We’re leaving on a jet plane… well Easyjet!

We’re leaving on a jet plane… well Easyjet!

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
I have been getting ready for tomorrow’s trip today…
Did I mention Linda Williams and I are off to Slovenia for a week!
Where? I hear you ask. Yes, I had to look it up on the map too!
It used to be Yugoslavia.
Very lovely apparently. 
So why are Linda and I off to Ljubljana?
Let me tell you….
When we took on Pergamano, 
we also took on the entire Pergamano World!
So the Slovenian distributor contacted me and asked me whether I would like to do some Pergamano workshops at their big annual event. I did a little investigating and found out that Gerti Hofman from the Netherlands (only one of two Master Pergamano Tutors) usually does this. 
“No no no,” said I, 
(YMBFJ thought I!)  
“my parching skills are not up to that standard, I’m afraid.
But I happen to know the other Master Pergamano Tutor, who happens to be my buddy, Linda. Let me ask her”
So quick phone call to Linda.
“Hey Presh, ” says I, “fancy a jolly in Slovenia?”
“It’s on the sunny side of the Alps, according to my Mum.
The only thing is you have to do a couple of Pergamano workshops.”
Didn’t have to ask twice!
So Linda’s doing three advanced, tricky ones, and I’m her assistant.
So I have to go too, you see…
Hahahaha! No no, I don’t get off that easily!
I’m also doing three workshops :
2 Groovi ones and 1 stampy one. 
And Linda’s my assistant then!
So I spent this morning packing my clothes,
and this afternoon sorting out the second Groovi project.
Want to see?
I thought I would go back to the beginning with our No. 1 selling Groovi Plate
Bit of Picot cutting, and a wrap around,

Bit of basic whitework and colouring in..

Northern Lights Paper background.

I thought a wrap around would be cool as an attaching trick,
and you can also inspect the back of the parchment, which I like.

Not too tricky; certainly my speed!

I don’t speak Slovenian, so that should be interesting.
Maybe Linda does; I forgot to ask!
Ja ja ja…well, I’m just going to speak German 
and see how much sticks!
The workshop kit all got shipped last week; Paul sorted that out.
Should arrive there tomorrow. 
Nervous? Me? Nah.
If I can’t entertain a few groups of Slovenian crafters, 
then I shouldn’t be in the game!
I bet we have a brilliant time.
The only thing I’m nervous about is being Linda’s assistant!
If anybody asks me an advanced Pergy question, 
I’ll just smile and play the baffled Brit. 
You know the one: friendly but useless !!!
Got to go.
Wish us luck!!!
Love & Hugs

68 thoughts on “We’re leaving on a jet plane… well Easyjet!

  1. Oh my Barbara what a wonderful post just so enjoy your running commentary, I can just see you in front of me talking as you wrote it out. I hope you and Linda have an amazing time which I am sure you will and Happy Birthday for Tomorrow too! Give my regards to Linda 🙂
    Linda xxx

  2. Oh you'll have a wonderful time! I bet they'll not let you come back once they see how fab the two of you are!!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  3. Hi Barbara, I knew of Slovenia. Andy and Jamie Murray feelgood wins aren't the only things I get from watching tennis it seems!!!! Or maybe it's the athletics. Or maybe Ski Sunday….

    Lovely spring project, thank you for sharing. Let's hope the Slovenian crafter's all understand English, or your 'happy days' may get a lot of baffled looks, or maybe even worse depending on what they try to translate it as!!!!😉 Glad you are not nervous, they'll love you, can't not. Having your friend at your side must help loads too. New, international, bloggy pals for us maybe 🤗🤗🤗 It would be really interesting to see their take on crafts, and the same images etc. that we use.

    I hope you both have a great week, with lots of fun. And a safe trip there and back.

    Love Brenda xx

    I was looking on your website for the smaller size of Jayne's alphabet frame. I could only see it with the large nested squares round it. I thought youbrought it out with just the frame and alphabet on a smaller plate? Or have I been dreaming that!!!!

    Thinking about you often Susan Frith. Hope you are managing to have quality time with your family and friends, and managing a wee bit craft.

    Thinking about you too Anne from Reading. Hope things are ok for you

  4. Lucky you…. I have seen pictures from friends who have been to Slovenia and it looks stunning!!!
    Your project is lovely and I am sure that german will take you a long way. So Enjoy your week there.
    Linda, good luck with Barbara as an assistant, she is used to be the boss…. Lol!!!
    Take care of you both and pease bring us plenty of pictures and souvenirs.

    Laurence xx

  5. Love coincidenses, just done this card for my niece , soo simple but the clarity patterned backing papers make it easy to finish it off brilliantly without any whitework, so quick when time is pressed?

