When in doubt, get the Bird-Boy out! And a Bloggy Offer…

When in doubt, get the Bird-Boy out! And a Bloggy Offer…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in on this lovely Thursday.
Dave and I are off up to London today,
in readiness for a business meeting on Friday.
Dave’s got tickets for a show this evening – it’s a surprise.
And I do love a surprise, don’t you??
Mind you, if it’s a Death Metal Band, he’s on his own!
Thursday’s Blog is always blue,
so let’s make a card together, shall we?
And then let’s have a little bloggy sale….

I can’t always make art to order – 
especially when there’s a lot of pressure.
Like I’m supposed to have finished all 6 of the New Design Club projects by now. And I haven’t.
But I will. And therein lies the solution.

But to take the pressure off the thinking, 
there’s a go-to stamp in my stash which works every time:

The Bird Boy! Fly away Stampset.

So let’s do an easy background with Stencil card and Distress Inks.

Best to put a Clarity Blending mat underneath the card when you are working with the Mini Blending Tools.

Fill the card with various Blue tones.

Yellow (Mustard Seed or Squeezed Lemonade) always freshen it up.

Clean Blending Mat and make a background at the same time.
Just Spritz the inky mat and then lay stencil card down in the wet.

Flatten in a book. Perfect

Spritz a little water into a little pot
and soak it up with a clean sponge.
Lay the round sponge down on the inky card, let it sit, 
lift it and dab to dry.

Repeat it several times all over.

This is called the Bokeh technique.

Cut up the card into two panels.

And here comes the boy!
Stamp him in Archival Black.

Add the grass at the bottom.
Dab a little white acrylic paint onto the blending mat.
Tap a dry clean blending round into the paint and then lightly dab it through a sheet of punchinella, or a stencil.
This will lighten the whole affair.

Add a highlight to the birds, leaves and boy with a white pencil 
or the Scattered Straw Distress Marker.
Have we got the Distress Markers?
They’ll be here next week, xx

Run a black Sharpie pen around the edges with a ruler.

Hope you like it.
I think this would make a great card for Father’s Day.
What would be the caption?
Thank you Dad, for giving me wings,
and teaching me to fly. 

What I like is starting out with a piece of white card 
and creating a scene.
That’s what I like.
So to the Bloggy Offer:
Let’s drop the price on the Boy and Branches stampset 
from £18.99 to £14.99 –
just until midnight tomorrow.
The Boy has a girlfriend, you know…
She is lovely!
So how about, just until midnight tomorrow, 
we set the price on this set down from £14.99 to £10.99
CLICK HERE to find those offers.

Have a great day .
I’m sure we will.
Sunny London – here we come !!!!

Love always,

127 thoughts on “When in doubt, get the Bird-Boy out! And a Bloggy Offer…

  1. Love this Barb, soooo effective. Only wish I knew where to obtain the real punching llanos. So good for Gelli plate techniques as well. Have a fabulous day in London, I love London in the sunshine. Xx

  2. Morning, a bright and sunny North Devon here today. Pegged out already. Just hope the wind does not pick up and the washing flies away like this boy.

    Love these stamps. Must get them out and have a play today with them. But have the challenges to get on with first.

    May even get out in the garden later. Feeling so much better now that I have the answers from the hospital. Not looking forward to the little op but nothing to worry about thank goodness.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. Glad to hear you're feeling better today, it's always a worry waiting about. It's warmer here but going to be showery but we had a lovely day yesterday so can't complain! X

    2. Hi Pen, glad you are feeling brighter today, the sunshine helps doesn't it. Don't worry, if the wind gets up and blows this way I will keep an eye out for your washing 😉 . Xx

    3. Missed your good news the other day as we are staying with our daughter and the tablet is slow to type on. Pleased for you I had the same thing about six weeks ago. Procedure was simple. They put a blue ring around with a felt tip pen in case they got the wrong patch. After it was removed they couldn't find a small plaster anywhere in outpatients so I had to wall across town to the car with a blue circle highlighting the spot! Soon healed though.

    4. Hi Pen – it's great that you are feeling so much better today! I think that the thought of having it done, is worse that the actuality. Over the years I have had 2 cysts removed – and when I had the second one done, it was so much easier, as I knew what to expect. xxx

    5. Hi Pen,
      You certainly seem a lot brighter today. Weather here left off from yesterday unfortunately, still cold and wet. Still I played with my calendar challenge, so at least that's one thing off my to do list. Also got my ironing done. Love and hugs xxx

    6. Glad to hear you are feeling a lot better today Pen. You'll be ok, the worse thing I found was the waiting not knowing what to expect, Then its all over and done with. Try not to worry. Love and hugs,Pam xx

    7. Hi Pen, I've just read your good news, and I'm over the moon for you. The procedure will be over in a flash and you'll wonder what you were worried about. Only you wouldn't be human if you didn't worry!!! Love and Hugs xxx

  3. Hello Barbara

    Love this piece of art and the boy and birds stamp is one of my favourites. Enjoy the show (whatever it is – I want to see Kinky Boots as I love the film and the story is based on a true story of a local boot and shoe manufacturer) Good luck with the business meeting.


