It’s a Piece of Cake!

It’s a Piece of Cake!

Hi there!
It’s Bank Holiday Weekend!
Well, Paul, Dave and I are up in Peterborough actually.
TV shows scheduled for today at 11am  2pm and 6pm.

The BIG EVENT today is that it is exactly one year to the day since we launched HOCHANDA.

Yep. August 27th 2016 at 12 noon, we hit the GO LIVE button!
And as long as I live I will never forget it. 
It was THE most exhilerating experience 
to be part of a live TV Launch!!

Yeah I know. It’s a shopping channel.
It’s not the BEEB. But believe you me,
it was A M A Z I N G.
In fact, let’s take a little peak into last year’s blog…
Oh yes! That’s right!
The Clarity Team had a little launch party back at base….

Dave looking bewildered.
My oh my, he wasn’t himself back then, was he.
Bloody Naproxen.

So while I was up in Peterborough nailing our colours 
well and truly to the HOCHANDA mast,
my faithful Clarity friends and family 
were supporting and cheering us along!

Dad in the background.
Always there.

Mum in the background.
Always there.

So here we are a year on, and all I can say is,
what a difference a year makes!

So happy to be celebrating our first HOCHANDA birthday!
We’ve even made a cake to mark the occasion.
Well, Paul did!

One slice was all I could manage….
very filling!

Using our Groovi new Cake Slice Template.

and the new celebration borders

What till you see the artwork that the Design Team
has created !

Fantastic and beautiful, not to mention useful for parties and wedding favours!
In fact,  Jane Telford, if you are reading this,
your little box of wonderful wedding confetti that
you made for Dave and I for when we finally name the date
has been greatly admired, and I  have a commission of 25 for you ! 
For our printer Leanne! She who came over today to drop off the new Soft Tones parchment colours we have had made for the show tomorrow.

We need to talk!!

I also spoke to Josie Davidson today about the 
Harrogate Parchment Show 22nd October,
(here’s one of her superb slices)

and suggested we create an art display near the Groovi stand 
of all the wonderful boxes, lights and parchment bonbonnieres.
If you are into Groovi and parchment in general, 
then put this show date in your diary!
You will be blown away by all the parchment art and talent on display – not just Groovi!

The Venue is The Cedar Court Hotel. 
Tickets available from Josie directly. 

We the Clarity Team will be there in force.
Maria Simms, Paul Church, Tina Cox, Linda Williams and myself will all be showcasing and demonstrating Groovi. 
But there are lots of clever, talented parchment artists displaying phenomenal artwork. 

I must press on.
Got cake to eat, places to go,
gardens to sit in,
snowdrops to pick….

Love & Peace,


144 thoughts on “It’s a Piece of Cake!

  1. Hello Barb, Good luck for the shows, will be recording them. Love the look of this new plate, and the samples are wonderful. Have a great 1st anniversary with Hochanda. Bx

  2. Have a lovely day! Happy Bitthday Hochanda! I'm glad our investment is still going! Cake late looks yummy. Shows set for recording just in case of interruptions! Can't believe what's happened in one year for us also ! Xx

    1. Hi Jackie – I quite agree with you on a lot happening in the year that has just passed! So pleased that all turned out so well for you both and I am focusing on that – to get Neill and I through it too! Have a great day, hugs Gilly xx

    2. It certainly has Gilly, I was then sat on the bus thinking of everything else that has happened and then looking forward to my niece giving birth soon – due on 3 Sept and we're going away on 10th so she'd better be on time. Was talking to my sister about her yesterday and she said the baby certainly hasn't dropped yet. I think we both have it in mind that it's the two year anniversary of our Dad passing on 29 Aug and wondering if baby might come then, if not, I reckon it will be when we're away! x

    3. Hi Jackie,
      If I was typing on a bus, there would've been more typos than enough! Glad you got home before the storm. I wouldn't be surprised if we had one later, it's gone really humid. Love and hugs Alison xx

    4. Hi Jackie, you must have had a lovely smooth journey, mine would have been full of mistakes! How exciting having a little one to look forward to, it will come in its own time, but you might need to give it a prod and tell it to come before you go away! Xxx

  3. Stunning artwork as always. I have set my box to record all the shows so I can watch again and again. So nice to see Dave back to normal too – scary times they must have been for both of you. Onwards and upwards. Xxx

  4. As nice as that parchment stuff looks, did you realise that you made hundreds and hundreds of Groovi Plates, but when did you make the last new stamp? Or how many new stamps did you make in the same time?

