On the Scrapheap? Never!

On the Scrapheap? Never!

Hi there.
Sunny Wednesday here in the south-east of England.
Our Groovi Worldwide Facebook page is alive!
So many visitors, so much art!
Amazing what happens when we have a common ground 
and a safe, warm meeting place, isn’t it?
Yesterday I was stencil happy, and playing 
with Colour Burst water-colour powders.
I had trimmed the art just before mounting it on black,
and was just about to bin the scraps, the trimmed slivers, 
when a little voice said NO NO!
There’s art in there somewhere!
So out with a sheet of A6 double-sided adhesive,
and let’s see where we end up…
One at a time, I laid the scrap slivers down 
on the adhesive lengthways. 

Nudged them up tight to one another,
flipped them round, so that the colours contrasted.

Just kept going until all the scraps were used up,

like so:

Trimmed the edges with a ruler with a steel inlay and a craft-knife, 

then started cutting down in the other direction,
making mosaic strips.

See? They’ve all got tape on the back, 
so suddenly they have gone from being offcuts and in the bin
to really interesting.

I think I’ll make myself a coaster for next to where I work, 
to remind me.
2 packs (8 coasters) on special offer.

Stripey coaster?

No, mosaic coaster!

Time to layer up onto another piece of paper.

Bit thick for the coaster too. Keeps popping open.
The Purple glue runner round the edge of the artwork 
back and front. Slip it into the coaster at press.
Now it’s sealed!
Only one thing:
it looks too new.
I wonder what would happen if I sanded the plastic coaster,
took the shine off it and dulled it down….

That’s more like it!
Looks like it’s been around for years.
Feels lovely too.

compare brightness
That’s what I mean though.
It all depends how you look at a thing.
Never look at scrap as scraps.
There’s great pleasure to be found in making art out of nowt.
In the same way, I must never look at myself as over the hill or on the scrap heap either. 
It’s so easy to do when the clock’s ticking, 
your teeth are falling out, your derrière is spreading
and a wicked witch has nicked your legs 
and given you her horrible ones. 
In the words of somebody else, clearly with a similar plight,
“the day you finally get your head sorted out, your arse falls apart.”
But I have to be grateful for what I have 
and enjoy my days as they roll by. 
All my parts are still working, 
and so what if I no longer have the body of a 25 year old? 
Wouldn’t that look a bit wierd?
Who’s with me on growing old gracefully and gratefully?
And now on with the TV prep.
Love & hugs,

96 thoughts on “On the Scrapheap? Never!

  1. Never a truer word! I mean here I am just plodding along and everything's gone south …. bits of me don't work so good any more but they still work! Loved the coaster idea and my oh my won't be wasting anything in future. Have a great day x

  2. Wow, I wonder how many potential coasters I've thrown away!
    I'm with you about growing old gracefully, but also a bit disgracefully too. If I wanted to put a purple streak in my hair or have a tattoo I would but I wouldn't try to look 20 again either. Age is in the body but also the mind and how active and open that is. I know a couple in their mid eighties who keep as active and young in mind and body as possible. They don't go out with the local walking for health group because they say "they are all old" and I know exactly what they mean. I still want to learn that's why I love Clarity and Maria's classes and why I taught myself Italian before we did an independent holiday there a few years ago.
    I hope the prep goes well, I have already set the shows to record xx

    1. Hello all I hope you are as well as possible. My Christmas presents are wrapped, the house is clean, I'm off out with a friend for the day tomorrow to a Christmas fair at Ripley Castle xx

  3. This is truly inspired. How many times have we thrown away these little scraps. I am off to order the coasters which I forgot to order last time they were on offer and a few other bits that I forgot at the weekend. Definitely with you on the 'growing old gracefully and gratefully'. I hope the prep is going well. Have you got the lovely Paul with you to make it more fun. I know you had happy times with him helping last month.xx

  4. I know EXACTLY what you mean – good news is that if you keep company with folks the same age, THEIR eyesight might be fading slightly too and, to them, you still look fabulous darling!! Love is blind.
    Cross I didn't think of the coasters during your Gray Friday, what a great idea they are, still I'm happy with my little purchases (although I would have liked Jazz man – still….)
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  5. Beautiful coasters your scraps are always amazing barbara .im only 60 just but my body is old and decaying but I still get up each day and craft when I can your such an inspiration your a bubble of energy looking forward to Sunday Monday shows big crafting hugs xxx

    1. Hello to all my dear blog friends you are all in my thoughts sending heartfelt hugs to you all .i didn't blog yesterday as I had done some groovi-ing and a little stamping so used all my energy up .love and smiles to all xxx

