It’s a Monkey of a Month!!!

It’s a Monkey of a Month!!!

Hi there.
Thank you for joining me today.
Wednesday’s blog – when we just stop and try to figure out 
what we are actually doing!

We’ve been back on the TV prep today, Paul and I.

Paul and Dave are off up to Port Sunlight tomorrow, 
to hook up with Heather, Len and Maria 
for another very, very busy little one-day event.

I am staying back, to get ready for TV Sunday and Monday.

To be honest I need a little time alone in my art room, 
just so that I can get on top of stuff and have a clean up.
File some stamps and stencils, tidy the room,
clear the mind.

I cannot see the spot I am standing on;
I need to step back and reconfigure….

We knew September would be a monkey of a month –
and we weren’t wrong.
But when it goes right, as it did at Tennants in Leyburn last weekend, then it is so worth all the effort.

This was a couple of hours into the set up on the Friday.
To build a Demo Day from scratch is no mean feat!

The next day the whole Clarity Crew were there, 
all set to rock n roll.

A couple of hours later, the hall was packed with friends of Clarity!

The hall was full of you guys from this here blog, too!
I had a shout out and arranged for us to meet outside the Clarityroom at the huge antique table, didn’t I?
It was superb.
You should have seen your faces as we went round the table, 
giving our names!
So much excitement and chatter!
It was about time you met up properly, eh. 
And in the twinkling of an eye, it was all over, 
everything back in the van.
Was it successful? I’ll say!! And I don’t just mean financially, although those that attended certainly came with a shopping list!
The atmosphere, the vibe, the energy in the room. 
That was the magic.
Will we be back to Tennants?
We have reserved the same room for next year already – and the one next door! It was a little bit tight, and we just needed a little more room to manoeuvre.
I had the pleasure of meeting Rodney Tennant,
 the owner of said Auction Rooms.
Very nice gentleman. 
There was a large Country House Auction/Sale in progress during the 2 days we were there – hence all the amazing antiques everywhere.
Whilst in conversation with Rodney Tennants, 
I said that I found it quite sad to see a whole household, 
a family home, being dissolved in that way.
He nodded, and told me that many years ago, when he had first joined Sothebys as a young lad, 
his then boss told him the following:
“Welcome to the world of Divorce, Debt and Death. These are mostly the only occasions when people sell their belongings.”
Now of course, he runs his own immensely successful 
family business.
But I made my own observation too…
When everybody had left, the public had gone home, 
and we were the last people in the building, breaking down the stands again and loading up the van,
there were two men still in the building with us:
Rodney and his General Manager, another very pleasant chap. 
That impressed me.
They both waved us goodbye before locking the door for the evening. 

135 thoughts on “It’s a Monkey of a Month!!!

  1. It was a beautiful venue, and all the staff there were so nice. The ladies at reception looked a bit bemused as more and more of us emerged with more and more shopping bags!!! …. and then went back in for yet more! Definitely on the calendar for next year! Hope you enjoyed a lovely meal with your parents. Love to all on the blog, Ruth

    1. No, I am rubbish! Can't remember a thing Tina showed us…. Pricked out a border and have no idea how to cut it. All these lovely star shapes – nope, not a clue! Will do some clarity research on blogs and try again… Xx

    2. Hi all, yes I am determined to master this, even if It takes years! The end results we saw at Leyburn were so amazing, have to keep at it till I can achieve something reasonable. Xxxx

  2. Thanks for sharing all of that with us Barbara – it sounds as though it was an amazing day! I would have loved to be there – but who knows, next year maybe? I am sure that the blog friends really enjoyed meeting up together and being able to put faces to names and also to have a face-to-face chat. Enjoy your solitary time – it will be most therapeutic for you. Having a sort out and tidy, always feels good – clearing the room and clearing the mind too! Looking forward to seeing you on tv! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I hope that you are all as well as can be, and that you have had some sunshine today! It has been Neill's most difficult day so far – he has got some very unpleasant side-effects which have worsened today. So when we got home, after I had made him a cup of tea and got him something to eat – I insisted that he went to have a sleep. After having huge hugs, of course – bless him. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for him. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Yes we all enjoyed meeting up and putting faces to names at long last. It was a lovely day and then met quite a few again on the Sunday at Aycliffe. Hope you're ok, love and hugs Alison xx

