Aloha!!! She’s back in Blighty and a-blogging….

Aloha!!! She’s back in Blighty and a-blogging….

Hi there!
Good of you to pop in.
Did ya miss me?
She’s back! – all jetlagged and spacey today.
But what a holiday – what a full on, brilliant break.
Over the coming days, I hope to share some of what we got up to on our US road trip.
Hooked up with both kids in California,
which was a real highlight…
Many many thanks to Paul for taking over 
so that I was able to kick back and check out for a while.
Didn’t he do well ?!
Actually, I am really happy to be getting back in the driver’s seat.
Although a complete switch off was needed, 
just to stop and smell the flowers, and be where I was,
it is lovely to be back and chatting to you.
How attached I have become to this little circle of ours! 
So let’s get back to Monday’s Blog….
is Flowers and Trees.
Well, the trip started in Hawaii. First Oahu, then on to Maui.
You can imagine the fantastic tropical forests and waterfalls, 
I’m sure!
There’s so much to tell you about, and so much to show you!
When we got in from work this afternoon,
I was very happy to get back up in my little art den 
above the garage too, and make a flowery card for you:
We are strange creatures….
Dave is outside mowing the lawn 
and strimming the massive burst of green growth back,
and I am straight up here getting arty again.
Is she crazy, I hear you think.
Straight back to step-by-step blogging again!
Hasn’t unpacked the cases or even considered the laundry yet!
Crazy, yes, without a doubt.
But you see, the blogging, 
– or should I say the making a piece of artwork – 
is what grounds me,
brings me back to today, to here. 
To spend an hour completely in my own company, with no music;
just Dave’s lawn mower outside, reassuring me 
he’s doing what he loves doing too.
First thing for me was to get out the Gel Printing Plate 
and a stencil, with a few ink pads:

Right. Ready?
Attach stencil to the card with low-tack masking tape. 
Dab Scattered Straw all over the 6″ x 6″ Printing Plate

Then some Ripe Persimmon in the corner,

and some Chipped Sapphire in the middle.

Slit a polybag open with a ruler. 
We can use this to blend the colours on the plate.

Place the inside of the poly-bag down on the inky plate.
(that way, you can close it and reuse it many times)

Lift it and then replace it higher or lower, moving the ink.
Then remove and close the poy-bag

Flip and place the inky plate down on the stencil card.
Press and squish to transfer the ink .

Wipe ink from the stencil into the apertures. 

Load one of our stencil brushes with Mustard Seed 
and brush the outer edges with yellow.
Lovely and tropical….

Add some interest to the actual stencil FLOWERS 
and the outer edges with the blue ink pad and a make-up sponge.

Use Distress Markers 
and pencils to bring out the flowers and stems.

Run round the outer edges with the chisel end of 
matching Promarkers.

See the gritty texture in the background from the Printing plate though?

Layer up and mount on 8″ x 8″ good quality folded card.
I think these from Hunkdory are top spec.
click here to buy.
Just a little reminiscent of the flower feast we enjoyed
in Hawaii.

Not manicured lawns and pristine flowerbeds;
wild, unkempt and gritty.

Absolutely phenomenal. 
Tomorrow, I will take you with me on a picture trip to Maui.
Let’s go on the Hana Trail…
Answer me this:
Did they take the winding road to Hana, then obey the tourist info guide, and double back on themselves to return?

Or did they take the unauthorised road back, rough, narrow, 
kissing the coast, prone to mudslides and unpaved? 

Have a good evening!
Love and Hugs 


147 thoughts on “Aloha!!! She’s back in Blighty and a-blogging….

  1. Good to have you back and gold you are rested. Paul did a sterling job while you were gone but of course it wasn't the same. And pleased to see our old friend the gelli plate making an appearance too.

  2. Good to have you back and glad you are rested. Paul did a sterling job while you were gone but of course it wasn't the same. And pleased to see our old friend the gelli plate making an appearance too.

