Bokeh Kiddies and a Limerick winner….

Bokeh Kiddies and a Limerick winner….

Hi there!
Sunny Sunday down here!
Went to Brighton for the day 
and had a lovely mooch through the lanes with Dave.
Got a couple of gifts and soaked up the atmosphere.
If you’ve never been to Brighton,
put it on your Places-to-visit list. 
It is fabulous. 
SO ARTY!!!!!
I’ve come away wanting to get out my sewing machine, 
start painting, get into mixed media and buy a kiln!
Here’s a quick  step-by-step i did last week,
showing off the Bokeh technique with water.

White emboss the Jayne Nestorenko children 
from the new Stamp set:
Place the tag on a Blending mat.
Using the mini blending tools and a selection of Dye-based Artistry ink pads, start working in the colour with the tool, in off the blending mat. 
Start with the lighter colours.

If you’re not sure which ink pads to start with,
I have put together a set of my faves 
which is a very good starting place.

Use a good paint brush and water to lift the colour out of the two little figures, and allow to dry.

Using a clean foam pad let’s create this so-called Bokeh effect.
I spritz a little water into a little container, 
then soak up a little water. 
It’s all about NOT TOO MUCH WATER.
Place the round damp foam disk on the coloured card, 
hold in place press lightly, and then lift.
Blot the sponge getting rid of the colour, and go again.

Use the same ink, diluted with a little water 
and using the good No. 6 sable hair paintbrush to reintroduce colour into the childrens’ clothes.

Run a matching promarker pen around the edge,
and we’re done.

Oh Joy!!
We have a limerick winner.
I did have to laugh.
Some of you took the close shave so literally!
So thank you thank you for joining in the fun.
Although I would like to send a £50 gift voucher to every single enterer of the competition – there can only be one winner…..
You won on the laughometer 
There once was a farmer called Dave,
Who one night had a very close shave.
He tried milking the bull,
Cause he’d had a skin full
And almost landed up in his grave! 
Very good. Very funny. 
Let us know your address and we will get your prize out to you this week. xxx
And now it’s time to get creative.
I’ve got the Brighton Bug!

55 thoughts on “Bokeh Kiddies and a Limerick winner….

  1. Been to Brighton twice, first time for a Trade Union Conference, not at all arty, and the second time for our silver wedding anniversary where we discovered some lovely creative shops. Would love to visit again but it's quite a trek. Congratulations to Crafty Chris, great limerick

  2. Hi Barb,
    Dave and I had a lovely holiday near Brighton many years ago. We stayed on a farm caravan site at Alfriston and spent many a happy day at Seaford, Lewis, Cuckmre Haven and explored Pevensey, Battle, Herstmonceaux Castle and joined the National Trust at Birling Gap. We went into Brighton a couple of times and really enjoyed walking around the Lanes – in fact we bought a gorgeous limited edition print of Cuckmere Haven that hangs in our lounge to remind us of a lovely holiday. Another lovely piece that you've created for us today too. Congratulations to Chris – very funny- enjoy spending your voucher. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had as good a day as possible. Had a very lazy day today, did attempt a bit on the keyboard but I couldn't get a style to fit Fields of Gold! The book said soft rock whatever that means! I'll have to keep working my way through all of the styles on my keyboard to find one that I think works. Thanks for your offer yesterday Lynne – you might live to regret that!!! Good tip too for storing the large plates thank you. Sending love and hugs to all, Alison xxxx

    2. Hi Alison good for you learning the keyboard, it's another instrument Emma acquired, her school was getting rid of old ones so a letter from mum and a trip to school to pick her up and hours of entertainment. You have to turn it on and off with a pencil but it's fine! Enjoy playing xxx

    3. Hi Alison, at least you are using yours. Ours has sat upstairs in a spare room since my son wanted to learn at Junior school and he turns 30 in a few weeks. Perhaps after Christmas I should give it a try.xx

  3. Hi Barbara
    Lovely place Brighton, lots of different shops. We haven't been for ages, I think we need a trio in the new year. Did you find the famous chocolate shop with the funny name. Their cafe sells the most amazing hot chocolate and cake!!! Love this tag, must try lifting the ink with water in circles it looks fun. Have a wonderful evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello dear blog friends hope all is well. Just finishing a couple of groovi cards to go in the post today. Nearly done now. Oh yes congratulations to Chris, what a lovely treat before Christmas and Barbara lovely plates with Paul today, aren't they fab. I did feel from him though when he finished all his line work on the black and he had done it on the wrong side. Paul you are a star! Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Diane, was going to get a Groovi card started tomorrow. Definitely have to be a simple one as I am sooooo out of practice. Next year though I will be on the Groove train so that will help. XX

    3. I did a little Grooving earlier of the poinsettias and layered them up but need to practice more. As you say Donna we will be on the Groovi Train in the new year. I've seen some of Paul's shows but not the bit with black parchment yet.

