Hana Pass – oh Joy!!!

Hana Pass – oh Joy!!!

Do you think the Hawaiians got their Aloha from our ‘allo ?
Maybe, back in 1778, when Captain James Cook first discovered Hawaii, he got off the boat and said,
“ ‘allo ‘allo ‘allo – what ‘ave we ‘ere?”
and the natives just caught alloa….
I wanted to take you on a trip to Maui today.
We spent a few glorious days there.
From Lahaina, the little jewel of a town on the west coast,
to Kaanapali Beach in the south.
I have so much to share with you!
We had so much fun.
But today, I want to take you along the road to Hana.
We were staying at Kapalua on the north side, so this was the route,
although the Hana Pass doesn’t actually kick in until you get to the east side.
It is a really windy coastal road.
And I mean windy as in serpentine, not blustery!
I was driving, and it wasn’t too bad, 
although you really did have to concentrate on the hairpin bends and the oncoming traffic.
Bit like this stencil of ours….
Stopped at various waterfalls and beauty spots along the way…
the Pacific Ocean…
Finally got to Hana, had some good food, 
and then took a vote on whether to go back the way we came,
or seize the moment and take a drive on the wild side.
Yep, you guessed it.
We went round the unauthorized road 
(see grey line via Kaupo on map above)
Well, the word ROAD would infer that there was some kind of tarmac. And there was – for all of 5 minutes.
Up and over we went…
Very quickly, however, the road started to turn into a dirt track.
Dave and Steve didn’t speak much at this point, 
and sadly, we don’t have much photographic evidence 
of the mud cliff track with no barriers.
Don’t think they even opened their eyes much.

Top Gear eat your heart out!!
It was properly like being in the wild, in the unknown.
But then, just when you think you have reached the most uninhabited place on the planet,
you see a row of mailboxes !!!
Honestly! We get everywhere, don’t we!
Long drive. Long day.
Would I do it again? Oh yes.
Not sure about the boys though.
Something about kissing your arse goodbye in Maui….
So take the Squiggle stencil
some paint and a Gel Press Printing Plate.
Brayer some China Blue and South Pacific paint, 
spread it over the plate, add the stencil on top,
Lay down a sheet of copy paper and blot well.

Lift the stencil off the plate, add a piece of 7″ x 7″ Stencil card,
rub the back, and pull your print.

 What have you got?
A map of the Hana Pass, Maui!!

 see you tomorrow….
love and hugs,


117 thoughts on “Hana Pass – oh Joy!!!

  1. You are braver than me !! no way would I have driven along there but well done you for doing it. You will have seen things that many other visitors won't have. Looking forward to more tales from the trip

  2. Wow what a wonderful holiday. One of my american granddaughters is going there next week when she finishes school. Amazing how you can produce a lovely card so quickly. Thank you.

  3. Just love your description . It's been many years but we loved our adventures in Hawaii . Also took the road to Hana . Lived on Oahu for three years in the 1980's when my husband was in the Navy .
    Visited most of the islands including Molakai . . Just finishing holiday in Montreal for sons graduation from McGill , a stopover in Brooklyn ( hello Grace ) and now home to Virginia . I need a rest . Haha. Joy now everyone jan

  4. Loving your holiday reports. I'm laughing at your intro and the "alloa" I actually live in the next village to Alloa town , I say village Barbara as it's still classed as a village but it's more like a town with all the new houses! Did you know there was a town called Alloa in Scotland? Think I'd have been with the guys with my eyes tightly closed on your dirt track road! Keep the stories coming xx

