Sunday at Glastonbury….

Sunday at Glastonbury….

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in.
Getting ready for the final day of Glastonbury.
Missed Adele yesterday, but we saw her at the O2 in March – otherwise I would have waded through mud to singalong with my fave!  Actually, must have picked up a bug at the Open Days, and have been cough cough coughing all week, so probably would just have mimed. Don’t think anyone would notice here somehow….
Looks rather cloudy out there, but we really must go for day 3!
Here’s one of my favourite pictures and moments from Friday…
The Acoustic Stage with Barclay James Harvest…
We sat outside, eating homemade apple and summer fruit crumble from the famous Cakehole next door. The music from my teenage years spilled out of the tent like words rolling off the pages of a good book. 
So today, KT Tunstall, Laura Mvulla, Newton Faulkner and Coldplay are on my list, and Dave has a whole other list I’ve never heard of!  But I’m sure we’ll come to some arrangement. If I miss a few, it’s not the end of the world! We’ve got their albums anyway! And there’s no way we’re splitting up! Where would be the joy in standing alone in a crowd? No no no. Better to watch him watch a band he loves.
Have a great Sunday.
Love peace and joy,
Barb xxxx

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  1. Adele was good (watching on tv) she has colourful language, lots of kids there…………… I know they know the words but don't really expect to hear it…. otherwise great, love her misic.

  2. Enjoy your last day there Barbara, agree no fun on your own in a crowd. Stick close to Dave. Hope your cough gets better soon. I've picked it up as well, more troublesome at night though. Safe journey back to Kent. Love Pam xxx

  3. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, have a super day. Hope the weather is better than yesterday, looks promising here at the moment. Off home later. Hope you aren't in so much pain today Sheila. Hope you feel better Brenda, Dot and Morag. Love and hugs to you all. Pam xxx

    1. Hi Pam – glad that you have enjoyed your stay with your daughter and her family – in spite of the episode with their cat! I'm sure that it will have done you good – love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Pam sorry to hear you have picked up the cough, I hope you can get on top of it soon. Good to hear you've had a lovely time with your daughter, safe journey home.xx.

  4. Adele rocked last night! Absolutely the best singer of the moment. TV was up nice and loud and I was singing along. Have fun on your last day and I hope the traffic is kinder getting out than it was getting in! XX

  5. Whatever you end up watching, you'll enjoy it! Live music is just the best way to hear it! It's the whole experience though… Soak it up and lodge it in your memory bank!
    Love and hugs to you and Dave! Xxxx

  6. Whatever you end up watching, you'll enjoy it! Live music is just the best way to hear it! It's the whole experience though… Soak it up and lodge it in your memory bank!
    Love and hugs to you and Dave! Xxxx

  7. Hello bloggy friends, hope you are all OK today. Thank you for your extra Phoebe hugs, she never turns down a hug so was very happy. I am going to try and sneak away again today, just have to avoid the sad eyes! XX

    1. Hi Donna – glad to hear that Phoebe has enjoyed her extra hugs, here is another one for her – in case she is upset that you have left her side to do some crafting – love Gilly xx

    2. Hi Donna, I hope you avoided the sad eye treatment and got some craft time. I too was singing and dancing to Adelle last night, brilliant wasn't she. I'm doing the same now to ELO, we saw them live this year and they were fabulous -and of course Coldplay later- a great evening. Sending hugs for you and Phoebe xxx

    3. Yes I managed for a while but she noticed quite quickly that I had left the room, then she started the sad little bark of loneliness! So she had to join me in the craft room which she does do normally but is finding the floor too uncomfortable. I put down a pillow for her but she just looked at me as if I was mad to suggest she stay on her pillow instead of laying on my feet! XX

    4. Hi Donna,
      I was singing along to Adele – I thought she was brilliant. Now listening to Coldplay. Glad Phoebe enjoyed her cuddles – give her a few more from me. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  8. Hi Barb and Dave,
    have a lot of fun on your last day…
    You can´t believe how many street fairs, concerts (Southside or Rock am Ring for example), bike races etc. were cancelled this year because of the weather.
    I can´t remember when this happened before.
    What an incredible negative year this was in different cases and I can´t wait to leave 2016 behind.
    Rolf xxx

  9. Enjoy the music whilst making memories for the future with a loved one. Had Adele on last night and really enjoyed it, she is who she is and fame and riches do not seem to have changed her, a beautiful singer. Sounds like you have a good list to choose from today. Bet your muddy wellies are living outside your caravan. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxx

  10. Hi Barbara, hope you have a great last day. Hope you will feel a little better very soon. My husbands always has whisky and honey! !! Not my thing. Have a safe journey home. All good wishes. Lynn xx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Have a fab last day, all good things must come to an end – unfortunately.
    Adele was brilliant, but don't like her language – there's no need for it – and young children there

    1. Hi Maureen,
      Agree with you about the language but that's Adele for you. The kids will have heard it all before believe me! Loved her set, thought she was excellent. Love Alison xx

  12. Your like a couple of teenagers but sound to be having a lovely time. My daughter saw Coldplay at the Etihad 2 weeks ago and said it was the best concert ever so I'm quite envious.x

  13. Glad to hear all is well, apart from your cough. Retreating to your cosy caravan will be good I am sure. We have been caravaning for nearly 50 years and still love it. Sleep well.