  6. I love this mosaic idea Barbara and makes a great coaster, and shows that we should all look at our scraps in a different way. I know what you mean about reaching an age where we understand ourselves better but which unfortunately is at a time when physically we may not be at our best, the saying 'youth is wasted on the young' springs to mind..lol. x

  7. Love this today. The first one reminds me is a selvages quilt I once saw. It was made from the edge bits that you trim off fabric that have the fabric details printed on it. The second is how I piece together baby quilts! Amazing how crafts cross over.
    Having a quiet couple of hours before going to work. I was at the dentist and struggled a bit, but got my filling so just waiting on numb face to pass!

  8. Love this today. The first one reminds me is a selvages quilt I once saw. It was made from the edge bits that you trim off fabric that have the fabric details printed on it. The second is how I piece together baby quilts! Amazing how crafts cross over.
    Having a quiet couple of hours before going to work. I was at the dentist and struggled a bit, but got my filling so just waiting on numb face to pass!

  9. Hi Barbara, love your mosaic, and distressed coaster. I kept wee strips off things too, not sure if I ditched them when I was being ruthless clearing out earlier this year, but pretty sure I kept at least some. Knew they'd make cool arty stuff somehow, more than just borders anyway. And now I know the how bit 😊 Thank you.

    Getting older, 50 now, and being ill for 23 years, housebound for many of these years, I'm really really struggling just now with my life being gone, wasted, and it having been so bad despite my best efforts. Scared I'm finished now, no turning the corner, never going to get the chance to live, experience life, have a much happier, and fufilled, life. Terrified, literally, if I'm being honest. Still no signs of any social worker and therefore help/support doesn't help any. I would love to feel I'm not on the scrapheap society sent me to 23 years ago, and more so in the past 5 years. I would love to start living for the first time in my life, I really really would, it's all I wanted/want in life, the chance to live instead of existing. But I'm staring at a huge locked door that I don't know how to open.

    As for the growing old gracefully and gratefully, I can be grateful because things could have been worse. But do we really want to grow old gracefully? Me, I'm growing old fighting, and doing as much as I can squeeze out of my body, that's what keeps us young/younger, I feel. Young at heart…

    Hope you are having a good day and your tv prep is going well.
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda , read your blog and being a retired nurse I felt the need to comment and the need to help but since I don't know your situation there isn't much I can do especially so far away. It does sound dreadful . But when I read all,your fellow bloggers in the past they are lending support the best way they can. Perhaps there is a way out those locked doors so,you can get out and be with people .

    2. Hi Brenda,
      I do so feel for you! I always find it hard to understand why social services can't/won't sort out a social worker for you – it would make such a difference to you. Sending both you and Daisy lots of love and hugs/ cuddles, Alison xxx

    3. Hello Brenda your situation is dreadful and I really wish I could help as I know you are such a lovely person who doesn't deserve to be let down in this way. Sending you a big hug and one for Daisy too. Xxx

    4. Dear Brenda, very sad for you for your social worker situation. It has been dragging on a while for you now. On the other hand I am glad you are fighting and feeling young at heart. Big Hugs for you and Daisy.xx

    5. Hi Brenda, my heart goes out to you after reading your blog. All I can say is that you never know what's round the corner. I lived on my own for 30 years after uni in Dundee, initally with lots of friends but they gradually moved away back to their home towns or abroad. As I work from home with no transport it was tricky to meet new ones. Parents long gone. But I was adopted. Birth name was Lockland and late one night i googled it to find out it's origin. 15 min later I was talking to a sister I never knew I had. A year ago this week the brother we found a month later moved in – I had a spare bedroom and he fell in love with Dundee and took early retirement. Another sis in Cornwall hopefully visiting next summer, and another I've yet to meet. Now a very different life. Am writing this because I was pretty despairing of things ever changing. Something about 'darkest before the dawn'. You just never know, it can all change so suddenly. So, hang in there my lovely friend! xx

  10. Afternoon didn't those scraps look good made me laugh the last bit well last 24 hours not been good here as I believe you heard scary but back tomorrow to see what next step is think surgery in eye don't like to think about it can cope with must things but eyes being played with not good anyway so no playing for a while till I know my eye has settled feeling more comfortable today will know more tomorrow Bob said we are like the wise monkeys see no evil hear no evil but ain't got the spark no evil just a chatter box Katie all part of getting old like you say. It greatfully hugs Joy xxx

