Windows Galore!

Windows Galore!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Thursdayโ€™s blog is always blue, 
so how about a very simple step by step today,
using the lovely stained Glass Groovi plates 
which Paul showcased on telly last Sunday?

Trace the mother and child out first,
then make a box frame, using the Nested Square plate.

Blue parchment?
Colour in the panels from behind using Distress Markers.
Look below.
See how you can inject blueness 
by simply laying a sheet of blue parchment underneath?
Here we have used the A5 blue from the two-tones collection.
I think this is a good taster pack. It gives you a selection of the various colours.
Then, if you particularly like one of the colours, 
you can order a pack of it alone. 
If you go with a dark blue, an opaque piece of card, 
it seems to dull the parchment down too much.
Very very simple card.
Great for making batches or selling as sets.

To that end, we have actually gathered all 5 windows in a bundle
so that when you buy all 5,
you only pay for 4.
Let me treat you to a beautiful Stained Glass Window Feast by Tina Cox….

Now thatโ€™s what I call a masterpiece.

For those of you who are stampers, these are also available in stamp format….
And for those of you who like a stencil, guess what?!
Anybody who makes cards for charity or to sell, 
these stained glass windows are ideal.
Love & hugs

162 thoughts on “Windows Galore!

  1. These are gorgeous Barbara. I love the simplicity of your demo, as you say great for quick cards. But for someone special..Tina's is stunning. Love and Hugs xxx

  2. Hello all my lovely friends. I hope you are all having a good day. Gilly, I hope Neil is having a better day and Sheila, I hope you have managed to get in to see the doc. Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

    1. Hi Morag – we have just got back in and I am SO pleased to say that Neill is SO much better today and was able to see someone at the hospital today about it. I have passed on your gentle hug and your husband's comment too – Neill was very touched by how kind you both are. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Morag, glad you have had a good day. yes we will all be sitting and tunings in to Hochanda this weekend. I can then make up my mind which plates I am going to buy
      have a good night.
      Lynn xx

    3. It's going to be very hard to choose Lynn. Hi Diane, still feel sickly from last night hahaha! My own fault for eating too late!.
      Strapped and ready to go Donna.
      Gilly, I'm so pleased that Neil is better today. xxx

    4. Hi Morag, I to will be tuning into Hochanda at the weekend. So glad it will be back on Freeview. As I am new to this I am a little bit curious about "the cushions" you all refer to. I guess it has something to do with all the spending that might happen but I am not sure. Also where does the "camp fire" fit in? Hope you don't mind me asking but I would like to join in the friendly banter. Thanks.xx

    5. Hello Susan, yes the cushions are because of the spending impact. I am not sure where the campfire came in I think that was a saying by Brenda. Everyone is welcome here it is a positive place x

    6. Yes Susan, the campfire is a virtual place where we can imagine what we would be doing if we all met up there. For instance, what cakes or goodies we could take..even what songs we would sing! The cushions are there for when we fall off the 'no spending' wagon!!! Ouch, the more we spend, the bigger the cushions needed. it took me quite a while to figure it out too, as, like you, I was a 'lurker too for a long long time before I plucked up the nerve to join in. It was the best thing I ever did. Hugs xxx

    7. Hi Morag sorry I missed your birthday but here is a wee belated birthday hug…xx
      Susan Brenda will be here soon she can explain the CCA.. Clarity Customers Anonymous a bit like AA without the booze when we fall off the wagon to you which your now a member she's better with the words …xx

    8. Hi Morag, hope you've had a good day. Only popped down to Harrogate this afternoon, more or less just to fill up on fuel before going home tomorrow. Sad to say goodbye to the north for yet another year. Love and hugs Pam xx

    9. Hi everyone, aye Clarity Crafter's Anonymous. But don't be expecting a cure for it, we're all uselss, nae will power when it comes to Clarity spending. The worst offender being Sheila, eh Sheila ๐Ÿ˜‰ Falling off the wagon, every time we spend. Got rather sore, so some of us have cushions strapped to us, or on the ground for landing onto, some have padded suits to put on, and I put on my Zebedee springs to lessen the effort it takes to climb back up!!! We all meet at the campfire at the bottom. I end up having to clean it up in the morning after every one has left for the day, me having a weird body clock, last to bed, last up!!! You wouldn't believe what gets sneaked in that's not allowed, nutella being the favourite just now!!! They think I don't know๐Ÿ˜‰.

