Rule book? What rule book?

Rule book? What rule book?

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in. 
Thought I would share a little moment of Clarity with you today…
Many of you will have watched the TV shows this weekend.
Did you see the One Day Special, 
where we launched that amazing compendium of Groovi Plates designed by Linda Williams? 

The Build-a-wreath Collection
(also available individually)

If so, you will have also seen me change the traditional white Groovi  lines to black….
And so so simply too.
Basically, all I did was emboss the Groovi lineart as we usually do, using the No. 1 stylus from the Starter Kit,

then go back over it with a fine black Micron pen,

Staying in the groove was easiest when I placed the whitework back over the elements on the Groovi plates when I went back in with black.

Then I just did the usual whitework from behind on a soft embossing mat, leaving the black work on the front.
It really stands out against the black lineart.

The red hearts were another little idea. 
If you colour in the whole heart from behind,
then flip to the front and colour in only half the heart with the same red Distress marker, you get a really cool shading effect.
Easy to colour in from the front because of the black lineart instead of white!

That simple. 
I know that over time, 
we will need the grooves less and less to stay in our black track.
But starting out, this is an excellent way forward.

And it really really throws a whole new spin 
on ALL our Groovi plates!
You really need to try it!
It is SO cool!
Got to go.
Van to load.
Love & hugs,

65 thoughts on “Rule book? What rule book?

  1. Those plates are beautiful lived the shows the black line mark looks wonderfulreally makes it pop. So sorry to here about Romeo the home seems so empty with out our love pets sending you big hugs lots love at this very sad time xxx

  2. Hi Barbara, this was my highlight from the Groovi shows I have seen so far. Love it. And my kind of thing too, my kind of Mindfulness. The possibilities are endless. Thank you for sharing. Hope your van packing goes well. One of my Asperger talents, I've been told, my ability to fit everything into a confined space. People were fascinated by it, used to like watching me do it, for some strange reason. Usually only gets utilised for my freezer these days, would offer my services if I lived closer!!! Love Brenda xx
    p.s. just read Joy's comment, so so sorry to hear about Romeo. My heart goes out to you and your family. I know only too well that one. And still you blog for us, that's good if it helps you through your grieving process, but we'll understand if you need a wee break for time for yourself and family xxxxx

  3. This is so effective and takes parchment to a whole new level. Think I might need to add a black micron pen to my groovi kit which is getting bigger and bigger these days.
    Hope you get the van packed quickly and can then then take some time for yourself later before the madness of the nec starts.

  4. Oh no poor Romeo. Sorry to hear this, just remember that he had a good life with you and your family, remember the cuddles and the funny times.
    These plates are just extra fantastic, I literally can't wait for mine to arrive. I love the black line-art , but you could do any colour, ooh the possibilities. I'm going to finish my last couple of jobs for today, and do some Groovi Christmas cards xxx

    1. Evening blog friends thinking of you all .i managed to do some groovi last night .and today I managed to get my canvas ready for the calendar challenge crafting hugs xxx

  5. Hi Barbara – thanks for showing us all how to do this. I really do love it and look forward to being able to try this. I loved the new plates. Haven't been able to watch all the programs yet, but have got them recorded. So sorry to hear about Romeo. Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi bloggy friends – hope you are all as well as you can be! We are having a great time being thoroughly spoiled. Getting lots of rest too. Love and hugs to you all Gilly xxx

  6. Hi Barbara
    I love this, isn't it beautiful, I need to watch this tv show as I'm confused as to which goes on the front or the back – doesn't take a lot!! I must start looking for my Micron pen, it's in the craft stash somewhere! So sorry to hear you have lost Romeo, I know how sad you must all be feeling. He's immortalised in your beautiful stamps so a little part of him will be with you forever. Sending a big hug.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane, well yes it had turned cold so today felt like winter is coming as yesterday it was so warm and a wonderful day.
      Hope you and all the ladies are tucked up and keeping warm.
      Hope you all have had a good day.
      Lynn xx

