Winter is drawing in….literally.

Winter is drawing in….literally.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Busy day today.

Wurka and Hollick were getting on my pip too, 
which always makes for daft role-plays in my head. 

In the end, I had to give them a talking to:
“Look!” I said, 
“Fact is fact, and belief is belief. They are not the same thing!
But the more you insist on believing your fiction, 
the more likely it is to come true!’”
Maybe we can talk about that next Wednesday?

TV Sunday, showcasing some of the most beautiful designs I have ever had the pleasure of working with, thanks to our dear friend Jayne Nestorenko.

Let me show you….

The children are irresistible,

The landscapes are idyllic
and the extra elements and images are invaluable.

And wait till you see the art samples the Design Team have created!
Whether you are into Groovi, a stamper or both,
this collection is simply beautiful.
I had my misgivings about how well the sales would go, 
after our record Gray Friday.
But actually, once I started getting ready for the shows and using the stamps and plates properly, (instead of just gazing at them) 
I realised how fantastic and lovely to use these images are. 
This collection is precious, and I think you will see that too. 
Thank you Jayne. xxxx
Every now and again something comes along which stops you in your tracks. All I want to do is make cards with those 2 little children !!!
Winter is drawing in; the mornings have been frosty and there has been a very cold snap down here in the south-east. 
Will we have a white Christmas, do you think?
Both Grace and Mark are coming home from the States,
so that’ll be great – with or without snow!
must get back to it.
Go easy.
Love & hugs,

67 thoughts on “Winter is drawing in….literally.

  1. Those previews herald a show not to be missed. Again the jam and bread could possibly on the menu for us for the next few weeks. Wow – they look amazing.
    My order came today and what a lovely way to end a week by opening my parcel.
    I came home thinking, sorry, tired of life with the MOJ and all the "vision" that they want their employees to engage in. The only engagement is pure, unadulterated slog. Enough worka and holic – off to gaze at my purchases.
    I re-itereate, thank goodness for Barbara and her team. – sometimes off the wall but feet certainly on the good ground.
    Love to all – see Barbara and her ramblings are catching in our little virtual world. We are all going to become virtual. Thought for the day "We are going to have virtual court hearings and virtual Legal Advisors etc. I'm going to connect now with my "real" groovi and real tools.xx
    Anne – on some other planet not 3rd rock from the sun.

    1. Love it, Anne. Barbara 's optimism and positive thinking are catching. This blog is not a virtual world, rather a way of connecting us all back to what is real and good. Have a great weekend watching Barbara and playing with your lovely goodies. xxx Maggie

    2. It sounds like it's time to REALLY think about slowing down workwise Anne. Retirement is wonderful, there's always plenty to do! Have a relaxing weekend playing with your clarity goodies. Love and Hugs xxx

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your shows on Sunday and Monday! The stamps and plates were a dream to work with. They will be so useful for so many different occasions. Not just Christmas!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  3. Wow wow wow when I got my g mail I thought amazing but now I see them all on the blog they are stunning thank you Jayne for all your hard work your art work is stunningly beautiful.looking forward to the shows barbara and the amazing design team samples.pleased grace and mark are coming home for Christmas xxx

    1. Evening dear blog friends always in my thoughts heartfelt hugs to all .i had a emergency hospital appointment yesterday so was so fatigued to blog yesterday have been playing with my groovi today and making up a few Christmas cards so in bed now resting . Am I going to resist the new stamps and groovi ?????

    2. Hi Sheila,
      Make sure you don't do too much Sheila – we don't want you poorly for Christmas. Lovely that you've been Groovi- ing today though. I'm trying to resist spending any more after that wonderful Gray Friday sale, but ……… those new plates are fabulous! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  4. Beautiful images from Jayne. I'm really looking forward to the demos at the weekend. Try to keep Wurka and Hollick at bay, Barbara, by immersing yourself in what you do best: crafting and inspiring others. Mxx

  5. Hi Barbara
    Oh my goodness what beautiful stamps and groovi plates, you must have had a wonderful time playing with them. Thank you Jayne for your stunning designs, you are so talented. Have a lovely evening, put worka and holic to bed and relax! What lovely news Grace and Mark will be home for Christmas.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Just love Jayne's new stamps and groovi plates, I was bound to wasn't I, what a great artist she is. They'll are now on my wish list though probably for after Christmas, so many Christmas stamps I've not got around to using yet, but no matter stamps keep don't they. Kick that Worka and Holick out the door Barbara. Great news that you've got your Grace and Mark home for Christmas, have fun with those stamps on Sunday, longing to see your amazing Design team's samples and your take on

    2. Hi to all my lovely bloggy friends, hoping you've all had a good day whatever you have been doing. We are in for a lovely treat this weekend, this time with Barbara and Paul and the beautiful new plates. Have a great weekend. Love and hugs Pam xx

    3. Fish and chips!!! Lovely Diane. You're absolutely right Pam. Sunday and Monday will definitely be a treat. I can't wait. Love and Hugs to you both xxx

  6. Those stamps look fabulous. I think I have to concentrate on those for now and leave the Groovis till I have got my new tyres. Barbara, I don't think you have any worries about these new designs selling like hot cakes. They look gorgeous. xxx Maggie

  7. Simply stunning stamps ( and groovi) . Thank you Jayne, and thank you Barbara. Looking forward to the Clarity fest this weekend. Feeling low at present, mother is ill, and I have flu type symptoms,all of which have knocked the stuffing out of me. Need the cheering up.. Sending love and hugs to those who feel the same, but I'm not ungenerous, I'll send them to everyone else as well. Xx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Well done again Jayne, these are fabulous. Really looking forward to the shows and seeing what you and of course the Design Team have come up with. My only problem is that I really shouldn't spend any more after the Sale! But, they are so fabulous! Pleased to hear that Mark and Grace are coming over for Christmas, that will be lovely for you. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. Been an ironing day today – ugh! Did get to start colouring my agapanthus in though, so that was good. Have a lovely weekend everyone – looks like the cushions will be needed again! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Just when i thought I'd bought out the store and have enough now to last forever . Shh don't tell hubby I have a wish list . Looking forward to watching show on the ole iPad on Sunday . Joy now Janice

  10. Wow, these are just gorgeous Barbara. Jayne is so talented; we are all so lucky that you are able to make her artwork available to us now.