    10. Hi Morag,
      Was the cheesecake better than the chocolate mousse?! Anyway, I'm pleased you had a good time. You deserve it after what you've been through. Looking forward to Hochanda being back on our screens , but a bit worried about Barbara's shows – I really can't afford anything , but I have a feeling I might be tempted! Love and hugs Alison xx

    11. Hi all Clarity (recovering) addicts. Very sore bum tonight following BIG fall off wagon on Tuesday. Still campfire comfort food in shape of mushroom omelette and lunchtime's prawn sandwich helped. (Though the sandwich would have made excellent cushion foam – really not good!). Awaiting relapse goodies in post, hopefully tomorrow. Suspect I may heed a couple of little add ons to make the best of the new stuff. Familiar syndrome anybody? Nite nite xx

  3. Brilliant, amazing what a difference what you put behind the parchment makes! Very interesting….๐Ÿค” Tina's masterpiece is just stunning x

  4. Hello Barbara

    I love these, Groovi, stencil and stamp! I have my birthday money to spend and am spoilt for choice. Keep telling myself that, as my Christmas cards are done, I don't need Christmassy things at this moment in time, but, hey ho, can I resist? Is the Pope Church of England?


  5. Hi Barbara – these plates look really good! I am so pleased to see how a simpler card can look so good – I think that I may have been putting myself under too much pressure to do too much detail, too soon! What's new I ask myself?! Really looking forward to your shows at the weekend Barbara, hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – thank you for your supportive comments yesterday, they helped me SO much! Thankfully Neill was much better this morning and today's session has gone well and the sun has been shining, so what more could I ask for!? Diane – I have passed on your 'cheeky' hug! Well, today it is my turn to go and have a sleep, as I can rest easy knowing that Neill is ok for now! Sheila I hope that Tom managed to get you an appointment to see the doctor today! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, I didn't get to read yesterday's but have just gone back to read yours. Sorry to hear about Neil but glad he's feeling better with it today. It's odd how it affects people differently. Glad you're getting some rest too. Xx

    3. Hello Gilly that's good news, glad my cheeky hug helped too. Yes you have a lovely rest, worrying about Neil yesterday must have taken its toll on you. Sending you a hug today xxx

    4. Hi Barbara, yes I so love these plates.
      I do have some of the stencils and stamps and you can always count on them to look good.
      I know what Gilly means I try to add to much detail , when I should know less is more.
      Looking forward to all the shows this weekend
      You have nothing to worry will be great.
      kind thoughts.
      Lynn xx

    5. Good morning gilly thinking of you and Neil today sending lots of caring hugs wrap them around you both pleased Neil is brighter today hope today's treatment dosent make him ill today xxx

    1. Yes glad it's back on for Barbara I can't watch online I get half a picture and half multi coloured stripes.
      Time goes more slowly now I've retired when I was teaching we were always looking the the future – the next day's lessons, the next week's plan, the next half term plan etc, etc xx

    2. Oh aye a week on Monday counting the days now hope your half term
      Is the same although I'm no complaining love helping with the morning's
      But teenage boy's are a wee bit hard to get up which is my job while
      Daughter sorts wee Amy out hugs to Dot..xx

    3. Hi Donna, hope you and Pheobi are well now. Half term will be round before you know it. Our little holiday nearly over, returning home tomorrow. Feel better for having the rest though. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    4. Hi Donna,
      I bet you're looking forward to half term! You'll be able to have a proper play with your new goodies! Looking forward to Barbara's shows. Love and hugs to you and Phoebe, Alison xxx

  6. Hi everyone, went into work today for someone else's retirement drinks – it's nice to be able to go back for social visits and not have to stay ! Had some positive news today, our friend who has liver cancer is having an op today, well treatment which involves an overnight stay and he was told this morning that all being well it should kill his cancer altogether which is a much better prognosis than first thought. Then just found out what a small world it is as we met a couple we both know but don't meet up with socially and he said he had a funeral to go to next thurs as do we and, of course it;s the same one we're going to. Have to go have just had a shock message come through as I'm typing on messenger. Another sad one. Need to pull myself together. Xx

    1. Oh Jackie not more sad news. You'll feel like you've not had a holiday. Sending you a hug to join with all the others. Try to keep smiling. Think about your little niece. Xxx

  7. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely set of plates, I have some of the stamps already and they are great to use for quick cards as you say. I hope you have had a good day today, the floor is clear the desk is tidy and the artwork is flowing. Tina's work is stunning isn't it, it's lovely to see what we can aspire to!
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope today has been kind to you all. Brenda when I do my RAK I always smile and think of you, you should be really proud that you started this quite band of people on their way. Sheila I hope you managed to get the doctors appointment today and he has been able to help you. Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. Hug back Diane funny that I'm the same thinking awe done that Brenda will
      be chuffed easy for me these RAK's the now visiting my Mum so many with
      not a visitor to say a kind word so sad but true..xx

