You light up my life….

You light up my life….

Hello there,
Thanks for popping in today.
We are in full production through the weekend, 
and it’s Dave turn today to keep the wheels turning,
so I am on my own for the day.
First things first.
A little art and a chat to my buddies in here. 
PS. Thank you for having my back yesterday. 
I read all the comments every day, as you know.
Was I upset because of one negative blurt?
No, not really. If one of YOU came at me like that, 
I would be devastated.
But not coming from a total stranger. 
So anyway,
I thought I would do a stamp project
using a Tree Design I drew ages ago, because it highlights our 
Claritystamp masks so perfectly…
It comes with a brilliant set of individual texture stamps

Woodland Trees + Pointillism stamps

Stamp the Trees on Watercolour paper,
using a Black Archival
Now it’s time for the mask work.
To the best of my knowledge, we are the only Stamp Company in the world who produce masks to compliment our Stamps. 
If you buy the stamp set, we will GIVE you the mask as a bonus!
Mine are old, they are a darker, improved material now,
but the function is the same.
We simply mask off areas and add colour with ink pads.
It’s a very quick, lovely way to bring a landscape to life.
You can see where the shine is.
That’s where I have laid the mask down on the card.
Including the outside.

Treetops first

Now for the excellent ink pads we have started importing from India.
This green is beautiful:
Using a make-up sponge, you simply smear colour into the treetops. You can see here how shadow can be created very simply. 

Before you move to the next area, add more shadow with a darker colour. I went for 

Now it time to cover up what you have done, and move on to the next area.
This is a thinking game,
but I love it.

The result is sharp, crisp and clean. 
And it is very quick actually. 

When you move to the sky, 
you have to cover up the trees and the grass completely. 
The colour I went with for the sky was very lovely:
Not too bright.

When you are happy that you have done all the colouring you want.
peel all the masks away and replace them on their homebase,
ready for another day.
It looks airbrushed. 


Designed by our good man Jim.
Ideal for colouring in with pencils too.
Good pencils,
good price.
Not as brittle as the last ones.

Time to add the elderly couple on the bench…
They tie the whole thing together.

They are from one of our Wee Folk Stamp Chains.
No. 1 in fact
I actually keep all of mine in a lovely 
all neat and tidy.
There are so many of them now!
I am going to be showing off the Christmas ones 
next Sunday on TV. They are delightful. 

Trim the edges,

Add a little doodle track to the quirky double line frame,
using a fine Micron pen.

Use a white pencil to enhance the silhouette couple. 

All done.

Have a great Bank Holiday Sunday!
Love and Hugs,

160 thoughts on “You light up my life….

  1. Beautiful as always Barbara. Negative comments from negative people – the problem is theirs Barbara not yours. I love everything you do – wish I could afford it all but sadly not so I have to choose the things I like the best – not always easy when I love so much of it. Lol. Still Christmas is just around the corner. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Keep up the good work and keep smiling – it will drive the negative folks crazy. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Lovely, you always make believe I can achieve the same result……With practise lol. I must have missed something but I firmly believe if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything, Simples x p's. I definitely need some stamp storage, see you at Leyburn x

  3. Love this Barbara and although I don't have the sentiment I have all the other stamps . Inks I'm not sure about but I'm sure I'll have similar . Will be having a go . Enjoy your bank holiday x

  4. Hadn't spotted these trees – thanks for highlighting them, was lucky enough to use the new sentiment stamp at the Retreat where we discussed various options for the last line… causing much hilarity! Love your card with its clean crisp lines and colours, the couple on the bench make it so romantic!