    You are drifting away from what you do best: stamps.
    One does not have to jump on every train as you do now with the colouring book. That is no surprise that you don't know what to do first.

    1. Sorry, but this is not the place for your criticism, and false accusations. This is a place where we share and celebrate ALL things Clarity, and get inspiration for ALL things Clarity, and escape from all our troubles for a bit. It's Barbara's blog, and company, she can do as she pleases. If you personally don't like that, then you have the choice to not come here, it's simple! Kind regards.
      p.s. the last new stamp was 2 days ago!

    2. Brenda you have put that over brilliantly.and I agree with all you have said . They has been two new stamps as well as 2 new stencils as well as colouring things .as well as groovi I personally love all things clarity and I use all the products as we have lots of choice to help us through our very tough days .on my bad days I know there is always something clarity I can craft with .

    3. Hello Caro – I have to say that I totally agree with all that has been said by Brenda, Linda and Sheila! May I just point out to you, if you look on the right hand side of the Home Page – you will see that you have only got to wait until next weekend and Barbara will be on Hochanda again – with A STAMP SHOW. This is her normal slot, on the first Sunday and Monday of each month. Today's shows are an extra, purely to celebrate the Hochanda 1st Birthday! She played a HUGE part on that opening day, and what better way to celebrate, than with cake (and Groovi cake boxes). As Brenda quite rightly says, this is a very special place to many of us, and we love to escape here, from the troubles of every day life, celebrate ALL things Clarity – together with supporting each other, through whatever life throws at us. Maybe you should read at past blog comments, to see that many of us are facing huge struggles in our lives, and your concern really isn't life changing! I hope that you will enjoy the Stamps Shows next weekend, as all of us Groovi addicts will surely do!

    4. Ditto what Brenda says. Also did you read Thursday's blog Little Boy Blue – that's a new stamp plus the wee folk, there's loads of old stamps I haven't got too and it's been good to have them blogged about recently during the Olympics as I probably wouldn't have visited them. I've just received a new stamp this week with the New Design Club. The great thing with Barbara is that everything she does she does well and gets in the experts to show us how to do it when it's new to her. I would never have attempted parchment without the Groovi system so carry on regardless is what I say !

    5. Very well said, everyone, especially Brenda. We come on to this blog to share friendship and support for each other. I came back from the Retreat with three brand new stamps and a gorgeous new stencil, and so many brand new ideas but there we used existing Groovi plates. Like this blog, the Retreats are about friendship and swapping of ideas. I am sure I am right to say that these things are the most important principles for Barbara and the rest of us do our best to follow her excellent lead. xxx Maggie

    6. PS like everything else from Clarity, Barbara has not jumped on any bandwagon with the colouring book, cards and bookmarks. She has responded as always to requests from us and produced something of superb artist quality, something that we can be proud to show off and hang on our walls, or give away as presents. xxx Maggie

    7. I would just like to add that there are lots and lots of different crafts out there and whilst most us won't participate in all of them a true crafter is able to appreciate the beauty of them all.

    8. I love all things Clarity, in all the different categories. I would say that first and foremost I am a stamper and I have just received a NEW stamp and a NEW stencil that have only just been released so I'm not sure why you say there are no new stamps. Oh well can't please everyone….. Keep up the good work Barbara and Clarity. Xx

    9. I'm not sure I can add anything to what everyone especially Brenda, has said so eloquently. I love everything Clarity and especially Groovi now, but I do still go back to stamping and there are new stamps being produced all of the time. Barb, I hope you don't let the one criticism ruin your day – EVERYTHING you have done today has been brilliant! Love and hugs Alison xx

    10. Hi, just had to say ditto to Brenda's comments. It would be a very sad world if everyone liked the same thing or same craft. YOU GO GIRL (Barbara) keep doing what you do better than any other company, bringing us crafter's brilliant products to craft with. Lol and hugs Lynne m xxx

    11. Hi yes I totally agree with Brenda, Barbara brings out new stamps stencils and groovi items all of the time, the colouring books took over a year to get to the Clarity standard, hardly jumping on the bandwagon. Today is for celebration not criticism . Xx

    12. Hear hear to all that has been said. I love the new club stamp as I love all the other new stamps I have had in the last year. We are free to take our custom anywhere and many do not exclusive buy clarity products but we do read and comment on this blog for inspiration in many ways which are greater than just craft. It is a positive place and a support to so many including Barbara.

