Little Boy Blue….

Little Boy Blue….

Hello there!
Thanks for dropping in!
Not a cloud in the sky over our house today.
In other words, it is sweltering hot,
and I am writing extra fast, 
so I can escape from my little hothouse above the garage !!!
Speaking of clouds,
have I introduced you to the fantastic stampset 
which we used at the retreats?
Already a firm favourite among the workshop guests.

Here’s where we went with the boy,
with his head in the clouds….

White embossed line art on water-colour paper,
then painted with diluted bottled inks.

A simple water-colour paper exercise.
We stock very good water-colour paper at a sensible price.

We used Distress Inks here, and they worked very well.
First, we white embossed the clouds and the boy with white embossing powder, using a Versamark ink pad.

If you want to see more of the images as you colour them in,
you can always make a little inky wash on the water colour paper where you intend to stamp the images.

We settled the boy underneath the cloud…
When you heat emboss, heat from above 
and move the heat gun around, to avoid scorch marks!

Once you have established the embossed gutter 
(aka the raised line art), 
it’s time to colour in.
We went with the lovely bottled distress inks.
here’s the whole set.
We just used 3 colours:
Tumbled Glass
Stormy Weather, and
Chipped Sapphire
I think that most people who did this project will agree with me that the No. 6 Sable-hair brush we used for the job was the key.
You were able to pick up and drop off ink both in larger areas 
and tiny areas with the brush.

You could run over the line art easily with the ink and it would just bead off, leaving the white images lovely and white. 

The wet ink would gather in the individual pockets of cloud, 
and if you held the paper at a more vertical slant, 
then the shadow naturally puddled at the base.
Really cool.

You could use all 3 colours,

or just use the Tumbled glass, without the backwash.

This one below was my last effort of the three weeks.
I liked this one, 
because it looked as though there was a little shower
right above him, but nowhere else.
Which reminds me a little about our blog topic yesterday…
I really ought to read through it again,
and listen to my own advice.
If we have good days and growing days,
then today was a GROWING DAY!!!!
Love & Peace of mind,

94 thoughts on “Little Boy Blue….

  1. It's persisted down most of the day here Barbara!!!! Depressing!!!!
    I loved doing this project at the retreat….I wish I was there now! Seems ages ago!!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  2. Evening Barbara beautiful art work my favourite is the last one I love the colours so serene.
    You lifted my spirits today I received my diamond club envelope all where wonderful but the groovi is my favourite thank you for all the inspiration thank you clarity towers for sending it out xxx

    1. Evening my dear family of blog friends thank you so much for all your lovley comments on yesterday's blog they lifted me up today when I eventually got up as had a bad migraine so waited for it to pass . we have had rain all day so nice and cool did nothing but rested .
      Sending you all heartfelt hugs thinking of you all .hugs to all on this wonderful blog xxx
      Alison I had to smile at the sign language so thank you for that .xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – I was so sad to read about how poorly you felt yesterday, sorry that I wasn't up to leaving you a message! I am pleased to hear that today has been a better day for you. Please keep resting and fighting too – although I totally realise that we all have the odd day when it just gets us down so much, that we get the fight knocked out of us and feel like giving in. That is fine – but we can only allow ourselves the one day to do this, and it sounds to me as if you have come out of that feeling now. Sending you so many special caring and fighting hugs, love Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila,
      You sound chirpier today which I'm glad about although sorry you woke with migraine – you have my sympathy there. Been raining here today too, in fact downright miserable. Glad I made you smile yesterday too! Love and hugs Alison xx

  3. I loved using this boy at the retreat, and watercolour is one of my favourite things at the moment, especially after one of Matthew Palmer 's classes locally. This boy is coming back out again very soon to see what else I can do with him. We are all very good at giving advice but not so clever at taking that advice ourselves. I hope you don't get too many growing days in the near future. By the way, I had my happy post today, and love them all, but the stamp is stunning. Thank you for my post and your lovely newsy letter. What a year you have had! Hope you can get a bit of rest together after this weekend. xxx Maggie

  4. I loved using this stamp set at the retreat, oh to be young and nothing more in your thoughts than sailing ships. Flipping hot again today after a record 32 degrees yesterday in Southampton. My poor fur babies are stretched out in the lounge in front of a fan. Hoping all on the blog and fur babies if they have them manage to stay cool. Lol Lynne m xxx

    1. Hi Diane, fur babies were in front of the fan most of the night but bless them still panting. At least there's more of a breeze now thank goodness. Lol Lynne m xxx

  5. Hi Barbara, would loved to have learned to do this kind of thing, got all the watercolour stuff, just never knew where to start, how to do etc. and not interested in the traditional stuff either so books etc. are a big turn off. Yours is brilliant, I love the last one most too. Thanks for sharing.

