The Holly and the Ivy….

The Holly and the Ivy….

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
Just in case you didn’t get to watch the 2pm show today, 
I was working with the beautiful new Christmas floral stamps 
by Jayne Nestorenko. 
I’m hoping to get to see her next week. 
Hoping to visit her while we’re up at the NEC.
So let’s do a very traditional kind of stamp art –
just as Jayne would like it…
Big frame first…

Do you know how many times I have to stamp the same thing 
for the stages on a TV show ?
No wonder I can do it in my sleep!

Post-Its round the edge to mask.
Stamp the beautiful holly sprig into the corner.
I use the soft blue mat underneath from the Groovi Start Kit.
Gives a bit. Easier with large stamps.

Long elements round the frame.
These lovely trellis weaves are beautiful on their own too.

Post-its to mask the frame again.
Let’s tone the white down by adding a little yellow ink on one of our brushes.

How about a little trick?
Stamp another of the leafy ivy trailers in the set into the top.

Move the mask and continue the stamp into the frame.

Add a sun or moon, and brush in some yellow into the centre area.

When you lift off the mask, 
you can see how the white frame pops out. 
Colour in the flowers and leaves.

Takes time, this colouring in lark….
but well worth it.
Good for the head too.

Red berries. They make it.

Let’s dust a little greenness around the outer edge 
with one of our brushes.
Add a drop shadow on the lower side of every element 
with a dark grey pencil.
Every leaf, every frame, everything.
But only the underside.
See how it suddenly looks 3 dimensional?

Mount on red, and decide who’s getting this one.
Happy Christmas Mum and Dad!!!

Time to get ready for the next show at 5.
And then the One Day Special.
Groovi all the way !
Love and Hugs

68 thoughts on “The Holly and the Ivy….

  1. Beutif card. I missed your show as had to go and rescue Hubbie as his motorbike broke down. Any way, once I got jump leads I was able to get him back on the road.
    Not what was planned for today, which was a nice afternoon watching you demo while I stencil and stamp happily along side you!
    Will catch up later with the show as I did record it.

  2. Beautiful thank you for showing us. As it is Dens birthday tomorrow, thought best to allow him to watch what he wanted today…which was Rally Cross 🙂 So fingers crossed your show recorded.


  3. Hi Barbara…. This was a fabulous demo and really showed how to do that drop shadow so perfectly!
    I liked the second demo too!
    Looking forward to the second hour! Love and hugs! Xxxx

  4. Hello Barb,
    Great show at 2 pm and I also recorded it. I love seeing you do your magic.
    Looking forward to the next show at 5 pm, and have set the recorder for that and the 8pm. I'm a glutton for punishment ha ha. Hubby is on coffee making duty, you have met him at Sedgefield and if I say I'm watching Barbara, he just says "o.k."
    Maureen xxx

  5. Hi Barbara this is GORGEOUS ordered stamp and frame from Clarity , can't wait for it to arrive, wondered what to do for special friend, now I know Thankyou! Having to record 5pm show , still something to look forward to x

  6. Hello Barbara enjoyed the first of today's shows the stamp frame is fabulous is on my wish list just watching second one I've got one set of the postcards and the bookmarks set from your launch show the are wonderful quality only partly coloured the owl bookmark as yet hope you sell out xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, watched the two show, brilliant weren't they? Got them all recorded too. Will we ever be rich, no, but rich in craft stuff, ha ha. Havexa liveky evenung, roll on 8 pm. Love and hugs Pam xx

  7. Hi Barbara. Enjoyed both shows but especially the 5pm colouring. Must say you look very happy & very slim! Thanks as always for all the inspiration. Roll on 8pm xx

  8. Very much enjoyed the Hochanda shows . Loved the ideas you shared for colouring. Particularly found the lace with gel plates on the owls inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Enjoyed watching your shows Barbara and the stamps from Jane are really beautiful. I love your design with ivy dropping down into the frame is fabulous. x

  10. Great step by step, watched the shows so far, your prepping must have been spot on, your shows were brilliant. Wish I could colour like that, have a good chance of learning how as I've recorded all the shows. Looking forward to the 8 pm show, bet you are too, then you'll be able to rest and relax. You aren't being fair to my bank balance are you Barbara, I need everything you've showed so far, my list is so long, good job its nearly Christmas, love and hugs,Pam xx

  11. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you've all spent a lovely day doing nice things. Love and hugs to you all. Diane, Alison, Gilly, Morag, Dot, Brenda, Pen, etc. Hope I haven't missed any one. Pam xx