  5. Fabulous as always. I love all your step by steps. I'm supposed to be doing the dreaded housework at the moment but if I get some time later I might just go and visit my craft room and play for a while as I've got this stamp in my collection. πŸ™‚ Have a good day everyone. xx

  6. I think I have the trees but not the mask… What a sweet design and adding the tracks finished it off lovely! I'm catching up with the shows but the cake plate is a must! X

  7. Hi everyone, well what a storm we had all yesterday afternoon. Got so dark the street lights came on and our solar lights! Still looking a bit damp but hopefull will brighten up later. Hope everyone is well xx

    1. Hi Jackie,
      We didn't get the storms but it did rain and it's been more like Autumn here – I've actually put the heating on. Got a stinking headache just hoping it's not going to develop into migraine – I think that's the weather!. Love and hugs Alison xx

    2. Hi Jackie, the weather lady put the thunder right over us but we've had nothing. We had a touch of rain overnight and it's been a bit cooler but humid at times. We could do with a good downpour, the ground is bone dry. Xxx

  8. Beautiful artwork as ever Barbara!! I do love that new sentiment stamp! And can be used for an assortment of people! I used it on my anniversary card to Colin because he does what it says!!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  9. Beautiful artwork as ever Barbara!! I do love that new sentiment stamp! And can be used for an assortment of people! I used it on my anniversary card to Colin because he does what it says!!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  10. my samples of plates has gone but I find I am still working on them for myself.I should be doing other things ,now I see you do this lovely stamping ,I'm thinking can I squeeze more time into my days. I will clean my room up first to see what floor room there isn't anything on.ha ha xxx

  11. Although I read your blog every day I missed the said negative comments. Have just read them! My ironing board has just felt my frustrations! Nothing to be said except I agree with everything Margaret and the other lovely ladies have replied. Lovely to revisit this stamp with the new stamp. Keep smiling!

  12. Well done Barb! That's two fingers to whoever it was sprouting negativity on this lovely 'positive' blog! Lovely stamping, masking and the colours are sublime.
    Have a fab Sunday and I look forward to next week on Hochanda! Love, Angie. X

  13. Beautiful art work and just love these new colours. think I will be ordering some of these colours with my winnings. That will brighten up my day.

    Problems at back home again, with my sister and Mum and I feel I am being made into the "bad one" (which is not the case) but when I know that my sister has always been the favourite and Mum continues to believe her. It really hurts, I put it down to Mum and her stroke. My sister is a bully both to Mum and me…and that is it.
    Mum had another turn last night cos of my sister and how she was yesterday to her over the phone. What can one do… but listen.

    sorry to share my thoughts but sometimes it is easier to write them down to get a clear understanding.

    Crafty hugs x roll on getting my voucher and so I can spend spend spend πŸ™‚

    1. Bless you pen just look to how you can keep yourself calm loose yourself in your crafting or start choosing your clarity crafting goodies that you want with your winning voucher sending lots of caring hugs xxx

    2. Well Pen – first of all, you are doing the right thing in coming here to 'let it all out'! It sounds very familiar to me, as my (older) sister has always been a bully and I can remember my Mum saying that she would never change now! Try not to put yourself through too much – I know (from experience) that will be VERY difficult! This situation won't be forever, continue to lose yourself in your crafting and your gardening and just take each day at a time. It is such a cliche, but it really does work! Sending you many supportive hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Pen,
      Families – we can't live with them or without them! My sister, as much as I love her, can be a bit of a bully at times too. She used to bully my poor Mam when she was poorly, but it was only because she didn't want my Mam to just give up. My Mam always used to say that she was glad when I came because I was the calm and patient one! I think that was because I worked with special needs kids all day. Try not to let it get you down and come and visit us and sound off – we are here to listen to you. Love and hugs Alison xx

    4. Hello Pen, sending you a big hug. It's a difficult situation, but don't worry , we understand and are more than happy to listen. Hope things settle down soon xxx

  14. Afternoon Barbara, been a busy morning here with cleaning windows and HW. Brilliant shows yesterday. Loving the new boards. A beautiful card, as always a fabulous step by step too. Thank you for the inspiration. I hope you enjoy your Sunday too.
    Linda xxx