    13. I can only reiterate what has already been said. This blog is a safe, positive and supportive place for so many of us. Certainly NOT a place to come to and criticise such a unique and caring company as Clarity surely is. As my Grandma used to say…"If you've got nothing nice to say..say nowt"

    14. Aah well it still goes to show that no matter how hard you try you can't please all of the people all of the time, but I do wish that should people want to have a moan they'd at least check their facts first!

      My club goodies arrived yesterday and lovely they are too – great new stamp, fab new stencil and funky new baby groovi plate!

    15. Caro I think your comment is a tad unfair my love. I get a new stamp each and every month because I am a member of Barbara's fabulous clubs and what's more I get 15% discount on whatever I buy and free postage to boot. I don't know many companies who offer such a great service. There are busy times when things take a little longer and that is fine by me because the quality is second to none. Who says that a company should only stick to one product? Is there a rule somewhere that I don't know about? You are entitled to your opinion hun but maybe you should keep it to yourself. Those of us who love what Clarity produce and support Barbara and her team by buying those products are more than happy to see them diversify and grow – after all if you always do what you have always done you always get what you always got. Perhaps if you can't say something nice – maybe don't say anything at all. Have a nice day.

    16. Rather unkind and unfair comment. Clarity stamps is a forward thinking and innovative company. 'Jumping on the bandwagon' isn't really their style. Whilst I'm not into parchment work the Groovi System is without doubt an amazing and very clever piece of kit which has helped revive a craft that was slowly disappearing. Hats off to Barbara and all the hardworking team!

    17. Did not get to see the blog yesterday…

      I am so glad to be part of the great world of Clarity and everything they do. One of my very first pieces I did was to colour in "the teapot" well over a year ago. New things are always in the post monthly beautiful stamp, stencil and groovi plate. FANTASTIC

      Clarity, Barbara, and all the team rock.

      They would NOt Have been nominated for 14 awards


  5. Sitting watching show while reading blog your making your lace loving your cake box better get back to watching sending hugs your way and happy birthday Hochanda xxx

  6. Hi Barbara, really enjoying the show; the cake boxes are amazing! I was wondering if Paul is ok, he is looking very gaunt and thin. Hope he's ok. Anne

  7. Wow Barbara you never stop amazing me with the beautiful groovi crafting products what a wonderful hour I've just spent watching you so looking forward to the next shows happy birthday hochanda xxxx

    1. Afternoon dear family of blog friends thinking of you all sending you all heartfelt hugs .im having a good day today now I've just watched Barbara I want to do some groovi I might use my new diamond club groovi baby plate I won't do too much I will rest in between watching hochanda xxx
      Dorothy sending a wee extra hug xxx
      Julia hope your day is peaceful xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – I wondered what that noise was earlier! So pleased that you are having a good day, the show was amazing! Totally loved it! Glad to hear that you are able to do a little bit of Groovi, and that you are still resting plenty too! I am looking forward to the other shows! Lots of special hugs and love, Gilly xxx

    3. I haven't seen a show yet but have recorded. I want to do some Groovi too. Had a spend up in town today and 4 Clarity parcels this week including the club one.

    4. Sheila, glad you are able to get a bit of crafting going today. So far I'm having a great day. Housework done, TV on and I'm about to go and sort out some clothes and jewellery that haven't seen the light of day for years, I might even end up tinkering with my craft stuff. Can you tell that he is still at work, ha ha. Jennifer, who is 15, managed to get herself a wee job yesterday. She starts tomorrow at our local Chinese restaurant doing a bit of waitressing. I'm so excited for her but it'll be interesting to see how she gets on with awkward customers as she often crosses that line between smart cookie and smart arse!

    5. Julia well done to your daughter on her job you made me smile on your comment on her .is your husband manager in dilivery or sorting office ? Glad he is at work so you can have a quiet time enjoying what your doing xxx

    6. Hi Sheila,
      Glad that you are having a good day and that you feel well enough to do some crafting. Just don't do too much! The shows were brilliant weren't they? Love and hugs Alison xx

    7. Sheila, he is deputy manager at the local delivery office. He came home earlier, had a shower and went back to work, he's home now. I expect he was doing some maintenance on the vans. He is doing that more and more these days probably to avoid me which is fine but eventually he is going to have to talk to me or I'll have to go down the expensive legal route.