  3. Hi Barbara, pleased to have you back, and pleased you had a great holiday. Paul has been looking after us all in your absence. Love the step by step, very tropical colours. Thank you for bringing the sun back with you. Xx

  4. Welcome back Barbara! It's been good having Paul keeping things in order but great having you back in charge!
    What a fantastic time you seem to have had and I look forward to hearing all about it!
    What was the best thing about coming home….being in your own bed or a decent cuppa?
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  5. Welcome back Barbara! It's been good having Paul keeping things in order but great having you back in charge!
    What a fantastic time you seem to have had and I look forward to hearing all about it!
    What was the best thing about coming home….being in your own bed or a decent cuppa?
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  6. Welcome home after what sounds like a great holiday.Paul has done a wonderful job standing in for you and his TV shows were fab yesterday as well. Lovely card to start back with and I am not sure I have seen that stencil. Very pretty so guess what, on the list it will go. I am fairly sure you would take the rough road. xx

  7. Hi bloggy friends. Hope everyone is well today. Phoebe has her op booked for tomorrow! Next bit of colouring – let's get the leaves round the roses in the heart and on the bottom border coloured. Light and dark green ( I know Brenda very boring!) Xx

    1. Hi Donna, you will be in my thoughts tomorrow. Hope everything goes well. thank you for the next bit of colouring! Love and hugs xxx

    2. Hello Donna, I hope all goes well for Phoebe tomorrow . Are you feeling better yourself? Horrible isn't it being ill when it's your holiday, I did feel for you. Look after yourself though, it's a busy half term. Sending hugs xxx

    3. Hope the op goes well. We have had lovely weather today after a cold damp half term with the grandchildren. I remember having to go back to work after a holiday and the weather turning hot – frustrating having to make do with playground duty x

    4. HibDonna,
      Hope you're ok . I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and I hope Phoebe's op goes well – I'm sure it will. I bet she'll be as right as rain in no time. You take care, lots of love and hugs, Alison xxx

  8. I would have taken the back road in my trusty Land Rover, and I reckon you, Dave and Steve are more adventurous than I am. Glad to see you back although Paul has been brilliant (he did get the giggles yesterday). I just can't wait now to get down to the Open Days and the Retreat again. I must get this stencil out, it has been rather underused. I wonder what it would be like with gilding flakes and mica. Hope you are going to find time to smell the flowers now you are back here. xxx Maggie

    1. Pressed send by accident Great having you home Paul has done a fantasticJobkeeping things going he is a star looking forward to hearing more about your holiday lots love Joy and Katie xxx

  9. Yay, Barbara's back 🙂 🙂 :-). I sure did miss you loads. Paul did a good job I your absence, but he's not you is he. I'm well chuffed you had a brilliant holiday, managed to switch off, and managed to spend time with Grace and Mark too :-). That tropical flower/plant looks amazing, unreal. I'm going to enjoy very much seeing your photos, and hearing your stories. My guess is you went off-piste. you can't go all that way and then stick to the boring tourist trails. And yes, I so get you, why you headed straight for your art den, and Dave for the mower :-). Very arty artwork, love it. Love you, Brenda xx
    p.s. we behaved, honest 😉 Well, maybe!!! 😉

    1. Hello Brenda. I hope you've had a good day today. I was toasting crumpets for you on the campfire at 2.30am. I ended up having to eat them ALL myself hahaha! Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hello my lovely Brenda, I hope you've had a good day. Have you got your hard drive sorted yet? We've been up in Scotland on holiday, beautiful scenery, amazing weather no mobile signal and the second week no internet! I've been catching up today to make sure everyone is ok . Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    3. Evening Brenda hope you've had a guid day and the sun was coming in the windaes pity we missed Morag wi the crumpets she's definatly got her owl badge.
      Aye we all behaved well there wis maybe wan cheeky wan ehhh!!
      but bet Paul had a wee's yir cuddle…xx

    4. Hi Brenda,
      hope you're ok and have had a good day.i assume that you're not having problems with your hard drive or have you managed to get your new one sorted? Love and hugs, Alison xx

    5. Thanks everyone.
      Still the old hard disc so far. Dread switching it on each day, in case it doesn't work! And any time I need to do a back up, run a scan too! Just waiting on my brother getting through to set up the new one. Maybe next week.

      Diane, if you've been up in the highlands then I'm proper jealous, where were you in Scotland?