  8. Both the cards are beautiful. I have the Madonna stencil, so will need to see what I can do. Looking forward to the shows in TV if I can get it. Hope all goes well for you. Also the people going to port sunlight. Wish I could have gone there. XXXX

  9. This is gorgeous and loving the stained glass effect. I saw some amazing stain glassed windows in Turkey at the Topkapi Palace. I have to agree that Tina's card is indeed a masterpiece. Enjoy your evening.
    Linda xxxx

  10. A lovely selection of stained glass designs Barbara and great to have them in all formats too. What a fabulous card Tina made, just stunning! Looking forward to Hochanda being back on tv and your programmes on Sunday and Monday. x

  11. Love the simplicity of this card Barbara and I agree it does look better with the blue parchment behind it rather than anything darker. Also love the stamps and stencils. As I dabble with all three, Groovi, Stamps and Stencils looks like I will need them all. They all bring something a little different. Looking forward to your shows on Sunday and Monday, I know they will be a roaring success. Did you manage to get your Art Room sorted?

  12. These are fab, mine arrived yesterday and I have managed one card from them so far. It's all packed up with all my other craft goodies as I am doing a table tomorrow for Macmillan day in letchworth.

  13. Lovely blog and the demo Paul did – absolutely first class.
    What a relief to look at something beautiful. I have had an appalling day at court. I never thought I could be so disgusted with what I heard. I am just hoping the blog stays in my dreams and not the day. Tomorrow, unfortunately will be just as bad. Roll on Barbara on the telly. What would I do without the blog and Clarity.
    Apologies for the "inside" of my e-mail – just getting it out of my system, I guess. Time to go and watch some re-runs.
    Love Anne (Reading)

    1. Sending you an extra hug Anne. I used to work for a certain Crisis Charity at one time so I understand how difficult it can be to get stuff out of your head. I perfected my own strategy by having a physical cut off point halfway home. Up until I reached that point I would go over my day then as soon as I reached a certain roundabout I would think about what I was going to do for dinner etc.
      But I'm sure you'll have your own way of coping my friend. Take care. Love and Hugs xxx

  14. Your lovely card is a good example of less can be more, so simple and effective. Tina's card is amazing and it also shows that you don't always need lots of white work xx

    1. Hello bloggy pals. I re read my posts from yesterday and realised how many typos etc I had made! I came down with a virus on Tuesday and am muzzy headed, but at least it held off for the weekend.
      Emma and Alison, I got some of those gel pens today, W H Smith has an offer pack of 12 metallic and sparkle ones in a variety of colours plus a black fineliner for ยฃ7.99. They work a treat, thanks for the heads up Emma xx

    2. Sending you some hugs Chris hoping you'll soon feel better. Are you sure they are typo errors or the dreaded predicted text? That's sounds,a good offer on the gel pens etc. Take care. xxx

    3. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for the info about the pens – I'll have a look in Smiths when I'm in Durham or Darlington next. Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather, and hope you feel better soon. Love and hugs Alidon xx

  15. Simple but superb! Loving the Stained Glass windows but having to 'sit on my hands' as have had lots of lovely Clarity goodies lately, plus waiting to see what Barb brings to the Hochanda 'House Party' launch treats! Can't wait – TV remote already 'reserved' for Sunday!!

    Hugs to all my 'bloggy' friends – have a lovely evening xx

  16. Hi Barbara, these plates are lovely and look really easy to do. The lighter blue just adds a little something. Another generous offer, but at the moment can't spend anymore, Ally Pally and Leyburn cleared me out, for the time being. Looking forward to the weekend and what you have to show us on Hochanda. Safe journey and hope all goes to plan. Hope you can get some time to rest.