    8. Hello Sheila I'm so pleased today is a good day. Hope you've enjoyed the shows and a little bit of crafting. I thought you might be using your cushions today 🙂 xxx

    9. Hello all I didn't get to craft just got some groovi out just seem to get more fatigued as the day went on so rested haven't seen the last two shows so will catch up tomorrow in bed now resting up .xxx
      Sending thoughtful hugs julia i hope he can see he is not helping you or your girls been like this xxx

  8. Hi Barbara, just watched your show, and received my happy mail at the same time 🙂 Love them all. Good to se you looking happy and excited. Good to see you Paul too, looking forward to your shows later. Love the look of the soft tones parchment. Have a good weekend you, Dave and Paul, love Brenda xx

  9. I have loved Hochanda since day one and it is fabulous to have so many of my favourites on there. The BT box is full of recorded shows (much to hubby's dismay!) but I have learnt so much from watching Hochanda and also as far as Clarity goes, attending the Clarity East workshops with Janet, i've only missed one since they started almost 3 years ago. Stay happy and keep bringing us wonderful things xx

  10. 'Snowdrops to pick'…ha ha. Just watched the first show, fab. I see that I have a £10 credit to my hochanda account – mmm, what to buy. I'm fancying the colouring book collection, I was away on holidays when this was launched so haven't seen it demoed.

    1. Hi Julia – wasn't the show wonderful! Truly beautiful products. Enjoy spending your voucher – something to lose yourself in, is just what you need at the moment. Let us know what you choose! You really are spoilt for choice. Take care and stay strong! Love and hugs to you and your girls, Gilly xxx

    2. I ordered the colouring set for the same reason you mentioned Gilly…good therapy. I've had a good look at the clarity website and notice that I have a lot of the stamps but I'm falling back on the groovi plates so I have another wish list! I also have a lot of different colour mediums, polychromos, copics to name a couple of the posh ones. I have no problem putting colours together but I do need to practice shading and shadowing so the colouring set will be perfect for that.

    3. Hi Julia,
      You will really love the colouring set – I wasn't going to order it initially, but when I saw the demos I was hooked and wasn't disappointed I can tell you! Enjoy it, love and hugs Alison xx

    4. Hi Julia wasn't it a nice suprise to get a £10 credit, I'd only ordered something once so it was quite a treat. Silly me I ordered a die I liked but didn't realise it had to be over £25 but a lovely lady sorted it all out for me in very little time and blow me the order came today – brilliant service. I buy clarity direct as I get my discount. Hope your weekend isn't too bad, well done to your daughter getting a job, loved your comment! Xxx

  11. Wow where does the time go? Still have the first show on my recorder !!! Think I will have a look back later and see how much things have progressed.

    Malt bread just out the bread maker – so tummy rumbling have a great time. x

  12. Hi Barbara – thank you for an amazing programme! Those cake boxes are SO clever and SO useful too! The samples were all mind blowing! Thank you for showing us beginners that you can achieve something truly special, but in a simpler format! Also thank you for your impromptu demo of piercing and cutting – I ordered the scissors when they were on offer recently, as a positive to encourage me to try that in due course. Really looking forward to the other 2 shows. Your dress is amazing! Can't believe that a year has passed since the launch of Hochanda, scary! Wonderful to see Dave there with you and Paul – he looks so well 1 year on! Hugs to you, Dave and Paul – Gilly xxx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I had a good lie-in today, and just had time to have breakfast before the show started! Wasn't it wonderful! I won't be trying these just yet, I really have got too much that I have ordered recently – still to use. I must get on to that for the hospital trips next week! The only things that I am planning on doing today is watching the Groovi shows and then resting in between! It's a wonderful feeling for us both not to have to go out at all today! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      I too have lots of wish lists that seem to be getting longer and longer – I'll never be rich that's for sure! Glad that you've been resting up and enjoying the shows. Love and hugs Alison xx

  13. Well what a great 'Celebratory' show Barb! Loved your demos! The new 'Groovi' plates are amazing, just wish I could afford to fork out for them, but I spent too much at the retreat! Ha! Speaking of that, I noticed that you didn't use that delightful saying when you were doing the piercing work? You know, the one that goes 'balls to the back….pricks to the front'! Ha! Wishing you, Dave and the lovely Paul and team a fantastic celebration with Hochanda. Love, Angie. Xxx