      I'm glad I missed your crumpets Morag! I would have had to sit and smell them toasting, and then watch you eating them!!! Me no allowed wheat! I was still awake then, but I'm trying to close up the laptop earlier these days, as apparently the blue light from the screen stops you getting sleepy. I'm trying hard to get up earlier in the vain hope I'll go to bed earlier. I seem to just be getting more and more exhausted though!!!

      Wonder who that could be Dot!!!!;-) Yep warm sun most of the day here. we're forecast for torrential thunder and lightening later tomorrow. Enjoy the last couple of days of oor summer, it's to get colder again.

      My good guy who took over the social services abandonment and mess said he got an email at the end of last week giving a name of the next allocated social worker. That was it, nothing else, except the social services senior manager who took over after the horrible carry on with the last one is leaving in the next couple of weeks! So I don't know what's going to happen. My guy is going to chase them up for contact details of this new one so he can speak to her and meet her before she contacts me. And one of them, him or his boss who also knows me well and who cares too, is going to be here when she comes for the first time. I just go "aye, that's fine" as I'm switched off, totally ensconced in my wee safe bubble away from the world and all people. They can take as long as they like as far as I'm concerned.

      Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow xx

  10. Rules were made to be broken … must have gone your own way back …. much more fun. X Glad the holiday did the trick, but there's no place like home. But soooo good for you to be amongst family. X Luv Yvonne

  11. Just simply to say welcome home, we missed you! So glad you had a lovely holiday, loved the family tree photo which Paul kindly share with us non-Facebookers xx

  12. The Eagle has landed – more the swan! So pleased you had a fab trip and even more pleased you are back. Paul did a fantastic job, even heard him on the telephone – I do love that guy – so calm and reassuring. His demos yesterday were awesome and his blog. Big cheer for Paul. Also he reckons he will control us on the retreat – not a chance.
    On the home-front.. Life is s… at the moment – wedding, nearly a funeral. But enough. I have my groovi and my mates on this blog. They have kept me sane. I am so looking forward to the retreat.
    Lots and lots of love to you, Dave, Paul and anyone that needs love.
    Anne (Reading)xx

  13. It's wonderful to have you back Barbara! Paul did a great job in your absence, but you have been truly missed. I love driving down unknown roads,never knowing what delights are going to be round the next corner and I think that's what you would have done too. So my guess would definitely be the second option. A gorgeous piece of Artwork. Love and Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Morag, hope you've had a good day. Haha I know what you mean about funny roads, our satnav has had a field day with us the last two weeks!! Mind you we always say we are on holiday when we find a road with grass growing up it!! Take care xx

    2. Hi Morag,
      Well it's been another beautiful day hasn't it? Hope you're ok and have had a good day. Hope you get a good night's sleep too. Love and hugs Alison xx

  14. Lovely to have you back and I'm sure you took the second option. Looking forward to sharing your holiday photos. I like what you have done with the stencil today and I think even I might have moderate sucess with it. Amazing how a combination of colours turn out the way they do. I am going to order the stencil and have go. Welcome home

  15. Happy you had a good holiday, nice to have you back. We had fun with Paul and you whilst you were away. Love the gelli plate, feel inspired again. Will have to get it out tomorrow x

  16. Definitely the latter – a little challenge adds to the spice. Welcome back Barbara, Paul did a sterling job whilst you were away but you were missed.

  17. how lovely to hear from you again and that you are all back safe and sound – Paul has been brilliant.
    Lovely artwork too – are you all fired up after your break? Please keep showcasing your favourite stuff – I'm starting a Clarity shopping list for Richmond (more stencil brushes are on it so far…..they are so useful for everything!!)
    Looking forward to hearing more about your hols in days to come.
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  18. Hello Barbara

    Welcome home. The artwork is fantastic and Paul did a very good job holding the blog and Hochanda fort while you were away. Looking forward to my first open day next week.


