A Plan is hatched…..

A Plan is hatched…..

Hello there!
Thanks for dropping in on this drizzly Sunday.
Has it been a reasonable weekend for you?

We have had a great time.
Lovely Linda Williams and her husband came down on Friday,
and we’ve been hanging out.
Can you believe we had to have friends from Wales come down to show us an excellent eatery just up the road ??
There’s a restaurant called The Cat Inn at West Hoathly.
Amazing food. 10 out of 10.

Bills in Lewes for breakfast this morning,
and a mooch round the Lewes Antique Shop.

And then I tried my German Plum Crumble out on them 
because Rob likes a fruit crumble.

I got a big thumbs up for that too.
Blogged the recipe a while ago…
25th December 2014

Yesterday, Linda, Churchie and I started work on the new 
Pergamano Plan and all Clarity Classes in general. 
I think it’ll work splendidly.
We have so many talented, creative people in our Clarity fold already; we just need a structured plan going forward.
And now we have one!
It will take a little while to prep and bed in, 
and there is a fair financial investment involved on our part, 
but I think it will be excellent.
Uncomplicated and enjoyable, 
just like my plum crumble.

We have had such a giggle reading all your limericks!
What a supreme batch.
There were so many winning ones on the laughometer,
it was impossible to pick a winner.
So once again,  I closed my eyes and scrolled to find a winner.

So many, many thanks for joining in the fun;
a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher goes to ….
drum roll….
Jomada – Dawn:

There was a young lady from Bow,
Who went for a walk in the snow
Just like Burlington Bert,
She hadn’t a shirt
Yet still strolled out though ’twas 30 below!

Well done! Great limerick!

Time to go and do a little picot cutting practice…
I’ve got a Master Pergamano Tutor in the living-room!
There are only two in the world, and if she can’t help me get to the next level, who can ??

Love & Hugs,

52 thoughts on “A Plan is hatched…..

  1. Hi Barbara
    Sounds like you've had an excellent weekend with a good mix of work and play. It's been a lazy weekend here with a bit of gentle nagging to clear some boxes away and find the lounge again. I hope you enjoy your picot cutting lesson with a top professional. Congratulations Jomada Dawn, great limerick.
    Enjoy your evening and safe journey home Linda and Bill.
    Love Diane xxx

  2. Hahaha how lovely. Well done to Dawn and hope you enjoy your goodies xx Think our Slimming World support group is going to be needed next week Linda Williams hahaha

  3. Sounds like a fabulous weekend and I can't wait to see what fabulousness (is that a word?) you have in store for us all. Isn't it usually the way when someone from outside out area knows the best eating places!! Still at least you know now eh?? Xx

  4. You lucky lady to be able to learn from a master of her craft. Just watching her for a few minutes at last year's Open Days taught me a lot, and she was kind enough afterwards to put me in touch with Pat White so that I could have my very first parching lessons – love every minute of it. With Linda and her friends on board with this wonderful joining of Pergamano with our beloved Clarity is going to be very exciting. I am POSITIVE about that. Safe journey home. Linda and Bill. Enjoy your lessons, Barbara, and I hope Dave and Steve enjoyed their beef stew the other day. xxx Maggie

  5. Glad you've had a lovely productive weekend, and some time to relax with friends. It's the best thing to do isn't it? I'm sure it won't be long before you get the hang of that edging, but promise me one thing dear Barbara, with all your planning and pricking your picots,…….you won't forget us stampers who don't Groove will you please? We want to improve as well.
    (Dearest Barbara, I sat for ages before posting this message. I don't want to be an old whingebag and cause you any distress. It's just that I love Clarity stamping and stencilling and I'm feeling just a bit sorry for myself. I know I have to learn to share you with the lovely clever parchers. Please remember people like me when you are doing your planning. Thank you for listening).

    1. Aw Judy, I don't think Barbara will forget her stamps as that's her first love, did you see the stamping programme last weekend? It's just that Groovi took off I think and we've all gone mad for it – I would never have tried parchment without it. Do you not fancy having a go? I have lots of stamps I haven't used so I still need encouragement on that front too. Xxx

    2. I am trying Jackie I promise. I'm in the Groovi club and I can do the basics. I just love my stamping more I guess, and knowing how successful Groovi has become, I just didn't want it to completely take the place of stamping. We need Barbara times 3 or 4 I guess, so we can all have a big share. Thanks for the reassurance though, I appreciate it xx

    3. Judy, could you find a Clarity class in your area? I go to workshops run by the lovely Maria at Shrewsbury and Nottingham each month and we get a good range of different skills, with stamps and stencils and the occasional Groovi. You also get to meet lots of like minded people who will welcome you into their bosom. I love it. xxx Maggie

    4. I'd love to do that Maggie, but sadly we don't have any classes in my area (at the moment anyway). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe the new plans might include something that I can get to. That would be so good. I'm really envious when I read what all you lovely ladies and gents have got up to at your workshops. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the future. Thanks so much for suggesting it though. I'm very grateful that you took the time to write xxx

  6. How strange Barbara, I've just been reading Peter James's latest crime thriller and in it the leading character takes his wife for a very special date to The Cat Inn at West Hoathly!! They had a lovely time too!
    Wishing you well with all your plans. Xx

  7. Woohoo! I didn't expect my limerick to be a winner, but I'm delighted it is! Thank you so much!
    Meanwhile … I've gone looking for the German Plum Crumble recipe, but that blog entry seems to have disappeared – was it a secret family recipe that someone has deleted from the blog?

