Boxes ticked. Boxes packed.

Boxes ticked. Boxes packed.

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
No step by step today, I’m afraid.

Have done enough for one day, finishing up the TV prep in readiness for tomorrow and the day after.
And the ol’ neck is starting to twitch, 
so that tells me it’s time to stop.
Here’s a little pic of one of my faves…

Jayne Nestorenko’s Winter Scene Stamps

To be honest, the stamping demos are a piece of cake compared to the parchment for me! But hey ho, we like a challenge!
When it comes to Groovi, I seem to spend more time looking for 
or making a fitting background for the artwork 
than I do on the actual parchment!
Mmm… the solution just came to me.
Watch this space….

Well, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. 
I totally understand if you don’t watch all the hours;
That would be such a lot of time!
3 hours on Sunday and 4 hours on Monday ?!?!
That’s crazy. 

Now if I was showing Poldark how to get in the groove, so to speak, I reckon that could be worth watching….
(the mind boggles). We all know he can hold a scythe, 
but can he handle a huge ball tool ???

No. Believe me. I won’t be offended if you don’t watch all 7 hours.
But if none of you watch for none hours – then I will be gutted.
So please sort it out among yourselves, and just make sure there’s somebody for me to sing to!

When and where?

  • SKY 663 (24/7)

  • FREEVIEW 85 (24/7)

  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)

Sunday 2-3   Stamps and Gelpress
Sunday 5-6 Stamps and Brayer

Sunday 8-9pm Special Launch of Jayne’s Stamps and Groovi

Monday 9-10am    Jayne’s Stamps and Groovi
              12-1pm   Jayne’s Stamps and Groovi
               4-5 pm   Jayne’s Stamps and Groovi
               7-8pm    Jayne’s Stamps and Groovi


Love & hugs,

102 thoughts on “Boxes ticked. Boxes packed.

  1. Hi Barbara – stunning sample, and no doubt many more to be seen on tv! I can't watch unfortunately, but I know a lot of people who will be watching ALL of the hours, as I would if I was at home. Hope all goes well for you – hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends! I hope that you are all as well as can be – sorry for being awol, but Neill and I are in our little Spanish home at the moment, enjoying some much needed sunshine, warmth and rest! I decorated the Christmas tree yesterday morning and then went to sit on the terrace to enjoy a cup of tea and a cake – it was 21 degrees! I was wearing cut off trousers and a T-shirt – it felt totally surreal! Lovely though! Enjoy the shows all of you! Lots of love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, you lucky girl the temperature must be great for once.
      It has been quite chilly today, wrapped up as I do feel the cold.
      have a wonderful time.
      Will be watching the shows.
      Hugs to you both.
      Lynn xx

    3. Hi Gilly, you both just enjoy the sunshine and the rest, it's well deserved. It's been very cold here. Miss you on here but lovely that you can get on sometimes. Take care and enjoy. Love and hugs,Pam xx

    4. Hi Gilly,
      Good to hear from you today. Great that you and Neill are having a good time. I'm not in the least bit jealous ( she says with gritted teeth!) I'll be thinking of you sunning yourselves when I'm out and about wrapped up with hat, scarf, gloves and thick coat!! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  2. Might not be able to watch live but all set up to record shows and catch up later. If sample is anything to go by the shows will be great. Good luck. Hope all goes well. Ruth

  3. I'll be there with bells on , just not live . You're shows with demos should be recorded , edited so as just to have the demos and then sold or saved to watch like we would a loved and treasured DVD . In all,things — have fun . Joy now Jan

  4. Hi Barbara, love your sample, especially how you've molded the stamp to mirror the bauble shape. Couldn't do that with a rubber stamp eh! Don't worry I'll be watching ALL your shows live (providing nothing else goes wrong either day!)
    and recording too. And I'm sure loads of others will be too. Hope you've enough time for your neck to recover before tomorrow. Have a lovely evening. Love Brenda xx

  5. I will watch the shows live on Monday and catch up with the others as I am working all day Sunday.
    I am happy tonight as I am just home after a long day to find my big box of happy post has come today. It was so much fun finding what I had ordered in the box as I had forgotten what I ordered! Can't wait to play with all my new things.

