SKY? FREEVIEW? Dream on….

SKY? FREEVIEW? Dream on….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
What a day !!!!
13 hours ago I got up and now it’s 13 hours later  –
and due to a series of unforeseen circumstances,
which required my undivided and instant attention,
P R O N T O,
nothing got done.
N O T H I N G.
Well, that’s not entirely true.
You can’t spend 12 hours running round like a headless chicken and achieve nothing.
What I probably mean is I didn’t get to tick anything off my list. 
Which is about as long as the Dead Sea scrolls.
Ah well.
An old pal of mine always used to say
we have good days and growing days.
So today was definitely a growing day. 
And tomorrow is another day.
Now let’s see.
Tuesday’s blog rhyme with Trees.
And I can do as I please.
I’m all of a dither today, 
so I shall just go back and get a cat out of the bag
and revisit the Resist Technique.
I like this set of cat stamps.
They can be entwined by their tails.
Let’s see how we did this.
Clarity coated card.
Stamp with Black archival, 
sprinkle with Clear Detail Powder and heat emboss.
Heat from underneath for an enamelled finish.

Use a Versamark Pen to glaze the white half.
Simply colour in that half with the special pen, 
add the same embossing powder,
tap off excess flecks and heat again, from behind.

 This is where I obviously got into the artwork 
and stopped taking photos. Blip.
Make a box frame around the cat with Low-tack masking tape.
The blue sky is the aperture. 
 Take a cotton wool ball and unravel it.
You only need a few little bits.
Tatty them out until they look like clouds.
Lay each cotton wool cloud puff directly onto the Versamark ink pad, cover it with a piece of copy paper, press down on the copy paper, so you are squishing the cotton wool into the pad.
Peel the cloud off the pad and lay it down on your white area around the cat.

Do that with a few pieces, a few clouds
(You can see where I laid them here).
Now take a clean piece of copy paper,
sandwich the gloopy cotton wool clouds underneath, 
and roll over the paper with a brayer, 
to transfer the Versamark ink 
from the tatty cotton wool to the picture. 
Load your Brayer with a dye-based bright blue. 
(I used Sailboat Blue Adirondack)
Set it to one side, all ready to roll in the sky.

Remove the bits of cotton wool BEFORE you roll over the sky.
Brayer the blue ink over the aperture,
back and forth, until it is bright enough for you.
Wipe the area with a tissue, and the clouds will get brighter.
And very real looking.

PS. The secret ingredient here is our Claritycard.
Polish the sky and the cat with a tissue,
remove the masking tape,
add a sentiment and a signature or a paw print.
There we are. WHat shall w call it?
which reminds me:
 Tomorrow 1pm and 5pm
Lovely Maria. 
Fabulous new Groovi Plates, designed by Tina Cox.
Got to go.
Got to eat something.
Aha! Here he is on the roof!
love & hugs.

92 thoughts on “SKY? FREEVIEW? Dream on….

  1. I loved this technique when I saw it on Hocanda. Must give it a go! My lovely, super, very light, thin light tablet arrived today, so I am having a play with it . Wow what a difference it makes! I can now prick and see the holes without any bother. XX

    1. You won't regret it. I am quickly becoming a light box convert. Makes pricking and embossing the dotty designs so easy which is the thing I was struggling with. Xx

    2. Hi Donna, glad it was what you were expecting, will have to get one as I was struggling with the close work. Been and misplaced one of the pricking plates in the last few days, how do you do that. Have a great time playing.xx

    3. Hi everyone, I feel a Groovi marathon coming on this weekend. I must resist the need to turn the light off just to see how different it is, kept getting funny looks from the dog! Xx

  2. I LOVE this Barbara – such an amazing result! Sorry to hear what a very challenging day, you have had! Sending you wishes for a better day tomorrow, with many boxes ticked! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my blog friends! Hope that you have all had a good day, with nice weather – we've had sunshine today, but rain is forecast for tonight! I am still reading through the blogs that I missed whilst I was away – sorry to hear that you have been in some pain again Sheila, and Dot here is a hug especially for you! Have you got this set of stamps already Brenda? Thanks to you all for your lovely comments about me being back here with you – I missed it greatly, but the break away has done us both a lot of good. Lots more happy memories to cherish too – love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxxxx

    2. Evening gilly its good to know how much you enjoyed your time away ,it's been raining here but I like been cool than too warm in bed now resting hugs & smiles xxx

    3. Hi Gilly, wet and muggy here today but sunshine by this evening. It's good you've had a lovely time away and you and your husband are feeling relaxed. Sending hugs xxx

    4. Hi Gilly, glad your weather was good today. Ours was misty with rain most of the day, when it wasn't raining overcast. Had a good day though, trying out the calendar challenge. Bet you are raring to go with your groovy now you are back home. Don't overdo it. Love Pam xx

    5. Thanks to you all for your lovely comments. I am still being watched very closely by hubby and I had to rest all day to recover from the travelling yesterday. I have been catching up on the blogs that I missed whilst away and I am looking forward to watching Maria tomorrow, along with you all I am sure – hugs Gilly xxxxx

    6. Hi Gilly, not a cloud in the sky today and judging by the sky tonight we should be in a for a good day tomorrow. Take things easy and enjoy Maria tomorrow.