  15. Hi Barbara, very calm and beautiful piece of art work. I don't have these as my Groovi is taken over from stamps.
    I find it so relax full and I am getting to grips with my cutting.
    Love the boxes brings back some memories of when I used to work in the print trade.
    I have just received my club items brilliant and an order I placed recently but I am checking to see which items I need cake or boxes! !!!ha well will have to order both birthday comming up at end of September.
    Once again many thanks for all you do for us all.
    Question – what size parchment does the boxes and cake fit.
    Lynn xx

  16. Hi Barbara, beautiful, I love it, thanks for sharing. And for all the steps you've included too, it's going to help me a lot. I struggle to fill in the blanks, especially when it's new (to me) stuff I've been trying to learn, often for years! I keep looking at that tree stamp, keep thinking you're limited in what can be done with ut, and keep being proved wrong by you. Maybe it's time I added it to my wish list!!! I do like those ink pads, they seem to give great blending, and the colours are spot on. Sadly I can't succumb as have too many distress and adirondacks, most of which haven't been used much, yet. Normally I'm not wanting anything to run out/wear out because I always worry I can't get the same. My Asperger's change problem. A huge issue with clothing and shoes as nothing can be replaced like for like, and even when I could go to the shops clothes and shoes shopping was always a nnightmar, taking ages to find /decide on stuff!!! But I'm wanting my inkpads to use up so I can change to the new ones. And my pencils so I can get the improved ones. There's an incentive to get proper crafting!!! My boiler problems have got worse, and I'm going to have to try to deal with it all totally on my own. I'll still try to come here every day, but if I don't manage it, that's why.
    Hope you enjoy your day off Barbara. Love Brenda xx

    1. Oh my dear blog friend I do hope you can get your boiler sorted quickly so you can come here to say hi you contribute so much on this wonderful blog .i bought 2 of the new inks they are beautiful to use but like you Brenda I've got so many distress inks /Adirondacks/ that I really cannot justify buying more till I use some up even though I would like too .you take care hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. Hi Brenda – I hope that you can keep popping in here, we all appreciate you being here. I really hope that you can get your boiler sorted. Take care, love to you and Daisy, Gilly xx

    3. Hi Brenda,
      Sorry to hear your boiler problems haven't been sorted but I do hope it doesn't stop you coming to visit us and give us the benefit of your wonderful comments. I'm the same regarding the ink pads , I have all of the Distress ones and a lot of the Adirondacks ( thanks to Barbara's sale on them earlier!) , so I think I'll have to wait for the new ones. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    4. Hello Brenda, what a shame your boiler hadn't been fixed yet, can the gardening man help you when the boiler people come so it's not so stressful for you. We will miss you if you don't come in, you always put things do well. If you can manage a hi we will know you are ok but struggling and can give you words of encouragement. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    5. Morning Brenda just a wee note to say hi and please don't stress to much about the boiler hopefully its a an easier fix than yi think.. it has been a couple off stressful months fir me but am coming out the other side noo trust me its no worth it.. ma Mum is doing ok …I'm on ma new tablet early birthday present fae ma son need some tips wi that one but fly off today on holiday (aye big stress) with my daughter and the bairns fingers crossed wee Amy will be ok look up through the windie aboot 7ish and I will gie yi a wee wave doon but fir noo here's a big cuddle ….Love Dot..XX

    6. Thanks everyone for all the lovely words about me and for caring xx
      So good to hear from you Dot. I've been worrying so much about you. Glad to hear you're starting to get back to your normal self. Nae worries, I'll help you with your new tablet, even if it's not similar to mine I'll be able to work it out for you using the internet. Hope you have a great holiday, try hard to relax and enjoy the quality time with your family. Keeping my fingers crossed Amy copes with it. My trick is a loose hat I wear the whole time I'm out, that I can pull down over my eyes when I need to, when scared. That simple thing really helps me. Ear muffs help some people too. Something she can keep in her hands/pocket the whole time, that she can fidget with, that's another simple thing that helps a lot. And you guys exaggerating how good and excited you and everything is may help her to know and find what she should be feeling instead of the fears. Looking forward to hearing about it all when you get back. Your husband will be sitting up there beaming, dead chuffed at you. I'll look for your plane, usually it's planes coming back in to land that use the air space above me. They drop their landing gear right above and the change in noise made me think they were going to crash when I first moved in, until someone explained this to me!!! Happy birthday for Sunday. Big cuddles, love Brenda xx
      (I've chickened out of phoning re the boiler today. All the issues are intermittent, and with it not being heating time of year the fear of phoning is greater than the fear of the boiler not working. Not sure whether to own up to my garden guy, he'll probably tell me I need to deal with it if I do)