  4. Hi Barbara. Hope your trip to London is a successful one!
    I agree with you about going back to things you love to kick-start your creativity. I always find that a play with my inks and stamps gets me right back on track.. With everything. It's w great way to get rid of stress too!
    Love your artwork today Barbara!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  5. Lovely technique! My caption would be . 'Thanks Dad, miss but think about you everyday – until we meet again'. I'd grab those balloons and pop up,to see him if I could!

    Already have these stamps, might have a go at this after the two challemges plus thank hijacked card I'd better get sorted. Hubby finishes radiotherapy on Monday so want to do something for the radiographers. I suppose I could do this and add thank you to it but Groovi is also calling me.
    I had a lovely thank you card from Carol Sreadman this week and will post a pic IN THE Groovi group pn FB.

    Have a lovely day in London and will look forward to,hearing what show you went to !


  6. Love this technique and the boy and girl lost my boy could find him then friend had baby the other day so got the alphabet set out to do a name canvas he was hiding with them why don't know so I'll have to play with him. Hope business meeting goes well and you enjoy your show have a good time and inspiration comes love Joy and Katie xxx

    1. I agree Isobel, the bird boy would be great as I am leaning more to Groovi than stamping now I have been able to do it! I would like nested star shapes! I think Barbara is going to keep busy!! enjoy your day Barbara and hope the meeting comes good for you xx

  7. Hi Barbara
    This is one of my favourite stamps too, I bought it in the members sale at Christmas and bought an extra one for my brother in laws birthday present in May ( not like me to be organised) , he saw it and thought it was lovely, he doesn't do much stamping but liked how this one looked. Love this background tecnique too, I must have a play! Hope you have a lovely evening, how exciting not knowing what play you are seeing. Have a good meeting tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hi Donna, Brenda, Pam, Dot, Morag, Alison and Gilly and all the blog friends
      Hope everyone is ok today. We've got a glorious sunny day here again and lots of noisy sparrows, their antics make me laugh so I wouldn't be without them. Just waiting for a sleepy daughter to emerge, she says the sparrows can't be noisier than the seagulls in Aberdeen – they make a noise through the night!! Hope you have a lovely day xxx

    2. Hi Diane,
      I bet it's lovely to have your daughter with you. I know what you mean about the sparrows – they are funny – it's almost like a case of can't live with you and I can't live without you!! We have a pair who've taken up residence in one of our birdhouses like last year, so really pleased about that. Love and hugs xxx

    3. Hi Diane, great to have your daughter with you. I do love the birds in the garden but unfortunately we only get them periodically. Miss them when they go off. We've had another lovely day here, not so warm today but nice all the same, love Pam xxx

    4. Hi Diane. Have a lovely time with your daughter. We have lots of different birds in the garden. A lot of them nesting at the moment. I have a great view of a blackbird's nest from when I'm sitting at the computer. I love watching them. Hugs xxx

  8. Ohh isen't that a beautiful card Your inspiration is infectious I have this stamp but I have to admit I have never used it. Tut tut I hear you say Lol
    You have made me want to give this card a try Barbara so thank you for the inspiration xx
    Theresa X

  9. I love the bokeh technique with the colour bleaching Barbara which makes a really magical background for either the boy or the girl and thanks for that great offer. Have a wonderful evening and hope the meeting goes well tomorrow. x

  10. Hi Barb. I love the Bokeh technique. So simple but effective. You know I never tire of the marvel of starting with a piece of white card and ending up with a piece of artwork – hopefully! Miserable day up here again today but pleased the sun is shining on you for your trip and hope you have a wonderful evening. Much love Jayne

  11. Beautiful art work lovley blue colours and stamp set .
    I have the boy got it in the members sale can you buy the branch separate please as when I entered the calendar challange for April had to use a different branch set .
    Have a wonderful time in London enjoy the surprise show xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda pam gilly morag Alison sue57 and all my dear blog friends thinking of you all crafting hugs to all on the blog 😊 Xxx

    2. Hi Sheila,
      I agree about the branch stamp – I had to use the wheelie branches and leaves stencil for mine! Looked on website and it was only on sale with the boy which like you I got in the members' sale. Hope you're feeling better today. Love and hugs xxxx