  8. No rain here today, just a bit cloudy but had a beautiful sunset earlier on. Managed a few short walks this weekend so on the whole a good weekend. Glad yours was good too, bet after your planning session with Linda you could relax more and enjoy their company. Lucky you to be able to have a one to one lesson on picot cutting with a master of the craft. Congrats to Jomada Dawn for her limerick. Enjoy the rest of the evening Barbara.xxx

  9. Hi again Barbara, as Jomada says, I looked for your Plum Crumble recipe as well, it says that the page doesn't exist. You can get the page before and after but not the 25th. Not to worry.xx

  10. Hi Barbara, glad you've had a fun weekend with friends. And a productive one at the same time. Must be a relief for you to now have a good plan, and one that you are happy with. Not sure about the going out for breakfast bit though, guess it must involve more than a bowl of porridge!!!!

    Of course you need to take advantage of an expert when you get the chance. How did you manage to refrain until now when she's been there all weekend?!!! 😉 Enjoy your lesson. Me not jealous (said with fingers crossed behind back!!!! 😉) Actually, ask Linda to demonstrate for you picot cutting, straight and cut out work, whitework both filling in the full space and as highlights, and the first steps in gridwork. Ask her to write on them step by steps. Then collect up all her bits, and send them to me, so I can see what I'm supposed to be working towards!!!!! 😉😉 Oh, and a bit of colouring in using ink too please. I think that'll do, for now….!!!! 😉😉

    Hope you have a good week at work
    Love Brenda xx

  11. OOh thats my home village!!! Though I dont get there very often as I live in Wales now. My family still live there. I have seen many a change at the cat Inn! Good memories!! Glad you enjoyed it.x

  12. How great to have an expert in the house ! I remember sitting at Linda's table looking at her cutting and trying to remember how to do it when I got home ! I'm getting there. The Cat Inn sounds lovely (especially as I'm a cat person. Enjoy your crumble I made one day today as Mum came for lunch, mine was apple and some mixed berrie out of the freezer – I cheated and used a packet topping. !! Look forward to hearing about what you've come up with xxxx

  13. Good luck with the cutting Barbara, once people get the hang of it they love it, will I absolutely adore the cutting and will picot cut anything in sight if I get my hands on it. It fascinates me. I am wierd, but there is satisfaction in succeeding with it.

  14. I've tried to find the recipe Barbara but can't the link above is not working. If anyone else finds where the recipe is please paste it in the comments, am now craving crumble lol! Enjoy your workshop you lovely lady, you work hard and we appreciate you more than you know xx

    1. Maggie C thank you so much huni! Very kind of you to share that with me. I was going bonkers the other night looking for it lol! Looks delicious, wondering when plums are in season and looking forward to that x

  15. Isn't it always the way that the visitors know the best eateries! Sounds like a fab weekend bit of work and lots of play…plus expert tuition! Looking forward to hearing about the new plans and hoping they allow us all to join in…video tutorials, online classes p'raps? Whatever they are I'm certain they'll be great for us all xxx

  16. Sounds like a productive weekend as well as a pleasurable one – imagine having a Master Pergamano instructor staying in your house. We'll be looking closely at your picot edging next time lol!. Looking forward to hearing about all your new plans for Pergamano and Clarity classes. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love and hugs, Jeanette xx

  17. Evening to you Barbara! Can't wait to hear about what you have all been planning! Its bound to be brilliant whatever iit is!
    Love and hugs to you all! Xxxx

  18. Goodness brave lady doing picot cutting with Linda watching you. Sounds like you are hatching some wonderful plans. Looking forward to seeing what they are. Brilliant Limerick well done. I just did not get chance this time to enter not been a wonderful week for me and I am exhausted now. X

  19. Glad you have had a good weekend with Linda and that things are coming together. Congratulations to Dawn for her fun limerick and enjoy your lesson. x

  20. Hi Barb,
    sounds like youve had a good weekend. Lucky you having Linda to give you such expert tuition. Glad to hear that your plans seem to be coming together nicely – can't wait to hear all about them..love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been good for you. Managed 4 hours sleep continuous last night so felt a bit more human today! Hoping for as good ( or better) tonight. Managed to make a birthday card today,soi felt as though I'd achieved something. Think i might have to try ironing tomorrow, in small doses! Congratulations to Jomada Dawn – enjoy spending your voucher. Love and hugs to all,Alison xxx

  21. Hi Barb, glad that you had a great weekend, some working with friends, and lots of relaxing. Love the look of your crumble. Well done Jomada Dawn, that was a very good limerick. Bx

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