For all the Mums and Kids…

For all the Mums and Kids…

Happy Mother’s Day!
This card’s for all the Mums reading this blog;
this technique is for all the cardmakers reading this blog.
How to make your own custom inkpad.
Cut a piece of Cut n Dry felt to the size of the stamp you are using.
Stamp the image onto said felt using an Archival ink pad
Drip colour onto the image as you’d like to see it.
Distress Reinkers are great for this.
We have a great selection of colours online.

Doesn’t take long;

the ink spreads though, so bear that in mind.

Splash of yellow to zest it up !

Now ink up the stamp well.
Beautiful flower stamp…
What?! You still haven’t joined the club??
You don’t know what you’re missing…


Use the same ink pad to spell out a name 
with the funky Word Chain Alphabet
Mum today, right?

Use pencils to add shadow.

Trim the panel.
Let’s see how far this custom inkpad goes, shall we?

Make a lovely panel .
By the way, I could make half a dozen easily – 
and all as vibrant as this, before having to add ink.

Run a Promarker or pen round the edges.
Thin line  is better

Look to the Background Papers for a solution.
Brighton Rock! Look no further!


And on the inside, the story continues…

This ink pad isn’t only useful for the flower we made it for.
No no no!
This is a beautiful verse stamps from another stampset:

All tone in tone and lovely.
We spent the day with my Mum and Dad.
It was lovely. 
I cooked lamb and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon together.
The sun was shining, and we walked and talked in the garden.
How lucky am I?
Grace and Mark called from the States.
Beautiful flowers arrived yesterday.
And again, how lucky am I?
So this card is for all the Mums and kids reading,
with love from me. 
Today I was the kid.
And thrice I say – how lucky am I?
Love & hugs,

36 thoughts on “For all the Mums and Kids…

  1. Beautiful Barbara, and colour combo just perfect. Such a bright, happy card. Thank you for sharing. Must check if I actually got round to buying the felt pad so I can have a go. Hope spending a lovely day with your parents helped take your mind off your kids being so far away, even if just for a short time. Hope you have a good week at work. Love Brenda xx

  2. Lovely card. I spent today at the clarity Scotland retreat for the second day. Today I was doing Groovi with Emma creating a shade for a wine glass tea light lamp. It has been an amazing weekend and I am now sitting with my feet up watching some tv trying not to fall asleep.

  3. Hi have used this technique quite a bit do like it .First saw you doing at one of the retreats ..Had a lovely day with the family over ,had paella cooked for me and prezzies ,very spoilt 😀😀

  4. Beautiful. I love this technique. I have been extremely spoilt by my kids this weekend, I am very lucky with my brood. They are a fantastic bunch and their respective partners as well. We all gathered at Julie's this afternoon just for salad etc and cake made by me, lots of laughter and wedding talk which is only three weeks away now. Lovely for you to spend the time with your mum and dad, I expect they really enjoyed it as well. xx

  5. Really pretty card Barbara! I bet your mum loved it!
    Sounds like you had another memory making weekend. So important!
    And I have too!
    Colin and I went to lunch at Amy's house. It's quickly becoming a home!
    But today the thing I will remember was turning onto a main road to her house I was hit by a sea of yellow. All up the middle of the road was a grass verge that was full of daffodils all dancing in the bright sunshine! A full mile and beyond daffodils. Such happy flowers. It made a wonderful sight.
    Love and hugs xxxx

    1. 'when all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden Daffodils' – William Wordsworth. That's what your comment reminded me of 'I wandered lonely as a cloud'. I hope you had a lovely day with your family. X

  6. Today you were the kid, but you were the mum too. They were with you, in your heart. I too have had a lovely day, spoilt rotten by my two. Just got back from seeing Beauty and the Beast in 3D, it was fabulous, I think it's my favourite Disney film.
    I still haven't tried this technique, but I've not done much stamping for a while, too busy doing Groovi, I'm addicted. Placed a lovely order today, courtesy of my children for Mother's Day. I too, am blessed xx

  7. I remember doing this have to get mine out in it's little bag in the cupboard . See if still works when revived great effect. Quiet day today for me as had are mother day yesterday as Bob working today been bit low one of those days find hard xxx

  8. Like Lynne, I love this technique and this particular stamp too. I am glad you have had such a lovely day with your parents. I had a lovely lunch with Bec and her family, with a beautiful card and pot of proper primaries. Steve was on duty but still managed to call me. So it was a good day. xxx Maggie

  9. Beautiful project!! Glad you have had a lovely day. I did too. Friends called yesterday and dropped of a whole batch of millionaire's shortbread. I packed it up for the kids to take back with them. When I opened the gift bag that they had brought, it was a batch of homemade scones, jar of jam and two pots of clotted cream hahaha. Nothing for it but to have an afternoon tea!