  12. Beautiful Barbara, beautiful lineart from Jayne, and beautiful composition and colouring in from yourself. Perfect, deserves to be framed. By the sounds of it, your mum and dad are going to have quite a collection of cards from you this year!!! Thank you for sharing, and for describing and showing close-ups of the drop shadow. I think I've got it now, don't think I was far off it with my first attempt, so that's encouraging :-). I watched both your shows, despite the Norman Collier effect driving me up the wall!!!!;-) You're just too popular on Hochanda!!! The live stream works perfectly until you come on, and then goes back to working perfectly when your show ends! That's a compliment by the way. But I've, hopefully, recorded them so I can watch them properly on the telly, and learn from them. Thank you for all your hard work. See you at 8pm, love Brenda xx

    1. Love your black work idea Barbara. I was going to try tracing, but this is such a great way to learn, not just for tracing but also for freehand drawing, and writing. Thank you for yet more help and ideas. You really are amazing and so clever xx

  13. Beautiful stamps,gorgeous demos – added to my wishlist, but have to wait to see the new Linda Williams ODS tonight before placing my order! xx

  14. Absolutely stunning and brilliant shows as ever. I wasn't going to buy anymore Christmas stuff, but I've decided these are too good not to have. Looking forward to the Groovi shows. X

  15. Will have to watch on catch up as my recording box broke last week and won't be replaced until next week. Lovely step by step and really like how you have trailed the ivy behind the frame x

  16. Great shows especially 8 pm. Now know how to reuse all my failed coloured parchments! Yes dim lighting and bad eyesight! (Finish a piece and then realise wrong way around) . Excellent work and TV presentations! Mariax

  17. Love the effect you get brushing ink around the post-its, hardly shows until they are removed. Also loved the trick of setting the ivy into the top of the frame. Comment about drop shadow on new F/B. Good to have instructions here to help memory.Fantastic day of shows.xx

  18. Hi Barbara
    This is so beautiful, Jayne your stamps are gorgeous and Barbara what you do with them is amazing. Please send our love to Jayne when you see her next week, she will be delighted to see you I'm sure. I missed the 2pm and 8 pm show, they are a treat for tomorrow but watched at 5 whilst preparing dinner. I got carried away with the sprouts whilst watching you colour, never mind if I put them on to cook now they might be ready for Christmas Day!! Haha ( Maureen I know you put yours on last month ready for Christmas, are they getting soft yet!). Hope you have a good nights sleep, looking forward to groovi tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxx

  19. Hi Barb,
    Well you never disappoint! The show were fantastic and the build a wreath plates are superb. I loved the stamp shows but decided that as I'd got the Groovi plates I would make do with them. The colouring shows excellent too and I already have all of that. Then the wreath show came on and I was blown way! Was only going to buy one wreath but in the end I've ordered all of the wreaths and the three extra plates direct from Clarity. Really enjoyed all of the shows and I love that Alex gets so excited! Your idea for doing black line art was ingenious too- far easier than tracing! Have a sneaky feeling that there will be some sell outs tomorrow. Hope Paul's got his dancing shoes ready! Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Shows were fantastic and as usual bought too much – the Groovi wreaths and extra plates! My excuse for spending is that I don't drink or smoke so what else should I spend my money on?!!! Hope you all enjoyed the shows too. I bet the cushions were well used. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  20. Fantastic card! Ideally enjoyed watching your shows today. You always come up with something amazing. And boy, did the design team pull out all the stops with their stunning cards.

  21. Really enjoyed watching all three of the shows Barb. You were brilliant as usual. I loved the stamps, but I also loved the ' Groovi' one day special, so I went for that! Hopefully I can give it the justice it deserves! Just got to muster up some faith in my ability! Ha! But you certainly know how to get my creative juices flowing – can't wait for it to arrive! I haven't made any Christmas cards yet, think they may all be ' Groovi'! Looking forward to catching up with Monday's show. Xx

  22. Wonderful programmes today. Especially this card. Have stayed up late to watch the last one. So mad with my TV. Cannot get the channel so have to use the iPad. You are a great teacher just wish I could produce a beautiful card. Will have to keep practicing. Hope to see some of the shows tomorrow xxxxxx

  23. Thoroughly enjoyed your shows, Barbara! The stamps are BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE the frame!Definitely a Must Have! Loved your colouring in demos – so inspirational, so relaxing. xxx

  24. Hello Barb, Still catching up on the shows, but so far, just brilliant, so much inspiration, and such gorgeous stamps. Love this artwork. Looking forward to watching the rest. Take care. Bx

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