  5. Wow Barbara – actually it should be DOUBLE Wow really! Wow for the photos and description of the road, and another wow for your piece of artwork!
    Looking forward to the next instalment! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends! Well today, I am one of the first to comment, whereas last night I was one of the last! We went up to spend the afternoon/evening with some very good friends of ours in Launceston. Had a wonderful time and a lovely meal with them – then we drove home across Bodmin Moor and the fog came down! It was very strange considering how nice the day had been – but if you ever get fog in Cornwall – Bodmin Moor is the first place to get it. Still we arrived home safe and sound – but very late for me! So today it's a resting in bed day, which is ok – after having such a lovely day yesterday!
      So sorry to hear what a horrid painful time you are having Sheila, I hope that you get some relief for your pain soon. I am thinking about you and Phoebe, Donna – I hope that the operation is going well!
      Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, a bit like me one of the last yesterday ! I'm also been thinking about Phoebe while cleaning the conservatory, everything out but now back in. It was more dusty cat hair than much else this time. Glad you had a lovely day. We've been over the moor a few times when going out for a meal with our friend and it's been a bit spooky in December in the dark on the way back ! Got to pick Holly up from school today as we can't do our usual Friday as another hospital visit, only to fill in forms for the trial though. Then W.I. tonight which I've made a cake for. Am hoping John isn't tempted though! xx

    3. It sounds like you had a great time yesterday Gilly, it is so lovely to meet up with friends. I'll be doing that this evening. But not across any moors. Just 15 mins away in the car. Myself and some ex-colleagues, get together on each of our birthdays for a meal. We have done it since I retired 6 years ago. They are all still working, so after 10 mins or so I forget that I'm retired as they always end up talking 'shop'. Have a good rest. Love and Hugs xxx

    4. Hi Gilly
      Sounds like you had quite a trip over Bodmin Moor! Pleased you had such a good day yesterday anyway and that you are resting well today. Very humid here at the moment with a few rumbles of thunder. Love and hugs Alison xx

    5. Evening gilly glad you got out to see some friends thank you for your thoughtfulness I've spent most of my day ringing hospital and Drs and spire to try to get an appointment sorted out my dr practice manager has faxed both hospitals so will get some one ringing me tomorrow if I don't get one soon will pay again for an appointment Monday evening I can have another steroid injection so will pay for that also better to pay than suffer the pain sending lots of hugs your way xxx

    6. Hi Morag – hope that you have a lovely chatty evening catching up with your ex-colleagues. Hi Alison and Diane – yes, it was quite interesting coming back over Bodmin Moor, glad Neill was driving!
      Hi Sheila – sounds as though you have had your work cut out today with trying to get appointments sorted. It's a shame that you need to pay to get this help, but can totally understand you choosing to do that
      Love and hugs to you all, xxx

  6. What an exciting route that was, I think I might have had my eyes shut too and put my faith in the driver! I lovely the squiggly stencil and the colours you've used. Just finishing a Groovi card for someone's birthday tomorrow, well I will be now the conservatory is back to rights and just before we go to school duty. xx

  7. Don't think I could have driven on a road like that, not surprised Dave and Steve had their eyes shut. I'd have had white knuckles too. You're such a free spirit, good on you. Love the stencil and your art. Love that photo of you. Can't wait for the next episode. Love,and hugs Pam xx

  8. Hello Barbara, your description of the dirt road reminds me of a holiday in Australia a few years ago. I spent a few days on Kangaroo Island, driving all over the island, mainly on dirt roads, they were covered in pebbles and grit like marbles and you had to be very careful not to skid. One day I got to talking to a couple from Sydney and they asked me how I had got to the location. They were staggered when I mentioned the dirt road,and said most people were too scared to use it, sticking to the tarmac. I loved the dirt roads, got to see some fantastic scenery, really wild, just me and the great outdoors! Glad you had such a good holiday.

    1. Hi Gilly and Morag. All OK with mum at the moment – she sleeps a lot which is a relief! Been busy trying to clear my aunt's house ready for sale. Thought we had a buyer, but after a couple of weeks they pulled out which was frustrating. It also doesn't help mum, the house was her childhood home and she keeps getting that house muddled with her own and thinks we are selling her house! Will be glad when it is sold – trying to keep three houses and gardens tidy is wearing me out! Still, shouldn't complain at least we have a home. I hope you are both well. I have spent the day making a birthday card using Groovi. Really enjoyed it. Best wishes and hugs, Sue