  10. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely, fresh card that I'm sure any mother would be pleased to receive – was this for your Mum? I have this stamp and remember using it like you have here after seeing Sam ( I think) at Catterick Ooen Day a couple of years ago. I made some fabulous cards with it too. I'm so pleased that you've had a lovely day with your Mum and Dad and that you got flowers from Grace and Mark as well. How lucky you are , I really miss my Mam ( especially on Mother's Day). Rosella's shows were excellent today too. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Happy Mother's Day. I hope you've all had as good a day as possible. It's been another beautiful day here. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

    2. Hi Alison, yes beautiful day her too. I try and have a quiet time on Mother's Day to think of my mum too, gave her picture a little dust off and used a couple of vases for my flowers, she would have liked that. Sending hugs xxx

  11. Happy Mother's Day! X

    I cooked for my Mum. Both step-sons gave me lovely pressies, flowers and chocs. Fur babies gave me Easter Eggs?? I think hubby was after chocolate ! Will catch up with Hochanda programmes during the week, I did mange to watch most of the first one when I was preparing lunch ! Have a good week. X x

  12. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, must have a go at making the ink pad, after all, I've got the lovely stamp!! Glad you had a good day with mum and dad, the weather has been wonderful hasn't it. I thought the kids would be in touch, I knew Grace would and looks like she didn't have to remind Mark this year 😀. I've had a card, phonecall and flowers from Emma and will have my hug when she comes home next weekend. We've been entertaining Julian's mum for lunch and afternoon tea and she went home with cake and a scone for granny to enjoy tomorrow. Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, hope you've had a good day, weather has been beautiful here. I'm going to watch Rosella's shows on catch up in a minute, I didn't manage to press record before Julian's mum arrived! Sending hugs xxx

  13. Happy mothers day, glad you had a lovely time with your mum and dad. Beautiful card, love the way the inky colours work on the felt. We took my mum out for afternoon tea and gave her presents this evening. Lovely day. Xx

  14. Happy Mother's Day , you are blessed to still have your mother . And a wonderful day together
    The Card is lovely .
    We celebrate in may as you all know . I'm a mom and a grandmother ( mema) all blessings for sure and I had a wonderful mother also . And so it is .. jan.

  15. Evening bloggy friends, hope you were all either spoiling your mums or being spoilt yourselves. Lovely sunny relaxing day here, managed to watch a bit of the Groovi show but I have recorded them for watching later. Loved the new plates. Xx

  16. I do like the effect this technique gives – must try it soon. I wish there was away of bookmarking all the things I want to try apart from bookmark list which has far too much on it already!
    My mum died 18 months ago (at 95, so a very long life) and I have no children, so the day is just another Sunday for me, but I do wish all mothers every happiness and joy in their children and their mothers.

  17. I have this stamp and although I don't have the alcohol inks to do this technique I could use some markers straight to stamp spritzed with a little water, so you have inspired me to try this. Glad you had a lovely day with your Mum and Dad Barbara, and some beautiful flowers from Mark and Grace, and the sun shone too. x

  18. Lovely Barb. What a lovely idea and so clever. I bet you had a lovely day yesterday, even though you didn't get to see your lovely kids, they were there with you. Bet the flowers were gorgeous! I bet the lamb was yummy too! Sounds like you had the perfect day, good for you xxx

  19. I keep forgetting this ink pad technique and it's fantastic. Never thought of using the alphabet with it guess what I am going to try this week,love this alphabet

  20. Playing catch up after a busy Clarity Glasgow weekend and then 2 busy days afterwards. Love this technique, and have that stamp out on my desk for some reason, so hope that tomorrow I'll get some play time in the craft room. Happy belated mother's day x

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