Friday – Room with a view….

Friday – Room with a view….

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Just stepped outside for a moment,
 and looked out over the garden from my perch in the trees,
where I have been beavering away at prep for Sunday’s shows.
Looks empty, doesn’t it?
Well believe you me – it isn’t !!
What a racket! A chorus of birds chirping away in the trees.
Can’t see a single one, apart from the cheeky little robin 
who darts into the hedge as soon as I get my camera out.
I love to sit in the kitchen with a cuppa, and wait for them to come to the feeder. I enjoy watching the squirrel battling with the squirrel-proof one on the right. It is so comical. He has figured out that he can’t put any weight on the base, because it shuts all the openings to the seed. So he hangs upside down and defies gravity! 

This simple little piece about sums up life in our garden.
I have used a few of the miniature stamps which come with the huge framer stamps which are being launched this weekend. 
And I mean miniature. 
Much smaller than the Wee stamps!
And they were wee….
I thought it would be good to have some of them rinky dink size.
Firstly, to create landscapes within the larger shapes 
(see yesterday’s blog)
and secondly, to make smaller cards. 

Let’s build a little scene, shall we?

Here’s a hand in the frame, to demonstrate the proportion.

Now imagine how tiny this little chappie is!
Absolutely perfect.
And all the detail is still there. 
Notice the squirrel’s perfect positioning.
Easy with our handles.

Ahh look…Romeo.
Gone, but never forgotten.

Yep, he’s looking at lunch.

Add a little foliage…

A make up sponge and a couple of Post-Its is all we need 
to finish the job…

If you have a chance to watch, and stock permitting,
I shall be doing this little demo on HOCHANDA on
Monday evening at 7pm
  • SKY 663 (24/7)

  • FREEVIEW 85 (24/7)

  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)
How did I get the speckled background?
Mmm. Tune in to find out. Piece of cake. 
Love & hugs,

42 thoughts on “Friday – Room with a view….

  1. Awww love this Barb. My garden is always alive with birdsong. Hubby feeds the birds so much I think we have shares in the stuff!! Lol. Some days I can see them all sitting in the pyracantha – dozens of them. You will be on record as I shall be in the company of the lovely Maria Simms getting crafty. 😊😊 xxx

  2. Your garden looks lovely Barbara… Very tranquil…somewhere to escape to… Weather permitting!
    The new little stamps are fab and like you say, smaller than the wee stamps, which let's you get perspective in your creations!
    Have a lovely evening and feet up before your hectic weekend ahead!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  3. Lovely garden. I am hoping to get to my allotment, in between shows ofcourse. I must have had a tiring working week as I cannot read now! Read the Clarity e-mail as "craft godess" which red craft goodness. Well I think godess is a better epitaph for the queen of crafting.
    Happy weekend to one and all.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  4. Just when I thought I had all the stamps by clarity that I would ever need and these appear . I've been following you for few years now and when you appeared in the USA on create and craft and so much wanted to make smaller cards because these beautiful cards everyone makes in the U.K. Just don't seem to work so well here esp with postage and the unavailable ability of do large square envelopes and and card stock .
    Now don't pick on me dear Brenda because I'm not picking on Barbara and I never did find the back door you suggested lol 😂. Will be looking forward to you on hochanda , never miss you when you are on the tv iPad

  5. Hi Barbara, well there goes my halo, shattered into tiny pieces, I want all the wee wee stamps, even though I've not seen them all yet!!! Just my thing. Love your mini artwork, thank you for showing us. And yes my first question was what you used on the gelli plate to get that speckled background 🙁 Everyone, you're not allowed to buy the ODS until Barbara has shown us! Only joking, well only a wee bit joking!!!!😉 I know you'll show us here if you can't get to do it on the telly. I'm looking forward to your shows even more now 🤗.

