Hi there 
Thanks for popping in this sunny Tuesday!
It’s all go here.
Yesterday when I made the Family Tree card,
using the Northern Lights Paper Pad
and the Word Chain ABC,

I claimed that the Alphabet set was in the Member’s half-price sale,
which is still running until the end of January.
Figured out late in the evening that it wasn’t,
so got it added this morning!
Instead of £50 it’s £25!

Then my ‘O’ level Maths lightbulb lightened the room; 
it was always a bit dim when it came to algebra, 
and never really amounted to anything more than a sad flicker.
But the light always shone very bright 
when it came to ready reckoning and shopping!
And I thought, if you wanted to buy this set at the full price, 
it would cost £50.
If you joined one of our 3 clubs, it would cost you £60 for the whole year’s subscription, 
( plus10% discount all year, and more importantly at this juncture, give you the key to get into the Member’s Sale. 
If you substract the £25 you’ve saved on this set from the Club subscription fee, you have in effect, 
only paid £35 for the whole year.
And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that 
if you add a few more things to your basket from the sale,
and spend a bit throughout the year with Clarity, 
you could pretty much get the subscription fee back. 

I have often stopped ladies on our stand at the big shows, 
when they have been carrying a basket filled to the brim with Clarity goodies, and asked them if they were in the club,
so they could get 10% discount on their spend.
“No,” they often say.
So I ask them if they mind my doing a quick tot up of what’s in their basket, and more often than not they can pretty much join the club for free, based on the discount!

So am I encouraging you to join the clubs?? YEP!
I would say if you like Clarity,
you will be very, very happy with the clubs.
Stamp Club, Stencil Club and/or Groovi Club.
Join one, two for Gold or all three for Diamond membership.
And you can spread the cost over the year if you join more than one! Call Jeannine and talk to her;
she will sort it out for you.
01732 868215

An example of the Groovi Club 

Love & hugs,

47 thoughts on “JOIN THE CLUB!

  1. I would say it's an absolute no brainer!
    I love getting my envelope once a month and seeing what delights are in store for us! It's like having a friend drop by to see you because you always get a little news letter from our Barbara and it's written in such a way that you can hear her saying it!
    So if there is any doubt in your mind look at what you spent last year on Clarity stuff….or last month will do and work out how much you would save if you had been in the club and then pick up that phone!
    Have a great day everyone! xxx

  2. As Jane says, a no brainer!! I am a diamond member and although still almost a groovi 'virgin' I love getting my 3 treats every month. Plus the discount! And free postage! It would be rude – and silly – not to join!

  3. OMG couldn't finish reading the post when i see the first bit. Off i popped to get me Alphabet, been on me wish list for ages. Got them now so a big thank you Barbara. I am a Diamond member and gotta say i would never not be lol, i started as a Groovi member and within a couple of months had joined the other 2, can't wait to receive this months goodies, the £15.00 a month is sooo worth it, as what you receive is always beautiful. Hugs Ali xxxx

  4. So looking forward to my goodies to arrive – joined again. Great value. Not sunny here but dry so may pop out into the garden later…think spring may be in the air.

    Already have the alphabet stamps…wish I had got it for this bargain. 🙂


  5. What you receive each month for a mere £15 is outstanding value, and I have never received anything I didn't like. And, for each club a project leaflet, with two different projects. Amazing. And then the added bonuses. Unbelievable value.
    I'm planning on sitting down and doing my order today, woohooooo, Clarity website, prepare thyself, haha!!

  6. I got the alphabet set in the last member's sale, and use it all the time! And I've been a club member for many years, and love my monthly goodies arriving every month. Have never worked out how much I've saved over the years, but I'm sure even the free postage has saved me a fortune! x

  7. OMG I will be ordering today & may just have to add a paper pad! Thank you so much for your generosity. I really don't know another business that would have done this xx

  8. Absolutely love yesterday's artwork. I was too sleepy to post. I actually have all the ingredients to make this.I couldn't decide on which pads to buy so had to have them all. They are just so beautiful. Off course the alphabet is my favourite along with the little boy. I am a member of all 3 clubs and I would say to anyone thinking of joining, don't hesitate. They are wonderful value for money and I haven't had a sramp, groovi plate or stencil that I haven't liked. As someone else has said your newsletter is just like having you in the room with us.Lovely and sunny here so I hope it is in Kent and you can enjoy your 10,000 steps in the sunshine.xx

  9. Hi Barb, I belong to all 3 clubs, and it is great value for the items you get, the project sheets, the Club members sale and all the inspiration, just love it. Bx

  10. I'm sure I get most of my membership back annually but am too scared to look! Definitely great Value and I haven't used all mine yet. Look forward too the pack and sometimes don't open immediately to make it last longer ! Always opened by the end zone fcthe day though ! X