    Thanks for sharing Barb and safe travels love jillyx

  6. You will be fine Barbara, bet you make a wonderful job of it all. I am completely out of my comfort zone at the moment as myself and Maggie Craner are learning the technique of painting on parchment at our workshop with Pat White. Normally mention painting to me and I would be running for the hills but I am determined to master it. Look forward to hearing how your week goes and wish you both a safe trip. xx

  7. Cor…how the other half live! Jet setting parchers on the loose! Seriously have a great time together and I'm looking forward to hearing of your adventures. Enjoy!!xx

  8. Hi Barbara, have a geat week you will knock them dead .
    Happy Birthday looking forward to hearing all about your trip.
    Safe journey to you both.
    Lynn xx

  9. I'm sure you and Linda will have a brilliant time, Barbara. I hear the natives are friendly…. 🙂 Spookily, my butterfly wreath plate came yesterday….so today's 'how-to'is perfectly timed! Safe home, as they say here in N Ireland…. Jo xx

  10. You and Linda will be a hit at the workshop. No doubt about it! Have a great time in Slovenia. Still not into parchment (too busy stamping and some die cutting too) but do love to see all the beautiful parchment works and just love today's project xx

  11. Oh my – what a busy exciting life you do lead. I am sure the Slovenian folk will,appreciate all the demos that you and Linda have to offer. Have a good time and Happy Birthday too. Beryl x

  12. The Slovenians will love you both. I am sure that they will be blown away by a Barbie stamping demo as well as the beautiful parchment work. Happy Birthday and enjoy your Slovenian Adventure with Linda.
    Chris X

    1. Hi Donna had a lovely Sunday thank you, Sunday lunch with Emma before she flew back to Uni, only another few weeks and she's home for Easter and revision so I wasn't a blubbering mess at the airport today! Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Donna,
      Another day trying to sort out kitchen! I did take time out though to do a simple Groovi card for an ex-colleague's birthday so at least that was some respite. Honestly the charity shop is being stocked by me at the moment!! Love and hugs Alison xx

    3. I could smell someones roast dinner this afternoon when I was in the garden, it smelt delicious! Glad you only need to wait a few weeks till Emma is home. XX

      Glad you managed a bit of craft in between kitchen sorting Alison. I must get on with some crafting of my own. Mothers day soon, must get my finger out! XX

  13. Hi Barbara, Good Luck to both of you, but you won't need it, they will love you. Have a safe trip and enjoy it !!
    It sounds like it's your Birthday tomorrow, Happy Birthday for tomorrow and enjoy your trip.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Hope you and Lynda have a wonderful time, what an adventure for you both and I'm sure the language will not be a problem. Love the butterfly card, wow I wouldn't have put that down as your number one best seller, although it's one of the first plates I bought and has been used lots. Safe journey and Happy Birthday for tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Hi Barb,
    I'm sure that you two will be brilliant ambassadors for Clarity, Groovi and Pergamano. I bet you have a fantastic time. The old Yugoslavia was such a lovely country – we had a lovely holiday at a place called Neum which was about 45mins from Dubrovnik. I think that's classed as Bosnia Herzegovina now. Anyway have a fabulous time and a wonderful birthday. Hope you enjoyed your meal last night. Love and hugs Alison xx

  16. Wow! That sounds like so much fun. I bet you both have a right laugh! I think you could do with this sort of break. I know it probably seems like a 'busman's holiday', but nothing ventured, nothing gained. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Have a smashing time xxxx

  17. Good luck Barb and Linda. Hope you both have a wonderful time in Slovenia where everyone will be mesnerised by your beautiful work. I love your blogs Barb but just don't know how you keep up the pace. Hope you get chance to relax while you are away. Pam x

  18. Good luck Barb. I'm sure everything will go like clockwork. Love the project example with the butterfly plate. They cannot fail be be impressed by that. Hope you and Linda have a fabulous time. Sending Birthday good wishes too !! xx

  19. I'm sure you and Linda will have a great time and the workshops will be fabulous. The Groovi Buttrfly Wreath is a great choice, who doesn't love butterflies. Have a great week. x

  20. Hello Barb, love your planned project for the workshops. Have a great time both of you, I am sure you and Linda will be welcomed with open arms. Travel safely, and bring back some pics to share with us. Bx

  21. Hello Barb,
    Happy Birthday and have a fabulous time. Your workshops will be a tremendous success and I'm sure Linda will be happy to show off all that you've taught her!! ha ha.
    Maureen xx

  22. Oh I envy you. I love Central and Eastern Europe and I'm sure they'll love you. I've given training in the region, sometimes with an interpreter, but mostly not needed and quicker and more spontaneous without. You'll be on Balkan TV next!
    Happy Birthday x

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