Yupo Paper meets Groovi…

Yupo Paper meets Groovi…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Have you had a good week?
We hit the ground running here, 
but it has been a super productive back to work for sure. 
Saturday’s blog a new technique, isn’t it?
I have to write up the New Design Club today.
Got caught up in the colouring book final stage yesterday,
and that’s how the cookie crumbles.
Other important things get shunted, moved to the next day.
Guess where the ironing is on my list…..
So I came upstairs to my little art room, 
to get started on the write-up, 
and had a very typical (also very enjoyable) Gray-hour.
Just as I was about to fire up the Mac,
I spied some of the new Yupo Paper we have just had delivered from Ranger, for the Open Days and Retreats.
(our friend Gill Davidson put me onto it a year ago! – just took this long to get my act together, Gill)
And I remembered that I really wanted to try out the Groovi Plates with it, to see if you can emboss the designs onto it.
Out with the lightpanel, 
we’re taking orders for these again. They are due back in at the end of the month
out with the lovely art deco baby plate.
and the YUPO
Call it having a play, call it R & D.
Verdict? Works B R I L L I A N T L Y.
So for the next hour, I got caught up in a wave of Alcohol inks,
and various other things I was trying out,
to see how they work on Yupo Paper.
What’s Yupo Paper? It’s a synthetic paper,
100% polypropylene. It is waterproof, stain-resistant, and extremely strong and durable.
It also works beautifully with water-colour paints and inks, 
so more will be revealed.
But today, I just had a play.
I think, with a little more time and practice, 
there is something very delightful developing here.
I see fab landscapes being easily achievable on this yupo paper.
Guess what we’ll be doing on the retreat !!!
Want to figure it out now, but really must get the Club sorted first.
And who’d have thought that you could use the line art from the Groovi Plates to create the basis, the centrepiece….
Ah well, time to get to work.
love and hugs,

92 thoughts on “Yupo Paper meets Groovi…

  1. wow, wow, wow – looks amazing, what a fantastic combination of products. I've got all three but I will never make something as good as that

  2. Hi everyone, I've had a successful morning, after a shop, I came back and ironed to the trooping of the colour (I'd have done yours happily this morning Barb!). I then took the ironing upstairs after I'd seen the flypast and had my own flypast. I heard the jets, rushed to the landing window and saw them go by followed the rest, returning home, except the red arrows they must have taken a different route (and the older planes). Now I think I'm going to have a Groovi afternoon. Hope everyone is doing ok. Thinking of you Pam. Hope you're still resting Gilly. I hope Phoebe is still recovering well Donna. Brenda, how's your colouring coming on ? xxxx

    1. Hi Jackie – don't blame you for planning to get some of the YUPO paper at the Open Day – wish that I could join you, never mind hopefully next year! Yes, I have been resting today – just had a mini sort through some of my crafting stuff – trying to make more space! Hope that you are enjoying your Groovi time – I also watched the Trooping of the Colour, hugs Gilly xx

    2. Hi Jackie, what lovely music to iron too, it was good wasn't it and the Queen looked lovely in the bright green ( how many women could pull that colour off and look fabulous). How fantastic having the fly past too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx

    3. Hi Jackie,
      yes i was watching it too and The Queen looked lovely. Im not sure i could get away with wearing the bright green though! Love Alison x

  3. You keep finding new things I desperately want to try out. I bought some of the Yupo a while ago but have done nothing with it. I would assume that if it works with the Groovi then stencils would also work well. Interesting. I need more days in the week. Those backgrounds look fabulous, lots of possible ideas there. Glad you have made time to just play and see what happens. I am a touch nervous now about the Retreat as I do not have a good track record with alcohol inks,but maybe this time will be the one where it clicks into place. Six more sleeps! Love Maggie xxx

    1. Perhaps another year, Chris. It is a four to five hour drive for me, including the M25 and my pet hate – the big island at Oxford, where I get lost every year and my sat nav always dies (there is a black hole for satnavs there) xxx Maggie

    2. Do you have to come by Oxford then Maggie? I'm glad you put inks after alcohol, as for a minute I thought I read you didn't have a good track record with alochol ! LOL !!

    3. So pleased that I'm not the only one to get lost when driving, although I don't drive at the moment. This could be your year that you don't get lost Maggie – hugs Gilly xx

    4. Maggie, deep breath, count to 10, pull up your big girl knickers and smile! After tackling the big roundabout at Oxford the alcohol inks will be a doddle! 😀Xxx

    5. Played about with Yupo and stencils but found there was too much of a 'bleed' to achieve the result I wanted, a bit too blurry for my liking. (However, whilst writing, an idea has occurred.) Meantime, the trials have been safely stashed away to back
      another idea once all my travels for this month are over. ;~}

  4. If that's what you can achieve by just playing I can't wait to see more. I had a play with tissue paper and distress inks yesterday and didn't achieve more than an inky mess!