    7. Liam goes nowhere without his hoodie, which he uses exactly as you do. When he was little he used to wear a pair of glasses with no glass in..but they gave him the same feeling of security. Perhaps if you told your garden guy about the boiler he may be able to help? Even if it is just to give you some added encouragement. Love and Hugs xxx

  17. Afternoon Barbara a beautiful step by step I have the trees and masks and pointsillism .i love the wee stamps getting quite a collection now .looking forward too what your bringing to hochanda next week the verse is fabulous well what's not to like about all things clarity have a happy crafting day xxx

    1. Afternoon dear blog family of friends sending heartfelt hugs to you all .
      I'm hoping to do some groovi today using to the new club baby plate will let you know later how I get on happy crafting to you all xxx

    2. A very good afternoon to you Sheila! I hope that you are able to do some Groovi today! The new club baby plate is gorgeous! Maybe I should take this with me to the hospital on Tuesday, to play with! Sending you lots of healing hugs my lovely, love Gilly xxx

    3. Hi all I've had a little bit of groovi-ing I sat in the consevertory at the table it was so relaxing the baby plate for this month is beautiful now I've just had my lunch that Tom made so resting up now thinking of you all xxx

    4. Hi Sheila,
      Glad that you've been a using the new club plate today – it is lovely but I haven't had a play yet. Enjoy your little rest. Love and hugs Alison xx

    5. Hello Sheila I love this new plate but haven't had a chance to play yet. Glad you were able to manage it and hopefully you got some sunshine too whilst you were sat in the conservatory. Sending hugs xxx

    6. My dear Sheila thankyou so much for all your caring hugs you look after yourself you mean a lot to me and the family here and I always say a wee prayer your wee body heals awe its wee bits soon take care my friend I will be on a sunbed for my birthday next sunday but be back ti sing for yours take care…Hugs Dot…xx

  18. I just got this NEW stamp yesterday (or Friday, can't remember!) I saw it in the NEW in section of the website. Glad you let the comment yesterday wash over you. I am also glad that we won't let people ruin this blog by letting the moaning minnies get a foot through the door. I am certain there are other places on the web for that, but not here! Have a great weekend. Xx

    1. Hi Donna – so pleased to hear that you got this NEW stamp, I expect that you will be tempted by the other NEW stamps next weekend! I totally agree with your comments above – we are all fiercely protective of this special place, and rightly so! Hugs to you and Phoebe, Gilly xx

    2. Hi Donna,
      Well said, totally agree with you. Pleased you got your NEW stamp, I'm certainly thinking about this one, I think it will be a useful one to have. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  19. Hi Barbara

    Gorgeous tree stamp but I LOVE the wee folk chain of stamps, in fact I really could do with that now for a card I'm making for a stamp challenge! lol

    I hope you get a little rest from your hectic weekend and busy life!

    June x

  20. Everyone should be able to have their opinion, but before voicing their opinion should make sure that they get their facts straight which this lady obviously didn't so she was soon put in her place! I actually didn't see her comment yesterday but am glad that you just let it wash over you Barbara, as it is plain her views are in the minority. I don't do Groovi at the moment but I may do in the future, but I do love to see it as part of what you do as it is extremely pretty. I love your trees today too and the colours of the Artistry inks are so beautiful. Again, I won't be buying them at the moment but may well do as mine need replacing. Hope you have time for a bit of a relax today. Happy Sunday! x

  21. Oh thanks Barb for bringing out this trees stamp and showing another way of using it – I bought mine after we used it on that one day workshop you did in Essex some years back. Happy days. I just read yesterday's blog and saw that comment you refer to – the writer was soon put in her place though!!! Please just keep doing what you, the way you do it……….we love you and all things Clarity.