    I've discovered today what is agrivating my skin/eczema, making it worse. Sadly it's in pretty much every mainstream product, and the alternatives cost so much more. Wasn't well enough to craft, so I've spent a frustrating afternoon trying to find suitable alternatives that don't cost crazy prices! Didn't get very far! These days I'm having to waste an inordinate amount of time on the internet trying to source safe/healthy alternatives for all my various food and non food allergies, it's getting a bit ridiculous!

    Sorry you're having another bad day, hope tomorrow is an improvement. Love Brenda xx

    1. Evening Brenda I get what I use on percription double base hand wash, double base shower gel ,double base gel to put on after shower don't know if this would help you but if you get your perception free it's worth asking your GP. Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Brenda,
      A friend of mine has a son who when young had terrible eczema and he had to be wrapped up in bandages on a night to stop him scratching. In desperation she put honey on his skin and then put the bandages or cotton gloves over the top. After a short while, his skin became lovely and clear. It could be worth trying as honey is not too expensive. Love and hugs Alison xx

    3. Thanks everyone xx
      Yes we get free prescriptions up here, I didn't know that, never going to the GP for anything. Anyway, it's a bit of a catch 22 for me, my allergies and intolerances. Seems because I've done the hard work of the elimination diets, trial and errors, working out what myself, that I just get told not to eat/use whatever, they're not bad enough! (Not bad enough because I'm doing everything I can to limit them, eh!) That's the thanks you get for helping yourself as best you can! We tried last year regarding my gluten and dairy allergies and was told just to not eat the stuff! You wonder why I feel not wanted by the world, abandoned, nae support, nae help, with anything, totally on my own!

      I'm sure I tried honey a couple of years ago and it aggrivated it more. But worth a try again, as things can change with allergies. Don't suppose your friend has any suggestions for alternative sun block? That's the newest and one of the worst things, it's taking me the month in between garden visits to settle my face back down, then I go right through it all over again. It's a Nivea kid's one I use. Thanks xx

    4. Oh yes I forgot Scotland gets free percriptions I get mine free with having thyroid I hope you can get something sorted as its no fun having skin problems hugs for you and daisy xxx

    5. Hi Brenda,
      I would ask her but I haven't seen her for years – she used to be on a netball committee with me . If I can find anyone who is in touch with her , I will ask for you. I really do feel for you and everything you have to go through on your own. Sending special , caring hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    6. Thanks Sheila and Alison. It's alright, just wish I could sometimes have wee breaks from it all xx
      Och, don't worry about it Alison, that sounds too much trouble. I'm thinking/hoping if I can get rid of the eczema properly over the winter then the sun block might be ok. For that to happen I now only need folk/things to stop giving me stress and grief! Nae chance!!! xx

    7. Hello Brenda oh I am sorry you are having a rough time of it, wish I could help with suggestions but I'm sorry I can't help. Sending you a gentle hug, I hope you find a solution soon xxx

    8. Oh Brenda, I'm sorry that your allergies are causing you even more stress. I recently had a bad reaction to my skincare products, as they had changed the formula and added in essential oils. It took me weeks of trying new samples, buying products and getting my money back etc etc. Finally I spoke to the pharmacist in Boots, and she recommended a French skincare range called Avene, which is made from mineral water. It's cleared up my rashes and my skin is great now – a bit pricey, but it seems to last well, and they also have a suncare range that might be worth a try. x

    9. Thanks so much Susan, I'll definitely check it out. For something like sun block, that I don't use much, it's not so bad to spend a lot more on. The offending ingredient is even in basic eczema products! That's how I found out what it was, researching for adverse effects in kids (my asperger's means I get the weird side effects kids get with stuff). It all makes so much sense now I know what the culprit is. Thank you xx

  6. I saw this stamp set in the New In section on the web and knew I would love it when you did a demo of it. You definitely should go back and read your blog from yesterday, very wise words. Xx

    1. Hi Donna – our weather is warm at the moment, and we have had a little bit of rain this afternoon, and some more this evening. So it's cool here, hugs to you and Phoebe, Gilly xx

  7. Lovely stamps and colours used here!

    I have to thank the Clarity team for fast tracking the Groovi plates I ordered at the weekend after not being able to find the ones I already have – they arrived today together with the box plate and some parchment I'd also ordered so I have two lovely parcels today and still have my Diamond envelope to come! Now I just have to plan a design to welcome my great niece when she arrives! Xx