  3. Brilliant xxxx hope one of the things you had to sort wasn't some divvy customer e mailing your sales asking were the 20% was on an order she placed on Sunday….same divvy did not read the small print, eg. Extra discount is only on clarity stuff – yer you guessed it I'm the divvy customer…..derrrr put it down as a grandma moment !! But well done clarity staff X X X for pointing it out to me, sooorrryy x

    1. I didn't get my discount on one of my Orders as stupid me even after reading the instructions didn't click the ENTER key. Got the hang of it by the 2nd order, you are not alone I had a grandma moment too Elizabeth.

    2. Oh thanks Barb…….I think I missed keying the code on some of my bits too!!!!! Lovely tutorial – I watched you do this on telly and really must give it a go (when I get around to buying the puss cats!)😄

  4. Hi Barbara, yes you have had a not so good day to say the least. !!!! This art work always looks wonderful just like some of the cats around where we live. Try and have a calming night if possible. Hi ladies hope you are all ok and had a good day. Take care all. Hugs Lynn xx 💖

  5. Hi Barbara, yes you have had a not so good day to say the least. !!!! This art work always looks wonderful just like some of the cats around where we live. Try and have a calming night if possible. Hi ladies hope you are all ok and had a good day. Take care all. Hugs Lynn xx 💖

  6. Oh I love these cats. It has been one of those days for me today, one step forward and 20 back, oh well tomorrow is another day. Enjoy your evening
    Linda xxx

  7. Yay blogger working at last!

    Evening all my bloggy friends, having fun here with my light box, such a good buy, wandering how I managed without it now! Hope you have managed to stay dry today. Xx

    1. Yeah warm and muggy here too with rain on and off all day. Not sure what tomorrow is going to be like, missed the weather forecast. Oh well I will do what I normally do and just look out the window in the morning! Xx

  8. Sorry you've had such a trying day. But like you say, there'll be another one tomorrow.
    Love the design of this Barbara, really lovely. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Xx

  9. Loved this when I saw you demo it on Hochanda, and I love the cat on a hot tin roof at the end – sounds like it sums up your day! Hope you have a better evening and that tomorrow will be better. x

  10. Really liked this demo tried the cloud technique worked well but maybe use a wee bit less cotton wool next.
    Hope you've managed to stop the dithering and are having a rest don't add any more to that list.
    Take care…Xx

  11. Beautiful card. I love the clouds and had forgotten about how to do it. Thank you for the reminder of how to do it. I hope that you don't let yourself be controlled by the events of today and refocus on the important to you things.

  12. Evening Brenda, Sheila, Diane, Pam. Morag, Alison, and all bloggy fiends another beautiful day here and my wee garden is noo weedles but my back is aching ah well no pain no gain. Hugs on there way and a wee cuddle fir Brenda…Xx

    1. Hi Dot make sure you have a rest this evening after your gardening. There's a few weedles here for you if you fancy doing a bit more! Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Dot, the sun and rain are really making the weeds grow well. Did a little weeding last week, Kills my back too, have a rest now. Try a hot beany bag it does help. Bet it looks lovely now.xx

  13. This looks great Barbara and must give this cloud technique a go soon as it gives such lovely wispy clouds. I think we all have those days when we feel as though we haven't got very far but as you say tomorrow is another day so just relax. x

  14. Barbara I thought this was amazing when you did it on hochanda Marie's shows are on record ,
    Enjoy a cuppa with Dave chill out you cannot change the things you have no control over you give as much as you can give your team around you and at clarity towers are amazing too maybe you didn't get your boxes ticked but you will have ticked others today xxx

    1. Evening Donna Dorothy Diana pam Brenda gilly morag Alison sue57 Julia and all the clarity family hugs and smiles hugs to all on the blog .
      I have managed to craft again today even did some groovi too so a good day xxx

    2. Hi Sheila it's good to hear you've been crafting again, groovi is lovely and relaxing isn't it but it sounds like we all need a light box! Hope you have a good evening. Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, glad you've managed some crafting today. Absolutely love the groovy, it's so relaxing, but trying the calendar challenge today. Take care, love Pam xx

    4. Hi Sheila, glad to here you've had a good crafty day. I got the last coat of paint on three walls, without any mishaps today. Tomorrow we'll get the mattress back on the bed and curtains back up. I hate sleeping in the lounge as Chris watches TV for ever and I can't sleep. Hope to get everything back to normal by the weekend and then I'll have some time to craft.