    Also, it is great that you are giving us these early peeks at the new releases. It lets me get my oo-ing and aah-ing out of the way beforehand, and I can then concentrate better on the samples and demos during the shows!

    Hope you have safe trips to/from Hochanda. No need to wish you luck for the shows, as their success is guaranteed!

    Hugs, Ruth x

  11. They are beautiful a need for all of us cannot wait to see them on tv and you of cause tell them little voices to do one you will be great as always hugs and love Joy xx

  12. Oh my, when you mentioned these earlier in the week I thought I'd be ok as I have plenty of winter themed stamps but these are just gorgeous. I need these stamps. I'm beginning to see how these tech people go mad when a new iphone comes out!

  13. Hi Barbara & ladies, hope you all are keeping ok, sorry to hear a fee of you are not so good try to take it easy and make sure you get to see the shows.
    Well Barbara , you seem to have done it again. and thank you Jayne for lovley designs not sure if I may buy stamps or Groovi but will wait till I have seen the shows.
    please do not worry about all the shows it will be great, I know how hard you work to bring us all things Clarity, so once they are done just focus on your family and look forward to a wonderful time with them.
    Hope all my friends on this blog have a good weekend keep warm and safe.
    Hugs —- Lynn xx

  14. Hi Barbara, and wow Jayne, you've surpassed yourself with this exquisite artwork. No wonder you've been enjoying your prep work this time Barbara. Looking foraward to seeing your shows. Stamps defo going on new want/need list.

    Brilliant news that your 2 are coming home for Christmas. Been keeping everything crossed they would so you could have a great Christmas and New Year with all your family around you.

    Hope you can have tomorrow off, love Brenda xx

  15. I've been sat here thinking while Grooving how must Barbara feel knowing what she's started us all doing with the Groovi Plates, let alone our stamps and stencils. It's you I blame for the housework not being done, me wearing out my number one tool, and I'm obsessed with poinsettias to the point where I had to pick another plate, except I've just picked it up again for my Mum's card ! Now we have these new plates (let alone stamps) of lovely scenes not to be missed – for next year's cards I fear ! We will all be on bread and water soon with no beans ! And I'll have to meet the postie at the top of the road. My only hope is to get hubby grooving but I doubt I'll manage that !! Oh, just had a thought, I can get him a part time job instead ! Barbara do you realise what you have started LOL. In a few years there will be little GAA groups all over the country ! I'll start my name is Jackie and I'm a ………. off to finish some poinsettias confession will have to wait !

    Looking forward to the shows this weekend. Must order a new groovi tool or two as mine is getting blunt ! X

  16. My first thought was 'Oh no!', I've just finished all of my Christmas Cards…but when I saw these…well they'll be perfect for all of the winter birthdays coming up! Jayne's designs are always so beautiful, but these are certainly outstanding. Barbara dear, kick Wurka and Holic into next year and I hope you enjoy your time on the telly as much as we love watching you. Love and Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Morag, hope you are feeling a lot better now. It is good to see you hear again, I like you love the new stamps and plates, not sure if it will be plates or stamps to get.
      Ha e a good weekend and take care.
      Hugs Lynn xx

  17. Hello Barb,
    Jayne's drawing are gorgeous and your translation into stamps and Groovi plates are a temptation hard to resist. I'm looking forward to the shows and I'm sure these will sell out.
    Maureen xx

  18. Jane's drawings are beautiful Barbara and the stamps and plates are fabulous interpretations of them. I am really looking forward to seeing them and you of course on Sunday and see what you are going to be doing with them. Dob't let Worka and Holic get to you as you need to take regular breaks. Too much tiredness does not aid creativity. x

  19. O…M…G! These are absolutely wonderful…can't wait to see them 'live' and the samples must be…fab-u-lous dahling (in the best Craig RH – 'Strictly' voice!). Recorder set already…can't wait. Just need to have a word with the bank manager to see if funds are available!! So happy you'll have Grace and Mark home for Christmas – great fun all round! xx

  20. Truly beautiful designs, very much looking forward to the shows. I really must crack on with my christmas cards, can't get past thinking about starting them, need a rocket up my behind to get me started I think. Now its actually December I'm hoping I'll be in the mood to get going xx

  21. They'really the most beautiful Christmas stamps seen but sadly my craft budget is fully used up. So will have to wait till the New Year and then get them. But will definitely watch the shows on Sunday with all the fab demos & inspirations 😊xxx

  22. Hello Barb, the designs are beautiful, they will go on my wish list, and I may get lucky for Christmas. Looking forward to the shows to see what you do with them. So pleased that Grace and Mark are coming home. Have a great day all. Bx

  23. Morning Barbara, these little scenes are beautiful. Can't wait to see how you have used them and what the Design Team have come up with. I just know the shows will be a great success. So pleased for you that Grace and Mark are coming home for Christmas and you can all be together. Have a safe journey there and back.xx

  24. OMG just love the new Jayne Nestorenko stamps and groovi. Well here we all go again – just have to have these even though I have done all of my Christmas cards, but can easily start again in the New Year. So glad you will have your family around you as my Daughter and Son will be with us too (cannot get rid of them lol). Please can you give all of our love to Jayne and hope she is getting better. xx

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