  8. Hi everyone, been a real wet afternoon here so caught up on some recorded t.v. While thinking about a Groovi design! We managed a visit to the tip this morning which was quite liberating! Been a nice evening though and we ate our tea outside. At least it wasn't as hot today as yesterdy though. Had a shock this morning as well as some lovely Clarity parcels we also received the plans for our new staircase – completely different to what we ordered so I rang them up and the chap on the phone looked at his version which was glass spindles and not glass panels as on the plans sent to us – then I looked a bit more at the plans and they weren't ours so that explained that! The person who gets our plans will have the same heart failure I did when I looked at theirs !! Chap on phone was very apologetic and emailed me our plans and put them in post too. Easy done – wrong thing in wrong envelope – not to worry ! Hope everyone is well and enjoying a bit of summer again. X x

    1. Hi Jackie – pleased that you are all set to do this special baby Groovi card! Must have been a shock to get the wrong plans, I hope it all goes well for you. Hugs Gilly xx

    2. Hi Jackie, bet you looked and your heart sank! Glad you got it sorted out with an easy remedy. Great that you now have the plates you were waiting for, bet you find the other ones now! XX

  9. Hello Barbara. I have been reading the blog this week but haven't commented. Every teacher will tell you they always worry over the children who are not progressing the negative ousted comments and the complaining parents. We can never please all of the people all of the time. You do a brilliant job that is more than just Clarity and your blog proves it. Once again there is another lovely piece of artwork for inspiration xx

    1. Love to all my blog friends. I am thinking of you all through your problems and joys and will be back next week. We are having a busy and hot holiday with the family in Norfolk and tonight is the first time the grandsons have gone to bed early enough for me to comment xx

    2. Hi Chris,
      Really glad you're having a lovely holiday in Norfolk – love Norfolk, we've had lovely holidays around Wells Next The Sea and the coast. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. Hi Barbara – it certainly wouldn't hurt for you to go back and read yesterday's blog again, it's well worth a second read! Love today's artwork, and my favourite is the last one too! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hello gilly how thoughtful you are thinking of me when you are struggling with your CFS and Neil is going through his radiotherapy I hope the days go quickly and Neil keeps well through each day sending caring hugs to you both xxx

    2. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I'm not as shattered today, thank goodness! Morag I hope that your poor little puppy gets better very soon, bless her!
      I thought that I would share with you today's happenings whilst I was with Neill in the hospital waiting area. I had decided to take some knitting with me, so that I could do achieve something from my time there over the next 7 and a half weeks, and also gain another positive from this experience! A few weeks ago, I had found some kitting that I had started years ago, I no longer liked the pattern and it wouldn't have fit me now anyway. So I undid it and managed to find a pattern on line for this yarn – Sirdar Bamboo, which is no longer made and was fairly expensive. So today I was happily knitting, when my ball of wool ended up in a dreadful tangle – Neill 'helped' and then gave in and said 'I would just cut it off' – but I wasn't having any of that! I was laughing and people started to watch – I spoke to the lady next to me, and I explained that this was very typical of me – I can get myself into all sorts of a pickle! She admitted that she had never seen such a mess – I said 'oh no, I've done much worse!' I then said to people in general – well this is your entertainment for today everyone! So many people smiled and some laughed out loud – and it seemed to lift an awful lot of spirits! I managed to sort it fairly quickly, and then chatted to the lady – who was on her own, and waiting for some bloods results. Luckily her results were good and she was able to go home, and she thanked me for making her feel better too! The previous 2 days, I have had people asking me questions about my walker that I need to use to get around, and I was giving demonstrations of it yesterday, and a man is now going to buy one! I wonder what tomorrow will bring?
      I hope that I have made you smile too, especially if you are in real need of it this evening, love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Gilly,
      Well it sounds as though you cheered quite a few people up today and I bet they were so pleased! Hospital waiting rooms are never very welcoming – they might give you a job! Love and hugs Alison xx

    4. Bless you gilly that made me smile I have a walker too as well as two fisher sticks and a wheelchair we use anything that helps us get around. you will have to take your Groovi tomorrow and get everyone hooked xxx

    5. Glad that I made you smile Sheila! I am still taking the knitting tomorrow, but I will sort out some Groovi to take with me next week! You take care, more hugs and love Gilly xxx

