Ooh la la – Supper at the Spa!!!

Ooh la la – Supper at the Spa!!!

Hi there!
Thanks for dropping in.

We’re off to the Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells this evening.

No, not just Dave and I for a romantic, candlelit dinner!
There are 25 of us from the retreats having supper together. 
Pics to follow….

I feel bad that this is the first time I’ve socialised 
with our guests in a fortnight, but in all honesty, 
the tooth saga has been pretty unpleasant, 
and all I’ve wanted to do is come home and sleep. 

It’s still playing up!
Kept going every day, but ran out of steam by early evening.

I’m sure folks understand. 
One more day to go tomorrow, 
and then we complete the first 2 rounds of retreats!
Back in a fortnight for the 3rd and final bash this year.

It has been particularly enjoyable this year for me, 
despite the toothhurty. 
Maybe I’m just getting older, 
maybe it’s just that I know most guests now.
We really do seem to attract lovely people!

If you were around this week, you may have met our lovely Mel, 
she who illustrates so many of our stamps, stencils and Groovi images. I thought it would be fun for her to actually play with some of the things she designs! 
She also gave us a very neat demonstration with her cartograph, 
the drawing instrument she uses.
 It was fascinating. 
And oh boy! Did she have a blast!

Here we see her pulling a Gel Plate print for the first time.
The guy in the photo is lovely Ken Kilminster, 
one of my oldest, dearest friends. 
It was Ken who helped me figure out where to start in the British Craft Industry when I came back from America over 20 years ago. 
In fact, Ken and I used to run workshops together back in the 90’s !
The Top Banana Parching World rocked up on the same days:
Linda Williams, Pat Murphy and Tina Cox.
What a scream!
I thought our little Groovi session might be rather a yawn for them,
so I put them to work, teaching us the ropes!
Oh yes, they know their stuff alright, and were more than happy to help us mere mortals with our whitework and picot.
But take them off parchment and give them a canvas!
You should have seen (and heard) our traditional parching buddies when we got the paint out. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone! Hilarity with Clarity!
Ken and Mel said they hadn’t laughed so much in years. 
Apparently Linda just kept cleaning everything!
Her hands, the brayer, the table, her hands again.
I found her in the ladies scrubbing the paint off her fingers too!
I love these people!

Many thanks to Dave for stepping in with the blog yesterday.
The three superstar parchers aren’t here often or together that often, so we made the most of it and had an important meeting.
Watch this Groovi space….
But now I must dash and get ready for dinner. 
The Spa Hotel really is excellent. 
If you ever fancy a break,
you should look it up.
I’m thinking of booking us in for a weekend some time, 
just for the experience!
Until tomorrow,
Love and Peace,

66 thoughts on “Ooh la la – Supper at the Spa!!!

  1. Looks love you are having a blast Barbara, enjoy your evening and hope the tooth behaves. I am planning a retreat session next year with you all….God willing xxxx

  2. Enjoy enjoy. Looks like all will have had a great time on their retreat. It is heart warming when you get to spend time with like minded people. Much love Jayne

    1. Evening dear blog friends sending lots of hugs to you all hugs to all on the blog .
      I've been crafting today doing a background for my groovi elephants I've so enjoyed the inspiration that this months diamond club gave me for the groovi thank you I so need to craft at the moment xxx

    2. Best therapy there is Sheila, a bit of crafting and a wee shop at Clarity! I put my springs on on Wednesday and had a wee shop in the sale 🙂 xx

    3. Hi Sheila, I agree the elephant groovi plate this month was so lovely, I haven't had a play yet but the artwork on the project sheet was fabulous. It's lovely to hear you've had a good day. My sale order arrived today, might just have another peek and order the hummingbirds. Sending hugs xxx

    4. Meet you all at the camp fire glad to know we are all having a wee spend I got my humming birds yesterday in my clarity parcel Diane they are stunning and I bought a few stencils too hugs xxx

    5. Snap Sheila, my hummingbirds arrived yesterday – aren't they fabulous? Glad to hear that you seem to be pain free and enjoying your Groovi. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  3. Sounds like it's been an amazing time lots fun won day I hope to come and join you sounds really great but at moment my knees have been so pain full don't know what todo with myself twisted one last week hasn't helped so it's been feet up trying to get them as good as can . Enjoy your meal lots love Joy xx

  4. Hi Barbara, sounds like you're all having a great time. Sorry your mouth is still causing you pain, must be really wearing you down. Hope you all have a lovely happy time this evening. Love Brenda xx

  5. Hi everyone, an odd day today not knowing what I wanted to do so finished a book, got my calendar challenge entry in and generally pottered. I need to sew the edges on to a baby blanket to finish it off – not sure how I'm hoping to tackle that. Got it out once and put it back ! Hope everyone is ok today. Xx

  6. Hi Barbara, have a great time tonight, I think you need some quality time with good friends.
    Lynn xx

    Hi ladies, sorry I have been away . Had my granddaughter to stay you do need some stamina. I bought her a lovley colouring book from the national Trust, it was made up of a lot of cards and envelopes to colour. She has had fun time colouring some cards in for her teacher's when she returns to school in the autumn.