    3. HI Gilly, I too am sorry Neil is not having a good day. I have had 6 weeks of daily treatment recently and I think hugs and sleep certainly go a way tomake you feel better. Hope tomorrow is a little easier for you both.xx

    4. Hi Alison, Diane and Susan – thank you for your kind comments, I am ok today, and didn't need a sleep. Neill has just woken up, but still not feeling so great – so I have given extra hugs and got the tea cooking for him. I will pass on your cheeky hug next Diane! xxx

    5. You are luck yo have each other – one to look after the other in the difficult times. Maybe you could have a little holiday here next year there are some lovely caravan sites nearby xx

    6. My dear gilly I really feel it for you both dealing with treatment and it's side effects it's never easy for you both sending heartfelt hugs the biggest I can send hope tomorrow is a better day take my hugs with you xxx

    7. Hello Gilly. I am so sorry to hear that Neil is suffering so at the moment. Please give him a gentle hug from me too. Hubby says to 'keep his chin up, as he's nearly there now'
      It will be fabulous if you can holiday up here next year for Leyburn, and perhaps call here for a day too, you would be more than welcome.
      Love and Hugs to you too. xxx

    8. Hope Neil has a better day tomorrow, must seem never ending for the both of you. You have coped so well so far. It will do you both good to get some extra sleep to help your bodies and minds to recover. It's been a lot of worry for you both. Sending loads if hugs to spur you on. Xxx

    9. Good morning everyone – thank you so much for all of your lovely comments, it helps SO much! Today the sun is shining and Neill seems heaps better today! Fingers crossed that it will continue after he has had today's treatment. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

  3. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely post today, went from frantic madness at the beginning and by the end I could hear your voice slowing and relaxing as the memories came back, ending with a smile. What a beautiful building and a lovely family running the business, just like Clarity. My grandad loved auctions, he bought some lovely pieces, not antique roadshow but just lovely. So sad when you think where they came from though but they had a good home afterwards. I hope you can get your head around the TV prep and Paul and Dave have a safe journey. That was a great idea having a blog shout out otherwise people would be ships in the night. Did you all have a good evening last night? I hope mum and dad have got their feet up today looking at all their lovely cards.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends hope everyone is ok today. I hear the weather isn't good in Scotland so take care if you are up there. I'm just settling down to some groovi white work, dinner pobbling away in the oven so what not. Oh yes Barbara I forgot to say, fantastic service today, ordered a few bits on Monday and they came today, excellent thank you. Sending hugs all round.xxxx

    2. Hi Diane,
      It was a brilliant idea of Barbara's for us to meet up. It was quite funny really how you meet people. I was standing in a queue to go into the room and would you believe I was standing next to Chris M! Didn't know each other to look at but obviously knew from the blog. Looking forward to next year! Love and hugs Alison xx

    3. That's really funny Alison but good you got to meet up in the flesh! I was wondering that at Ally Pally too and only met Pam because Barbara grabbed her and introduced her. Xxx

    4. Hi Diane, I was looking at everyone at Ally Pally wondering if they were on the blog but trying not to stare too much! Perhaps we could were a badge or something for those that go in April.

    5. At least I could now recognise you Diane and Alison too! Sorry Susan, I wouldn't know if it was you!? I really hope to be able to go to one Clarity event next year – fingers crossed! Hugs Gilly xxx

    6. Evening Diana enjoy your groovi I've ordered some A4 Christmas parchment to back my Jayne large frame onto as is such a great price at present crafting hugs xxx

    7. Hello Diane, my friend. You are right, it was so good to meet up with with other bloggers. I felt at home straight away with each and every one of them. Did you manage to get your white work done? Love and Hugs xxx

    8. Hi Diane, have you finished your white work? It was wonderful meeting all the ladies from the blog at Tennants. I've had a little go at the beautiful blue Christmas card that Barbara did at Ally Pally, but stupidly left the hills plate at home. Hope mine will resemble hers at least a little bit. Very warm and windy here today. Love and hugs Pam xx

  4. I really enjoyed last week at Tennants, to be honest my crafting mojo was on a go slow and last weekend was just the kick it needed to get going again, so thank you for putting the event on. And also so lovely to meet some lovely blogland folk too. Today I spent some time with my daughter who likes making cards playing with paints and stencils, we didn't get anything made but had fun just playing, the making will come in time.

