Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
Today I thought I would showcase some of the beautiful cards
 created by the design team for Maria’s TV shows 
yesterday on Hochanda.
If you missed watching the shows live, 
you can visit the HOCHANDA website 
and watch them on Rewind.
Click HERE for the 1pm Show
Click HERE for the 5pm Show
There are 10 Brand New Open Numbers
 A6 Baby Plates.
Available as a collection
 for a special price of £39.98 (saving £9.92) 
or individually at £4.99 
all available HERE
Maria also had a play with the brand new 
Here are a couple of pictures from the lovely Maria.
Maria made this clock after being inspired 
by a piece created by Pat Murphy.
 Here is some more inspiration from Maria

So lets have a wander through the gallery……
Here is the piece from Pat Murphy
Jane Telford
Amanda Branston
Emma Burns
Glynis Whitehead
Jane Telford
Jo Rice
Linda Page
Love & Hugs

55 thoughts on “1…2…3…Go!

  1. What a fantastic collection and I can see how useful this number set is from the amazing DT inspiration , a definite must have. I'm supposed to be downsizing my stash due to moving house soon but these numbers are small and easy to store and I am a Groovi addict so I have to have them lol xx

  2. Gorgeous work from the Design Team Barbara and I did catch one of Maria's shows the other day which was very enjoyable. For those that are in to Groovi these plates will be a wonderful addition. x

  3. Hi Barbara, thank you for sharing the beautiful design team samples. Not watched Maria's shows yet, got them recorded. Hope your to do list is getting shorter!

    Can I share a nice thing with you. Got my Tesco shop today, had a present and card in it. Tesco are giving their regular delivery customers a wee box of food treats and a Tesco christmas card with our name hand written on it. Mine was from Lorna, she might be who picked my shopping today. And it's good stuff, a box of their finest cookies, an individual finest choc cake pudding, wee bag of thornton's chocolates, 2 options hot chocolates, and a bag of reindeer food (whatever that is, guess that's not for me eating eh?!!!) What a lovely gesture eh, gives me a glimmer of hope humanity is not totally lost for good. Brightened my day. I usually email customer services at christmas asking them to pass on my thanks and appreciation to the delivery guys and people who pick my shopping, so I'll be thanking them for this too. Couldn't survive without this service, literally.

    And more importantly the buses and ambulances have gone back into Aleppo. Lets hope they get to the innocent victims and rescue them, especially all those orphans pleading us to help them. And not be rescuing the militants instead as they were suspecting was happening. Just want to wrap my arms round them all, and tell them they are loved and are going to be ok. What can we do to get everyone rescued out of there? Anyone know?

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Been reading about the reindeer food. Says it's safe for birds. Does anyone know if this is true? It's the edible glitter in it that's concerning me? I fancy a glittery grass after my garden visit next week, but not going to do it if it is any risk to the birds. Thanks xx

    2. Hello my lovely brenda, isn't it perfect that our chief RAK person is in receipt of one herself! Enjoy your goodies, what a lovely gesture. The reindeer food is really bird food ( but don't tell Rhudolf!) so should be fine. Our cake decorating shop sells edible glitter and it should be fine. Your grass will look very pretty. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    3. Thank you. Hugs back xx
      I'll report back on Wednesday re my glittery grass!!!
      (It's not the only RAK I received this week. There truly are some wonderful people in this world)

  4. I love these, I started watching the programme this afternoon while making a 40th birthday card for second son – these would have been ideal !! Georgeous samples from the team as well ! So some more plates for the ever growing list ! Xx

  5. I love these numbers, I think they'll be first on my new year list. Talking of numbers, I was using the word chain alphabet for the first time (I love them by the way) and I thought what these need are matching numbers and a hashtag symbol. Are there any plans Barbara? please!!