    I am looking forward to the new shows next month, especially the new colouring book and , looking forward to new Groovi plates.
    Hope you are all keeping well. Have a great weekend all.
    Hugs to all.
    Lynn xx 💖

  7. Wow! What an exciting time everyone seems to be having. It is so much fun getting out of your comfort zone in crafting and really rewarding too when you find yourself creating something amazing. Enjoy your social time and cherish the time with friends.
    Just going to finish making a 40th card and a bracelet for the gift for my South African friend for tomorrow. I now wish I bought the safari stamps as they would be apt for her.
    I also have to make an 18th card for daughters boyfriend so I had better get busy!

  8. Had a great retreat and learned so much. Big thank you to you and dear Paul, he is so considerate. Finished off with a day at Sheffield park – so peaceful.
    Enjoy The Spa and the weekend. Looking forward to seeing you on TV soon.
    Love Anne (Reading) p.s. Brilliant blog from Dave last night.

  9. Sounds a fab day despite the toothache, hope it sorts itself sooner rather than later. I've been in the wars myself this week, I'm rattling with all the painkillers and antibiotics lol. Have a wonderful evening x

    1. happy shopping ,Anne from reading just below your message wants to know about a parchment shade so told her to look on your blog as yours was stunning as she is asking for help xxx

  10. Me again! Quick question. My husband reckons that I could make lampshades for our bedroom out of parchment! I have some capability but wonder if it would work. Does anybody out there have the answer? I don't want to spend ages doing the "groovie" and then find out it won't be strong enough etc. I would appreciate any advice.
    Thank you
    Anne (Reading)

  11. I am so glad you are feeling well enough to get out there and socialise now. Have a wonderful time together. I can't wait to see what you and the parchment ladies are setting up for us. Exciting! xxx Maggie

  12. Hi Barbara
    Hope you have a lovely evening with everyone, how great you were joined by a big group of friends, it sounds like you all had a whale of a time. Oh yes you need a little treat at the spa hotel, either with Dave or a girly day with Grace next time she's home. Have fun
    Love Diane xxx
    Ps have to congratulate Clarity Barbara on your excellent packaging, watched a programme last night on the dreadful waste and oversized packaging from a certain Internet company . My sale order came today, perfect size box a little bit of paper stuffing ( I use it to line our food waste bin) and everything was in perfect condition. That's a big tick from me, thank you xxxxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, I hope everyone is ok. I've been making use of the fine weather and tackling some overgrown bushes in the garden. I apologised to the bees as I did it but they've still got pleanty of flowers so they should be ok. I couldn't cope with limbo ing to the washing line any more! Sending hugs all round xxxx

  13. Would looved to have joined you on the retreat but my lovely Mum is very poorley hope to come next year always read your blog every day but dont add a message have a gret evening you all deserve it.
    Christine Parkes.X

  14. Would looved to have joined you on the retreat but my lovely Mum is very poorley hope to come next year always read your blog every day but dont add a message have a gret evening you all deserve it.
    Christine Parkes.X

  15. Would have liked to have joined you but my lovely Mum is very poorley.
    Hope to come next year.
    Have a great evening you need to relax you all work so hard for us all.
    Always read the blog but dont make a coment very often. X

  16. Would have liked to have joined you but my lovely Mum is very poorley.
    Hope to come next year.
    Have a great evening you need to relax you all work so hard for us all.
    Always read the blog but dont make a coment very often. X

  17. Hey, that's me! Had such a lovely time at my first Clarity retreat, I learnt loads, and it's such a treat to be able to craft for two days without worrying about "real life". I'm really pleased with my results, and my shopping! Exhausted today after it all, so you're doing amazingly Barbara to still be on your feet after eleven days.

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner, have to agree the Spa Hotel was lovely, although wish we'd found the air con before the last morning!

    Looking forward to next year already x

  18. Hi Barb,
    Glad that you're off to the Spa Hotel tonight- I'm sure it will be a real treat for those lucky people who've been on the retreat with you. It certainly sounds as though everyone had been having fun anyway.(Was there any doubt she asks herself?!)Hope you've had a lovely evening. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  19. Hi Barb, hope you all had a lovely dinner, the Spa hotel looks fab. Thanks for sharing the great pics from the retreat, looks like everyone had a good time. Take care. Bx

  20. It looks lovely in the photo Barbara and I'm sure a good time will have been had by all. So sorry your mouth is still painful and hope it will soon ease.

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