  5. Hi Barb,
    Hope you had a fabulous time with you Mum and Dad and of course Dave last night.
    Lovely blog today and as you said it is sad to see someone's possessions being sold off but at least things will be going to a good home. There were some lovely things being sold as well. I'm really looking forward to next year – I think I'll start saving now! Hope Dave and Paul have a safe journey and that you manage a bit of chill time on your own. Looking forward to the shows, ( although I'm skint at the moment!) . Thanks again, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all Morag, I hope you haven't got a hangover! Had to take Scamp to the vets today for her check up and jabs etc. Got a clean bill of health thankfully and the vet was really pleased with her progress after breaking her hip. Had a play with my new stamps – made some inserts for the cards I made last week and they do look lovely now that the front matches the inserts. Getting very windy here now and very stormy too. Autumn is definitely here. Love and hugs to you all. Alidon xx

    2. Hi Alison – your cards sound beautiful! We have had lots of very strong winds over the last few days, which is such a shame as we have still got lots of tourists down here, love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Alison I decided it was too windy to garden so I planned out some Christmas cards. I can start the designs while waiting for my ink pads to arrive. Glad Scamp passed his MOT XX

    4. Hi Alison. I've had a lovely day thank you. Feel a bit stuffed tonight after 'The Mill's' Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake. The lightest and fluffiest imaginable! No alcohol for me though, so never have hangovers! Love and Hugs xxx

    5. So pleased for you that Scamp has got on well at the vets. Very windy here too, hope it dies down by Friday, don't fancy towing the van home if it's this windy. Had a lazy day today, we only went into Ripon after lunch. Been doing a little groovy tonight. Love and hugs, Pam xx

  6. Having helped set up a single stand for shows I've got a good idea of the hard work you all put in setting up the entire venue…no mean feat but greatly appreciated by all who come along to the event! It'll be lovely to have the extra space next year, date is already in the diary!

    Sounds like Rodney Tennant has his feet firmly on the ground, bit like you and Dave, and that's great!

    Hope you've achieved what was intended and it'll make a change to be able to arrive at Port Sunlight without the stress of setting up – bet you make a few 'tweaks' tho! Anyhow enjoy doing what you do best – making people happy – can't fail in that as smiling is infectious. Can't wait for Hochanda to be back on Freeview, especially the new offerings from Clarity!!!xx

  7. Family businesses are always the best, they care about how it works and effects them and their employees and have that added interest in making sure it works well and continues into the future, just like you Barbara. I think you need a little breathing space and time to think and clear the decks. You can see from the beaming faces that everybody had a great time at Leyburn. Looking forward to Sunday and Monday on Hochanda. x

  8. Sad to have missed it but so pleased everyone had a great time. Picked up the replacement new to us car today but the accident has shaken me more than I thought and I didn't want to drive. Luckily my husband felt recovered enough after his recent op to drive home and it's parked outside while we look through the bumph trying to work out what all the switches and thingamabobs do…. it's time like this when I miss my old Morris Minor, Hardly any switches in that. I would have another one today if they hadnt become collectors items. Maybe I should be looking for one at the auction rooms.

    1. There is a lot to be said for the old classic vehicles. We used to have a Series IIA Land Rover, which we trialled for several years. If it did not start, we just dug out the starting handle. No problem. It was wonderful to drive through Birmingham city centre because everyone took one look at the hefty roll cage and all the bumps and dents and got out of my way. I hope you soon regain your confidence and get back behind the wheel. xxx Maggie

    2. Good idea Monday.
      Maggie, when I had my old Morris I was in the Air Force in Norfolk. The dynamo broke in Wisbich, while I was on the way to Shropshire. Some cheap in the garage rifles through the boot and found the starting handle and I drove from Norfolk to Shrewsbury using the starting handle as it stalled at every roundabout . It was mid December and snowing, and a long journey but I made it. Until the garage could source a dynamo I bought a second battery and changed them over midway through each journey each way each weekend as I was based in Norfolk and my future husband who didn't drive at the time in Shropshire. I guess if I could do that I can certainly get back in the car today, though I am sure I couldn't get round the complicated electronic systems they have these days with a starting handle!