    6. Hi Gilly, when we used to go there was a lady who was having radiotherapy and she always knitted, standing up and walking two steps forward and two steps back, it was as if she couldn't sit still. Her husband used to hold her wool or she had it tucked under her arm. They didn't speak apart from 'good morning' but it must have been her way of coping. Your knitting will break the ice in a lot of ways ! Wait till they see the Groovi – that will take some explaining. Are you there at the same time each day so seeing the same people like we did? xx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Really love this especially the last one. Like Donna I saw the stamps on the website and was intrigued. I bet those lucky people on the retreats really enjoyed doing this. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well even though the weather has been rubbish today I've had a good day. We've decided that we are going up to the Isle of Mull the first week in October so have got it all booked up. Fiona – taking your advice from last year's open day, and going to Iona this time. Managed to get Scamp booked into her "hotel" as well, so that saves my sister having to come down twice a day to look after her. So I'm quite excited as I've got London/ Buckingham Palace, Open Day and then Mull to look forward to in the very near future. Morag, hope little Penny is a bit better today, give her a very gentle cuddle from me. Love and hugs to you all especially those who are a bit down for whatever reason, Alison xxxx

    2. Hi Alison you will love Mull and Iona, we went in the summer, they are both beautiful. If you can get a trip to Staffa too the puffins are just so beautiful and fly down to sit next to you. Really magical. Sending hugs X xx

  12. I particularly liked this project at the final Retreat. Although I didn't want to part with it, it really is ideal for one of my Grandsons who now lives by the sea so I've finished it off matted on to a dark blue card base and it's ready to be mailed for his birthday. I shall have to make another one!!! Thanks Barb for the tutorial xx

    1. Hi Julia – I looked back at your message (Sunday), no problem. I hope that things will settle down for you, and that your husband will come to his senses very soon. Thinking of you, as always – take care and keep strong and positive, love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Evening julia I read your comment about your car and clematis petty of your husband he should be thinking of you and your girls I couldn't comment yesterday but your always in my thoughts I do hope you can stay strong and your husband will not play bad mind games hugs dear blog friend xxx

    3. Thanks Girls. Sheila, unfortunately he specialises on bad mind games – he is so good at it and I'm not. I had to speak to my manager at work today to let them know what is happening – in case I turn up late for work or don't look my usual happy self. He was playing mind games before I went to work today which left me frazzled. She was very supportive. I enjoy my work, so it is such a release to be there. I've decided tomorrow will be a good day.

    4. Hi Julia,
      It's awful what you are having to put up with. Try to stay strong and you will get through it. We are all here for you. Love and hugs Alison xx

  13. Very peaceful, thoughtful artwork today. I too have been thinking of yesterday's blog and trying to fit it in today, somehow. Some may think I am strange but today has been sad for me. Late this afternoon, I learned that one of my "customers" aka defendants – of many years, has died in none too nice circumstances. It has made me so sad. He had a tragic start and finish to his young life. A brilliant artist and so pleasant to me. My mindfulness says. "If I lose my humanity in the job I do – then I need to get out. My apologies for this sad tale but felt my fellow bloggers would perhaps sympathise and like me count my blessings and not the awful things said and done to others.
    Love and as Barbara says "peace" to everyone.

    1. Dear Anne it's good to share on here life is so cruel and if we can only loose ourselves in our crafting it helps us through our toughest days caring hugs xxx

    2. Why would anyone think you strange for that Anne. It just proves what a caring and loving soul you are. Nothing strange about that, shouldn't be anyway. Too true, if you stopped caring it's time to get out the job. Prisons and courts are full of very troubled young people, and through those troubles have taken the wrong turn in their life journey. They need people who care and who will show them decency. And just maybe that one bit of caring will be enough to help even just one of those troubled souls to get onto the right path in life xx

  14. I enjoyed this project at retreat but don't think I made a very good job of mine so shall definitely be having another go at it. I am quite happy tonight as even after those wonderful hotel breakfasts and evening meals I have only put on 1lb. I should be able to get that off this week. Wedding outfit shopping with all my girls on Saturday so clothes should be fitting ok. Will have to catch up on your TV shows when I get back. xx

  15. These stamps are lovely together with the boy dreaming about boats and the colours are beautiful on all of them. This watercolour paper looks good too Barbsra. x

  16. Great stamp set – the boy looks as though he would complement Alice very well – would they be in scale? It's often difficult to tell just how big or small a stamp is, just from the photos

  17. Hi Barbara
    Hope you managed to find a cool place, it's still far too hot to sleep here tonight, I'm tossing and turning and now I've given up! Love this new stamp set, the artwork is great too. Looks lovely with the embossing powder . Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  18. What a serene and peaceful project and lovely new stamps! Yesterday was my growing day, but I let it go at lunchtime and went out with friends and had a great time and lots of laughs. Today we have some down time, so I'm feeling much more relaxed and will go up to my craft room and create with my NDC envelope. Hoping everyone has a better day today, Susan x

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