  22. I don't get here everyday, maybe not even weekly; however, I sure do love what I see when I do get here. You make it look so easy and I want everything I see. I think hubby would love to receive a card like this. Not sure what the raucous was about, but brush it off and move on and I see you have done. One bad apple doesn't ruin the bunch for sure. You are so talented. Blessings!

  23. Just got to read Caro's comment. Well done Brenda for you reply. Although I have only met Barbara a couple of times at the Open Days, I look on her as a friend. Clarity and particularly Barbara, have been such an inspiration to me. I cannot thank Barbara enough. It hurts when friends are criticised which I think is evidenced by the number of comments in support of Barbara that Caro's very unnecessary and unfair comment has generated. Don't worry about it Barb, your friends will stand by you and support you. Rachel x

  24. You have really taken me back with today's step by step. Those trees were the very first project I did with you at my very first Clarity workshop at Wollaton, at a time when I was was at my most vulnerable. You and your lovely Dave were so kind to me and did so much to give me the strength to fight on. I would not have thought of matching up the trees with the newest stamp,but they work so well. As far as yesterday's mini hiccup, you CNN be sure that we will always have your back. If we have anything to say, we would come to you privately. Otherwise, we are more than happy with what you design for us and the variety and unmatched quality of the Clarity products. Today is meant to be a day of finishing a mountain of projects, including this month's challenge entry. I hope you can all manage to take a breath before next weekend's shows. xxx Maggie

  25. Hi Barbara – the shows yesterday were fantastic, and what a truly appropriate product for the Hochanda Birthday! The cake boxes were all very beautiful, and the cube boxes which Maria first showed to us are fantastic too! It's fabulous to be able to produce unique gifts for people, as well as cards! We are all looking forward to next weekend, when you show us some more NEW stamps! Hugs Gilly xx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – guess what, it's another rest day for me today! I might just get the funky new club Groovi baby plate out! Even if I only stroke it and plan!
      Morag – so pleased to hear that little Penny is making some good progress now!
      I hope that the weather is not too unkind to you all today – the rain has now stopped here, and the sun is trying to make an appearance! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly – it's a lovely plate isn't it? Have you thought about doing 4 or 6 small Groovi squares then mounting them in a grid on a card. That way you could do a bit now and then and not feel too daunted or tired xx

    3. Hi Gilly its goo to hear you are resting and behaving yourself. I think the small groovi set is perfect for taking out and about with you. I've just used the baby tulips to make some thank you cards, they font need a lot, just a couple of squares round them and a bit of colour and bobs your uncle! Sending hugs xxx

  26. I'd forgotten how much I like this stamp. I haven't used it for a while but need to do a quick card this afternoon so I think I'll get it out again. Thanks for the inspiration Barbara!

  27. Hi all, blast I forgot I had these stamps, I'm saying blast because I was all ready to start my Christmas cards etc now because of today's blog I'm off on a tangent. Oh well, there's always tomorrow lol Lynne m xxx

  28. Loved the shows yesterday I'm sure the cake and cube could be done in card through light tablet not that have tried it as don't have either but would love to try and then opens it up in so msny ways with stamps to don't see tha comment till
    Know not worth even looking st hugs xxx

  29. Hi Barb,
    Love what you've done today and really do like that NEW stamp. I think it could be very useful. It will be going on my wish list. I'd actually forgotten about this tree stamp and the pointillism ones but I'm sure I'll be digging it out very shortly. Pleased you let the negative comment wash over you but never fear, we will always be here to defend you! We are like your own personal bodyguards/ protection unit! Have watched all f the shows from yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed them – well done to you and Paul and of course the Design Team. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been OK for you. I've got a stinking headache, sure it's something to do with the weather. Went to have a lie down and my little protector ( Scamp) came with me bless her. She hasn't left my side all afternoon. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

    2. Just me again – forgot to say Morag so pleased that little Penny is making good progress, that must be an enormous relief for you. Love and hugs to you and Penny, Alison xx

  30. Hello Barbara

    I am playing catch-up this evening having had the two youngest grandchildren since about 2pm yesterday.