    2. Evening sue57 lovley to see you here pleased your getting some rest bite as your mum is sleeping more lots of caring hugs your way xxx

    3. Hi Sue – pleased to hear that things are calmer at the moment with your Mum. It must be very taxing for you having to look after 3 houses, fingers crossed that your Aunt's house will sell very soon – hugs Gilly xx

    4. Hi Sheila, I am so sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I do hope you get to see the doctor. It is so frustrating trying to get an appointment these days – the last thing you need when you are not well. Take care, sue

    5. Thanks Diane, at least I don't have any grass to cut at my house, but my aunt's lawn mower packed up on me last week so didn't get too far with her lawns! Best wishes, sue

  9. Hi Barbara, sounds amazing, thank you for sharing. But, as I've said, you didnae need to fly all that way for such beautiful scenery, we've got it all up here, and some!!!! 😉 We do have wild areas with no mail boxes up here too! And windy dirt roads, some of which disappear down the hillside on a fairly regular basis!! I don't know if you've worked it out about me, but I'm like you, I'll just do something without much thought, because I want/need to do it. But then after I'll think – maybe I shouldn't have done that, it could have gone so wrong! And then I'll think – ah, so what, I'm still here!!! Mind you I've got to be the one in control, I really can't handle it if someone else was in these situations. Love your photos. At least YOU took your shoes off to surf!!! 😉 You look so happy in your photos, and that makes me feel happy too :-). Hope you've got something planned for that gelli scrap. I was going to challenge you to go round it all shading all the squiggly lines, but I don't want banished to the naughty corner when you're only just back!!!! I'm looking forward to your next installment. Love Brenda xx

    1. Oh Dear, I just wrote you a long post Brenda dear, and then I realised I'd written Barbara's name instead!!
      You are making me feel quite homesick with your lovely descriptions of, to me, the best country in the world. But as I love remembering, it's a 'thank you' really.
      I hope you are having a good day. Have you done your leaves yet? I'll have to leave mine now til tomorrow. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Yes Morag, it is the best country in the world 🙂
      No not done the colouring in yet. I've still to do the peach ones too. I'm trying to work my way through my last (hopefully) bit of craft sorting. I'll catch up after that.

      My day's ok, thanks Morag and Alison. you don't want the thunder and lightening storm, trust me! I had it earlier today, it's a bad one, but not as bad as being in the eye of the storm that I had last year. And it stays for ages. I live in a hill and the huge spots of rain made the back road look like a large moving river. And when it eventually passed it left the air even more humid than it was, which my CFS body really can't cope with.

      Hope you both have a nice evening xx

    3. Hi Susan, there's not much point having regrets in life is there, they'll only drag you down. Instead try to look at what you can do now, now what you could have/should have. I've kind of had to think like this for many years to get through the life I've been given. I hope you don't regret your move to our beautiful country? And I hope you have a lovely evening xx

    4. Hello Brenda I was thinking of you when they showed the weather map with the thunderstorms on, I hope you and Daisy cuddled up together through it. We visited Skye, mull Iona and Scaffa whilst we were up in Scotland, so beautiful and peaceful. We fell in love with the puffins on Scaffa, they sat so close to us, it was really magical. Such beautiful scenery and great castles too. Sending you a hug xxx

    5. Brenda M…. Oor wee Scottish tourist guide on the blog but she's right we have the most beautiful scenery in the world and the kindest and most welcoming people on earth of that my friends she is one.
      Here's yir cuddle hen…xx

    6. Aww thanks Dot. Yer no bad yersel 😉 Maybe we should offer oor services to the Scottish tourist board!!! cuddle back xx

      Scaffa is the only one I've not been to Diane. Now I am proper jealous. I'm so desperate to get back up there. Are there still no cars allowed on Iona? Makes it even more magical eh xx

    7. Hi Brenda – I think that Dot is right – the Scottish Tourist Board should hire you to tell us all about your beautiful country. I have only been a couple of times, and seen only a small part of it, but what I did see was very beautiful – hugs Gilly xxx

