Say it with Ink and Flowers ! A Bloggy offer.

Say it with Ink and Flowers ! A Bloggy offer.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Lovely sunny day here in Kent.
How about where you are?
Yesterday’s blog with the custom ink pads was well received,
so how about another little floral offering, using the same technique, but adding another spin to it?
We have a very cool little pair of flowers, which are designed to work together, but which also work beautifully alone.
Mel designed them.
aptly entitled Bouquets
They are beautiful to work with.
You can see how one is the line art and one is the colour fill.
Or the glaze.

How do you do that then?
See how only the flowers are glazed?
Start with the line art stamp with a dark ink pad. 
I used a dark green Archival ink here.
Let it dry completely.
While it’s drying, read back over yesterday’s blog so you understand how to colour the flowers. 
Use the solid stamp, the silhouette stamp, to do that.
While the coloured ink is still wet, sprinkle Detail Clear powder over it. Tap off excess and heat emboss from behind for a lovely glaze. 
See? Easy!
When you know how.
The background?
Layers and layers of the solid stamp, the silhouette stamp, 
in various matching ink pads.
The Vase?
Now there you need a stencil.
And just such a stencil do we have!

In fact, let’s have a little bloggy sale….
If you buy the bouquet stamps, 
we’ll give you the vase stencil as a gift.
7″ x 7″ rrp £4.99
Free. Gratis. Um sonst. For nowt.
If you haven’t got these two flowers, 
all I can say is – you don’t know what you’re missing!
Don’t forget to tune into HOCHANDA 
at 11am and 5pm.
Rosie is back with a new show; a Parchment Essentials show.
She will guide you through several core products, and explain what’s what. Why you need a thing and what you can do with it. 
See you tomorrow.
Love and Hugs,

24 thoughts on “Say it with Ink and Flowers ! A Bloggy offer.

  1. Fabulous card again today!
    Looking forward to watching Rosie tomorrow… She's very good!
    Have a lovely evening… It's still bright and sunny here! Love and hugs! Xxx

  2. Just sat down with a drink and some painkillers, in the garden most of the day, don't know which bit hurts the most, but at least the weeds have gone, not for long though. Turned the iPad on and there was another lovely card. Must try that stencil. Can't get the programme at 5pm. It's sewing. Oh well. Hopefully get to watch next weekend. Xxx

  3. Been a very overcast day here and quite chilly, now later in the day the sun has come out. Just a quiet day for us on standby to collect grandchildren if Julie and Alec could not get back from latest hospital visit in time. Love the old techniques and this is a very pretty card and a wonderful offer. xx

  4. This is gorgeous, love the floral background and beautiful flowers. We have had beautiful weather here since Saturday but according to the weather forecast it will all change for us here.
    Linda xxx

  5. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful and thank you for the reminder on how to use these lovely stamps, I must dig them out as they will make lovely non religious Easter cards. It's been a glorious day here today, I think we've got some 'garden birds' interested in our nesting box so that will be exciting to watch. I hope you manage to make it out this evening for one of your lovely walks now the evenings are lighter. Take. Are
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends I hope you have all had some of this wonderful sunshine today. I've been pottering in the garden, pulling a few weeds and moving a few pots around. I'm going to settle down with some groovi tonight, I might groovi along with Rosie tomorrow, that will be fun. Sending hugs xxx

  6. Lovely blogs over the last few days – well always good blogs. Love the stamps and have them so will have a go, however groovi reigns at present. So looking forward to ali pali and meeting you all again.
    thank you again for all your hard work blogging – makes the world a special place with you.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  7. Hi Barbara, this is lovely too, and so different, but still pretty bright colours. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for the glaze close-up too. I thought I wasn't doing it well enough because it wasn't perfectly smooth, but I see yours looks like mine, so I have been doing it right after all 🤗

    Lovely sunny day here, and the sun was strong enough to let me open my craft room window a wee bit, so me and Daisy got a wee bit fresh air yesterday and today, something we both crave, being locked up in here 24/7, and can't even open the windows during winter obviously. But that's it, back to the usual cloud and cold tomorrow, and rain on Wednesday. But at least it's got all my wee seeds germinated and happily growing. Well all apart from the mecanopsis, there always has to be one awkward eh, apparently they germinate erratically between 1-3 months. And they better do so, I'm counting on 6 of them for my wee border!!!!

    I'll try and watch Rosie tomorrow, head not really there for that at present. Definitely be recording them though, to watch when I can.

    Hope you have a lovely evening. I love these light evenings 😊
    Love Brenda xx

  8. Lovely sunny day here in Yateley in Hampshire. Got a bit of a cold, but haven't let that stop me doing some gardening. It's amazing how when the sun comes out you just feel like getting on with some outdoor pursuits.
    Thank you Barb for the lovely blog, so much inspiration. Xxx

  9. There's nothing like a bunch of flowers to brighten the day. Lovely background too. My background papers are on there way so I'd better get on and make some things to put on them, although I might be stroking them for some time….. xx

  10. Beautiful day here today. Grandchildren this morning, gardening this afternoon. Time for a bite of supper then Broadchurch. Hopefully watching Rosie tomorrow and some crafting. Hope you have had a relaxing evening with Dave.xx

  11. Oooo pretty card. I love these flower stamps and have done the glazing technique with them, always looks lovely. I got some felt pad after needing it for a calendar page last year so I will have to play. Xx

  12. Fabulous artwork Barbara and thanks for explaining how to glaze the flowers, and I love the background in all those different colours, and thank you for the great offer. I will try to catch Rosie tomorrow. x

  13. Funnily enough we were doing a glazed technique with Jo on Sunday using her new stamp design. I'd forgotten you could do that, and it's so effective. Always happy to re-learn old techniques as I have a brain like a goldfish! x

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