    Wonder if it's the same squirrel that Dave found in your fire. Tell your birds there's good food here waiting for their cousins. I love hearing the birds, including the noisy sparrows, but so far there's only a blackbird occasionally popping in. I've got garden envy, mind you if my garden was as big as yours imagine the mess it would be by now with not having the help I need with it. My wee gardens are neglected more than enough just now, makes me sad. I've got tulips flowering, opened out the other day, tulips in March, that's not normal is it, especially up here.

    Hope you can chill tomorrow.
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda,
      I've been listening on the radio and tv this morning about random acts of kindness that people have done as it's kindness day ( or something like that) today. I immediately thought of you and how much you inspire all of us to do RAK . Well done you! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Thank you Alison xx I didn't know it was kindness day today. Real shame, and speaks volumes, that they've got to make it an official day, isn't it something every human being should be doing in their everyday life! I'm sorry to hear about your knee, I hope they can get it sorted for you in the best way possible xx

      If there's anyone here who's not part of our random act of kindness movement please take this opportunity to join us. We pledged to do 2 random acts of kindness every day. Anything, they don't have to be big, and for anyone, including animals. Please join us, and help make this world we all share a happier kinder place for everyone. Together we can make a positive difference. Thank you xx

  6. Not sure I am going to be able to join in the buying frenzy this time, I might have to wait awhile for these stamps. Only two weeks to son's wedding so quite a lot to pay out. They will be on my wish list certainly. Hope the shows go well xx

  7. If you sell out and don't get to the demo, I hope you'll tell us about the background! I suspect it's using the mini gell plate -but what with???!!!
    Looking forward to the shows.

  8. PS LOVE your garden. Mine is very small but FULL of all kinds of birds from pheasants to tiny long-tailed and coal tits via all kinds of finches (the goldfinches eat niger seeds by the bucket-load) tits, nut-hatch, woodpecker family and on the ground we get families of hedgehogs, squirrels, the occasional weasel (or polecat -I don't know the difference)and just outside the back gate, the foxes come each night for their feast I put out . I have an infra-red camera to record all the action!

  9. Love your picture, I have a cheeky squirrel as well, have to keep chasing him away. Have lots of birds, my favorites are the long tailed tits. Had a large family last year, but only seem to have two or three at the moment. Sadly today I found a lot of little white feathers, hope it wasn't one of them .
    Will be interesting to see how the background was made.

  10. Looks like someone has just mown the lawn ! I got some stamps out to enter the challenge today and they went on so well it's given me a bit of hope ! I've got so, so many I hven't used yet ! Love the wee ones and I'm a sucker for a pussy cat ! The groovi cat plates arrived this week ! Look forward to the shows xxx

  11. Hi Barbara
    These new stamps are fantastic and so cute. I'm sure I can add them to my birthday list, it's a couple of months away but the good thing about Clarity is you never sell out (well on your own website you don't!). I'm going to record the shows so I can watch them uninterrupted and admire what you do. Your garden is lovely, won't be long before it's nice enough to sit out with a good book. Our birds cause a riot on our feeders and are such a laugh to watch – it's the pigeon who sits underneath that makes me chuckle, he's like a teddy boy the way he struts about thinking he owns the garden. I hope all goes well for the shows on Sunday and safe journey to the studio. Hope you had time for a walk tonight, such a lovely evening again.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope all is well. Donna will be doing a happy dance as it's the start of the holidays. Alison how did you get on at the hospital? Just sitting here glowing, they had gin tasting at M&S tonight, I tried some rather yummy rhubarb gin, my husband was chuckling at me as I giggled my way around the food section! Haha. Sending hugs xxx