    I don't always comment but I do read other people's comments. I agree with you and everyone who commented yesterday. Apart from having at least one new stamp and stencil every month, while Groovi is as popular as it is you have to go with it. It is innovative and fantastic as it allows crafters of all abilities to participate.

    You continue as you are, Barbara and Co. We love all of it.


    1. Thank you. Didn't wake up until 9.15 this morning! Will spend some time today putting things back where they are supposed to be. My granddaughter, Isabella, has Down's Syndrome so, although she will be three next month she is a bit slow on the developement front. As she doesn't (or chooses not to) understand 'don't touch' it is easier to put everything out of reach. We know she is able to walk but she chooses not to. Children with Down's are usually small for their age but she is the opposite, already three feet tall.x

    2. Thank you. Didn't wake up until 9.15 this morning! Will spend some time today putting things back where they are supposed to be. My granddaughter, Isabella, has Down's Syndrome so, although she will be three next month she is a bit slow on the developement front. As she doesn't (or chooses not to) understand 'don't touch' it is easier to put everything out of reach. We know she is able to walk but she chooses not to. Children with Down's are usually small for their age but she is the opposite, already three feet tall.x

  31. I have the tree stamp and mask from the workshop in Stockport few years back. And the wee stamps, but not the new sentiment stamp…..YET! I am going to recreate this using my Distress ink pads, it's our wedding anniversary next Saturday, 29 years. I'm loving the fact that you weren't bothered by the negative comment yesterdayxxxx

  32. What a simple card but how effective. I have these stamps and masks but haven't used them for a while. I will try this idea. Seeing your techniques and the different effects you produce is like having a NEW stamp all over again xx

    1. Hi all. Just got back from our barbecue party and suddenly feel whacked. I made a pavlova to take for lunchtime and did a load of ironing while it was cooking and then it was time to go.
      Need a sit down now and I may not be back till tomorrow's blog so love to those I've missed xx

  33. Love the trees Barbara always have xx
    Never forget how many lives you light up with your kindness your talent and comforting words lm an old lady and you light up my life. Love June xxx

  34. I love all of your products. My daughter uses them the most. I dabble when I feel well enough. Barbara you are an inspiration. Don't let anyone clip your wings. How else would the rest of us learn to fly?

  35. Nice project love the shades of green used. I try to work on the principle of "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all" unfortunately where crafters companion pencils are concerned it's more "once bitten twice shy".

  36. Hi Barbara, thank you for my lovely stamp and groovi, from the club – can't wait for tomorrows rain and thunder so I can sit with the boys (doggies) and craft all day. So sorry you had negative comments yesterday. Your blog lifts me each day and I am sure it lifts all who read it. Stay positive xx

  37. Evening all, just catching up with all the posts.

    I think Clarity Barbara and all the team rock.

    New stamp,stencil, and groovi each month. My first colouring was the tea pot over a year ago. Well before "the band waggon" !!

    Had a long chat with mum tonight and we are united with love. So thank you all for listening to ne earlier.