    1. I read your comment and thought ooooo tissue paper and distress inks, nice, then read on and thought ah, maybe not! Bet you had fun though…………..until the clearing up began! Xx

  5. I ve recently discovered Yupo it's amazing but my efforts are not a patch on yours it's beautiful. I love how thin it is but pretty indestructible. I also used it to create tabs at the top of my clarity storage files as I inevitably picked them up upside down if I m not concentrating. Fasten each side with Velcro dot…..works a treat, no more plate pile ups! X

    1. Hi Hilary,
      Very clever idea, will have to give that a go as I'm forever ending up with a pile of plates on the floor! I've managed to rip some of the wallets too! Love Alison xx

  6. Have been wondering where to get this Yupo paper as I would love to try it with the inks and watercolours ( Bursts too?) – so thank you Barbara, for putting us in the picture- as it were!! Xx

  7. Have been wondering where to get this Yupo paper as I would love to try it with the inks and watercolours ( Bursts too?) – so thank you Barbara, for putting us in the picture- as it were!! Xx

  8. Well…..I think you've cracked it gal! Another brilliant result.
    I don't get down and Groovi (I'm a stampi-chick) – but I love to see what can be achieved. It is all relevant and it just shows the Groovi designs can apply in all types of projects.
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  9. Hi Barbara – so pleased that you have had a play – and what a stunning result! I love the colours! Hope that you have a good day tomorrow, and some time to relax – hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all my blog friends – I hope that you are having a good time today and not experiencing the rain, as we have been! I watched Trooping of the Colour, aren't we lucky to have these wonderful traditions, and what a huge crowd!
      I have done a little bit of sorting, but mainly resting today. Pam, just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you take care – love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly a damp start today but cleared up later, we were out to lunch with my sister so we didn't mind. We enjoyed watching the trooping the colours too, when we were younger a friend of dads got tickets for a rehursal and took us all, it was the year of the silver jubilee – every time I see it I'm right back there. Have a lovely weekend xxx

    3. Hi Gilly,
      Glad you still resting when you need to and hope the sorting didnt wear you out. I love watching Trooping The Colour too, but these days im aleays on edge in case anything happens en route you never know with all these extremists. Love Alison xx

  10. Hi bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. I really want to get inky after todays blog but will have to settle for a bit of colouring until I can trust Phoebe on the sofa by herself, she has been trying to lick her leg so I may have to resort to the cone of shame! Just had a very heavy rain storm, water everywhere. Hope all the people having street parties manage to avoid the rain. Xx

    Pam thinking of you and sending hugs. Xx

  11. Wow might have to give this a go .was given a clarity voucher for my birthday so have some pennies to spend..can I use them at the open day ,or just by phoning the office ….. looking forward to Saturday xx

  12. Oh bother! Blogger ate my comment. Errgh! Anyway in summary…great result, have purpose for my pack of Yupo, can't wait for retreat, glad you had an hour to play. Love and hugs Jeanette xxx

  13. Wowzers that looks amazing, got to try this technique asap, can't make the retreat sadly but I have some ypo paper, alcohol inks and lots of Groovi plates to play with, thanks for sharing this fab artwork 🙂 xx

  14. Just love the effects this paper can create. This is truly luscious with all those shades of green. Will have to check this out for sure. Still resisting the Groovi cause I know it will be completely addictive once I give in!! I do love those clothes that you can get in that material with permanent random creasing in – creases that are meant to stay; all clothes should be made from the stuff and then we could just use the iron for crafting. Much love Jayne

  15. I have been watching and reading a few blogs using this yupo paper. It looks interesting but not bought any yet, great if I can get it from my favourite firm. Even better if we get to play at the retreat. XX

  16. Wow! That looks amazing. I want some and I want it now! (Stamping feet like child I sweetie shop tantrum!!) Seariously though I can wait until Leyburn as I am carefully saving my pennies to purchase my huge wish list.
    I have had a lovely day with Emma and my Groovi Scotland friends. It was really relaxing which was just what I needed today and Emma shared so much of her knowlage with us. Tonight I am going to finish off my card that I made.