    3. Hi Sheila, hope you aren't in so much pain today. I don't think it will matter if you don't have the correct stamp for the challenge, its your take on it. I expect you'd still like to have it though, I'm sure they will oblige in the office. Love Pam xxx

  12. I think I must take you up on your offer, thank you. It's another lovely day here, but not so sunny as yesterday. 'Here' being Liverpool!! Got the dentist this afternoon but it's just a check up and I don't anticipate any problems. Might nip into Tesco on the way back and get the half price Sharpie, if there's any left. Enjoy your show Barbara x

  13. Barbara , I love it when you do a card that I can do , have all the ingredients already so later or maybe tomorrow I will give it a go . Thank you so much .)have a lovely day . Joy now !!!

  14. Afternoon Barbara, I hope you have enjoy the show and have a successful day tomorrow. I love this card and beautiful step by step. Thank you for sharing.
    Linda xxx

  15. I have seen you use this stamp so many times but always with a different background or other stamps, it just shows what can be done with one stamp. This is a lovely technique and I think even I can manage it. Hope you enjoy the show.

  16. I love to start with a plain piece of paper or card too and aspire to attain the lovely results that you get. If I had your choice of stamps I would find it so hard to get started as they are all so lovely.
    Enjoy the show whatever it is and have a good meeting xx

    1. Still staying with the family so the goodies are waiting at home until next week. If it rains it will be playtime if fine the garden will be calling. Who said you won't know what to do with your time when you retire! Return hugs xx

  17. Hi Barbara – yet another great piece of artwork! I hope that you have a great evening and a successful meeting tomorrow! Enjoy your time away with Dave, I am sure that it will do you both the power of good, Hugs Gilly x

  18. Hi Morag, Donna, Alison, Pam, Dot, Brenda, Sue57 and Julia – hope that you have all had a good day and the weather has been kind to you. It started off very nice here in Cornwall, but rain arrived middle of the afternoon. We went out shopping, I even managed to get a nice top and a pair of linen chopped trousers. I had a voucher for 25% off plus a voucher to spend of £5 – so very pleased with that! Hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly, glad you felt well enough to do a bit of retail therapy, cheers you up I find. A shame you had rain, try to send you a little sunshine for tomorrow, bet it'll pour down here then. Love,Pam xxx

    2. Hello Gilly, sounds like you've had a lovely day. That was quite a bargain! Don't forget though to take it easy tomorrow to make up for it. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. It's been fine up here but a little chilly, they are even forecasting snow for tomorrow! Today has been housework and work work. I did have a look on you tube at encaustic art demos. I could be in trouble with this as I love it. I had a look on ebay and there are a few people selling 'bargains'.

  19. Hi Barbara & all. Beautiful card , have a good time in London and hope your business meeting goes well I am sure it will. Would love the bird house and cat etc in Groovi! !!!!. Have a great time. Love to all. Lynn x x

  20. I adore this stamp – he is one of my all time favourites too. Love the background you have made too!
    Have a wonderful evening show and hope the meeting goes well tomorrow
    Much love
    Kim xx

  21. Hi Barb,
    Love this! Saw you do a similar technique on tv when you stamped Clarity. It really is very effective and looks relatively easy to do. Hope you have a good night in London and that you enjoy the show, and then good business meeting tomorrow. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends,
      Hope you've had good weather and a good day. I got my calendar challenge finished and sent in even though I didn't have all the proper stuff – I had to use the wheelie branches and leaves stencil instead of the branch stamp and as I didn't have slate paint, I used the old gold Fresco paint which I thought would look quite nice. Still, at least it's done. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    2. Well done Alison getting your challenge done, I haven't had time again this month, I will have a go but haven't even tried a canvas yet so not holding my breath. Don't think I've got the right paints either. Love Pam xx

  22. Hi Barbara, I love, love, love, the Bokeh technique and I never tire of seeing and technique with this on. I love, love, love, this card and everything you have done to create this 'scene'.
    Have a lovely time tonight whatever show you go to see.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  23. Hi Barbara, I love, love, love, the Bokeh technique and I never tire of seeing and technique with this on. I love, love, love, this card and everything you have done to create this 'scene'.
    Have a lovely time tonight whatever show you go to see.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  24. Hope you have a lovely evening. I do like this technique, makes a brilliant background and the trick with the white paint gives a lovely feeling of texture

  25. Hi Barbara, oh how I love the boy in flight also his girlfriend, lovely card today as usual. Can't take you up on your great offer as can't buy anymore for a little while, was so pleased that I already have them so wasn't tempted. Have a fantastic evening watching the show, you deserve a night out. Love Pam xxx