  6. I will watch the shows live on Monday and catch up with the others as I am working all day Sunday.
    I am happy tonight as I am just home after a long day to find my big box of happy post has come today. It was so much fun finding what I had ordered in the box as I had forgotten what I ordered! Can't wait to play with all my new things.

  7. I'll be watching. The stamps and groovi plates are just beautiful and make stunning cards whichever medium you use!
    Have a safe journey to Hochanda.
    Love and hugs xxxx

  8. I'll be watching as much as I can!! Very excited as my parcel of Gray Day goodies arrived today, just been playing with my Wee sports stamps & Groovi will be served after tea! Glad it's not just me, I can do a Groovi card in a day then take a week to find a background I like. Enjoy yourself at Hochanda xx

  9. Will be watching some, but recording all the shows, just in case I get interrupted. Busy day today – fed the Christmas cake with sherry, baked a loaf and 2 dozen shortbread biscuits and the curry for dinner is in the slow cooker, and we have guests in this weekend, so I've been cleaning too. Inky fingers again tomorrow though, I hope! x

  10. I will be watching as much as I can. Pre-booked tomorrow pm to go and help Guy clean his house ready to hand over to new owners at end of week. I know how to enjoy a Sunday afternoon. Looking forward to seeing new stamps and Groovi they look fabulous. Parchment does take a while but I am enjoying the process and love the results. safe trip tomorrow and hope shows go well. xx

  11. I won't be able to watch live but it will be all recorded to watch in time, but so looking forward to the shows and no doubt emptying the bank account a bit more!

  12. That's just what I said Barbara, takes me more time to find what to match it up with, where I've put what I want and then to set to to do it ! I'll be glad to hear what great plan you have for that ! I shall be watching, possibly not all of it as I'll be out to lunch on Monday with my girls from work (how did I fit that in!). I will be recording though ! Have a great day tomorrow xx

  13. Gorgeous sample,will be recording all shows and watching as much as possible.Tomorrow I am going to do sausage rolls,mince pies,meat patties,pigs in blankets and stuffing for the freezer so I can cross them all off my list. I hate having to do things last minute because I start to panic and don't know what to do first. However the TV will be on in the kitchen xx

  14. Hi Barbara, I will be watching the shows tomorrow, looking forward to seeing how they all turn out.
    just love this one such a wonderful card.
    Take care and a safe journey.
    Lynn xx

  15. I record them while I'm at work Barbara , then I just watch the demos rather than the selling. I have the same problem choosing the best colour behind parchment. Saw Paul today so bought some light Ivory, will see how I get on with that. Xx

  16. Have set machine to record all, won't miss a minute – might not all be watched Sunday or Monday but will try. Take care of yourself x

  17. Hi Barbara
    I'm sure we will be watching tomorrow as we start the mamouth Christmas card writing task! I will record the shows too just in case I've got my ironing ready for Monday so that's sorted too with a walk round the block in between shows. Safe journey tomorrow, I can't wait to see what you have in store with us. I'm sat here chuckling at the thought of poldaaaaark and an extra large ball tool!! What are you like!!!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope you are all ok and not too cold. Just relaxing watching strictly so I don't think I shall be able to concentrate on groovi too! Sending hugs xxx

  18. I shall be watching on Sunday and recording and watching your Monday shows. Those stamp sets are definitely coming to my house they are gorgeous! Keep the designs coning Jayne. Xx

  19. Hello Barbara, I am actually relieved you haven't posted a step by step today as I was getting worried about your neck and getting some rest before your drive early tomorrow. I will definitely be watching all the programmes tommorrow and Monday. I have kept the days free but might decorate the tree whilst I watch. Recorder is set so I can look at parts I didn't understand later. Safe journey.xx