    1. Sorry to hear about your eye problem Joy. I totally understand your apprehension around any eye surgery. Sod that! as they say. But if it means solving the problem, then so be it, eh. And we do have some of the best surgeons in the world Joy. God bless the NHS. xxx

  11. I'm going to grow old disgracefully. I want my kids to be wondering what the hell I'm getting up to now. Ha ha ha ha ha
    But seriously folks, I love reading your posts Barbara, your creativity and sense of humour are both fabulous.
    Keep it up. xx

  12. Oh thanks Barb for encouraging me to hoard even more than I already do!!!! Still, now I know what to do with scraps……. up to now, I have used them for making flowers and foliage! I'm with you on the age thingy although I have a big head start (will be 80 next year!!) Another great blog – thanks Barb….. I do so love your sense of humour too.

  13. I'm definitely another grow old gracefully and…. like Susan…gratefully! Love what you've done with the coaster. I love keeping strips of papers, they make great backgrounds.

  14. Hello all my lovely you all. I've been a little poorly so have only been able to read rather than write. I've left the facebook page as I found it really isn't for me. There are some really wonderful people on there and I felt at home, but not my thing. There aren't enough hours in my day for one thing and I found I was wasting so many. So I've re-prioritised.
    Anyone who finds that they've been 'unfriended' by me…it's only a 'paper exercise'. You are all still loved just the same. Love and Hugs to you all xxx

  15. I'm with you Barbara .
    It's funny what you've said — just the other day I was telling hubby ,well,actually I was lamenting the fact that it has taken me 69 years of age and 46 years of marriage to become so wise (( I was a wee bit sad to think of all those early years of life ) —– but —- better late than never i say . Time is ripe to,use it now ,in this very moment and feel,blessed .

    1. Hi Shelagh, just took your birthday bunting down for another year, which you so kindly made for Dave last year. It is so fab, it will come out for many more birthdays to come too!!!

    2. Hi Barbara – how lovely!! Thank you indeed. About to embark on some OTT bunting for 1) Christmas and 2) Mum's 90th. ;~}

      Hi Sheila – finishing off Mike's Mum's stuff ready for the journey to Bath. Been searching the house for a container to put the 'gingerbread house' in for safety – Eureka – a wooden barrel-type container that housed coffee beans. Hope this cold weather is not affecting you too much. ;~}

  16. Love the coaster! I often weave strips then add double sided tape/sheet to back for either backgrounds or to die cut shapes, but not thought of coasters! As for growing older – definitely on the graceful/grateful bus all the way to the terminus via the scenic route (hopefully)! xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    I'm growing old very gratefully – it would be gracefully too if it wasn't for the limping from my knackered knee!! I am now 61 and not doing too bad . Would be better if I could get rid of a load of weight caused by not getting enough exercise due to said knee. I love what you have created today – I would have thrown the strips away! Your coaster has turned out fantastic, you are definitely inspirational. Hope the prep is going well. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is as good as possible and keeping warm. Very cold here today. Well, we got word today that the keys for Mam' s house are being handed over tomorrow morning so that's the end of an era. Really sad today as we cleared out everything that was still left and to think that it was the last time I'd be in the " family home". Still, life goes on. Love and hugs to each and everyone of you Alison xxx

    2. Hello Alison sending you a big hug, I know that feeling, I cried buckets when we left mum and dads house for the last time and that wasn't the family home. Take the lovely memories with you and whisper goodbye and blow a kiss as you go. Xxx

  18. Hi Barbara
    Love your artistic recycling. I am just sitting looking out of my west facing window and the sky is amazing. I am wondering what inks I could use to try to reproduce it. Nothing compares to nature for sheer beauty.
    We can't change the weather and we can't stop getting older so we just have to accept it. As you have said before acceptance is the 1st step to dealing with events. Just off to try out some inks. Ripe Persimmon, Barn Door, Stormy Sky and Broken China as a start.
    Hugs from Chris X

  19. I am with you there with regard to growing old gracefully. A fabulous coaster you have created with the scraps. Will have to look at my scraps differently in future. Enjoy your evening, it is very cold here up North.
    Linda xxx

  20. Great project, but I really can't keep any more in my little room, or there won't be space to actually DO anything in there! Almost at the end of this years Christmas cards now – I've been making a few, then writing them out which I've found much more manageable. Just about 100 done now!!! Alcohol inks arrived today, so it will be playtime soon x