  9. Aye Barbara, that's life sadly. But on a positive note, you can't beat a family business, and Clarity is head and shoulders above the rest, in my book.

    Glad you are going to get some headspace before your TV shows, sounds like it will do you the world of good. Looking forward to seeing what you are tempting us with this month.

    Hope you all had a great evening yesterday.

    Sunday's episode of Poldark was a good one, uplifting 😊. Guess that means next week bad things will happen, they don't give good episodes 2 weeks running! Me, I'd be happy with good episodes each week, there's enough bad and sad in real life without having to feel it from the TV programmes I follow.

    Love Brenda xx

    This being Mindfulness Wednesday. I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has continued to do their Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs), and ATC RAKs. Much appreciated. And please keep it up. For all the new people here, Barbara asked us to pledge to do 2 RAKs a day, every day. They can be anything, even really small things can have a big impact on the recipient. And it can be anyone, including animals. But you mustn't ever speak of them, not what you have done, nor what you plan to do. It's not about us the givers, it's about the recipients. It invalidates the RAK if you do speak of it. Some of us also make ATCs and write on the back "just go brighten you day" to hand out to anyone who look like they need a wee extra smile in their day. Anyone who hasn't joined us yet, please do, you can make a difference, together we can. One grain of white sand doesn't make a beautiful beach, but many grains can. Thank you xx

    1. Although not commenting I was reading the blog when Barbara suggested RAKs, so I was able to pledge to do 2 every day. Mindfulness Wednesday is a good day to be reminded. Thank you.x

    2. Hi Brenda – I have now watched Sunday's episode of Poldark and really enjoyed it. There was quite a bit on there filmed in Charlestown, near to us – it's a stunning place. Thank you for the reminder about the RAKs – you explain it all so well. Hugs to you and Daisy, Gilly xx

    3. Thank you everyone 😊 xx
      Yes Chris, but Barbara decided to take it on for me, and structure it. And many more people will have joined the cause because Barbara was asking them to, than would have ever done because I was asking. And for that I'm very grateful to Barbara, as without that it would only have remained an idea xx

    4. It was a wonderful idea Brenda. You said it's not about the giver which is very true. But it is so rewarding to the giver knowing that you've made a tiny difference. Love and Hugs xxx

  10. Looking forward to Saturday but sad you won't be there but completely understand. I hope you get sorted and look forward to seeing you on Hochanda. Take care and recharge the batteries.
    Linda xxx

  11. Hiya Barbara. Thank you for having me down to Leyburn. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Meeting and chatting to all those Clarity fans (extended family). Everyone was do kind. A very special weekend for me……just what I needed. I did get to help a tiny bit in the taking down, but was very glad to be told to have a seat by the fantastic Heather…. do not know how you all manage time after time…..RESPECT….enjoy your quiet time in your craft room…happy to be in mine.
    Huge big hugs to the Clarity Crew and to all who said hello ( loved all my hugs from everyone). Back to work for me… to all xxx

  12. Hiya Barbara. Thank you for having me down to Leyburn. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Meeting and chatting to all those Clarity fans (extended family). Everyone was do kind. A very special weekend for me……just what I needed. I did get to help a tiny bit in the taking down, but was very glad to be told to have a seat by the fantastic Heather…. do not know how you all manage time after time…..RESPECT….enjoy your quiet time in your craft room…happy to be in mine.
    Huge big hugs to the Clarity Crew and to all who said hello ( loved all my hugs from everyone). Back to work for me… to all xxx

  13. Good evening Barbara! I do love reading your blog! It's like having a friend drop in for however long it takes to read it! I know I don't always manage to comment but believe it or not I don't know where my time goes!!!
    Have a lovely couple of days of time for yourself! It'll do you good to kick back a bit before you have to face the cameras on Sunday and Monday!
    It'll be lovely to see Maria and Paul demoing on Saturday and also to see Dave,Heather and Len over at Port Sunlight! I love that little show… I say little….it's always packed! But a group of us make it our time to get together and just enjoy the day!
    Then Sunday I'm going up to Preston to spend a very crafty day at Maria's workshop! I love going as it's a day for me to do what I enjoy with like minded people. And Maria always comes up with amazing projects!
    Anyway September may have been a monkey of a month for you but I've loved every minute of what clarity have brought for us! Here's to more of the same!!!!
    Love and hugs and safe travelling to everyone! Xxxx

