Sad news today.

Sad news today.

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.

Sad news today.
I received a message this morning from her husband Eric, 
that our dear friend Susan Frith passed away peacefully at home last week, after a long hard battle with cancer. 
I had noticed that she hadn’t been on the blog for a little while, 
and then dear Brenda flagged it up to me too.
Now I know why. 

I remember the first time I met Susan at Ally Pally as if it were yesterday. A petite woman with a huge smile.
She was ill, that was very clear.
She had no hair, and I remember her being very pale.
You could see she had mustered all the strength she had, to come there. In fact, she told me it would wipe her out for a week, but she didn’t care. It was worth it.
Yes, I remember her so well. 
She was open about her illness, and told me that she didn’t have long to live, but that she was so excited about her crafting and she loved loved loved Clarity and the TVshows. 

So I suggested she join us here on the blog.
Many of you will remember. I know Brenda will, because I asked Brenda to look out for her and give her a warm welcome. 
Which of course she did.  
Susan was always gracious and positive, 
always kind, never complained. 
What courage, what acceptance. 

She died at home in her sleep, which is as she wanted it. 
I do hope she bumps into lovely Jayne Nestorenko!
They will literally be a match made in heaven!

I have borrowed a picture of Susan and Eric.
We forge real and invaluable friendships here in Blogland, 
and don’t even know what our friends look like. 
What a great photo. 


Rest in Peace Susan.

I am sure you will all join me in sending Eric and their children 
our condolences and love.

Love & hugs,

65 thoughts on “Sad news today.

  1. How sad and I am sure she and Jayne will have a wonderful time together crafting up there in Heaven. RIP Susan and condolences to her family. Thanks for sharing Barbara.
    Linda xxx

  2. So true Barbara, we make some wonderful friends due to our blogs, and our mutual love of crafting. When I did my blog page about my cancer diagnosis, I discovered this for myself. Knowing you have friends all across the globe, all rooting for you is so uplifting. people who no doubt have problems themselves, taking time out to think about you is humbling. RIP to a lady I never met, but who sounds lovely. Xx

  3. Oh no, what an awful shame.I hope she does meet Jayne, and talks craft and Clarity. R.I.P. Susan, and condolences to Eric and family xx
    On a lighter note my NDC goodies came today, I love them, but especially the stencil, can see me using that a lot. Thanks Barbara, lovely projects too. And now I need to order some Groovi Grip xx

  4. Please pass on my condolences to her family. You're right we do meet the most amazing people through crafting and on here. So sad to hear such bad news. Regards to her family.

  5. Hi Barb,
    Thank you for letting us know the very sad news about Susan. I do hope that her and Lovely Jayne get together as that is such a lovely thought. I have made some love friendships through this blog and it is so sad to lose one of our friends. My thoughts and prayers go out to Eric and family. RIP Susan xxxx

  6. Thank you for passing on the sad news. I remember Susan's first visit and chatted to her through the blog. I haven't been able to visit regularly in recent months, so although I knew she had a limited time left, I hadn't realised that the end was quite so near as she was always so positive and enthusiastic on here.
    Please pass on my condolences to her family xx

  7. Sad news, please pass on my thoughts to her family. Susan was always a pleasure to talk to and was so positive in her comments and enthusiasm for everything crafty. I will miss seeing her pop up on the blog, as you say we make friendships without ever seeing each other. Hope Susan and Jayne are having fun together crafting up a storm. XX

  8. So upset to hear this. Susan really got into my heart, despite only knowing her from here and for a short time. Such a lovely, and courageous soul, with never a bad, sad or negative word. And yes, Susan, I know you don't think so, but you are a very brave woman. I had been willing so much that she would get to your Open Day Barbara, she wanted it so much. Like you say, lets hope she has found Jayne, and they are hatching all sorts of craty plans. Lovely photo. My thoughts are also with her family and friends. And a big thank you to Eric for being kind enough to let us know, especially at this time when life must be so so tough for him. Love Brenda xx

    1. Beautifully expressed Brenda, and I'd like to add my own thanks to Eric for his thoughtfulness and jindness in letting us know at such a difficult time. Thinking of you and your family Eric, with fond memories of Susan's bravery, encouragement and her joy in crafting. Xx

  9. So sorry to hear this sad news. Susan was such a positive and brave lady. Thank you for passing this news on to us Barbara, I had nissed Susan on here. My thoughts and prayers go out to her husband and family. God Bless you and RIP Susan.xx

  10. Such sad news – Susan was a remarkable lady, who always seemed to care about everyone else, more than herself. I can remember having chats on FB with her and her asking how Neill and I were. She defied her doctors and was able to still be here for the birth of her grandchild – which was SO wonderful. Sending sympathy and strength for Eric and all of her family. God bless you Susan – have fun up there with Jayne xxx

  11. So sorry to hear of Susan's passing, my heart goes out to her family and loved ones. I'm in a very similar position as my mam passed away on 18th, also informed just yesterday of a dear friend who lost her battle on 25th… sad times xxx

  12. Sad news indeed and my sympathies to her family and friends – goes without saying really. I know there are a lot who might not believe in God, but I do, and I like to think of him as the supreme creator. He made us in his image and passed on his gift of creativity. With that in mind, I am hoping there is one huge craft room in heaven where we can all go and be as creative as we like. So I am hoping Jayne is showing her the ropes and they are creating beautiful art together x

  13. So sorry to hear about Susan although I didn't know her but she was obviously a lovely lady and my thoughts are with her family at this sad time. x

  14. Hello Barbara
    Thank you for letting us know about Susan and please thank Eric too. I had missed her chatter lately and was wondering if she was ok. Such sad news, she really was a lovely lady, she and Eric look a very happy couple. My thoughts and prayers are with her family at this sad time. I hope she and Jayne are crafting away happily amongst the stars.
    Sending you a hug tonight too Barbara.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Hello Barb, thank you for letting us all know about Susan, and for sharing that lovely photo. My deepest sympathy to Eric and all the family and all that knew Susan, they are in my prayers at this very sad time. There will undoubtedly be many happy crafting times amongst the angels. Bx

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