  10. I laughed so much at your description of Dave and Steve during your drive. I've spent many a happy time 'exploring', with hubby sitting beside me eyes tight shut saying "You'll come on your own next time!" hahaha! So you gave me some lovely memories too. Thank you for that. xx It is such a joy to be able to share your wonderful trip with you Barbara. I've really missed your sense of humour too.
    Great piece of artwork, that fits in with your adventures perfectly. Love and hugs xxx

    1. Hi Morag,
      Hope you had a good night's sleep and a good day today. It's been very humid hasn't it? Just waiting for the thunderstorm now! Love and hugs Alison xx

    2. Hi Alison. I've just got in from a round trip, taking hubby shopping. First to Durham, then to Arnison Centre, then to Chester le- Street..then FINALLY Washington Galleries. He didn't find what he was looking for anywhere, so suggested, that "While we're up this way , we might as well go to the Metro!!!! Noooo!!! I'm off to the Poachers tonight with some friends. If I'll be able to drag myself there! Cos at this moment I feel like I've been dragged through a mangle!!! I hope you've had a much more RELAXING day !!! Love and hugs xxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Sounds like a very interesting route! Not sure I would've driven down it though. When we used to take ski trips abroad with school, if we were going up steep mountain passes, I'd be past myself! We used to sit in the front seats of the coach and going round a hairpin bend it felt and looked as though we'd run out of road! I used to look out o the window and try to work out where we'd bounce if we went over the edge! It didn't help that the coach drivers were maniacs especially the Italians! Sounds like you enjoyed yourself anyway – not sure about Dave and Steve! Beautiful piece of artwork as well. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends,
      Well today has been very humid and hot. Decided to try and get most of my plants in but had forgotten Dave was going to Runswick Bay with our best man to take some photos. Anyway, got all my tubs planted up (14 of them) and one flower bed planted but had to give up then because my back was killing me with bending over. I can't kneel down any more after my knee replacement and if I try to rest on my other knee, I can't get back up again – oh the joys of getting old!!! I've also hurt my left shoulder so I've had my TENS machine on that to try to speed up the healing. I think I've pulled or even torn the muscle! Still, what I got done looks really nice ( or should do once they flower). Daves going to plant the rest for me tomorrow if the weather is ok. Hope everyone is ok and has had a good day. Donna, been thinking of you and Phoebe and hope her op has gone well. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

    2. Hello Alison you have been good. I planted my baskets before we went away, just got my tubs to do but will have to pay garden centre prices as the nursery will have sold out by now. Have a good rest tonight and hopefully you won't be too stiff tomorrow xxx

    3. It's so frustrating when the head thinks it can and the body says it can't. Have you tried a kneeler? Sometimes I sit on mine as a stool and sometimes I turn it over and kneel on it or sit sideways on it as it helps me get up again xx

  12. I'm so pleased you're giving the gel plate an airing Barbara – think I'll get mine out to do a few prints for my father's day cards, as I'm a bit behind and they are so quick and effective. Your holiday looks amazing, and Hawaii is still on my list of places to visit. x

  13. I don't think I would have done the driving but I certainly would have egged my husband on. Many years ago we were in Greece and hired a beach buggy type car. We had been out on this particular day and decided to go home what we thought would be the most direct route…mmm, past the donkeys through the middle of olive groves. It only got a bit scary when is started getting dark.

  14. Loving this adventure you are taking us on Barb. You wonder what these exotic places are like when sadly you have only been to Europe. I would like to see plants we have to grow in hot houses growing in the wild and I would love to go somewhere with lizards lying around and climbing walls! I have always thought how strange it must be to live in Australia and look into the garden and see budgies sitting on the fence, that thought really tickles me. Much love Jayne

    1. Evening my dear blog family of friends sending lots of hugs xxx
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx
      Donna hope pheobe had her operation and is doing well and you too hugs for you both xxx

    2. Hello my lovely Sheila
      I'm so sorry to hear you are in so much pain again, I hope you get an appointment sorted out soon. Keep resting. Sending you a gentle hug and lots of love xxx