  15. Hi Barbara
    Sorry to hear you've had one of those days, sometimes you know when you may as well give up on your plans for the day and just go with the flow. Tomorrow is another day! Love the cat artwork, I remember you showing us the cotton wool tecnique at a workshop many moons ago, the results were lovely, must try it again, perhaps with the boy and birds stamp!! Hope you have a good evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Brenda Pam, Alison, Morag and all the lovely blog friends. Hope you've all had a good day, weather seems to gave been a bit mixed, we've had rain down south but it means I've got the ironing done and still had time for a little play. Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. Hi Diane, mostly rain today but had a good day. Having a go at the calendar challenge. The calendar does give you an in incentive to have a go. Hope you're having a nice relaxed evening.xx

    3. Hi Diane,
      Pleased you got your ironing done – would you like to do mine now?!!! Hope weather is better for you tomorrow, love and hugs Alison xx

  16. Hi Barbara, sorry to hear you've had one of those days. I'm sure you've achieved a lot more than you think, just not what you anticipated achieving. There's always tomorrow. Love the clouds on your cat card, remember you doing it on the harbour scene a long time ago and recently. Nice to be reminded. Easy to forget these little tricks. Hope you have a more productive day tomorrow.xx

  17. Love this cloud technique – mine aren't so good as yours….yet! Practice makes perfect…so they say…believe me I need to practice – lol!

  18. Love this cloud technique – mine aren't so good as yours….yet! Practice makes perfect…so they say…believe me I need to practice – lol!

  19. Hi to all my blog friends, hope you have all enjoyed your day. Maybe the weather has been better for you, hope so. We'll all be looking forward to our goodies coming. Have a relaxing evening. Love to you all and everyone on the blog. xx

  20. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear your day hasn't been brilliant and hope tomorrow will be better. These cat stamps are glorious and I loved this demo when you did it on to the other day. I was really tempted to buy the stamps and the entwined hummingbird but just couldn't afford them ( even with your brilliant offer) – I'd already overspent!! Never mind, I'll get them one day. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi to my lovely blog friends,
      Seems you've had mixed weather today. Dave and I went over to the Lakes to see the Ospreys and had a fabulous day. We sat in glorious sunshine at the side of Bassenthwaite waiting to see if the birds would make an appearance. Last year when we went we went to the official viewing point and saw a speck in the nest- we were that far away! Today we had brilliant view of this beautiful bird flying over the lake and catching fish – it was spectacular. Nature is such a wonderful thing. Had a lovely walk through a bluebell wood too and then on the way back went to the Llama Karma Cafe which is brilliant – you can sit and watch the Llamas outside. Anyway, hope you all have a good day tomorrow, love and hugs Alison xxx

  21. That's the problem with having such a good day on Sunday – you usually end up having a pants day soon after. The cats are my one of my favourite and oldest stamps. I'm glad you blogged this as I can look back on it now that I know how to search for previous projects.

  22. Barbara, I am really enjoying seeing some of the first techniques I learned from you coming back again. The old ones are often the simplest and the best, even though we have all embraced the Groovi and the Gelli plate etc. Such a clean and fresh look to this one, and another way of getting good clouds. We spent a lot of time at Maria and Susan's Preston retreat learning how to produce good clouds with Pan Pastels. Obviously May is going to be a cloud month. Off to bed now to make sure I can get everything done to sit and watch Maria's shows. Sleep tight, everyone. xxx Maggie

  23. Loved this the first time I see you do this still love it time to take break depp breath tomorrow sure is another day so let today go and another deep breath and start again not been best of weeks can only get better onwards and up wards hugs to help through sleep well xx

  24. I love your explanation of your day, in fact. i believe it contained a bit of humor. Perfect, as I needed that today. I had my own rough day, you made it brighter fir a minute or two. Thank you

  25. My computer has a mind of its own! love this card and love the cloud technique. I hadn't seen it before your TV demo so definitely one to try. Hope today is a better one for you

  26. Morning Barbara, This is a lovely technique, I would love to try this, I thought it was brilliant when I saw you demo this technique. I love how you can entwine the cat's tails, it looks so effective.
    I'm looking forward to seeing Maria demo Tina's designs.
    I hope your day today is more 'productive' haha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

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