Stamped bauble in a stencil

Stamped bauble in a stencil

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
I’m in between TV shows here at HOCHANDA,
So thought I’d just come and chat to you and show you 
step-by-step of the Bauble card I made this morning.
and remove all of the other stamps on the thick acetate.
Re-position the scene of your choice into the middle
 of the acetate making sure that you curve it.
This picture shows the scene from the
but I went with the Sled Unmounted Stamp Set
I could have gone with the Cat Unmounted Stamp Set
and attach to a piece of 7″x7″ stencil card 
by making a hinge at the top with low tack tape.
Lay the stamp over the aperture to make sure 
that you have given the stamp enough curve.
(Note to self, make sure the stamp is clean!) 
When you are happy with the layout, 
and stamp into position.
Because we have kept the stamp on the thick acetate,
 it makes it a lot easier to press the stamp into position.
Make sure that you apply extra pressure 
around the edge of the Bauble aperture.
Take a make up sponge and
gently drag the ink off of the stencil and into the design.
(This also cleans the stencil.)
Apply the Moon Mask to the design
 and cover up the top part of the bauble.
Take a clean make up sponge and the Morning Dew from the Artistry Ink range and drag the colour into the sky and land area, making sure you stay away from Mr Snowman!
To add a bit of definition/shade, 
drag a bit more of the Potting Soil around the edges.
Use a selection of pencils to add some colour/shade to the snowman, house, trees and fence.
Mat and layer onto complimentary coloured card.
Stamp the Robin on top of the Bauble and add some colour.
Finish off with a greeting of your choice.
I went with Season’s Greetings from Word Chain Set 14
Right, one more hour to go at 7pm.

Love & Hugs

58 thoughts on “Stamped bauble in a stencil

  1. Amazing shows barbara stunning art work from the design team thank you for blogging the step by step loved all your wonderful demonstrations Jayne deserves an award in her own right thank you for your stunning work .xxx

    1. Hello dear blog friends wow I've enjoyed each and every show so far this must be my favourite stamps and groovi to date sending lots of crafting hugs to all xxx

  2. This is fabulous! Matt was so excited about you doing this demo! Made me giggle!
    All the shows have been fantastic and its been lovely to watch you wielding the brayer again!
    And everyone seems to love Jayne's designs!! She must be so proud to see how popular they are!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  3. These stencils are in my Gray Friday order! Been meaning to order them since last year, looking forward to them arriving so I can have a play. Great demo.

  4. Great shows loving stamps and Groovi thanks Jayne for sharing with us all fantastic neatest I am getting to crafting at moment till thing settle sopleased you have been on tv. Was thinking you was on at 5 turned on to find you not there so missed 4 pm show gutted what a wally I am hope your not to tired lots love Joy xx

  5. I did catch this one but have everything recorded ! This is a great idea and has so many alternatives like everything you do ! I'm currently sat here with a Groovi cracker attached to a tiara, why ? You may ask! we need to make a head decoration for the W.I. Christmas Supper tomorrow night so hence I'm trying it out and so far so good. It's the first and only cracker I've made so fairly basic but it's handmade ! I've also got a Clarity box to open but I'm leaving it as long as I can to savor it ! Great shows all weekend. Lovely stamps and plates by Jayne and stunning designs by the CDT ! I will be ordering these to use for next Christmas. Xx

  6. Hello Barbara
    I have been glued to your shows today and have had a wonderful time and learnt so much. It was so lovely to hear Jayne last night explaining her ideas behind these beautiful stamps. Such a lovely lady, it looked like an emotional moment for you. Do tell her on Thursday how much we love her designs and give her a big hug from us all. Thank you for blogging this beautiful design, bending the stamp really gives it a 3D look and of course with such good quality stamps we know they wo t come to any harm. Enjoy your last show tonight and gave a safe journey home.
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope you've had a good day and have enjoyed the shows. I hope you remembered to put the cushions down before you fell off the wagon! Hugs to you all xxx

    2. Hi Diane,
      Yes, I've loved all of the shows and it's great when the presenters are so enthusiastic too. I'm so pleased I put my Groovi order in yesterday although I did order direct from Clarity so they won't have sold out ! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. Hi Barbara, thank you for demoing this. Love the minimalism of it, reminds me of the really old photos when they tried to add a bit of colour to them. Creating loads of ideas in my head. Thank you for sharing. Watched all your shows, although head's a bit elsewhere today,so not able to concentrate on what you are doing, listening to you is good Mindfulness. And all recorded for when I can. Glad for you and Jayne that your worry turned out wrong and people are buying. Safe journey home, and a bit of well earned rest I hope. Love Brenda xx

  8. Watched you yesterday and today on highlands, I really liked the baubles idea. I live on a very tight budget, so made my own stencil baubles, never done the ink pad thing, so gave it a go, wow. Thank you, I actually have beautiful Xmas cards to give now, made by me! Inspiration by you.

  9. Hello Barbara and Design Team
    I have been driven to come and comment on Clarity Stamps and to congratulate you all on your gorgeous samples and Groovi plates on Hochanda. I am a member of the stamping and stencilling clubs and had no interest in Groovi – Until NOW! Wow the new plates are gorgeous and I want to say how inspirational and beautiful the design team samples are. I am really enjoying watching Maria and I am very, very tempted to purchase a starter set but as I've never Parched before not sure where to begin, but with Maria's skilled demos i'm sure I'll be fine. Well done everyone!

