GOLD GOLF and 3 GORGEOUS INK COLOURS – a simple stencil step-by-step.

GOLD GOLF and 3 GORGEOUS INK COLOURS – a simple stencil step-by-step.

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
Tuesday’s the day we take a look at colour blends 
and the new ink pads from India. 
Every Tuesday, I showcase a selection of the new inks 
and then promote them at a special price. 
This price is valid until the next Tuesday. 
We LOVE these colours!

So today I have used 3 very lovely colours together:

Cotton Candy

Ocean Reef 

Morning Dew

Easy little project to celebrate the Gold Golf Medal 
that Justin Rose secured for Britain on Sunday. 
First time since 1904!

Have you seen our XL Sport framer stamp?
Comes with a load of little sportsmen.
Great for a male card.

You get a load of balls FREE too!

Anyway, back to the colours.
Again, in keeping with Rio and that summery tropical flavour,
I thought I’d go for teal, pinks and blues. 

Attach the Circle Box Frame stencil
to a piece of 7″ x 7″ stencil card.
block out the centre with a Post-it.

Using Clarity Brushes,
brush the Cotton Candy pink into the top, 
and the Ocean Reef blue into the lower area.
Go back in with make-up sponges 
to deepen the colours in certain rings.

Remove the Post-It, and brush the Morning Dew 
over the lower blue area and the centre.
This tones the bright blue down beautifully. 

Do the same with the Cotton Candy .

Remove the stencil and stamp SPORT into the centre,
using the Black Archival.

And here’s the little golfer.
Centre stage 

Trim back, mat and layer on black.

So if you decide to add these three lovelies to your collection,
they’re £4.50 each, or £4.00 if you get all 3. 
Got to go.
I’m on the turn.
If I don’t eat something soon, 
I shall start eating these ink pads!

Love & Hugs,

64 thoughts on “GOLD GOLF and 3 GORGEOUS INK COLOURS – a simple stencil step-by-step.

  1. Great blog – love the colours. Thank you to all the humourous bloggers last night, they should be at the Edinburgh festival. Still only using one hand and arm! I'm sure someone will make a wise crack again. It really cheered me up last evening.
    Love to you all
    Anne (Reading)p.s. Ink pads are not very nice to eat, Barbara. My 3yr old grandson tried that – it took an awful lot to get him clean!

    1. Was it all armless fun Anne? That was hand-y. (Sorry!). Whoops, did you take a photo of your inky grandson before you started to clean him up? Would have made a great scrapbook page. Hopefully it was washable ink not black archival. Xx

  2. Oh I love that colour combination! I'll be using that one myself!!!
    Great card by the way! That stencil is perfect!
    Those inks are fantastic! I've had a proper play with them this week and they just do everything I ask of them!
    Hope you have a good meal and rest tonight ready for the next round of retreaters tomorrow.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  3. Oh I love that colour combination! I'll be using that one myself!!!
    Great card by the way! That stencil is perfect!
    Those inks are fantastic! I've had a proper play with them this week and they just do everything I ask of them!
    Hope you have a good meal and rest tonight ready for the next round of retreaters tomorrow.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Lovely colours and a great card. Love the sports framer – great for pesky male cards. Going to have a look at the ink pads at Leyburn ( if you've got any left that is!) but thank you for the great offer. Love Alison xx

    1. Hi to my bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day. Brenda I'm waiting to hear which event you've been doing today. Morag hope you're ok. Had a much better day today. At least I did get some sleep last night. The only problem is that my cold has gone onto my chest now which for an asthmatic is not very good – it will be out with the Benylin tonight I think. Dave rode my bike up to school this morning and I met him there. Did about 1 and 1/2 miles round the fields and managed to stay on although did near have a problem when I stopped!! Not ready for the roads yet, still not confident enough, but if we go up to school every day for rest of holidays, I should be ok. The bike is definitely bigger than my old one! This afternoon we went to Seal Sannds for a walk and had a laugh at all of the seals sunbathing and jumping out of the water. So all in all a good day. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hello Alison. I have asthmas too and a cold is fatal I always have a chesty cough for several weeks so I can sympathise. Glad you were able to get out and keep the lungs working xx

    3. Gosh Alison – you have done so well today! Neill suffers from asthma and at the moment he just can't shift it from his chest – he is on his 2nd dose of antibiotics, and this is the summer! Anyway, you take care and don't overdo it. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    4. Hi Alison I know what you mean about asthma and a cold, not good is it. Wow you did so well going on the bike and going round the field so many times. Keep this up and we will see you in the Olympics next time😀Xx

  5. I have some of these new ink pads but I haven't used them yet. I'm still working my way through all the washing and ironing after my holidays. I'll need to get thinking about the challenges otherwise I'll run out of time.