  19. Welcome home! So glad that you feel rested and refreshed; I'm looking forward to hearing about the long and windy return trip and seeing some wonderful photos.
    Paul has kept us suitably entertained in your absence but it's good to have you safely home
    Karen xx

  20. Welcome back you were missed Paul did a brilliant job while you were away the blog was in safe hands. It sounds like you had a wonderful time just what you needed. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  21. I'm so pleased you had a proper switch-off, and enjoyed your holiday with your nearest and dearest. Great to have you back, and three cheers for Paul who did a great job of holding the fort whilst you were away. Might have a go at this project it's really lovely. X

  22. Hi Barbara & Paul and ladies, . Home is where the heart is or as they say , glad you had a brilliant chill out time with people you love seems that the holiday was great looking forward to hearing some of the lovely things you did. Paul looked after us all while you were away and the shows yesterday we're great more plates for my list. Hope all is well with the ladies and you all have had a lovley day. Weather lovley and warm did a little sitting in the shade doing some Groovi just got to get to grips with my cutting. Have a good night. Hugs Lynn xx

    1. Hi Lynn, you'll soon get to grips with your cutting. I just used to do rows of piercing, then practised…and practised! Hugs xxx

  23. Great to have you back safe and well Barbara. So glad you had a wonderful time, really missed you though. Paul did a fantastic job of keeping up with your blog. Love your step by step today, think I have the stencil, at least I hope so. When did the Gelli plate change its name? Thought it must be something else. I think you must have returned the unauthorised route as you love adventures. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  24. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you've all had a good day, can't believe the gorgeous weather we're having, let's hope it lasts. Great to have our Barbara back all rested and happy. Love and hugs to you all and love to everyone on the

    1. Hi Pam,
      Yes the weather has been beautiful but I think it's going to change shortly unfortunately.My body is just getting used to the warmth! Hope you've had a good day, love and hugs Alison xx

  25. I can't wait to hear details and see pictures of your holiday, it will be lovely. You were missed, and I'm glad you're back, but Paul did a sterling job. Top man that bloke!!
    Love today's artwork. Might try this tomorrow xx

  26. Welcome home Barbara Paul was brilliant while you was away he is so professional but so caring too ,so pleased you mannaged to catch up with grace and mark bet that made the holiday more special the stencil you used is one of my favourites crafting hugs to welcome you back xxx

    1. Hi Sheila,
      Hope you're ok and not in too much pain. The good weather must help you I would think – I know my knees are much better when it's warm. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    2. Hi Alison Diana Julia Dorothy morag I've had a few bad pain days so been feeling very low rang Drs today for advice on putting my slow release pain meds back up slightly (as I have been dropping them on advice from pain management) which he agreed too as he saw me Friday in pain due to my CFS fibromyalgia I try hard to cope but pain has got too much .the steroids has now stopped working for my rheumatoid arthritis so that pain has come back now too my wrist left hand are very swollen and now having pain in my left ankle and both my elbows all the bones . I mannaged to send in my challenges for this month thanks to Tom so if I'm not here for a while I will be thinking of you all xxx
      The warm weather is no good for me Alison I prefer winter .
      My gardeners wife came today to do all my baskets and tubs and I've got a new feeder for the birds so I can watch them from my bed and see my baskets too on the pagoda will say night love and hugs to you all xxx

    3. Hi Sheila – it's lovely to have you back here, we have missed you! I am so very sorry to hear what a truly horrid time that you having, My heart goes out to you, thank goodness that you have got Tom to take care of you. Sending you gentle healing hugs – love Gilly xxx

  27. Hello all my lovely blog friends. I'm off to bed now, so I'm going to miss a few of you tonight. I hope you've all had a good day. Love and hugs to you all xxx

  28. So chuffed that you all had a great time, but glad to that your back with us the pic with the kids is worth a frame on the wall Barbara it looks like a really lovely memory.
    Lovely step by step didn't expect you to get all painty and arty especially with the jetlag was Billy Brayer and the inkpads singing…Welcome Home Welcome come on in and close the door…
    I'm also very attached to this wee circle to welcome back we missed you.
    Love..Dot Xx

    1. Hello Dot, hope you are ok. I've been playing catch up on the blog today, looks like it's been crumpets and flapjacks round the campfire whilst I've been away. Sending hugs xxx

  29. Delighted that you had such a brilliant break it was well-deserved. Paul was great and kept us informed of your holiday progress although it reminded me of going to check on a friend's house while they were on holiday – a little something was missing although the fabric was the same.
    Bet you were mavericks going the dangerous route xxx

    1. Hello blog pals it's good to be back on the laptop. I will try to catch up with some older posts tomorrow as today has been a gardening and washing day. We had a lovely week with the family and came home yesterday evening. It was later in the day than planned as I took my son in law to A&E at 5am and we were there for 5 hours. It seems he had renal colic as he has a kidney stone.
      Our daughter is a nurse but had a rapid response shift to do from 7.30 am – not something to be cancelled lightly. Grandad looked after the boys until we got back and we stayed until the other grandma arrived to help. Daughter and I exchanged 40 texts over the course of the day but it was so lucky that we were on hand.