  14. Barbara, I loved your show (and that colour of your dress really suits you)and I am now sitting watching Paul. A really lovely start to the weekend. Needless to say, the new cake slice board fell into my bag. I have been having a great time with the cubes and searching through all my existing plates for the artwork – so much fun and room to add my own inventiveness. This weekend, my plan is to create parchment panels for Candy Box Crafts lanterns to add interest to the openings, and using either Groovi plates and/or Clarity stencils. I have the feeling we are heading for a storm, as it has suddenly gone very "black over Bill's mother's". I am so tempted By the Harrogate show but I might have to wait and settle for the Bristol show next year, which is closer and just possible for a day. Meanwhile, for anyone in the Midlands, there is the Midland Parchment Exhibition at the beginning of September. Hope everyone has a good Bank Holiday with at least some good weather to enjoy. xxx Maggie

    1. Lynne, it is at Curborough Craft Centre near Lichfield. The exhibition itself is on the first Saturday in September, and there are two pre-booked workshops on the Sunday. You should be able to find full details on Facebook. xxx Maggie

  15. Hi Barbara…. Loved the show you did then the one Paul fronted!
    Brilliant demos as ever from both of you! It never ceases to amaze me all the different ideas we all come up with using the same plates!
    And yes I heard to mention about my confetti box…even more special as today would have been my mum's birthday! It's like she's looking over me and bringing me good fortune!
    And Barbara, you looked lovely in pink!
    Love and hugs to you! Xxxx

    1. Jane your box is beautiful, you are very talented. Sending you a big hug, your mum would be very proud of you and probably having a little chuckle that you've landed a big order! Xxx

  16. Hi Barbara, don't know where to start.
    Hochanda rocks you show was amazing you looked radiant. So glad to see how a year has gone and a brilliant channel. It must be a very good feeling to have been in on a special time.
    You all looked great and nice to see Dave looking good. A very big thank you for all the things you do to bring us all the wonderful things to feest our crafting fixes.
    have a great evening and Clarity Rocks
    hugs Lynn xx

    1. I hope you are having a great day. I'm enjoying watching the TV and I also got my envelope this morning. It's a normal weekend for me – day of today and Monday but working Sunday evening. He is off tomorrow and Monday. I have lots planned – gardening on Monday and I'm also trying to have a good sort out of my stuff. I've stared in my bedroom and I actually found a racer back bra that I didn't know I had! I find having a clear out is good for the soul. Have you bought anything today?

    2. Hi Donna,
      Really enjoyed the shows but can't afford anything at the moment unfortunately! I might have to wait until tomorrow!!!! Love and hugs Alison xx

    3. I did a clear out this holiday. Made piles to go to recycling, charity etc then got a charity bag through the door that took everything so that made the job easier. I haven't ordered yet but I want the new parchment colours and I'm trying to decide if I want the box plate or the cake plate before I order. Glad you have some days off, hope the weather is good for the gardening. Xx

    4. Hello Donna I only caught about 10 minutes of the first program before I had to tear myself away. I'm tempted by the cake slice, my heart says its so pretty my brain says when will you use it! I hope my heart wins!! Sending hugs to you and Phoebe xxx

  17. Hi Barb,
    Can't believe that it's been a year since Hochanda launched – time certainly passes so quickly. Loved the shows today that I've seen, got one more to watch. The cake boxes were absolutely brilliant – well done to the Design Team and of course to you and Paul. You both looked very happy and excited about the new goodies and I'm not surprised! Nice to see Dave looking so well too. Clarity just keeps going from strength to strength. Well done! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  18. Hi bloggy friends,
    Hope you've all had a good day and that you enjoyed the shows today. I know I certainly did! Also had a result from Crafters Companion today, I was advised to contact them re the broken leads in my Spectrum Noir pencils and they are replacing them for me which is really kind of them. Been a lovely day here today although it's gone really humid and wouldn't be surprised if we get a storm later on. Love and hugs to you all Alison xx

    1. Hi Alison that's good news, I've had that problem too and just put it down to bad luck. They are another good company, like Clarity, who think of their customers rather than profit! Xxx

  19. Loved all the shows today & made a purchase (thank you Hochanda for my £10 credit). Paul you did make me giggle when you told presenter Paul he had stopped talking as he was in the groove & maybe he should finish the demonstration for you! I concur, well said, hope your tongue didn't stick to the inside of your cheek! Well done everyone. Happy bank holiday wishes to you all xx

  20. Loved the shows today Barbara and Paul! Barb that dress looked fantastic on you! Was good to see you and Dave together. I appreciate getting to watch Hochanda on catch up here in the states. Saw the cube template when Maria debuted it and was on the fence. Loved the cake template and decided I needed the cube to. Got my O'Rear in to Clarity Towers. Thanks so much for shipping to the states!