  21. Hello Barb,
    Brilliant coaster and imaginative. I've used strips, stuck them down, then die cut hearts and things – it's very effective.
    I have no intention of growing (growing????) old gracefully. Gratefully yes, the alternative is not nice, but lets go for disgracefully!!!! I've met some very nice young men who have picked me up when I've tripped, and lovely people who have helped me when I fell running for a bus – which didn't stop – and I ended up with three fractures. Gorgeous surgeons who sorted out my eyes and a scrumptious physio for various things. Yes, there are benefits to getting older – just embrace them!!!!
    I think I've told you the late Bette Davis saying – "Growing Old isn't for Cissies!" and I agree with her.
    Here's to a long life with lots of laughs, good friends and an empty A&E!!!!
    Maureen xxx

    1. Maureen you grow older as disgracefully as you like as long as you keep making me laugh. The things you do to get young men to take notice of you! Haha , you are a shocker xxx

  22. Loved what you did with those scraps ! I think we have to enjoy every day as it comes and make the most of it even if we just sit and read a book or watch the tv during it, as long as we enjoy it that's the main thing. Our friend who has liver cancer (under control) has just had a malignant tumor removed from his throat today so been thinking about him. Xx

  23. Hi Barbara
    Oh no! Just when I've started being good and started to throw away tiny scraps of paper you do this to me!! Isn't it lovely though. Thank you for sharing this brilliant idea with us. Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, blogger decided to log me out tonight so I've be wracking my brain cell to remember my account name and password – isn't getting old brilliant!! Hope you are all keeping warm, we are in for another frosty night. Sending hugs xxx

  24. Absolutely inspirational blog – amazing. As for growing old gracefully, I am trying hard but just need to step it up a bit – a cissie as one blogger said!
    Managed to get out today – first time in over 2 weeks after having/have this awful virus. I ventured to a well known supermarket – filled my trolley and then at high speed comes an old geezer in his mobility scooter. He spectacually took out my trolley, turned it over – wine and all and sped off! What a ,,,,,, -unspeakable words failed me! I was left embarrassed, staff running to help me. What did my husband say "He had probably nicked the mobility scooter!" Had to laugh. Off to work tomorrow – cannot stay sick for ever and its probably safer with all my "customers" than going to the shops.
    Have a lovely day tomorrow, whatever you do and do have a giggle at my e-mail. Really if you think about the video of it, its quite funny. Not!
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  25. Hi Barbara, I plan on growing old 'disgracefully', I am very grateful for the health I have (up to now), but when I look in the mirror I think 'who on earth is that', because in my head I still feel 21 hahaha. I remember quite a while ago, my Daughter said to me 'who's the Daughter here me or you ?' hahaha.
    Fabulous use of your strips, I would never have thought to do this, a brilliant idea, you are a genius !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  26. Hello Barbara

    It is not the age of your body it is the age in your head that counts! My mother, bless her, always said she felt 15 until she looked in the mirror! When she lost her sight the one advantage, in her mind, was that she could no longer see herself.


  27. amazing what can be achieved from scraps.
    as for growing old gracefully, i think that is the best we can do. age catches up with all of us. it means we are still on this earth, hugs xx

  28. Brilliant inspiration today, amazing what you can do with scraps, thank you for that super idea. Bought a few packs of coasters at Ally Pally, thought the grandchildren would like them, now I can show them what they can do with them. As for getting old gracefully don't think I'm in that category, putting on too much weight not being able to have the exercise I used to have. Still I'll settle for gratefully or maybe disgracefully, I think of every day as being a bonus now that I've reached 69, still a lot of life in me yet though, as some people say 'age is just a number'. I still feel young inside. By the way received my colorbursts and alcohol inks today, looking forward to a play. 2 down 3 to go (parcels I mean).xxx

  29. Hope all my friends are ok and have been keeping warm. Didn't get round to commenting last night as had a late appointment for a scan, by the time we got back and I cooked tea, then I was determined to do the challenges it was well gone midnight, not much earlier tonight am I. Been in the craft room all night finishing off then clearing up. Love and hugs to you all, off to bed now. Will catch up reading all the comments for the last 2 days tomorrow I hope.xxx

  30. Love your coaster Barbara. I love making backgrounds that way. you never know what you are going to get until it is finished and trimmed. Love your comment about getting head together. I have given up on that and live by the saying. "Growing old is unavoidable, growing up is optional!"
    Love Gayle x

  31. Hello Barb, love that you did not waste those beautiful and colourful strips. Great coaster. Will have to get some of those, may not have time to do them for Christmas, but the birthdays next year would be great to personalise them. Grow old gracefully and gratefully. Absolutely, have given up dyeing my hair, so now it is really going silver. Take care. Bx

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