    1. Evening julia enjoy making your challenges the months are passing so quick I've been doing my September calendar challenge a little bit each day hugs xxx

    1. Hello all. Love to everyone. I have been very busy over the last few days as we were out most of Sunday and out again yesterday evening and we go away tomorrow for 10 days. Grandson the younger is 5 tomorrow so we are off to visit for his birthday then the family and our bachelor son are all coming with us for a week in a cottage in Norfolk.
      I always read the blog and think about you all and I will comment as and when I get a chance – and internet – while I am away xx

  6. Evening bloggy friends, a bit of crafting today. My colouring book has arrived and it is beautiful, much better seeing it first hand. The bookmarks and postcards are lovely too may have to have a colour while I'm watching the athletics. Now the tricky decision about which one to start first! Xx

    1. Evening Donna oooooooo lovley clarity parcel enjoy colouring I'm looking forward too my clarity parcels coming so I can colour too with a couple of new artisty inks to try out crafting hugs xxx

    2. Wow Barbara another beautiful card wonderful colours /stencil and stamps I'm waiting for my artisty inks to arrive to try before I buy anymore as got lots of different inks still to use up xxx

    3. Evening dear family of blog friends heartfelt hugs to you all hugs to all on the blog .
      I went to the nurse today for a blood test it went well so came back home to do some crafting I Finnished off a Groovi Christmas card I had started a while ago doing a little each day when I can so a good day I'm in bed now resting 😊 Xxx

    4. Hi Sheila – I am really pleased that your visit to the nurse went well, and you must be really pleased to have finished your Christmas Groovi card! Enjoy your new goodies when they arrive, love and many hugs, Gilly xxx

    5. Hi Donna how exciting! Phoebe will be delighted you are sitting down with her, she won't know you are doing craft stuff either! Enjoy watching the Olympics, dinner was delayed tonight while I watched the floor gymnastics, yeah a bronze medal. Xxxx

    6. Hi Donna,
      Glad your colouring book has arrived and that its like very. I'm hoping mine comes tomorrow. Enjoy your colouring while watching the Olympics – I don't think I could concentrate on the colouring, the Games are too exciting! Love and hugsAlison xx

  7. Hi Barbara – I love the colours that you have used, in fact everything is great! Men's cards are always the worst to do! Mind you, many ladies would love to receive a card like this too, hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my blog friends – I hope that you have all enjoyed some good weather, another fantastic day here in Cornwall! Neill and I got a few jobs done between us today, but just in small steps, with plenty of rest in between! Feeling tired now, so I think it's bed time for me – night all, love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  8. Hi Barbara
    What a fantastic card, a great way to celebrate our golfing success, he's from Hampshire so no doubt he will be on our local news when he's home again. It's lovely watching the various events isn't it. Hope the retreats are going well and you are having fun. Love these inks, very tempted but I've got similar colours in distress pads so I will see what comes up next week ( or will give in to temptation 😀). Enjoy your meal.
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, hope all is well. It's been very warm here again today. Had a lovely lunch out with my daughter and a bit of shopping so a treat day. Must get some cards made tomorrow there's a few September birthdays that will sneak up on me. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Pleased you had a lovley day out with your daughter yes September will soon be here my mobile hairdresser book me in yesterday for 4 weeks time which is September 12 my granddaughters 18 and I'm 60 on the15 September thought wow only 4 weeks to mid September good job I've got my granddaughters groovi card made but now I've got to make her card for to put her money in panicking now 🙃😊

  9. What a fabulous colour combination Barbara and the sporty stamps work really well and the background stencil echoes the circle in the sport stamp too. Hope you had a lovely dinner and feeling ready for your next retreat. x

  10. Hi Barbara, that stencil is just perfect for the Olympics. I've got the wee men and their balls!!!! Balls are very useful, for backgrounds and borders. I love this colour combo too, never thought to add a pale green over blue to make teal, so I've learned something good. Thank you. Please don't be giving Daisy any ideas about eating ink pads, it's bad enough that she wants to paw paint with them!!!!

    Today it was the Pompom Shotput. The world record is Daisy's scratch post. You get the look of disgust if you don't clear the speakers. And the turn and walk away, embarrased disownment if you don't clear the doorway. Wonder how I know that!!!!!!

    It'unreal how successful oor wee nation is doing in the Olympics, never seen anything like it. We should be very thankful for the lottery funding. And folk thoughtbour 48 medal target was very ambitious. Oh ye of little faith springs to mind!!!! I love the chinese/japanese person who translates at the medal ceremony, sounds like a Billy Connolly routine!!!! They have some weird races in the velodrome eh. I've never understoodnthe derny bike! Big boys with their toys! I see guys eyes light up whenever I mention I'll need to charge up the batteries for the hedge trimmer for them to tidy up the bushes at the other side of the fence (the council should maintain it, but never do)

    Love Brenda xx

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