    Love this blog xxxx

  38. Hi Barbara
    I love these trees. I use mine all the time but they didn't come with masks when I bought them. I also have the pointillism set and they are so versatile. You can get wonderful textured results with embossing powders. I love everything you do at Clarity so just carry on and ignore the negative comments.
    A big hug from Chris X

  39. Gosh Barbara, a blast from the past. This was part of the programme of my first workshop with you in 2013. I still have my examples. I am still learning. Thank you for taking me back in time, happier days. I hope you are having some 'me' time. Happy Bank Holiday Monday. I am looking forward to next weekend.xx

  40. Hello,
    I don't comment often, but I read the blog every day. I suppose you could call me a total stranger as well. But I love your Clarity products and your shows on Hochanda, whatever you are demonstrating. I don't have many of your stamps, I haven't got the confidence yet, but when I watch you, I feel as if I could produce something special. I'm trying to get to grips with Groovi and am enjoying the journey you are taking us on.
    Please don't let one negative person get under your skin. Maybe she was having a bad day and just took out her frustration on you. Hopefully, she will have the courage to apologise. Many of us 'total strangers' feel very close to you and your lovely bloggers, even if we don't always take the time to tell you. Keep on doing what you are doing, in your own inimitable way. You are truly an inspiration. Helen x

  41. I don't comment every day ,but I do read and always enjoy the comments. Ignore the negative views , I don't do groovi but I appreciate all the hard work you ladies do to make such beautiful pieces of art. I have this stamp think I may do this for my sisters golden wedding card , thank you for the idea. Love it xx

  42. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful step by step today Barbara using your NEW stamp. I haven't got the trees but you make it look so easy. The new ink pads look wonderful, I'm at the washing up liquiid bottle stage too, desperate for my existing pads to wear out! The finishing touch is the couple on the bench, looks like my auntie and uncle. That's a great phrase too. Hope you manage to have some time with Dave over the werkend. Sending hugs
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, Emma on the bus tonight, mum in tears as it drove out – no change there! Just waiting for her text to say she's on the next one after a short wait at Heathrow. 14 hour journey – she's young, it's an adventure! Hope everyone has had a lovely day. Sending hugs xxx

  43. I love the crisp lines of this project. In fact I love all things clarity. I'm trying Groovi too and am loving it and slowly becoming more confident. I have the Twas the night stamps and was elated when you brought them out on plates too, I bought them AT ONCE, the poem was read to us by my dad each christmas eve, it was part of the magic and I love the images you produced. Now I can't wait for next Sunday, oh and P.s I bought the colouring books too, they are currently my favourite waste of time, it's so easy just to loose yourself in simply colouring a leaf. Keep up the sterling work, you are truly an inspirational woman, and you make laugh out loud xx

  44. I love the crisp lines of this project. In fact I love all things clarity. I'm trying Groovi too and am loving it and slowly becoming more confident. I have the Twas the night stamps and was elated when you brought them out on plates too, I bought them AT ONCE, the poem was read to us by my dad each christmas eve, it was part of the magic and I love the images you produced. Now I can't wait for next Sunday, oh and P.s I bought the colouring books too, they are currently my favourite waste of time, it's so easy just to loose yourself in simply colouring a leaf. Keep up the sterling work, you are truly an inspirational woman, and you make laugh out loud xx

  45. Goodness,such a lot can happen over two days. I was a little surprised that you have no new stamps to offer us, as I get one every month, along with your other club members!! Maybe the negative comments were born of not being able to only see demonstrations of her first love of stamping. That in itself could be viewed as a back handed compliment. Just a shame it came over as a bit miffed. I am a stamper, I love messy crafting, and although I have groovy, I just tend to admire and stroke the plates….sad I know.Barbara, keep up the good work of diversifying, and doing it so well you have been put forward for a raft of awards. You must be doing something right, well quite a few things actually. I always look forward to your blog, and watching you on Hochanda. It's nice to surround ones self in positivity. Enjoy the bank holiday everyone. Xx

  46. Morning Barbara just been doing a wee catch up on the blog wee bit annoyed yesterday wi that comment (Naw big annoyed) until a scrolled down the a was laughing ma socks off NEVER MESS WI OOR BARB OR BRENDA AND THE CCA WILL GET YI…great comeback from yerself had me laughing again me personally would have said B*gger off!!.
    Keep doing what you do and remember Heinz disnae jist make beans
    You and this place light up my life to…all my Love Dot..xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends sorry havnae been around lately and not got time to reply to you all washing machine head taking over noo but well done wi your comments yesterday mine would have been short and sweet see above …Hugs to you all YOU ROCK ….xx

