When Alcohol ink met Yupo with a Cling film sandwich

When Alcohol ink met Yupo with a Cling film sandwich

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Got a really cool one for you today.
It’s a pure background technique,
but very very easy and so so effective.
Yupo Paper.
Load a little yellow alcohol ink onto a felt applicator 
and smear away.
Load another felt with dark blue alchol ink, 
and smear away again.

Load yet another felt with dark green alchol ink, 
and smear away yet again!

Now fill in the blanks:
Load ………… ………….. ……………. with ……………, and
………………  ……………. …………….. ……………… time.
Put a little Blending Solution on a paper towel 
and wipe across your masterpiece in a straight line.
This, my friends, is a lake.

Hid the bottom of the lake with the different inks still on your different felts.
Add a few paths and hills….

Add a little blending solution to a round sponge blending foam.
Press into the sky for a sun.

Trouble is, the foam expands and then comes away from the black part pretty instantly. 
So maybe not something you want to try!

Does it look like a lush landscape yet?

Want to get off the train there?
Next stop ? No idea, but here goes!
Now for the crazy part. 
Spritz some cling film with some Blending Solution 
which you have decanted into a spritzer,
and lay it down on your landscape.
Move the cling film about to create lines.
Then wait 20 minutes, to let it dry, or set.

Attempt No. 1
I LOVE it !!
Looks like an ethereal sky.

Let’s go again,
but without all the landscape detail.
Just splash it on, as Henry used to say.

Little less spritzed Blending Solution this time.
See if it changes much…



These will make excellent Groovi backgrounds.
Or you could carefully stamp straight on top of this 
with Archival ink.
Love Yupo with alcohol inks.
Warning: this can be very addictive. 
Back to work.
Sound like a drag?
It’s fun and it’s productive;
Paul and I are having a good laugh too.
Love & Hugs.

58 thoughts on “When Alcohol ink met Yupo with a Cling film sandwich

  1. Absolutely spectacular – utterly amazing. Looking forward to Sunday. Just about survived the day with junkies, drunks and the like and tomorrow well – wonder of wonder – The new vision of the Justice System. Can you believe it – going to do many cases virtually. Really – pigs in the sky!
    I am staying on planet Clarity, where everything makes sense in the end!
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading) b….. good job I am not on face-book with those comments.

    1. I wondered what those pigs were doing flying through the air today Anne…..Now I fully understand!!!! Well only about the flying pigs, the rest is more a joke I think. Sending you a virtual hug xxx

  2. Love yupo and alcohol!!! Colours appear that you didn't put there!!! And you can get amazing shapes and affects just by dabbing it on!
    These backgrounds are fab… I can feel background session coming on!!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  3. Haven't tried yupo so will have to get some give it some and have ago. Had me trip to hospital more tests more drops 5 lots and one lot tablets so let's hope it works go back on 14th and see what's next and if this treatment has worked xx

  4. Ooooo beautiful! Love the alcohol ink picture before and after the cling film, never had much luck with the cling film technique so would probably leave at that station. Glad you are having fun with your TV prep. Xx

  5. Gorgeous Barbara! I must get some of this yupo paper but haven't got any alcohol inks so will probably have to wait or try another way, don't suppose it's possible but will think on it. x

  6. Reminds me of the Northern Lights, not that I've seen them but that was my first thought for the last two. The first one was instantly like a landscape. I bought some of that paper at the Open Day and haven't used it yet! X

  7. Wow Barbara, amazing art, both the before and after. Love the depth you achieved in the before one. Thank you for sharing. I was wondering, have you tried die cutting the felt from the big sheets to use for a sun instead. You could attach it to the handle using stick on velcro if it worked. As long as you don't soak it so the blending solution seeps through to the velcro to melt the glue. I don't have any alcohol inks but dye based inks on Clarity card instead might be worth a try. If I get brave enough…

    Glad you're having fun while working today.
    Love Brenda xx

  8. Hello Barbara
    Oh this is soooo coool !! I sat on my hands last week and didn't buy the paper and inks but I wish I had. Oh well there's always next year. Isn't it amazing how the inks move and change, fantastic. Yes great behind groovi but what a lovely backdrop for the boy with the birds. Good to hear you and Paul are having a laugh over the tv prep.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      Fortunately I haven't many presents to buy nowadays, so it's not too bad for me. I tend to worry about what to have for Christmas Dinner more! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Love the effects that are created on the yupo paper. I am looking forward to receiving my order of it along with my distress inks and my sale orders soon as I am wanting to play with them.

  10. Hi Barb,
    Wow! This is fabulous and I can see why you see it's addictive! Love the effect with the cling film. You really sound enthusiastic about the technique and the yupo paper. Hope the prep is going well. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. Been doing an agapanthus plate for my friend today. I did one with the dahlia for her birthday card and she loved it and was going to frame it, but I said I'd do another one for her without Happy Birthday on it which she was really pleased about. I've got to colour it now which will take a while to do. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  11. Last time , a few moons ago when I watched you do this I went out and went crazy ( almost literally ) buying alcohol inks ,yupo and then trying to Create a Barbara masterpiece — hahahah. . That's why you are an artist and I am a wanna be . Oh well , you are right it is addictive !!!!! . I haven't given up , I will try until i succeed .now how many years do I have . ??? Your pieces are out of this world gorgeous . Joy now jan

    1. Hi Jan, mine weren't successful either . . . . But I missed the spritz! The inks were too dry in places so my efforts ended up as rejects, now somewhere in my craft mess – sorry – room! ;~}

  12. Wow!I thought it looked like encaustic art as well. Have the ingredients so must have a try. Started a groovi card tonight and had nothing but phone calls, hence it went all wrong and it's now in the bin. Never mind, out with the girls I used to work with for a nice meal tomorrow, make a change from beans ha!ha! so may try again in the evening.Hope your prepping with Paul is going well, looking forward to Sunday and Mondays shows.xxx

  13. Hi you lovely bloggy friends, hope you are tucked up nice and warm, really cold the last few days, foggy too today. Extra duvet on the bed tonight as freezing last night. Love and hugs to all.xxx

  14. Hello Barb,
    Yupo paper arrived today and I'm so pleased. Previously I have always used your Clarity card, the shiny one that I use with the brayer, so can't wait to try this.
    Maureen xx

  15. Morning Barbara, My best one is the 'lush background', and I don't know how you got the hills and paths in the scene !! This scene is positively stunning.
    The ethereal feel to the cling film samples is stunning.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  16. Very Edvard Munch. It's the sort of thing I end with when I'm trying to be arty.
    Now I know that Barbara does it I feel better.
    Keep up with the inspiration pet, I need it. xxx

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