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I have been having a VERY lazy day today, keeping out of the rain, very heavy at times! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly sounds like you've got our weather from yesterday! Had cloudy with a touch of sun today only started to rain about 5 so not too bad. Enjoy your lazy evening xxx

    3. Evening gilly glad you have rested today yes I do use my Tim holtz distress pens on my groovi I find them better than my crayons as the brush controls easier sending lots of hugs to you and Neil xxx

  14. Hi Barbara, hopefully you're in the middle of having a brilliant day at Glastonbury, and the weather, mud, and your ill health have been pushed to the back. I think, I know, sharing good/happy times with someone you love and/or have a connection with IS the most important, best part. Good things/times are for sharing. Seeing and feeling the other person/s happy, and enjoying themselves and having that connection with them, there's nothing better. Sadly I don't have that now, and it sure does make a huge empty hole inside when there's something good. A good idea for you to be sitting outside the stage areas, still being part of it all, but it being more comfortable/less claustrophobic for you, and lets you share the experience better with Dave. Hope you have a safe journey home, and without the long queues this time. Hope your bug clears up soon, and all the wet, mud, and thousands of people sharing their bugs around haven't added to it! Love Brenda xx

    1. Evening Brenda did you mannage to craft with your groovi and daisy sat and played with the blue mat I do hope you mannaged to switch of from the fear of the referendum as today has been another mixed day with all parties hugs dear blog friend hugs for daisy too xxx

    2. Thanks everyone xx
      I did a wee bit of Groovi, eventually! I think I'm done now with the piece using only the starter kit, it's not going to go any whiter. Hopefully I'll be able to get it better using the fatter balls, but that would have been cheating for this as they don't come with the starter kit. Not that I'm going to be sending it to Barbara for the telly, not good enough for that!

      Still watching the news all the time though. We've got good politics up here, and our politicians are a different breed to the Westminster ones. Our First Minister and her cabinet are on it, got a plan of what they need to be doing, unlike the UK version. Unfortunately it's dependent on the EU and its member countries, and it's unchartered territory. So it's going to take them a while to negotiate just to work out what our options are. But at least there's something going to start now, unlike the UK lot. Do you want move up here, we're not fighting, we're trying to sort out the mess we've been dragged into, if we can. But maybe too much damage has already been done, we're not immune to the financial and business impact it's had, unfortunately. I feel sorry for the you English guys that are now Governmentless because they're all either resigning, fighting each other, or in the case of George Osborne abducted by aliens!!! Who's running England/the stuff that's not been devolved to us?

      How's your pain and swelling been today Sheila? Any signs of it easing any at all yet?

    3. Hi Brenda,
      Glad you've been Groovi – ing today. You should send your Starter Kit piece in, I'm sure it will be good enough. Love and hugs to you and Daisy, Alison xxx

    4. Afternoon Brenda I'm in a lot of pain today and yesterday the swelling is bad also the consultants secretary rang me today going to fax a plan to my Drs to help me .my dr has now closed down the surgery so we have been passed to different Drs and surgery which is very daunting I've got an appointment this afternoon to see a GP so will message you later how it has gone thank you for caring it means so much hugs for you and daisy .
      You want to send your groovi in it would be lovley to see it on hochanda clarity show crafting hugs xxx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Sounds like you've got a great plan for today, I wonder what's on Daves list. We are watching ELO at the moment, I'm looking out for you both in the audience dancing away. – wow all those people!! Have you seen Leoni yet?? Hope you feel better soon and you have a safe journey home when you head back again. Enjoy Coldplay – fabulous live, they will leave you with lots of memories.
    Have fun
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends I hope everyone is ok and Dot Morag and Anne things are looking brighter for you. We've had a lovely day with family, we have an annual BBQ, used to celebrate mum and aunties birthday but now it's auntie and her daughter in laws birthday so it's good to catch up with our boy cousins ( now all men of course!) and reminisce about bbqs of the past. Sending hugs all round xxx

  16. Hi Barbara and of course Dave, it sounds like you two are having a blast. Watched Adele last night – in bed!!!! No standing around in mud for me 🙂 It's great to hear about the craft stalls that are there too. Love your basket and look forward to seeing the spoons you both end up carving. Hope you have a fab last day to day – I'm listening to ELO as I write this and looking forward to Coldplay later. Have a safe trip back. Hugs Angela xx

  17. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, have a super day. Hope the weather is better than yesterday, looks promising here at the moment. Off home later. Hope you aren't in so much pain today Sheila. Hope you feel better Brenda, Dot and Morag. Love and hugs to you all. Pam xxx

  18. Hi Barbara, I hope you are feeling much better, those pesky 'bugs' they get everywhere don't they !!
    I hope you and Dave get to see many of your groups on your lists, and what a fabulous experience.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

    1. Evening my dear family of blog friends sending you all special hugs and hugs to all on the blog xxx
      Evening Dorothy sending extra special wee hugs to help you through xxx

  19. I watched Adele on TV last night. Although she is not my cup of tea I thought she was really good and very down to earth. Enjoy Coldplay, I love to be there with you.

  20. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear you've got the lurg! Hope you're feeling better soon. Hope you've enjoyed your Glastonbury experience. Thought Adele was brilliant yesterday and ELO and Coldplay today too! Have a safe journey home , love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi everyone,
      Hope you're all ok and have had a good day , hope weather has been kind to you. Not bad here until tonight – now it's pouring down, we've had a reasonably lazy day today, went to a lovely pub in a village called Aldborough st John for lunch and had a lovely meal. Watching Coldplay at the moment – they've been really good. Still couldn't stand all the mud etc though! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

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