    2. Hello Chris, sounds like you've had an interesting break! Good thing you were there, I hope your son in law is ok. I think a couple of days catching up with the washing and relaxing in the sun are in order to relax again. Xx

    3. Hi Chris,
      Glad you've had a good week but sorry you had to go to A&E – hope your son in law is ok. It was a good job that you were there. Sending love and hugs Alison xx

    4. Hi Chris – it certainly sounds as though you were in the right place, at the right time, and your daughter and son-in-law must have been so grateful. Love and hugs – Gilly xxx

  30. Happy to have you back with batteries re-charged, sounds like you had a wonderful time. Paul did an great job in your absence but I dare say he's also happy to hand back over to you (we did our best to behave but…. need I say more?)!

    I reckon you went the rebellious way, I know I would!

    Loved the 'family tree' pic especially and looking forward to hearing of your adventures. xxx

  31. Welcome home Barbara, so glad to have you back, Paul did an amazing job keeping the blog going and was great on Hochanda. So pleased you had a great vacation and spent some time with the kids. Think I know the road you are talking about and it is pretty scary. My guess is that you went all the way around. I only got half way and said that is enough.

  32. Hello Barbara
    Welcome home! Sounds like you have had an amazing time, and seeing the kids too, what a bonus. Oh you must have gone the rough back way, it's not like you to follow the tourist route!! Today's photos are lovely, I'm looking forward to following your footsteps with your photos. Today's artwork is lovely, I can understand your desire to sit and play ( not sure hubby would agree with Daves need to cut the grass 🙂 ) just shows how chilled and relaxed you are. Hope you can sleep tonight, jet lag is a pain!! A huge thank you to Paul for keeping us all entertained, he's such a star, so glad he came to join you at Clarity. I hope your mum is ok and has behaved whilst you've all been away. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, sorry I've been AWOL we've been on holiday in Scotland and had no wifi the second week. We decided to do the university pick up and combine it with a holiday ( car packed to the hilt!!). Had two fantastic weeks, near Loch Ness the first week and loch awe the second week. Fabulous scenery amazing weather!! ( who would have thought Scotland was hotter than the 'sunny' south!!) and beautiful wildlife, including puffins sitting less than a foot away from us! I have missed you all but have read the last weeks comments to check you are all ok. Sending hugs all round xxx

  33. Nice to have you home Barbara, although I can't believe you've been gone long enough to be home already.
    I've been to Oahu, an amazing place of contrasts and would love to go to Maui. I want my next trip to be January so I can see the big waves on Oahu's north shore and see whales from the shores of Maui – oh and the Big Island to see the volcano (soooo jealous you've been 🙂 )

    Welcome home

  34. So so good to have you back Barb- missed you lots. Can't wait to hear the tales of your travels. Love the art work today, it reminds me a lot of the big succulent plant I was given as a present for my birthday the other week. Hang the washing lets get arty!! I am pleased you are back invigorated and fizzing to go. Much love Jayne

  35. Hi Barb,
    Welcome home! It's great to have you back and glad that you've had such a lovely holiday. The picture with Grace and Mark and Dave of course is lovely – definitely one to be on show in a lovely frame I think. Paul has done a fantastic job whilst you've been away and kept us all in check ( mostly!) The shows were great and the samples brilliant and the new plates simply stunning. Your artwork today is lovely – I don't remember this stencil – I'll have to look to see if I've got it! Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi to my lovely blog friends,
      Well it seems as though everyone has had a good day. The weather here has been gorgeous today again. Day didn't go quite as planned, although I have now bought all my bedding plants, just got to get them all planted now – job for tomorrow. I had to go to 3 different places to get them mind you as people had sold out of some of the plants I wanted. My own fault for not getting them earlier! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Enjoy planting Alison the weather has been so unpredictable this year that it's not good to plant them to early as the early frost kills them off xxx