  17. Hi to all my blog by friends, hope you managed to get a doctors appointment Sheila. Hope everyone has had a good day. Last night here, off home tomorrow. Just going to settle down to a bit of grooving before bedtime. Love and hugs to you all.xx

    1. Have a safe journey Pam. Like you my Clarity fund is at zero. I'm hoping I already have some of the goodies on the shows so I can get inspiration without the cost xx

  18. Beautiful Barbara something for everyone in a great design which one goes on the list that's the problem although Grooving is my wee crafty choice just now
    No mess just mindfulness and just into a wee world of my own so I think that the
    Plates will be at the top well until the weekend that is hope the prep goes well
    looking forward to the show's.
    Lots of love to your Mum and Dad 58 Years that's just lovingly beautiful…xx
    Take care love Dot..xx

    1. Hello Dorothy dear. I'm pleased you are able to lose yourself in your Groovi for a wee while. It's so lovely to have you back here. You have been missed. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Evening bloggy friends sorry been a wee bit AWOL but Granny duties/visiting Mum taking up most of the day just now doesn't mean I'm no catching up with
      you all so hugs to all I've missed especially Sheila and everyone who needs
      one and of coarse a cuddle fir oor Brenda night night all where would we be
      without this special place…love Dot..

    3. Thank you Dorothy for my Birthday Hug. I put my right hand on my left shoulder, and my left hand on my right shoulder, and felt it perfectly!!! Here's one back for you xxx

  19. Ah, just perfect for parchment Barbara, and the different sizes too. Thank you, and for the inspiration too. I was just about to ask for mini ones, then saw the plates further down. Aye me no managed to watch Paul on catch up, and with no access to my Clarity emails any more I feel totally in the dark of all things Clarity! Rubbishy day, laptop, need I say more! Round in a full circle, currently in progress of putting it back to square one, start again tomorrow, if I can bear it, so a total waste of my day. At least it wasn't that physical, (I refrained from throwing it out the window!!!) which hopefully might help me as still feeling very fluey. Hope you've had a far more successful and productive day, and another tomorrow too. Love Brenda xx

    1. Oh Brenda, I'm so sorry you've had such a rubbishy day, particularly when you are feeling extra poorly. Only one more full day to go before you'll be back to Hochanda on freeview, then you will be able to catch up with all things Clarity. I hope you're able to get your laptop sorted successfully tomorrow. a night at the campsite would do you the world of good I think. Take care my friend. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Oh there Yi are nearly missed Yi guess what fleecy jammies I've got on
      the night naw yil never guess …sponge bob square pants Xmas present
      Fae the boy's well they were just lying there and no done the washing yet
      so hope there's no a fire .. here's another cuddle ..xx
      Love Dot…xx

    3. Thanks Morag. Hope you're doing as ok as you can be after losing wee Penny xx

      That's so funny Dot๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. You'll have to let them see you in them. And I thought my fleecy jammies for going over my proper ones were bad enough with nordic designs on them. I'll no be feeling so bad in them now, I'll be picturing you in your sponge bob ones. Sorry but I'm still laughing. Bet the washing goes on first thing!!! Cuddle back xx

    4. Hi Brenda,
      Oh dear, you are having a bad time aren't you! Just think though you'll soon have Hochanda back and Barara's shows to look forward to. Hope you can get your laptop sorted soon. Love and hugs Alison xx

    5. Oh there Yi are nearly missed Yi guess what fleecy jammies I've got on
      the night naw yil never guess …sponge bob square pants Xmas present
      Fae the boy's well they were just lying there and no done the washing yet
      so hope there's no a fire .. here's another cuddle ..xx
      Love Dot…xx

    6. Morning my dear blog friend hope your day is brighter today and thank you for thinking of me when your on a rubbish day yesterday wee hugs for you and daisy xxx

    7. Morning Sheila, thank you, I'm going to make it better, no matter what๐Ÿ˜‰ How are you doing? It's ok, you don't have to say what happened at the GP unless you ever want to. I/we are still here to support you and send you psychic love to wrap you in. I'm guessing it was bad news, and I feel so bad for you. I'm so so sorry things are going so bad for you just now. Hope you can still manage your wee bit craft today, so you can go to bed tonight knowing you won the battle for today and got a wee break despite everything. I'm going to have a break from chores, and back my Groovi bits for cards, then start my ATCs for my garden guy taking away with him in a couple of weeks. So I'll think of you hopefully doing a wee bit craft while I'm doing mine. I'm so glad you've got Tom. Thinking about you loads xx

  20. Evening blog friends excuse me from messaging to you all individually tonight it's been a very rough day I will catch up with you all tomorrow heartfelt hugs to you all goodnight ๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ›Œ xxx

    1. Good morning Sheila – I just popped in to see how you are. I am really very sorry to hear that yesterday was so bad for you – I am sending you positive and caring hugs – with a wish that today will be better than yesterday. Lots of love, Gilly xxx