  7. This blog is absolutely stunning. However, challenged here! Do you emboss the lines and then put the micron pen over, or do you turn to the right side. I have been trying this afternoon and made a right, smudgy mess. I have been parching all day! Had a lesson in leaves and then got out my plates. Very satisfying despite now having a stiff neck and blurred vision – all in the name of art.
    Cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and wonderful blogs, demos etc.
    Much love to you and all the lovely bloggers out there.
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Anne,
      In the Hochanda demo, Barbara did all of the Groovi embossing first, but on the front of the parchment. She then placed the parchment back over the relevant part of the plate and went over the lines with the micron pen (again from the front). The pen takes a bit of time to dry, so you can blot it before moving onto the next area, or maybe just cover the area under your hand with a piece of copy paper.
      I have a lot of Promarkers with the fine nib, so I am going to give this a try once my wreath plates arrive – I think they would look good in a twiggy brown. I think this was a brilliant demo, and opens up so many new possibilities!
      Hugs, Ruth x

  8. What a great effect – would it work if you stamped on the parchment, then embossed from the back? I know lots of people will have the stamps and groovi plates in the same designs x

  9. Sending you & Dave a big hug on this very sad day, I know exactly how you are feeling having had our Billy for 22 years we were distraught when we lost her 3 years ago xxx

  10. Really confused now – I have found 2 blogs for today? Also how does everyone know about Romeo? I am so sorry that you have lost Romeo, but seem totally in the dark as to what has happened. Is it because I am not permitted to use Facebook?
    Much love to you and Dave
    Anne (Reading)

  11. Hi Barbara, so sorry to hear about Romeo it is always sad when a family member goes, he had a wonderful life.
    Thank you for the wonderful news plates and just love the idea of the black work puts a new spin on Groovi and what a lovley effect.
    Thank you again for a brilliant blog today.
    Lynn xx

  12. Hi Barbara, I absolutely love this !! but I missed the beginning of your demo of this one, so not sure where the black and white go, I will have to go on catch-up, I adore this beautiful creation.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  13. Ohh Barbara what a wonderful tecnique I have recorded all the shows and yes I did have to have the one day special they are so so lovely
    Can't wait to see what designs you are going to come up with next for your Groovi Gang
    Have a lovely evening and enjoy the show
    Theresa xx

  14. I'm so delighted you shared this, Barbara. This was my favourite image of all the shows I taped and watched. It's beautiful. Fab design and amazing technique. I've always told my nieces that the only rule is – there are no rules. Nice to see this being adapted for parchment and Groovi 🙂 x

  15. Hi Barb,
    I was really taken with this when I saw you do it on to! It gives a really fresh look doesn't it? I think I'm going to have to give this a go. Really sorry to hear about poor Romeo, I know how you must be feeling. He was certainly a big part of your family and you will have lots of happy memories and we have got his stamp too. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone has had as good a day as possible. Moral, hope you're feeling better and that little Bonnie is doing well. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  16. This is so cool. Love it. Will be at show twice this time going to drag Fred along Thursday to have a look at art side of things, then I am there Sunday with my lovely girls again. My son has been there today rigging lighting for dare I say it the Craft Channel. Told him he is a traitor but of course he has no choice where firm sends him. Safe journey and hope setting up goes well. X x

  17. So sorry to hear about Romeo Barbara, my thoughts are with you, its so hard to lose a precious pet. I loved watching you do this step by step on tv. Amazing how you thought of doing black lineart and how you've made it easier for us to do. Thank you for even more inspiration. Hope your packing up the van went well earlier. Love and hugs,Pam xxx

  18. What super groovi plates that Linda Willaims designed, I will try using the black liner pen as u say it opens a new field for the groovi plates. I have used these groovi plates and they are fantastic. Can't wait for the next designs to come out.

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