  4. Wow! Thank you sooooo much! I can't believe you chose my Limerick! I am beyond excited at winning – what a treat! I will email. I love this artwork, I saw you demo it on the telly. I love Brighton too – haven't been for ages but it's a really super cool place! Thank you again! xxx

  5. Congratulations to CraftyChris for your great limerick. There were some wonderful giggles amongst them all. We had never been to Brighton (the wrong side of the dreaded M25 for us) but one year we won a free weekend in a Corus Hotel of our choice, and decided to go somewhere we had never been, which was Brighton. Unfortunately, we forgot to take into account the weather, which, being late autumn, was horrendous, gale force winds and rain. Our bedroom faced the sea so the wind just came straight in through the ill fitting windows – not too bad once we had jammed them totally with rolled up newspaper. We had the cobwebs well and truly blown away along the sea front, and had a lovely wander round the lanes, and went round the Pavillion, which brought to life the books I have read which featured that memorable building. The journey home was interesting too with three HGV's being blown over in front of us – scary, but no-one was hurt so that was the main thing.
    I love those little children from Jayne, they will be appearing in a lot of artwrork for the foreseeable future, I know. By the way, I do possess a kiln, which I am aiming to resurrect in the new year – it is only a baby one for enamelling and has not seen the light of day since the class folded about 20 years ago, but, let's see what happens. Right now, Christmas cards are calling me again. Have a good evening, everyone. xxx Maggie

    1. I did a workshop with silver clay earlier this year Maggie, and she used a little enamel kiln for that. It was fab, and I wished I had taken my clarity stamps to make the impressions in the clay. Might be another string to your crafty bow! x

  6. Enjoyed doing that technique at the workshop. Lovely, jolly blog.
    Quick question to anyone that knows. I have been trying to stamp on parchment. I have used both picket fence and black archive (not at the same time!) My images are coming out blotchy! When Maria did it on TV, she had a perfect image.
    Am I applying too much pressure, or does one just have to stamp quickly? I would be so pleased for the right way to do this.
    Love to all the bloggers
    Anne (Reading)

  7. Great technique, looking forward to playing with my stamps when they arrive. Well done Chris, knew there was something I was going to do! That's why I never win the lottery, always forget to buy a ticket. Oh well, maybe next time! XX

  8. Been to Brighton few times lovely there. Enjoy a bit of mixed media. Myself wellhaving a go at all crafts love making things and giving to others. We had a great family day with lots family celebration our Anniversary and pre Christmas get together lovely watching the children dancing having fun 4 generations together love it all xxx

  9. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone has had a good crafty weekend. Enjoyed my card making in between watching Paul…and I didn't buy anything new…(fingers crossed behind back!)XX

  10. Thank you for blogging this today I started the tag embossed the children so now I know how to finish it .
    I enjoyed Paul's shows today loved the card he made using Jaynes stamps so part way doing that too .so much wonderful inspiration glad you had a brilliant day xxx

    1. Evening dear blog friends lots of crafting hugs I've had another good day today crafting Jaynes stamps and groovi plates plus all the inspiration from the design team I just want to craft with everything at once .but yes I'm been good as I know I need to rest in between xxx

    2. . I remember watching you do it once a long time ago and not being too sure about it, both how to do it and the look it created. Now with this step by step it is not as complicated as I thought and I love the look. Those little children look adorable. They remind me of the ones in one of your early stamps called Beach Babes which I have bought recently. Well done Chris for your limmerick. I loved it. Enjoy spending your voucher.xx

  11. Hi Barbara, sounds like you've had a lovely day, and found lots of inspiration. Hope you get the time to try everything out. I look forward to seeing what you create when you get your kiln. Maybe santa will bring you one. More lovely artwork today, thank you for sharing. I've never been to Brighton, and very much doubt getting out anywhere will ever happen, getting out of here to even just along the road is like visiting the moon, nae chance. Hope you have a good week at work. Love Brenda xx

  12. We had a family holiday in Hastings, years ago. We went into Brighton and went around the Pavilion. When we came out we ended up in the Lanes, but I didn't know they were called that at the time. It was fabulous and we had a lovely meal there too.
    I haven't seen Paul's shows, I really had to crack on with cards, but I will try to watch them later in the week

  13. The children look really cute and the colours are so bright and pretty Barbara and love the bokeh effect. I managed to catch a couple of Paul's hours which were really good and will try to catch up on the others I missed. Glad you had a lovely time in The Lanes, and I have been a few times before but not for many years now. Congratulations to Chris for that clever and funny limerick, I'm afraid they are not my forte. x

  14. Hi Barb, oh I love Brighton, glad you had a good day out with Dave. Your tag is beautiful, need to try this effect with water. Well done Chris, that is brilliant. Take care all. Bx

  15. Hi Barbara, good to hear you and Dave had a lovely day in Brighton. Ray and and I go there quite often – lovely place! Glad the weather was so good, too! Am in Germany atm and unfortunately,the Sunday weather wasn't good – dull, cold & wet 🙁 Hopefully, better today as we'd like to go to the Christmas market in Cologne. Love your step by step demo. Love the white emboss xx

  16. Hi Barbara, good to hear you and Dave had a lovely day in Brighton. Ray and and I go there quite often – lovely place! Glad the weather was so good, too! Am in Germany atm and unfortunately,the Sunday weather wasn't good – dull, cold & wet 🙁 Hopefully, better today as we'd like to go to the Christmas market in Cologne. Love your step by step demo. Love the white emboss xx

  17. I've never done the Bokeh effect by lifting with water, but I do it a lot with white ink through a stencil. Will try this way too now. Love those little children – so cute x

  18. I love Brighton – good place for a girls weekend away! I too have been dreaming of getting out my sewing machine and of making some glass melt Art . It's a shame we do t get to try all these things isn't it. My sewing machine is definitely surely coming out in 2016 !

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