A bit rough round the edges….

A bit rough round the edges….

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
What a hectic day!
We have been spinning like tops, I can tell you!
And there comes a point where you realise that busyness doesn’t always mean that you’re actually doing anything !!!
Monday’s blog is flowers and trees, right?
So here’s a little piece I rustled up for you 
when I got home from work .
It’s no masterpiece, but there’s a tree in it !!

I used one of our stencils.
I love this one!
So I ran it through my E-Bosser, together with a piece of our Designer paper from the Northern Lights Book.

Sanded the raised bits lightly, 
and dusted the piece well with a brush.

Went in again with the little sanding block,
and brushed away the dust.

Used a grey pencil to add shadows underneath 
all the branches and twigs etc.

Went in again with a sharper darker grey pencil, 
closer to the raised edges. 

Layered up on black paper,
mounted on white.

Quick, rustic, effective.

Added the word Friendship up the side.

Which reminds me!

Must dash, because we are spending the evening 
with Linda and her lovely hubby Rob.
They have been beavering away at Clarity Towers today! 

So kind and soooooo helpful! 

And now it’s time for dinner.

Love & hugs,

52 thoughts on “A bit rough round the edges….

  1. Beautiful. I love this stencil and have used it a few times. I think I will try running it through my Sizzix and see where it takes me. It is really effective using your lovely paper.
    I had a day off today and spent some of it with one of my best friends. Time just flew by!

  2. Beautiful. I love this stencil and have used it a few times. I think I will try running it through my Sizzix and see where it takes me. It is really effective using your lovely paper.
    I had a day off today and spent some of it with one of my best friends. Time just flew by!

  3. That's lovely. I'm going to give that a go. Can't believe you did it so quickly! It looks amazing. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to talk to us for a while and show us such a lovely project. X

  4. Doing pencil work at the end of a busy work is a great way to unwind I think. Love this stencil, I also remember the fun we had with it at last year's retreat. My papers are on their way, I'm so glad to see that the papers have got a white core and that they stand up to being sanded, it shows what good quality they must be. Have a lovely evening everyone x

  5. Hi Barb,
    Great way to use the stencil and those gorgeous papers. Love the distressed look of the finished piece. The grey pencil really makes it pop too. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi to all my lovely bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day or at least as good as possible. Been miserable day here but I did manage to stand long enough to get my ironing done, so that's progress at least. Love and hugs to you all Alison xxxx

  6. Hi Barbara, another clever idea for using scrapbook papers. And a very doable one, with some Mindfulness shading added in. Brilliant, must give it a go, once I get sorted enough to be able to. You see, if I start using up my stash of scrapbook papers then I can justify buying yours 😉 Thank you for taking the time and sharing. Much appreciated. What lovely people Linda and Rob must be, to be helping you out at work. How did you get on with your picot cutting lesson last night? Hope you enjoy your evening. love Brenda xx

    1. Just looked back and saw your message from Saturday. I'm waiting for an appointment to see a surgeon for my back. MRI showed up a disc protruding forward and wear and tear between several discs. A lot of big words I don't understand, long and the short of it is he doesn't know if an operation will help my pain. Surgeon as a 2nd opinion.xxx

    2. Thank you Diane and Pam xx
      I'm so sorry to hear that Pam. Fingers crossed your second opinion doctor can come up with something to help. Constant back pain is such a hard one to have to live with. xx

  7. Hi Barbara
    Wow this is lovely, simple and effective. The shading is beautiful, must try harder at that. The sanding back shows how good the quality of your paper is, I'm still trying to resist at the moment but it's getting more difficult as you show us how wonderful they are! Have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      sending hugs your way too. Thanks for your offer to let me do some of your ironing but i think I'll pass on that one! By the way my bruises are now bundled sage, scattered straw, little dusty concord!. Love Alison xxx

  8. Do need to get the papers what a difference when you sand a picture that's imbossed . Hope soon to be able to craft soon eye still not good hoping pressure has stayed down back to hospital tomorrow to find out if eye is more stable and find out what's next so early start in morning . Hugs Joy xxx

  9. Love your artwork today it looks very effective. Hope it was relaxing for you doing all that pencil work, I find it quite therapeutic. Love those papers but have a big drawer full of pads and a pile of scrapbook papers to use first, but so tempting.xx

  10. I really love this card. Shows another way to use the new backing papers. I never think to put my stencils through my e-bosser and yet years ago I used embossing folders all the time and sanded them back. Also you have used my favourite alphabet stamps. I will definitely be giving this a go. Hope you are having a good evening with Linda and Rob.x

    1. Hi Pam,
      Ooh your back sounds really painful! I know what you mean about some of the long words etc. When the consultant was explaing things to me at least i had done human anatomy when i was training to be a pe teacher so i knew most of whst he was talking about,otherwise i wouldnt hsve had a clue! Love and hugs Alison xx

  11. Love this one, must look at putting some stencils throught the embosser, not tried it yet. Today I picked the first stamp to hand which was the poppies, stamped it 3 times cross a background (shaving foam) I've had for yonks. Coloured the poppies in added a black squiggly line to join it up a bit and now deliberating about whether I like it and what to back it with etc. Hubby liked it. I'll probably like it better tomorrow, that's how it usually works for me.

    Sounds like you've had a productive day, have a good evening too. Xx

  12. This looks beautiful Barbara and the paper has sanded back really well and the added shading really makes it pop. Have a lovely evening. x

  13. Ooh this is fabulous Barbara. I can see I am really going to NEED those paper pads!! I will definitely be trying this one. If I actually made everything I said that to I would not have time to go to work!! Yay bonus!! Hope you had a fabulous evening with Linda and Rob. Xxx

  14. Hi Barbara just doing a wee bit catch up on the blog was giggling away to myself hear about the escapade with Bob the squirrel I could just picture the two of you in my head opening doors and running to shut the pantry and Bob legging it out the door you do make me laugh.
    Love what you've created with the stencil and new paper pad waiting for the pennies to roll in again so I can have a wee splurge on them and a wee spend on the members sale thank goodness its on till Feb.
    Take care…Love Dot.xx

  15. Morning Barbara, This is really gorgeous, I love the colours on the background paper you have used, and embossing the stencil – gorgeous !!
    I hope everything went well last night.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

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