    1. Hi Jane. I was so sorry I missed you on Saturday. I saw you a few times in the distance. But never seemed to reach you! Hopefully I'll have better luck next year xxx

  14. Looks as if it was a wonderful event, maybe next year I could come along. It has been a busy month for you hope October is a little quieter not business wise though I suppose. Hope trip to Port Sunlight goes ok this time. X x

  15. Hello Barbara, really looking forward to your shows on Sunday and Monday. As Hochanda will be back on Freeview by then it will make it easier to watch. Also I like to record them as well so I can remind myself of the techniques. I don't know if you have seen this quote but I found it earlier and thought it fitted your situation. "I can't clean my craftroom because I get distracted by all the good stuff I find again".xx

  16. The clarity family are amazing. The day was full of lots of people chatting and having a laugh. It was lovely to see everyone leave their worries and troubles at the door and emerse themselves in our collective passion. Well done to the clarity team.

  17. You have such an amazing Company and community, it's great to see such hard work be rewarded. I so hope to get to one of your events – it's in my bucket list 😀 X

  18. I'm sure you'll feel better by clearing the space around you and getting all your prep done and dusted. It's funny how some weeks or months can be so, so busy, and no matter how much you prepare, you still feel like a hamster on a wheel. Hope you had a lovely meal with your mum and dad yesterday x

  19. Lovely to hear about the Event on Saturday, the enjoyment of people at the event and Rodney and his team. Have a great evening. Big hugs Marian X

  20. Tennants is a beautiful venue,Barbara!I look forward to next year-once I've saved up!!The food was good too-the cafe was busy but the service was good, so we didn't have to wait long!x ivy b

  21. Leyburn was fantastic indeed Barb. We'll be coming again next year; just try and stop us! Looking forward to catching up with Paul, Maria, Dave, Heather and Len again on Saturday. Port Sunny is a great show, and then we can look forward to you on the TV on Sunday and Monday: another perfect weekend! Love xxx

    1. I'm so glad it went well. Dave asked if there was anything you could have improved on and I said more space as I am sure you quickly realised. Looking forward to next year already xx

  22. Hi Barbara, I'm sad that you won't be at Port Sunlight, was really looking forward to watching you demo, I have a few questions and a very long list, will look forward to seeing Maria and Paul, Dave, Heather and Len. I will then be looking forward to watching you on TV and hopefully I will be able to watch on Freeview (fingers crossed).
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  23. Hi Barbara, I'm sad that you won't be at Port Sunlight, was really looking forward to watching you demo, I have a few questions and a very long list, will look forward to seeing Maria and Paul, Dave, Heather and Len. I will then be looking forward to watching you on TV and hopefully I will be able to watch on Freeview (fingers crossed).
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  24. Evening Barbara enjoy your crafting time looking forward to hochanda at weekend to see what your bringing us chill out you will get your preparation done crafting hugs xxx

  25. It was great to see you and the rest of the Clarity team at Leyburn. The venue was fab and I really enjoyed mysel. I look forward to the TV shows on Sunday and Monday. x

  26. Evening dear blog friends heartfelt hugs to you all I've put in a order to clarity today some A4 Christmas parchment while it's on sale just a little bump keeping my cushions ready for weekend I'm sure we will be all meeting at the camp fire . Have been resting most of the day hopeing to see my GP tomorrow if I can get an appointment as you have to ring on the day at 8am so tom will be ringing for me bless him xxx

    1. Evening Sheila, me too, ordered a bit last night and then phoned through a bit more today so I could use my voucher. I needed my cushions big time! Hope Tom gets your appointment without any bother in the morning. Xx

    2. Yes Sheila dear, I am all ready for the campfire at the weekend, complete with trampoline. Those mini templates sound right up my street.
      I hope you can get in to see the GP ok. Take care dear friend. Love and Hugs xxx

  27. Hello Barb,
    I really don't know where you get the strength or stamina to do all that you do. I'm knackered just reading about it, but you and your friends will keep designing and making craft tools, not to mention sourcing all the extras, that it's no wonder you are so busy. We all want to be at your craft events and be able to craft like you.
    Maureen xx

  28. Wow! September was certainly a busy month for you and Clarity, but then again every month seems to be busy for you with your beautiful new products. About time for a sunny holiday surely! Xx

  29. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well today. I have ordered my stamp sets from Jayne. Can't wait to play and see the beautiful designs in the flesh. I know I will have to use the agapanthus one first as its my favourite. Xx

  30. Hi Barb i first came across clarity at the SEC Glasgow about 9 year ago. V impressed with the stand. I had no idea till started following this blog that you and the whole team did all the heavy lugging about and erecting, as well as full on demonstrating etc! Ye gods! Heroic efforts and i'm so pleased you've had so many awards, especially the small family business ones. More to come I trust!