  12. Hi Barb,
    Your garden is fabulous and so are these little dinky stamps. Really looking forward to the shows and the recorder is already set. Our garden is full of birds and just outside the kitchen window I have a big birdbath and I love to watch the birds in there. The Woodpigeons sit in it, theBluetits, Great tits and Long tailed tits drink and have a bath at the very edge, the blackbirds really enjoy a splash and a drink and the Starlings just crease me up with their antics!! Everything is harmonious until the female Sparrowhawk invades and sits on the edge! Not another bird in sight.Little robins , goldfinches and sparrows flitter in and out of the hedges and the pheasants come. For a wander around. Love it! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you are all well. Today hasn't been a good day for me unfortunately. Found out today that when they did my knee replacement they removed one of my cruciate ligaments to get the prosthesis in place. However when I had my fall in January, I tore the medial collateral ligament which I was coping with but found out today that I actually tore the other cruciate ligament as well. So instead of having 4 ligaments keeping my knee stable I now only have 1!!! I have been referred back to my consultant who will decide whether to remove the prosthesis and replace it with a different type ( ouch!) or do ligament reconstruction surgery( double ouch!) . Honestly I was gutted! No wonder my knee has been hurting so much. So I've still got the brace on full time, can't drive and feeling sorry for myself! God thing though, my worktops will be fitted on Monday so will have hob, sink, washing machine and dishwasher – yeah! Sorry to go on a bit. Love and hugs to you all Alison xxx

  13. I am looking forward to the shows on Sunday, although, as I am crafting with our Maria, it will mostly be a catch up business. Those tiny stamps look perfect, just what we need with the cost of post these days, and they will go to complete larger scenes too. The only thing that is making my lack of sleep bearable at the moment (neighbours having building work done, all covered in flapping tarpaulin at night) listening to the build up of the dawn chorus, such a lovely sound with its promise of new life as spring turns to summer. Have a good weekend. xxx Maggie

  14. Loving the new didy stamps just had email from Hochanda with the gorgeous mushroom house they are all on my want list. May have to stay on want for know 5 birthdays in the next 5 weeks mind you one mine and Katie's have to go on my list in hope someone treats me Rebecca did say Need a want list for your birthday so much looking forward to seeing you doing your stamping magic on Sunday / Monday as not sure if will make ally pally as struggling with knees and shoulder waiting on new car with hoist as cannot lift scooter in and bob working that weekend and hopefully new car end may and trying to save for powered wheelchair to hoist in out car so will be able to go out on my own and car will. E an automatic so hopefully easier or less painful to drive. Cannot wait till Sunday know lots love Joy xxx

  15. Love your garden Barbara. Looking forward to the shows Sunday and Monday and seeing the weeny stamps, they look delightful. Must see how you did the background. xx

  16. Hello Barbara

    What a beautiful garden. So peaceful. It is similar to my friend's. We regularly see deer and the usual squirrels and birds. On one occasion we were lucky to watch three fox cubs playing on the grass.

    I am looking forward to this weekend's shows, especially the ii-book. I will definitely be sending for that.


  17. Hello Barb, your garden is beautiful, so tidy and trimmed. Need to get mine sorted. Love your dinky card, great scene. I love hearing birds too and watching them on the feeders, we have a load of squirrels, that run up and down the fence outside the kitchen window. Looking forward to the shows. Have a great day. Bx

  18. Very pleased to have some teeny-weeny stamps on the agenda because I find small cards so useful for all sorts of occasions. Sometimes it's just nice to say hello, or thank you, or miss you, or thinking of you or just to send some love. Perfect to make a set of notelets too!
    I'm just so happy to have some stamping on the show again, and maybe some gelli plate magic too? I hope so. See you tomorrow Barbara x

  19. I am new to commenting on this blog, but have read it for a long time. I really admire your style Barbara. My guess on how the background was created is using the reverse of hammered card and the brayer. I zoomed in on the artwork to see indentations. I love using tiny stamps. Just a few can create an amazing picture.

  20. At last I know how the background was done!! Hooray -now I can try this when my stamps etc arrive. I gave in and ordered the lot 🙂
    BTW -might not be a good idea to refer to the stamps as rinky-dink. It means shoddy among other not-good things. It used to be slang in Australia when I was a kid, though I've been away so long it might have gone out of use. Looked it up in the dictionary of slang…..

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