    2. How wonderful to see you here my dear blog friend pleased to know your mum is settled and your coping enough to come here to say hi sending lots of hugs and cuddles xxxx

    3. Lovely to see you again Dot – you've been in my thoughts every day. Hope you enjoy your birthday with the grandkids, and remember you don't even need the kitchen sink, let alone a washing machine when you pack for your hols! Lots of love and hugs x

  47. This tree set is one of my favourites – love using it with my gelliplate prints too (inspired by Sam Crowe!). You've just given me an idea for my parents anniversary card with this step by step, so thanks very much x

  48. Barbara I read your blog nearly every day but only comment occasionally. However, reading you had a negative comments yesterday I had to tell you that reading your blog always makes me laugh, it's just your turn of of phrase I think And your crafty demos are always so inspiring. Anyway keep it up hugs Janet xxx

  49. Well… you are all prove that you live in a bubble of .. of what? Phantasy? Far away from reality? Following blind whoever leads you?
    Ladies, you should respect other opinions than yours and you should not ignore facts.

    What is negative in the fact that hundreds and hundreds of Groovi Plates have been introduced, but just about a handful new stamps? You all sure can count, can you? It is a matter of fact, if you like it or not.

    I have seen too many companies in my life and job doing exactly the same as here, jumping on every train coming their way. And you better believe me, only very few of them survived in the end.

    Progress is absolutely vital in any business. But following every trend, however nice and beautiful, can go terribly wrong. You have to figure out what way you want to go and then follow that with all your energy and do what you do best. You seem to forget what made you grow: your amazing and second to none stamps! Maybe you should think about that.

    Your blog, Barbara, is one of the best I know. Only a shame that only worshipping is welcome. You should know the facts and numbers better than anyone else, so why are you taking facts as negative comment?

    I still admire your work and ideas, you made me buying stamps what I never wanted to do. But now you lost me as customer. What you sure don't mind.

    1. Just to say , caro, we are all busy, intelligent, hardworking women who enjoy craft and do not live in fantasy worlds…. Groovi is a new system requiring a lot of new plates, you can't make a new craft system and not supply the necessary tools for people to use and enjoy. There is a massive catalogue of Clarity stamps, with new ones being introduced all the time, but Groovi is new and exciting and new plates are essential to progress our craft. We are all very supportive of Barbara and her team because she is a lovely person, as are the women on this blog. For many of us, this blog is a lifeline of friendly people. We are all very nice, and very much committed to Barbara and the whole Clarity concept. Life is tough enough without negativity in our "friendly" safe place. Hope you continue to enjoy Clarity, and maybe come on board to this lovely supportive blog.

  50. Barbara… what in the heck are those mounts that you used with the gelli plates? The description doesn't say what they are made of, nor how you use them. I'm in the US and I don't always understand your terminology!

    1. Hi Andrea, if I understand you question right, you're asking about Clarity Gelli Plate mounts. They are a clear acrylic block/thick plate, see through. Like a giant version of an acrylic block that you would use to put your see through stamps on to stamp with. You put your gelli plate on the mount, it's a good base for it, and doesn't leech out the oils from the gelli plate, which other surfaces could do. You can also then use the gelli plate like a giant stamp, flipping it over, and laying it down onto the piece of card, just like you do when stamping. This is a lot easier for postioning, than trying to put the card onto the gelli plate. The mount being see through, and with a cross etched into it, it allows you to see what you are doing, and helps you get your design just where you want it on the card. Clarity do ship overseas, so you'd be able to buy the one that fits your gelli plate. I guess if that isn't an option for you, then an unused clear plate for a die cutting machine may work. Hope that helps. If you don't mind me suggesting, you are more likely to get your questions answered if you ask on the most recent blog post. I don't think many of us would regularly go back and check older ones so we could miss you. Hope you have a good day, Brenda xx

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