I give you my Heart. Oh! And two brand new Groovi plates!!

I give you my Heart. Oh! And two brand new Groovi plates!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
I am writing really fast, 
because we are driving to Frankfurt at 4 in the morning,
and well. Ask me if I’ve packed yet!
But before we head off to the very exciting 
Paperworld Trade Show,
I thought I would showcase 
two rather fabulous brand new Groovi plates before I go.
Not been seen anywhere else.
Not been sold anywhere else.
Also available as a stamp set:
But this evening I’m going with Groovi and Parchment.
That’s what we’ve been asked to showcase at Frankfurt too.
Quick and simple step by step.
Pick a padlock, so to speak…
Make a frame with the square nested framer.
Got a rectangle nest coming next time I’m on the telly. 
That will be so much easier than sliding along to extend!

Now here comes the next brand new plate.
This is a MUST HAVE
Looks familiar?
Yes, it is exactly the same as dear Jayne’s frame,
only much smaller, so the alphabet is the same 
but quite a bit smaller,
and the nested squares round the outside 
are an extension to the regular A5 nested squares.

A few people requested the frame in a smaller size, 
to make smaller cards.
Well, voila.
Your wish is our command!
Here’s what I want to write.

Fits a treat using the smaller letters.

Even got room for one of the keys up the side.
Stop as you go down the inside groove….

and add the heart key element at the base.
There are 5 to choose from.

In fact, let’s use them to build a wall.
Bad turn of phrase just now.
Very bad.

Add a few boxes round the frame using the nested square.
Random is good.

Now to pick a paper. 
That will speed up the colouring process no end.
Told you I was in a hurry!!
Loving the papers…

Found two matching pens.
Distress Markers work a treat on parchment.
Because they are translucent, you don’t block out the background entirely, just change its colour.
great price on the whole collection.

Colour in from behind.
I addedd a light pink here and there too. Spun Sugar. 
It’s in the set too.

Nice blend.
Cut around the outside with a ruler and blade.
I wanted to picot cut all round the key detail,
but I haven’t got 24 hours to spare!

I think it looks just fine like this too!
Mounted on a piece of the light blue parchment.

That’ll have to do.
Must pack my kit and get some sleep.
Dave, Paul and I are travelling together.
Wish us luck.
Love & Hugs,

60 thoughts on “I give you my Heart. Oh! And two brand new Groovi plates!!

  1. Hi Barb,
    This is absolutely fabulous. Thank you for making the smaller frame for us. My order is already in for the two plates. Have a safe journey and a great time in Frankfurt. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. Been to hospital today because the brace kept slipping down my leg my now some of the swelling has gone down and I couldn't get it adjusted enough. Anyway, they were brilliant and sorted it for me and it feels much more secure now. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  2. Beautiful Barbara. Thank you for sharing, and making the time for us. It's not a divisive wall, it's joining it all together😉. Sadly methinks the divisive wall is going to be the start of many alarming actions emanating from that part of the world eh! My heart sinks further with every piece of news I hear or read.

    The smaller frame alphabet plate is definitely coming to live with me. I got my sale goodies today, yay 😊 Trying to resist a last look in the sale, in case I missed anything!!!

    Hope you have a safe journey and your show goes the best it can for you
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Oh dear Brenda, was just thinking of looking at the sale again too. Want that frame plate and the Northern Lights papers. Been through all my papers and nothing compares to those on parchment. Love & hugs to you and Daisy.xx

    2. What are we like eh!!! True addicts! I had a quick browse, managed to resist, telling myself wait and see what new goodies are being launched next weekend. Sssh about the papers, I really have to use up at least some of what I have first, despite, like you say, nothing compares to Barbara's and Dee's. Xx

      Sam Crowe, been watching your wee video demo. What a lovely lady you are, and loved your demo too. If you're thinking about making more I would like to watch. Thank you xx

    3. Hi Brenda you are good resisting the sale again. I had a little dabble the other day but had to just stick to a few bits and pieces as I was buying my sisters birthday present as well – shh don't tell her . Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

  3. Ohh how exciting a trip to Frankfurt you have a safe journey . I love the new groovi plates i have got the lovely Jaynes plate but as i adore the font i think i will have to get this one too. You take care and try to take a little time out for you eh. Xx

  4. Safe journey barbara /Dave I rang to rejoined the diamond club today I couldn't do without my monthly clarity fix thank you clarity towers for doing it for me .i can see the small plate popping in my sale basket .xxx

    1. Hello there Sheila, my lovely! What a wonderful surprise to see you here and to learn that you have rejoined the diamond club, bless you. Sending you many gentle and caring hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hello lovely Sheila, yeah you've rejoined, you will enjoy your little treat each month. The new plate is really cute isn't it, I think there will be a lot if cushions being used for this one. Take care, sending hugs xxx