  26. ooooo how exciting to have a surprise. Hope you enjoyed it whatever it is. I love using the boy in flight stamp and the branch that comes with him is so useful as well. Love the finished art work. XX

  27. Love this stamp. I want to fly away with him. I have lost my wedding ring – 47years and really upset. Will keep searching. Question is why did I take it off after Ally Pally – sore finger.
    Hope you like the show. Off to keep looking
    Love Anne (Reading)

    1. Hi Anne how sad I hope you find it soon you can claim on your insurance but it's not the same as the original one on your wedding day sending helping hugs to find it xxx

    2. Aaw, I do feel for you Anne. I lost mine about 7 years ago. Hubby bought me a new one and even put it on for me. But I still miss the original. I really hope you find it. Hugs xx

    3. Hi Ann,
      Know exactly how you feel – I lost my engagement ring a couple of years ago somewhere in the garden. I keep looking out for it, but no luck. Dave did buy me a new one and also got me a new wedding ring because my original one was made especially to fit my engagement ring and didn't look right on its own. I've still got it though and sometimes wear it on a chain. Xxx

    4. Hi Anne, hope you manage to find it. You'll probably find it when you aren't looking. Been married the same number od years as me, 48 this year. Hubby bought me a new ring a few years ago as mine was getting too tight.xxx

  28. Hi Donna, Brenda, Dot and Morag, hope you are well and have all had a good day. Hope the suns been out for you too. Love to you all and to all on the blog. Love Pam xx

    1. Of course Donna. Did you read that I couldn't find my Design Club goodies, think they ended up in the recycling, had to ask if I could buy some more. How embarrassing.xx

  29. I love this technique Barbara. I tried it following your Hochanda demo, and I was thrilled with the results. Have a good night at the theatre. Hugs xxx

  30. Hello to all of my dear Blog friends. I'm sorry I've missed you all over the last few days. Bit of a bad time, but onwards and upwards now! Sending Love and Hugs to you all xxx

  31. Must add though…there's always a little joy to find! I got not one but three Clarity packages in the last two days, and each time hubby was in his greenhouse!!!! How fortunate is that!!! xxx

    1. Hi Morag,
      Sorry to hear things haven't been great over the last few days. Hopefully things will improve soon. Fab news though that you've had 3 parcels. I'm still waiting for mine but I'll guarantee that Dave will be in when they come – just my luck!! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  32. This is lovely. At last a stamp set I can say that I've got. I wish you had never shown us your encaustic pics yesterday because it is now something else on my wish list.

  33. I hope your day went well. The weather here on the South Coast was brilliant so I put away the computer and we visited Great Dixter. Super afternoon. The card is brilliant and the stamp is one of my most used too. The Bokeh technique is so effective. Carol

  34. Evening Barbara hope you enjoyed the show and there wasn't any head banging involved.
    Love this art work today and going to give it a try at the weekend
    now I'm getting back to normal well the house is me I'm just a wee bit shattered . Hope the meeting goes well…Take care .. Dot.XX

    1. Evening Brenda,Donna,Sheila,Diane,Pam,Gilly,Morag.Alison,Julia,and all bloggy friends sorry been a bit awol but nearly their now carpet fitter tomorrow sorted. Hugs to all big cuddle for Brenda…xx

  35. Hi Barbara, love this artwork. Thanks for sharing. This technique would work for lots of different stamp themes, you've got my head thinking what I could do with it. I can breath a sigh of relief, I have both these sets from a previous time you had them on offer! Just as well as I still have 2 outstanding orders to come!!! What a lovely guy Dave is, thinking of you like that and surprising you with tickets for an evening out. I hope you enjoyed his choice. And you didn't require ear plugs!!!! I hope your business meeting goes really well. partly sunny this afternoon here. I had the craft room window open a wee bit today for the first time this year, wasn't warm enough yet for it, but the fresh air won out so I put up with feeling cold for a couple of hours! Didn't waken me up any, as I hoped it would, though! Another day for craft thinking/ideas rather than actual doing unfortunately. Love Brenda xx

    Thank you to my CCA pals who left me wee messages last night. xx
    Hi Donna xx
    Cuddle back for Dot xx

    1. Afternoon Brenda, lovely to see you back. Hope you are coping a little better with everything you've been going through. A bit cold here this morning and no Sun. Going to shut myself in my craft room now and see if I can get creative. Love and hugs to you and Daisy.xx

  36. Hello Barb, love this art work, I have the stamps and the distress inks, just wish I had time to play. Hope you enjoyed the show, and hope the meeting goes well today, unfortunately it does not look like it will be sunny London. Take care. Bx

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