  11. Ooh it's good to know I'm not the only one who does my maths to work out whether a bargain or not – lol! Just to take the excellent value from Clarity a stage further…each 'club' costs just £5 per month…Groovi Baby plate = £4.99, A5 Stencil = £4.98 and a Stamp at least £4.95 plus fab, step by step full colour inspiration using included 'goodies' delivered to your door for free and a lovely 'letter' from a good friend letting you know what's been going on, things planned for future etc. THEN the appropriate discounts according to your membership, free delivery of your orders, advance opportunities for Open Days and Retreats… PLUS the bi-annual members sale and the fab genuine 'Gray Friday' bargains!!! Need I say more?! xxx Best club I've ever been part of!

  12. Basically what I'm saying is that the actual club virtually costs us nothing! Oops, should I have worked that out…nobody tell Barbara!

  13. Hi Barbara, you do make me laugh and smile, no matter what's going on for me. Thank you. The discount and member sales are like the cherry on the top of joining your clubs. Now, if I wasn't already a Diamond member, you'd have sold it to me!!! 😉. And aye, I daren't think about how many times my membership must be paid for, with the amount of Clarity goodies I've been buying!!!! Looking forward to this month's envelope 😊 Hope you're having a better day today. And you're managing proper walks, instead of wearing out circles in your carpets at work!!! Love Brenda xx

  14. Hey thanks for the maths Barbara (and Su) – I now know what to tell hubby every time the parcels and diamond envelopes arrive!!
    The products are all such good quality and the service is excellent so without a discount they are good value but with the discounts etc. they are amazing value xx

  15. I have just joined the stamp club, haven't been a member for ages! Used a gift card I won for my limerick over Christmas which was £50 so it only cost me £10! The lady at Clarity on the phone was lovely, so helpful! I then hopped on the Internet and ordered the word chain alphabet and the funky flowers and foliage set. I am one very happy lady! Thank you sooooo much for your generosity Barbara! I don't have much money as my husband and I are both long term such so you can see why I am smiling very widely today!!! Thank you again! xxx

  16. More than getbour monies worth every month and all are extra bits we buy and save in through year must of all a wonderful clarity family to what more could we want the best of goodies too xxx

  17. Hi Barb,
    I can certainly say that I've saved my membership fee for the diamond club over and over again!! Mind you I am a Clarityholic ( as my bank manager will testify!) . Well worth the money – go on , just do it – you know you want to!! Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  18. Well worth the money, I have been a Diamond member now for just of 6 months and it has been worth every penny. The inspiration you receive with each new envelope for all three are brilliant.
    Hugs to you and Dave
    Linda xxx

  19. I'm a diamond and have been since the Groovi club was introduced. I was gold before that. I LOVE the clubs and enjoy reading the projects every month. Its very useful having the ability to pay monthly now. The quality of the project sheets is second to none and I really appreciate the time it takes you every month to write them. Xx

  20. Hi Barbara
    Your maths is my kind of maths, look what I've saved! Just put my sale order in and a couple of plates for my sisters birthday. She's just become a member too so will soon be enjoying your lovely newsletter and groovi plates. Hope you have a lovely walk today.
    Love Diane xxx

  21. I shall be on tomorrow with my final order in the sale. As a diamond member, I wait with intense anticipation for my monthly Happy Post. I love the surprise and the great ideas we get with them. If anyone is hesitating about joining, just dive in and have fun. xxx Maggie

  22. I too have been a member of the diamond club since it started. Great value and the savings are really worth it. The scary bit I will never work out is how much I've spent since discovering Barbara 4 years ago
    OMG! Love it x

  23. I became a gold club member last year and it is so worth it. My monthly package is always a joy to receive and I have saved so much especially on the 5 tins of Spectrum Noir pencils. Craft shops are a bit thin on the ground down here and our local one doesn't always have the stuff I want so Clarity is now my go to craft shop- and it's open 24/7 .
    Glorious day down here in West Cornwall, no wind, sunshine through a thin cloud and the sea looks like silk, sorry for those suffering with iced up cars, my grandchildren would love to see some snow! xx

  24. Thank you Barbara for adding the alphabet stamp set to the members sale it has been on my need/wish list for ages now ordered and on its way to me can't wait to have a play.
    Also once again thank you for making the Diamond club affordable for me with the monthly payments it really is Clarity fans a Jane's (no brainier).
    Take care and keep jiggling your garden birds lol.
    Love Dot.x

  25. I agree with all the other comments. I have been a Gold member then Diamond since the get-go, but the reason I was able to upgrade to Diamond was the ability to pay monthly. Without that, I would not have been able to enjoy all the perks of membership including the best genuine sales out there!
    Claritystamps truly looks after its loyal customers – thank you!

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