  5. Barbara your an amazing lady – you have brought me so much inspiration – and in spite of a very busy professional life & so much happening in your personal life with the sad loss of your dear friend (sincere condolences ) you still write with humour – God Bless dear lady & Thank You

  6. Wow lovely new plates. Be ordering the smaller frame and those beautiful Northern lights papers, must wait for the others as need to look back at the sale items. Safe journey to you all and enjoy your time there in Germany. Thank you too for making the time to talk to us when you are so busy. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  7. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope your day has been good. Cold again here today in fact freezing with that breeze, but soon to be turning milder with rain. Made a Birthday card today so pleased with myself that I have done some craft. Missing you Dot and Morag, where are you? Love and hugs to you all. xxx

  8. Hi Barbara – what a beautiful card, not to mention the beautiful new plates! I shall be ordering the smaller version of Jayne's plate (bless her) – just what I have been hoping for – thank you SO much! Enjoy Germany and we look forward to hearing how it all goes! Safe journey, hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi there, all you wonderful blog friends! I hope that all is as well as can be, with you all. We are nearing the end of our time in Spain and it has done us both a power of good! Unfortunately, just over a week ago Neill had to try out the local Clinica, and once again they have been wonderful with him. He had a burst blood vessel in his eye, due to the very high rise in his blood pressure! He has to go each day to have his BP checked and they have put him on some tablets too, to bring it down. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  9. Oh boy, I have lost track of the number of orders in the Clarity pipeline. Now I have just added another one. Can't wait to get my hands on that smaller frame plate. I know I am going to use it so much for the smaller cards to save on postage. Have a good trip to Frankfurt. I have sent a hug ahead for you with a friend who is already there. She is called Angela and this is her first visit to the show. Remember to take the time to read and walk. Have a great time. xxx Maggie

  10. Have a great time liking new plates etc . Great price on Tim holtz distress markers I got a bargain set the other week including craft bag and other bits for £7 total bargain was 20 missing so got to check haven't got was thrilled could believe it on Fb one is are local for sale pages and all working :). Safe traveling xxx

  11. Hi Barbara
    What beautiful new plates and so many uses, wedding valentines and 18th birthdays, what a great idea. Safe journey to Frankfurt, take your thermals with you it's been really cold over there. I'd much rather have a wall of your beautiful hearts than the other one. Now go and do your packing and get some sleep. Have a wonderful time at the show.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello dear blog friends, it's been bitterly cold here again today but no fog for a change. I've been busy baking cakes for Julian's birthday, he took 4 different varieties to work and they were almost gone by 11am! I'm sure they don't eat breakfast when they know he's taking cake in! Sending hugs xx

  12. Hope your trip goes well, take care on those German roads. Bitter outside tonight so will be well icy in the morning. Love the new plates, oh dear just had one order arrive today. Your lovely new paper pads are gorgeous, will I ever bring myself to use them? xx

  13. Absolutely beautiful! Barbara yo make it all look so simple…..it would take me days just to come up with the idea…lol
    The new plates are wonderful. I am a brand newbie to your craft so i love all the ideas i can get!

  14. Lovely artwork! Any chance of selling the distress markers in small groups? Love the look of them, and I know the Clarity price is excellent – just a lot at once. Anyway, hope you all have a good journey, maybe singing 5000 Green Bottles, in German?? Good luck with the show too. xx

  15. Morning Barbara, I hope your journey goes well !! I'm loving the new plates and the sentiment looks lovely with the heart lock and key,, and I'm loving the hearts and clubs boxes, they look fabulous.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  16. Hi, Barb, love the new plates. I have a query. Is the new alphabet larger, or smaller than the one in the universal frame? (which I have just ordered).
    I could make bigger nested squares, but I can't make larger nested circles, can they be next please?

  17. These Groovi and stamp designs are perfect for a loved one and what a great piece of work to show them off Barbara. Hope you arrived safely in Frankfurt and that you have a successful show. x

  18. Great newlates. I have the keys and padlocks stamp set and its really beautiful so I will be getting the groovi plate to add to my collection. The frame plate will be really useful as the alphabet is smaller. Have a safe trip and a good show, bet you will be busy with all those new customers! Xx

  19. Hi bloggy friends, a day late! Not sure what happened to yesterday, I must have checked for the blog post and then not remembered to come back to see the new day. Tut, tut! Xx

  20. Gorgeous card Barbara, been a while since I've been on your blog but you always seem to be in a hurry. Don't know where you get the energy. I have just started my Groovi journey.

    Enjoy Frankfurt.

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