  31. Hi bloggy pals! A quiet day here as both myself and bro now have the nasty cough lurgy. Still, should be better day tomorrow as I'm expecting a goody package from Clarity Towers..lots of Wee stamps and the stencil brushes. Need to get a shiggle on with designs and techniques as cards for sis and niece need to hit post on Saturday. Downside of cough is, unlike with a cold, i've gained 2 lb! All the foul cough linctus and nice soother sweets no doubt. Just ordered cheapo yogo dvd to try and get some strength, fitness etc going. Hope you all had decent days, and very gest wishs for a better day for Neil tomorrow. Love and hugs xxx

    1. I'm so sorry you're poorly Lynn. I hope the lurgy vanishes quickly for you. You'll have lots of fun with the wee folk. The possibilities are endless with them. Good luck with the yoga, I'll stick to good old fashioned chocolate!!! Love and Hugs xxx

  32. I loved your reading your blog today Barbara, but then what's new!!! I love reading it everyday! But it was extra exciting reading about the setting up of somewhere I actually attended! For me that is amazing, and to see myself again in one of your photos. Well words just can't describe. I can't wait til next year..I already have a car full to bring with me next year!!! I hope you're now feeling refreshed and ready for Hochanda. Take care. Love and Hugs xxx

  33. Hello all of my dear bloggy friends. Sending you all lots of love and Hugs. I'm away to my bed now, as I'm shattered. I'm definitely not used to all of this gadding about. I'll be pleased to get back to normal tomorrow. xxx

  34. Evening glad your taking some time out hopefully you will get some me time while sorting out. We must try and get. Ext year to one of the open days. I agree may bee blog readers could meet over near clarity stand at a set time at ally pally would be great to meet more of you lovely clarity friends hugs night of to bed xxx

  35. Hi Barbara, hope you enjoy having some time for yourself and be able to clear some of your work and get your prepping done for your shows. Dave will miss you though, as will your customers at Port Sunlight, but you can't be everywhere and your customers have to accept that. At least you'll be on TV and they can join you there. Tennants was such a good venue, but it'll be really good to have extra space. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  36. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you are all ok. Haven't had time to speak to you all, but thinking of you all. Put a note on for you Morag this morning belated Birthday wishes. Love and hugs,Pam xxx

  37. Hi Barbara, it does look a lovely venue and I know all will have enjoyed themselves, it's lovely to meet the people you 'talk' to on here ! I hope you feel more sorted. xx

  38. Hi everyone, Must admit it's been all go this week and have only just managed to finish the holiday ironing. New stair carpet fitted today – hurray! I was also pleased to make someone's day this morning, so much so, she cried on the phone. Will tell you about that another time. I hope everyone is ok, I haven't had chance to read all the messages tonight…. xx

  39. Why does that make me feel a little sad. I hope you had a great evening with your parents and Dave. I hope you get to do what you want in your space. Always good to clear away the cobwebs. xx

  40. Hi Barb, great pictures, and I am sure those folk came away with tons of inspiration. Wise words about auction houses, but they do serve a purpose. Hope you managed to sort the craft room. Need to get to and do mine. Take care. Bx

  41. I can't imagine any Clarity event being unsuccessful, the amount of effort you all put into the events. It looks and sounds like this one went off really well too, well done Barb and the Clarity team! "Teamwork, makes the Dream Work". Think that is your mantra! Maybe, now towards the end of 2016, you will have some time to get back in the 'Groove' and reflect on all your achievements! (And start planning for 2017???) Congratulations to you Barb and all of the Clarity team. Love, Angie. X

  42. Brilliant blog. Saturday was an amazing experience and I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching the demos and meeting my bloggy friends. Thank you for all you and your team did to make Layburn so amazing.

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