  36. Welcome home Barbara – it's good to have you back, and it would seem that you are raring to go! In spite of the jet lag – I hope that improves for you soon. Love the photo and so pleased that you all had such a good holiday. Regarding the route – knowing you as we do, it has to be the second option! Paul has been amazing – both keeping the blog going and his shows yesterday were so good too! Love your artwork, and we are looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your holiday – hugs Gilly xx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I am SO late tonight, as we have been up to Launceston today to visit some very good friends. We didn't get home until about 11.30 pm – hence I am last to comment. When we drove across Bodmin Moor – it was very foggy! In fact it was strange, it was more like Autumn weather, and we have had a really nice day – mind you this IS Cornwall! Well time for me to turn out the light, and go to sleep – I am already in bed! Love and hugs, Gilly xx

  37. So glad you are rested Barbara. You left your blog in a safe pair of hands with Paul,who did indeed fo a Stirling job whilst you were off on your jollys.Even so, as everyone agrees, good to have you back in the driving seat. Loved your artwork, and like us all, I'm looking forward to hearing about your travels, anecdotes and seeing new stuff. Xx

  38. Welcome back Barb (and Dave and Steve), Paul did a brilliant job Barb, and your Pizza box selection was awe inspiring. Love todays artwork, looking forward to everything you have to show us. Take care. Bx

  39. Welcome back! Thank you to Paul too. I imagine you took the intrepid explorers route !

    Don't know why I was up at 5 a.m. but there you go! I have a cake to make for W.I. this evening, a card to finish, tomatoes to plant in the grow bags, a conservatory to clean but think that can wait as we have rain forecast after two glorious days and grand daughter to pick up from school which, at the moment, seems ages away! xx

  40. Morning Barbara, Welcome home !! Paul deserves a very big 'Thank You' he has kept the 'homefires burning' beautifully.
    I think you took the 'unauthorised' route !!!
    Lovely step by step, beautiful results with the gelli plate, and inking, I love it !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  41. Welcome back Barb. Of course you took the unauthorized road back. Lovely to see a geli plate design, you don't seem to do those much these days, but ironic as it's my birthday on Friday, and I have bought myself the groovi starter kit (no husband to buy birthday presents for any more, so I buy me one instead).

  42. Welcome back, Barbara,
    I know very well what you felt on your vacations seeing all the waterfalls and fantastic landscapes and for sure
    "they took the unauthorised road back, rough, narrow,kissing the coast, prone to mudslides and unpaved" ;-))
    Rolf xxx

  43. Morning Barbara, so lovely to have you back safe and sound. I'm really happy for you that you've been able to recharge your batteries

    Paul did a marvellous job in your absence

    I really think it was the unauthorised road you took…. what's the point in going to places like that and not taking advantage of the beautiful scenery and surroundings… lol

    Have a great day


    June x

  44. Good to have you back but Paul did do a great job. bet getting back to your craft room and all your crafty bits and bobs is like putting on a pair of old comfy slippers!x

  45. Glad you are back safely Barbara and I adore your piece of artwork. So glad you had a wonderful holiday and caught up with Mark and Grace too. Thanks also to Paul for keeping the blog running so well. x

  46. So pleased you are 'back in the saddle' so to speak (not that Paul didn't do a brilliant job). We are strange creatures indeed. Usually the first thing I do when I return from a break is bung a load of washing in!!! I still haven't used my Gelli Plate so thank you for today's wonderful piece of inspiration.
    Tonbridge Sue

  47. Really pleased you are home again, safe and sound and very much refreshed. I have had a !lovely day spent with friends, catching up on news. When I came home I set the ironing board up in the garden and worked my way through a massive bundle of hubbie's shirts. It was lovely to be in the garden as the weather is so nice, although a wee bit cooler today. Tonight I have a couple of cards to make so it will be crafty caos again!

  48. Really pleased you are home again, safe and sound and very much refreshed. I have had a !lovely day spent with friends, catching up on news. When I came home I set the ironing board up in the garden and worked my way through a massive bundle of hubbie's shirts. It was lovely to be in the garden as the weather is so nice, although a wee bit cooler today. Tonight I have a couple of cards to make so it will be crafty caos again!

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