  17. That's wonderful Barbara – I'll keep my eyes open for Yupo paper now to add to my stash. I managed to "produce" some lovely scrap paper the other day when I had my brayer out, and made a card for my father-in-law with it. I was so chuffed as before it would have ended up in the bin, and could hear you saying "that'll do" in my head!! x

    1. Evening to all my dear blog family of friends sending lots of thoughtful hugs hugs to all on the blog xxx
      Sending lots of caring hugs pam thinking of you and your family xxx
      Donna pleased to read phoebe is making good progress you will soon be back crafting xxx
      Julia lovley to read yesterday that you lived in jersey when I bought the book half hidden after I read it it made me wanted to go visit and I did it's a beautiful island Tom took me for my 50 birthday so special wow that's 10 years ago in September so many lovley memories to keep goodnight hugs xxx

    2. Hello Sheila hope today hasn't been too bad and you've been good and rested. Jersey is beautiful isn't it, haven't been for a few years, must go there again. Sending you a big hug xxx

    3. Morning Sheila, I lived there when I was 21, young, free and singleish and worked for a bank, it was a good time. I have never been back but once the girls leave home or don't want to go on holidays with us and can be trusted then Chris and I would like to go back.

  18. Hello Barbara
    Wow this is wonderful, what a great effect. It's funny, I was looking for card today ( gave my brother in law a quick lesson in creating hills, Sky and moon usin copy paper and clarity brushes today, he was fascinated ) and spotted this on the website and wondered what it was – now I know. Oh dear, might have to order some when I get the stencil card for him. Now, what time would you like Jackie and I to come round and do your ironing?, something good on the TVs whilst I iron and I'm happy. Enjoy your evening
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, hope you've all had a good day today. Weather has been a bit mixed here but I've avoided the showers. Cushions are at the ready as I might be falling off the wagon later. Pam thinking of you xxxx Brenda I hope toda wasn't too traumatic for you xxx take care everyone wwwwwww

    2. Hi Diane,
      when youve finished Barb's ironing, can you just pop up here and do mine please! I hate it! Weather been very mixed here too. Love Alison xx

  19. Hi Brenda, hope your computer troubles have been fixed. Xx

    Hi Dot, how is Charlie today? Have you been catching worms for him? Xx

    Hi Alison, hope you have had a good Saturday. Xx

    Hi Morag, hope you enjoyed your trip to York and the show was good. Xx

    1. Evening Donna rather late the night Charlie the crow was picked up this morning after I got through to the right sspca he was a young bird trying to fly before his time and now in the hands of their bird foster carer was an interesting night but worth it…xx

  20. Hi Barb,
    This paper sounds very interesting. Ive never heard of it before, but it looks as though it might be falling into my basket at Leyburn ( if not before!). I love the artwork you've created as well. Sounds like you've had a busy but productive day and one that you've enjoyed. Love Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      Today been very mixed weather wise up here. Very damp which has brought the blooming slugs and snails out. I think theyve taken a fancy to my dahlias! Ive got that many slug pellets down that the soil looks blue! Had a frustrating afternoon too crafting. I was trying to do something for a challenge and could i get it right —– No!!! I gave up in the end and will try again tomorrow.
      Pam – my thoughts and prayers are with you xx
      Hope everyone is ok. Sending love and hugs, Alison xx

  21. Hi Barbara, I'm here, that was funny just got to the end reading the comment and in you came. I like the look of that yupo paper, and looks amazing what you have done. Thank you all for thinking of me and our family. Lots of love to to all. Pam xxx

  22. Hi Barbara looks good that yupo paper art your playing with have been wondering if you had tried embossing card with the Groovi plates love to have a go but really think the light box would be needed so saving for that.
    Take care..Dot.xx

  23. I like the look of this, might have to invest in some Yupo, hope you will have some demos at Leyburn. Saturday was overcast but warm, just as well as we had our town carnival and good fun was had by many. X

  24. Looks very interesting. Love the way the inks react…..I have the inks, will just wait until the paper is available. As Jane said – another thing for my wish list 🙂
    Happy Sunday all xxx

  25. I have never heard of Yupo paper but this loos amazing and I have some alcohol inks. We ha a dreich day up here so no gardening. Instead I had an idea for the masculine challenge so had a bit of a play.

  26. Beautiful artwork Barbara, delving into my stash right now, I know I have some Yupo left in there, only used it with water colour last year, the look of those inks is gorgeous. Even though I am retired I never seem to have enough time for all the new things to try, I should start getting up earlier maybe xx

  27. This Yupo looks very interesting Barbaraand I can see that the alcohol inks move in a fascinating way on it and make interesting results, certainly something a bit different. Hope the Design Club write up goes well so you get some of the weekend to relax a bit. x

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