allow me to get things straight in the house. xxx Maggie

  11. Hello Barb, well I can just see that Sunday is going to be a very busy day. Well done Jim, great designs. Looking forward to what the talented people out there do with these. Take care all. Bx

  12. Wow you keep coming up with new designs at such a pace, your brain must be on overdrive with all these ideas. They are great but probably not for me but I look forward to seeing all the design team samples, it may change my mind. That's what is so good about watching you on Hochanda, it shows us what is possible and gives us great ideas. I managed to catch up on Rosella's shows last night. Fabulous, I like the idea of tracing a design from the colouring book, it opens up all sorts of possibilities xx

  13. Really good release Clarity artists! You really have your fingers on the pulse, I can already foresee a sellout when these appear on the tv. I always look forward to seeing what the different design team members come up with because they are all so different, and all so imaginative.
    Barbara, or Jim if you are still reading this thread, please could you consider doing Brighton Pavilion as a stamp, and probably a Groovi plate for the parch-people! It's my favourite building and it would look so good as a background to some of your wonderful people stamps, or the vintage cars. Thanks so much xx

  14. They look fantastic, but now I need to tell him that I ordered these on back order as well. He told me no spending this month,
    A) coz I have a stupid amount of craft products anyway & I spent an awful lot of money last month,whoops
    B) were trying to get my extension done & still need bedroom furniture & an adjustable bed amongst other things. & then you do this to me, can I move down for a bit & come & do the dishes to pay for it all lol 😂

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