    2. Good morning my dear blog friends thank you all for your thoughtful messages it's a comfort each day to come on here .
      Yesterday was a tough day tom rang Drs from 8am got through at 8.15 am all appointments had gone as now people wait outside to get the appointments he was not a happy bunny when I got up at 9.30am it upset me as he tried to get me one .i rang Drs and ask to send a task to the dr .then I rang the rhumotiod arthritis consultant secretary in tears she was very helpful and got me an emergency app for next Thursday morning.i have a diabetic review on Wednesday afternoon and Drs Friday that I booked on line busy week but at least getting some help .i rang the endoscope department as not had my appointment yet they have not had a referral so she put me through to the liver specialist secretary so she is going to chase it up and ring me as it should have been sent within 2days it's now been 2 weeks or so .after I put the phone down Drs receptionist rang she saw the dr I wanted to see and he said he would see me after the last appointment in clinic so I explained that I had done what I thought he could do and I apologies for making him late finishing as I had sorted it myself we discussed my pain and swelling in my joints and me having no quality of life and if my liver is never going to go back to normal I need some medication to control my rhumotiod arthritis. So when I did get home I just felt so poorly with pain so went to bed but cfs was bad too just couldn't settle to nothing .
      But today is a restful day from now till next Tuesday just rest day .
      Sending you all caring hugs thank you again for your support xxx

    3. I'm so sorry you're going through this Sheila. Happy there has been no further bad news for you healthwise though, that's what I was worryimg had happened yesterday. With all the different health departments you need, someone should be co-ordinating it all. What about your practice nurse, it's something they could be doing, making sure all the different departments are doing what they should be, when they should be, and with no overlaps or anything, chasing up redults etc. I would really try to get that set up, the selling point to your GP surgery is it frees up your GP's time. I know exactly what you felt like and went through yesterday. Sometimes letting your emotions out rather than hiding them, does seem to be what gets somethimg done. Please try to see if your practise nurse can be co-ordinator, I do think that is the solution. Xx

    4. Thank you Brenda will try that life isn't easy is it and a lot of the clarity blog family have there life struggles too it makes you feel very humbled hugs for you and daisy xxx

    5. Hello Sheila, I am sorry you are having such a bad time at the moment. To try and get appointments sorted and some answers when so many people are involved is very frustrating especially when you feel so ill and in pain. I really feel for you. I think Brenda's idea of getting your Practice Nurse to be a co-ordinator is great and certainly worth trying. Gentle hugs. xx

  21. Hi Barb,
    Love this card for its simplicity. I already some of the stamps and love them – great for batch making. However, I really love the Groovi plates and thank you for such a good offer. Tina's card is simply stunning – saw it on Paul's show. She is one very clever lady! Hope you got everything done that you wanted to without tiring yourself out too much. Really looking forward to your shows at the weekend. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      What a horrible day up here today – although the sun was out, the wind was horrendous! Baskets have been taken down yet again and I don't think they'll be going back up as they just about gone now. Always a sad time – summer definitely gone. Bought a couple of trekking poles today so hopefully they'll take a bit of strain off my knee next week if we do a lot of walking. Could've done without spending the money, but if they help, it will be worth it. Hopefully might see Northern Lights tonight which would be nice. Hope you've all had as good a day as possible. Sheila, hope you got to the doctors today. See you all tomorrow, love and hugs Alison xxx

  22. Hi Barbara, I'm loving the fact that these Christmas stencils are now available as Groovi plates and stamps. Really love the fact that they are so versatile for both quick batch cards and also for more detailed personal cards. Looking forward to watching you again on Hochanda this weekend. It seems like ages since I've been able to watch you on Freeview. Safe journey up to Peterborough and back. love and hugs, Jeanette xx

  23. Lovely simple card. Like the idea re the coloured parchment to back too. Rush tomorrow to master brayered backgrounds (currently mottled rubbish) then playing with hares and toadstools for family birthday cards which. Meanwhile love and hugs to all xxx MUST hit the post by Saturday lunch. HELP PLEA: should i be able to brayer ink from ink pad onto ordinary 250 gsm card or do I need special card? Any response very gratefully received

    1. Any stamping card will do but the smoother the better I think, Barbara uses her card with a slight sheen on it. I was shown to work fast, back and forth and take the brayer right off the card each time, not too much ink and spreading it out with the brayer on a blending mat helps. I am better than I was bit not perfect by a long way. You can probably find Barbara demoing it on you tube xx

    2. Thanks very much Chris! That was super quick, and i'll definitely give it another go tomorrow. Realised i don't lift the brayer off at end of each sweep so that may cause a problem. And i'll check out youtube idea too. Thankful hugs xx

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