    3. Hope your pain eases soon Sheila. Sounds like you're letting it win just now though. Don't let it. Concentrate on good things instead, and still do nice things, go out, wee bits of craft. You'll find something you can do if you think about it. Concentrate on your time with your family and friends, your conversations with them, a programme on the telly, instead of how sore you are. Don't stop moving and doing things either because that's going to make your pain and everything else worse. xx

  15. Hello Barbara
    Oh my goodness you are brave!! Mind you I think I would rather drive than watch!! I'd have been like the boys, sat in the back with my eyes firmly closed !! We found a few dodgy roads in Scotland, very narrow with passing places but nothing like that!! I won't show Julian, he would be booking the flights!! Did you go pro the journey to watch back?? Fabulous photoes again, what an amazing place. Lovely artwork tonight, love that stencil.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends hope everyone is ok, we've had sunshine but no thunder here …yet! Another 4 loads of washing today, last bit of ironing to do. Isn't it lovely having kids home from uni!! Haha. Donna I hope phoebes operation went well, been thinking of you both. Take care everyone love Diane xxx

    2. Hello my friend. I'm so pleased that you were on holiday and not poorly. It seems ages since we had a catch up. Happy washing and ironing!!! Love and Hugs xxx

    3. It's very satisfying when the last piece of washing is done and put away. I got 4 loads dried yesterday but my iron does not get an airing very often!!

  16. Oh Barbara that doesn't surprise me one bit you took the wheel on that part of the trail good for you that's what my hubby always did took us off the tourist route and found some beautiful places and some lovely people great memories we never was sitting at the pool all day kinda folks.
    Someone like you who's got her own Harley doesn't do the normal track your our dare devil a wee Evil Knievel of craft.
    Enjoying your holiday pics keep them coming if you don't mind.
    Love Dot…xx

    1. Hope your all ok bloggy fiends and wee Pheobe.. sorry if I don't run up and doon replying to you all feeling a wee bit down the day it's Grandad's birthday the day and I'm just back from setting off wee balloons ti heaven wi the bairns..xx
      Hugs to you all you and this blog keeps me going…Dot..xx

    2. Aww Dot, I'm sorry this is such a sad time for you. try to think of your happy memories, bet you've masses of them. Thinking about you xx

    3. Hello lovely Dot. What a beautiful thing to do with the bairns on this very special day. You are in my thoughts, and I'm sending you an extra big cuddle. Love and Hugs xxx

    4. My dear blog friend just shows how thoughtful you are to do this with your grandchildren even though your feeling so sad and missing him so much yourself sending special hugs for you now Dorothy is so good to come here and share your day xxx

  17. I knew you would take the rough road, there is a real little devil in you, Just had to be done. Think I might have been like Dave and Steve, eyes shut. Looks as if you had great fun though. xx

  18. Hi bloggy friends. Phoebe had her op this morning. Home now on the sofa. Uncomfortable and whimpering when she moves at the moment. Hopefully she will have a good nights rest and feel better tomorrow. Thank you for your thoughts everyone. Xx

    1. Hi Donna – pleased to hear that Phoebe is back home with you now! Sorry to hear that she is uncomfortable, fingers crossed that she will be much improved in the morning – give her a gentle cuddle from me and a big hug on it's way for you! xxx

    2. I know you'll be upset at seeing her in discomfort and being helpless to take it away, but breathe a sigh of relief that the worst is over. It's only up now. So glad she got though it ok. xx

    3. I'm so pleased Donna, that Phoebe has finally had her op. It must be such a relief for you , despite seeing her in so much discomfort. I hope that soon passes for her. Lots of love and hugs to you both.