    1. Hi Clementina,
      Go for it, I'm sure you'll love it! It is very easy to do even if you don't do the white work and piercing for a while. Love and hugs Alison xx

    2. Hi Clementina , you will never regret buying through Groovi starter kit.I was going to buy a cutting machine, but Barbara was on TV the Sunday she launched Groovi
      the rest is history I so enjoy this and I watch when Paul and Maria and Barbara are on have learned so much from them all .JUST Do it .
      Hugs Lynn xx

  10. You wonderful shows have got me through the ironing pile today, and now I'm itching to get back up to my craft room! No chance until after the weekend now, but I'm not complaining as my sister is coming to visit for a few days. Enjoy your last show, and thanks for this great demo – love the idea of using the acetate as a flexi stamp base! Safe journey home x

  11. Hi Barb,
    Thank you for the step by steps for this demo. I loved this the other day when you showed it and then again today on tv. I'm so pleased that these plates and stamps have been so successful , for you and of course Jayne. All of the presenters have been glowing with their praise for the plates and stamps and also for the fabulous samples which has been lovely as well. Can't wait to get my plates to start playing. Hope you have a safe journey home and a rest tomorrow. Thank you again, just about to watch the next show – all of them have been fabulous. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you are all ok and managing to stay warm in this cold snap. It's been really cold here today , but at least it's seasonal unlike the 13 or 14 degrees we're told on Wednesday! Must dash, just off to watch the last show. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  12. I had a stiff talking to myself NOT TO ORDER GROOVY AND STAMPS on today's shows until next year. I never did listen to sensible advice, yep, I've ordered them, so now joining the baked beans on toast girls . Great shows you're too good at it, and great to hear Jayne last evening. Xx

  13. Hi Barbara & ladies, I did say things would be fine.
    These lovley plates are a must have not placed my order as yet as I also like a few stencils so working out what to buy.
    A big thank you for bringing them to us all , thank Jayne for wonderful art work.
    Safe journey back tonight.
    Lynn xx

    Please thank Paul for all his help today, just messed up on my mail but he sorted it in a second.
    Lynn xx

  14. Hi Barbara, I loved watching you demo this on tv, and I'm so grateful for this step-by-step tutorial, the colours are fabulous. Jayne's stamps and Groovi plates are stunning, I wish I could afford them all.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. I had a busy day today so didn't manage to watch any of the shows, however they are all recorded so I am about to binge on Clarity. Loved both the stamps and Groovi and the samples from the design team were fantastic, such talent. When I got home there was a Gray Day parcel waiting for me. The day doesn't get much better than that, now where do I start? xx

  16. Hi Barb. Great minds think alike! Can't believe I did one so similar, but I love your version! On Thursday, please tell Jayne how wonderful her designs are, and how much I loved working with the stamps. Xxx

  17. Hello Barb,
    Fabulous shows yesterday but I have to confess that I haven't seen any today. No matter, I've got them taped and will have a Clarity beanfeast!!!! Have a great time when you visit Jayne on Thursday and give her my love – even though she doesn't know me from Adam! Safe journey home and try to have a rest.
    Maureen xxx

  18. I missed the first and the last but I did see the two in the middle and enjoyed them both. It was lovely to hear Jane on the phone and she is obviously so pleased to see her designs made into such wonderful stamps and Groovi plates. I love the bauble with the scene inside, so elegant and pretty, and great to see all the samples from the Design Team too. x

  19. Naughty me slept in this morning and all hell let loose. However watched the shows. They got better and better (have to add because of Leona and the other nice guy – they tend to listen to you). You were a star in all the programmes, the demos were excellent. The art work from your design team – wow. A truly memorable ODS. Congratulation – you should be very pleased with yourself and your amazing team. You are the queen of crafting. If you do not win all awards, I will eat my hat – will have to buy one.
    Thank you so much for your inspiration and charisismatic nature. I love your work and all you do
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  20. Loved the ODS, and learnt heaps from your 'back to basics' demos. Thanks especially for explaining with such clarity ( oops, pun unintended) what the different inks and papers are to be used for. Please thank Jane for her wonderful designs, even though she doesn't kmow me from Eve. She's got quite a fan base. Looking forward to catching up on the 2 pros I didn't get to watch, probably between midnight and 2 a.m! xx

  21. Fantastic fantastic fantastic, hi barb haven't been on for a while as I've have been snowed under with knitting and crochet, but I did get to watch all your programmes yesterday and also taped all of today shows which I have sat all evening watching. I ordered the stamps and have already had an email confirming they have been dispatched. I am so excited as these stamps of Jane,s are terrific, can't wait for them to come, I just want to get started. Hopefully I will get the same but in groovi in the new year. Luv as always and keep up the good work xx

  22. Hello Barb, a great demo, loved all the shows, so much to take in, glad I can go back and watch again. Well done to everyone that did samples for the shows, they are incredible. Jaynes designs have really come to life in the Groovi plates and stamps. bx

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  24. Still totally awestruck having watched all the ODS shows, design team 'you rock' all the samples are stunning and I'm sure when Jayne sees them 'in the flesh' on Thursday she'll be totally delighted with the results from her original artwork. These stamps/plates have rocketed straight to the top of my wishlist xxx

  25. love it. You make it look so easy. Watching the last of the weekend tv recordings tonight when my husband is out. I have enjoyed them all, although I have now given up on the groovi and gone back to stamps and stencils. But at leasts I gave it a try.

  26. Wonderful shows today. I managed to see them all and enjoyed immensely. So many beautiful cards on display, fantastic design team. I have ordered the full set of stamps and Groovi plates and can't wait to get started. Thank-you for all the fantastic inspiration. xx

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