  20. Lovely sample, safe journey to Hochanda and home again. Will watch some of the shows but recording them all to watch in between popping out to shop. Hope your neck eases bwfore your shows. Love and hugs,Pam xx

  21. Not watch all the shows!!!! I'll watch every one, then enjoy them over and over again during the night hours when I can't sleep. I never get tired of watching your shows Barbara, they are always a joy. Hugs xxx

  22. I am really looking forward to the programs and shall watch as many as I can fit in. Usually a grandchildren,s day but I have the day at home as I have a cold and sore throat. I shall still record them as well. I think that you look as though you have been Grooving for years and the designs are so intricate. Amazing. Like Morag I never get tired of watching you.

  23. Safe journey to Peterborough, may not get to watch Sunday's first show (will be out for birthday lunch) but will be watching the rest and really looking forward to seeing the samples for Jayne's ODS! Recorder is already set for all the shows! Xx

  24. All being well, you can sing to me, Barbara, and I will sing back. Looking forward to some more quality Clarity time, following on from a great day Clarity crafting with our Maria. Safe journey and sock it to them. xxx Maggie

  25. Hi Barb. IVe set the recorder to copy all the shows in case I get interrupted! The new stamps and plates look super. I am also writing my cards tomorrow in between shows so I still have time to make more if necessary!

  26. Hello Barb,
    I've got my polo cushion at the ready as I don't want to get corns on my derriere!!! The Butler has his instructions for tomorrow, and I'll be watching on Monday as well as recording all the programmes. I'm so looking forward to it.
    Maureen xx

  27. My husband said "What time is the lady on?" Well what a compliment to a true lady of craft. I will be glued tomorrow and recording Monday. Might even break the bank as well. Had a happy day playing groovi – with my new order from yesterday. Neck aching too but what a way to play.
    Lots of love and really looking forward to next two days.
    You are a star. Love to the bloggers too.
    Anne (Reading) today on this planet!

  28. Hi Barb,
    I'll definitely be watching and I've set the recorder too. How could you think that we wouldn't be watching! !! You know we all need our Clarity fix! Really looking forward to seeing the demos and samples. Jayne's new goodies look gorgeous. I love your bauble today – brilliant ( the little Robin is so cute!) Hope your neck is ok. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi lovely bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been good for you. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow but I already know that I'll have to succumb to these goodies. Might have to be just the Groovi for now though. Managed to finish my agapanthus colouring this afternoon, so I'll get Dave to cut me a mount for it so all my friend will have to do is get a frame. Thinking of doing a set of coasters with the plates now. Love and hugs to all Alison xxx

  29. Looking forward to your shows. Will be able to watch the ones tomorrow afternoon and thanks to Catch up (or Rewind as it's now called) I will do just re the other shows. Hope your neck will be better soon – do take care. Have fun tomorrow and Monday xx

  30. Recorder is set. Getting groovi for Christmas and have joined the facebook groovi worldwide group in readiness! So much inspiration I just can't wait to get started. Really looking forward to all the demos of both stamps and groovi. Take care xx

  31. Have set the recorder, I will be ironing for the world record after returning from our cruise so you will be good company while I do it but will have it recorded for future reference. I started doing more Grooving while I was away as I had some time, it was strange that all the waiters were fascinated by the Groove art work and kept coming by to see my efforts. Looking forward to seeing the new stamps especially too

  32. Love this card Barbara the picture and the colouring is fab. I will be watching everything can't wait for jaynes stamps I love that lady so gifted loved her work for years thank you Barbara
    Love you too June horrocks xxxxxxxxxxxc

  33. Of course I'll be watching. Stamping and the geli are my real loves., and I must say, Jayne stamps are gorgeous. Love the taster picture you have done with her stamps. Have a good time, I know we will. Xx

  34. A gorgeous bauble Barbara using the pretty scene from Jane's stamp and am looking forward to seeing your demos and perhaps kick me into getting my gelli plate out for an airing. x

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