    4. Hello Donna I'm so relieved that phoebe has come through her operation so sad to see her suffering now as it will be so strange for her now but she will soon pick up and back to herself soon sending hugs to you both xxx

    5. I popped back to see if you'd reported in! Glad to know Phoebe is home, sorry she's uncomfortable at the moment but I'm sure that will ease for her x x

  19. Hello Barb,
    Fantastic, stunning and the tune "Walk on the Wild Side" by Lou Reed is going
    around in my head. I'd never have taken those photos, my eyes would have been tight shut lol. Looking forward to seeing more.
    Maureen xxx

  20. Welcome home, Barbara, glad you had such a fantastic time. You deserved it. And from the looks of it, you've come back with your batteries fully charged!

    Paul did a great job. His sneaky peaks were excellent, and the show on Sunday was fab! Those butterflies are amazing. Lovely designs to try. Your holiday sounds amazing too. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures on the edge…

  21. I just knew you wouldn't take the easy route!! I got the jitters going over Honister pass in the lakes so I would have freaked on your adventure.
    It's lovely to see your super step by steps again xx

    1. hi everyone' bit late tonight as I have been gardening again and I am out tomorrow at 7.30 am for Pilates so I have read all the posts but if I didn't comment on all tonight please excuse me. Son in law has not had a repeat visit to A&E but is still not brilliant. As Barbara says "This too shall pass" and I hope the kidney stone doe so soon!!

  22. Thanks Barb ! Surfing with the socks on ! A really dodgy photo !!! ( Y'said you wouldn't use it….) The Hana Pass is amazing , and yes really, I did see all of it. Poor Steve though had the back seat , and that was probably not that good. Very fortunate to have visited this beautiful and unspoilt place, where the pace of life is gloriously slow and mellow xx

  23. I love an adventure, I once swam in a sinkhole in the Yucatan peninsula Mexico, the water was emerald green with big black catfish in it, but looking up it seemed like a cathedral, rainbows filled the top and I could make out birds flitting around the edges in what I think must have been tree roots. It was hushed and peaceful in the water, it felt spiritual. The experience was said to make you look 10 years younger, unfortunately they lied about that xx

  24. Hi my lovely blog friends, just read all the comments to help me relax, had an awful day, Dom had a heart attack and is now on life support, it's just so unreal. He's gone through so much the last 2 weeks, 3 operations in 11 days. It doesn't look good. Sorry to unload in you all. Hope you've,all had a good day, sorry Sheila that all your pain is back, hope you get an appointment very soon, you shouldn't gave to pay. Glad Phoebe's operation is over and she is home with you. Lovely to see you back Diane hope you had a great time. Sending an extra hug to you Dot, nice to hear you had a good day out Gilly and hope you enjoyed it out with your friends Morag. So pleased Sue57 that your Mum is sleeping a bit more and giving you a lot less worry. Brenda I agree Scotland is beautiful, think the west coast is the prettiest also the borders. We've had some wonderful holidays up there from 1956 when I was 9 until 1962 visited Skye before the bridge was there. Then we caravanned in 1992 until 1995 got as far up as Corpach on Loch Eil. Then 1996 in a Motorhome we drove all up the west coast along the top and down the other side, wonderful. Also visited Skye by bridge this time, lovely memories. Thanks Brenda for the reminders. Love and hugs to you to all and everyone on the blog.xxx

    1. Dear pam my heart goes out to you at this time and you even make time to leave me a thoughtful message which I appreciate more than you know lots of hugs to help you through xxx

    2. Pam, I am so sorry to hear about Dom – you have been going through such a terrible time. You are such a kind person to leave such lovely messages for us, whilst being in a nightmare situation yourself, thank you for that. We will keep hoping that there will be an improvement in Dom today – meanwhile, we will be keeping you all in our thoughts – bless you Pam, sending you love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Pam, I'm so sorry to hear Dom has had another medical emergency. I hope he pulls through, he needs to, after everything he's fought through to keep going in the past couple of weeks. You unload all you want, we're all here for you. And how very thoughtful you are, lovely lady, thinking of all of us too at this time. I'll be thinking about you all, take care, love Brenda xx

    4. Oh, Pam,
      I'm so sorry to hear about Dom. You have had so much to contend with and now this. I hope and pray that he pulls through and you both will be in my thoughts and prayers. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

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