  6. I will definitely be putting these on my next Clarity order. I loved them as soon as I saw them. I particularly like the way they can be used to make a quite contemporary card which is more my style. I also thought they would be good for mens cards and of course age related cards for children. All in all the ideas are spilling out. Can't wait to get them ordered. As Pamela says I would also love some numbers to go with the word chain alphabet as it is my favourite and there is nothing else like it on the market. Only a few days until Grace and Mark arrive. Hope your 'to do' list is getting shorter.xx

  7. Hello Barbara
    What stunning samples, the clocks are amazing. I think these will be very useful and I like the fact they come in a variety of sizes too. I will have to play catch up with Maria's shows, I will be nice to watch her while wrapping presents. Have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, just back from an emergency appointment with my dentist to fix a broken tooth. 10 minutes, filling done and £53 poorer. I couldn't find the missing week their either and it's not under the bed, might check inside a wine bottle later!!! 😂 Sending hugs xxx

  8. Good evening Barbara!!! Maria did a fabulous job as ever with both her shows! These numbers will be well used and a definite must have for any groovi collection. It's great to see how differently the other members of the design team have used them!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love and hugs xxx

    1. i wish all you DT members would stop doing such a great job with your samples lol! Yet another set of plates I reeeeeaaaaaally need. The only way to stop myself ordering before Christmas was to count up all my individual Groovi items (175) and tell myself to use all of them at least three times before ordering anything else. All my parchment arrived today in my last Gray Day parcel, so I have plenty to work on. Do you think I'm hooked?

  9. Really lovely programmes – Maria looked so pretty. She explains everything so well. The gallery – amazing. Wonder if you will send me a card when I reach the big .. next year – I am either working or hiding under the covers to disguise the wrinkles.
    I am off to practise my white work – need to be more patient, and still haven't managed to get a good image stamping on parchment with picket fence. Any ideas out there please?
    Best wishes to everyone
    Anne (Reading)

    1. I'd use something permanent like Archival ink. Also, don't press on too hard at first, lay the stamp onto the parchment gently holding it in place, let the ink 'grip' the parchment before applying gentle pressure or it will slide a little and create a blurry effect. It's a bit like stamping onto acrylic. It seems to work, but I'm not an expert.

  10. Not yet seen Maria's shows but they're recorded and having seen the gorgeous samples (design team give yourselves another huge pat on the back!) I'll be having a 'look/see' ASAP! Just a couple more 'special'cards to finish now and then hand deliver. Am I nearly ready for the big day…not on your life – lol! xx

  11. Lots of lovely stuff by the design team. Well done all. Sadly all my cards have been shop bought this year with my caring duties taking president but may be next year. Good news on the xmas tree front though as it is in its stand and waiting for the lights to be put on tomorrow. Decided to pace myself and so lights tomorrow and then baubles some time when ever I can. Still its good to be able to see it in all its glory. Had to cut a bit of the top to fit it in but it looks ok and still balanced. I do love a real tree. So does the parrot. He likes the lights and shiny things and he loves a good carol, singing along totally out of tune like Les Dawson playing the piano. I have even been singing myself now that my new tablets are starting to kick in. Hope your preparations are coming on Barb. Much love Jayne

  12. Hi Barbara, your design team do spoil us, wonderful and inspiring work.
    Have watched one of Marias shows she looks so at easy in front of the camera. Just love watching her and just loved the samples of a beautiful gift box using all different plates.
    Will be watching the other show when I have a quiet time tomorrow.
    Have a great time with family when they arrive, I bet you are getting excited now.
    Lots of hugs to you all.
    Lynn xx

  13. Hi ladies, hope you are all keeping well and getting to grip with Christmas! !!!! Well it won't be long and even in a blink of an eye and it will be over. And we will wonder what it was for.
    Hope you are loving the new plates from the last few shows, I feel another order to be placed after Christmas.
    Hope you all have a good weekend .
    Lynn xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Well you've done it again! I wasn't too sure about the number plates but now I've seen them, I WANT them! I love the cat one as well. The Design Team samples are gorgeous as ever and I really do like the clocks! My last Gray sale goodies came today – thank you. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you. Went to afternoon tea at my friend's house with friends that I meet up with every month. Had a lovely afternoon and lemon drizzle cakes went down really well ( phew!) . Gave them all (9) a coaster made from Jayne's flower plates and everyone was really impressed and grateful. It was lovely to see their reaction and they all got a Twas the Night card too. Two of them ( who I haven't seen for about 6 years) didn't believe that I'd made them! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  15. I sat down and watched one of Maria's shows this evening after my 13 month old grandson went home, with the toys still scattered everywhere. When I saw the numbers I thought what a brilliant idea. I didn't know I needed them! The design team samples were amazing. Oh what a long list of needs I have. Hope the Christmas preparations are coming on OK.xx

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