  21. Hi all, upstairs now so hubby can watch some TV in peace, as I have had Hochanda on since 11am this morning on my tablet. Poor fur babies missed out on their morning sleep as I wanted to get the grass cut before settling down to watch you Barbara. The neighbours must think I've lost the plot as I was literally running as fast as I could around the garden with the mower shouting hurry hurry!!! to myself. What a fantastic birthday celebration so far from Hochanda, so pleased Clarity made the move to join them, as it means more time spent on demo's which in turn means more knowledge and inspiration passed onto us crafter's. Lol Lynne m xxxx

    1. Unfortunately, Donna I was shouting it out loud!!, I'll have to pretend I was singing along to a song he he. Diane no stripes but some tufty bits where I missed bits. I must have resembled the race for runners that have no sense of direction that Barbara posted on her blog as I was all over the place. Lol

  22. I have not seen the shows as been out all day, will catch up though. Wonderful cake slice box, brilliant idea. I can easily make the cake to fill them. I cannot make the Harrogate show which is a shame but I am lucky enough to be attending a workshop next weekend which involves Josie. Might be a challenge but I am sure to learn something. Safe trip home and enjoy what is left of Bank holiday weekend. xx

  23. We didn't get home from holiday until 5.30 so I'm looking forward to catching up with the shows tomorrow. Lovely club package waiting when I got home. Keep up the good work xx

  24. Hi Barbara
    I'm going to have a lovely day next week playing catch up. From the 10 minutes I saw the new piece of cake is wonderful. Wow what a fabulous year for HOCHANDA and yourself. Thank goodness Dave is so much better now. Enjoy all the celebrations and happy birthday HOCHANDA
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all, we've had a lovely day at marwell zoo, three cute tiger cubs and the giraffes were wonderful. Lovely last day before Emma goes back to uni. Caught 10 minutes of Barbara before we went out, what a great taster. Fish and chips now with casualty ( and a foot bath!!!). Love and hugs to all xxx

    2. Glad you had a good day out. Marwell zoo holds a special place in my heart as it was the first time I went out with my now husband with my brother and his family. The date sticks in my mind 14th Feb 1981. I was only a child then (yeah right) as if. We've had fish and chips for tea too, as they say great minds think alike. Lol Lynne m xxx

  25. Having bought the cube box template at the retreat and made one I'm hooked! The cake boxes are just beautiful. I've got an excuse as my other daughter is getting married next year and I think she will love these as much as the silver cube I've already shown her.
    I agree with all the comments above in reply to someone having a moan about the lack of stamps. She obviously isn't a true Clarity fan. We all love everything you produce Barbara and love having different things to dip into or choose what best suits us. Thank you for more inspiration today. Xx

  26. Fabulous shows Barbara. It really doesn't seem like a year since Hochanda started. I still have your first show taped. I bought the Groovi Starter Kit and had my name read out by the presenter. I was thrilled to bits. Long may you reign. xx

  27. Hello my dear friends. I'm afraid I haven't time to reply to all of your posts individually. (But I had to stick my oar in when I read Cara's post!!!)
    Little Penny is much better today, she is definitely well on the road to recovery. Thank goodness!
    thinking of you all with love. Sending big hugs xxx

  28. So happy that everyone had a happy birthday celebration, and sorry that I missed it as we were up in the hills trying to find a little pottery and tearoom! My sister says I could write a guide about the hidden tearooms of Scotland!!! Just off to try to repair some damage to one of my bedframes with grunge paste and some colouring pencils … and John asks why I keep needing more stuff – little does he know! x

  29. Just wanted to add to all the lovely supportive comments for Barbara . I have learned so much , have many stamps and stencils, no groovi ( still trying to learn all about stamping since I'm a late artistic bloomer ) . If I lived closer , I'd be at every retreat . Barbara seems like a fantastic woman , mother , friend and partner . Having her for a friend would be of the highest honor . Looking forward to your next show and every blog . Joy to all of you in blog land . Janice

    blog . -joy now — to each and everyone of you out there in blog land . Janice

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