Make your own Ink Pads

Make your own Ink Pads

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
Saturday’s blog a new technique, eh?
To who? To you ? To me?
Sometimes I think we are galloping forward at such a speed, 
looking for new things,
that we forget some of the special tricks we discovered a while back.
This one for example:
Ranger Distress Inks used to paint a stamp.
Making our own ink palette to fit the stamp.
Let’s take a closer look…
Are you familiar with our Garden Heart Stamp?
Comes with a lovely verse.
I drew it myself a while ago.
It’s very delicate. 
Stamp it on Cut n Dry Felt using Black Archival
Cut the felt to size.

Decide on your colour range.
The Ranger Distress ink are fabulous. 
We stock a large selection.
Individually and in sets.
Drip some drops onto a plastic polybag.
Paint the stamped heart with the colours.
Ink up your stamp and…

You can use the ink pad you have made for other stamps of course!
But it is actually made for this stamp and the colours sit beautifully. 
You can make loads of cards in one hit!
So if you are making notelets to sell, for example, this is ideal. 
Quick and very original.
 If you store the pad inside the polybag you used as a palette, 
it will keep for ages.
Make a note of the colours you used,
so that should it dry out, you can refresh and you know which colour to use!

I’m in the colour zone now, so I want to use a stencil in the background.
I LOVE this one which our Annie drew.
And the Garden Heart fits in the centre beautifully.
I have dabbed and smeared the same colour ink pads onto the stencil that we used for the Garden heart Stamp.
Spiced marmalade
Squeezed Lemonade
Salty ocean
Picked Raspberries
Mowed lawn
Festive Berries.
Actually, I couldn’t find a Festive berries Pad.
So I made one!
Then using brushes, I have blended the colours and the joins.
Now HOW to transfer the ink from the stencil to the card…
The easiest way is with pressure through an embossing machine. 
I do love my E-Bosser, I have to say. 
Worth every penny.

Order of Plates?
From the bottom up…
Rubber shim
Copy paper
Inky stencil with ink facing up.
Copy paper

Works every time.

And the copy paper is a keeper too!

Now this little piece presents a perfect lesson in light and shade.
I want to define the weaves of the branches and leaves with pencils.
As it is, it is very lovely, but I think it could use a little depth….

See what I mean?

Took a while, but was very very enjoyable.
I just used the same colour pencils plus a grey.

Still a bit printed, grungy, textured,
but with more definition.
This stencil is a masterpiece. 

Out with the home made ink pad again.
and two words from our Word Chains.
Friendship and Forever.
If you are new to stamping, then check out our Word Chains.
Lose the Hip in Friendship by only inking up the bit you need.

Second Generation ink, so not too bright.

Right. A faded window flap is what’s needed now…
Ink blot plot.
And cut out the heart.

Age everything with a dry yellow Clarity brush

Stamp onto the back of the cut out heart too.

And attach with a colourful brad.
But check out the background. See?
You can see how the leaves and branches and birds 
are positioned now, instead of flat.  

The message is hidden.
I could colour in the heart window, but I really must get on now.
That’s enough time spent being arty for one day!!

Now I really must go and clean some Groovi Plates.
We are so busy!
I don’t mind sitting by the Aga with the cat, cleaning plates. 
There’s something very real about it. 
Keeps me grounded.
Right where I like to be.
Love & Hugs,

76 thoughts on “Make your own Ink Pads

  1. Hi Barbara – thank you for today's blog post – it's so VERY good! The whole process is so interesting. Glad to hear that you enjoyed having your 'Arty Fix' and it's so nice that you are just as happy to be 'Cinders by the Aga' cleaning the 'Groovi Plates'. Perfect place to be today, now that the temperatures have plummeted. Hugs Gilly x

  2. Hi Sheila, Morag, Donna, Alison, Diane, Pam, Dot, Brenda, Pen and all of the other members of the wonderful Clarity Blog Family! Hope that you are all keeping warm today, it has certainly got a whole lot colder here in Cornwall today! I have just been out to the hairdressers this morning, did a bit of food shopping and then back home to have lunch and sit in front of the fire for the rest of the day. Hubby is sat dozing in his chair, as I type and do you know – I might just join him in that when I have finished typing this! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly it's been cold here today too, sun finally came out about 5.30! Hope you had a lovely snooze, it's been rugby all day here today, just watching the England match with bated breath! Xxxx

  3. Beautiful colours there Barbara – stunning creation and such a clever idea to hide the message like that. I now have a vision of you sitting my the aga cleaning plates. Lol xxx

  4. A fun project; isn't it great to ink-up the fingers! In the middle of a grungy, paste, spritz project and taking time out to think where I'm going next. The ironing board has made a great temporary landing place for all the canvasses and stamps! ;~}

    1. Bathroom completed and we're thrilled; the workmen made a great job of it.
      Now watching the rugby and about to get the Groovi plates out for the Easter cards; I see that you're ahead of me. Hope you can get into the groove a bit tonight with your new arrivals. Enjoy your w/end. Xx ;~}

    2. So glad your bathroom went well hope you managed to get in the groovi after watching the rugby I did some groovi in bed with my baby plates so relaxing have a relaxing Sunday xxx

  5. I have just bought myself some distress inks rather than the ink pads and have been experimenting with them in mixed media art, but this is such a good way to use them too! Thanks for the inspiration. x

  6. Love a bit of colour! Very pretty. I'm concentrating on Easter at the moment. Having a flare up of ulcerative colitis at the minute so having to take it fairly careful (wont go into details but once I'm sitting comfortably I hesitate to move!). I know it will pass by the end of the day. I think sitting by the Aga cleaning plates seems a very good place to be on a cold day! Was hoping my pricking tool plus a load of plates I ordered too, would be here today but no, just my supply of tablets which is also a good postie day ! xxx

    1. Sorry you aren't feeling too well Jackie, hope you're better soon, that was a flare up of my diverticulitus that I had yesterday, quite amazed that I felt better today, hope yours clears up as fast.xx

  7. Afternoon Barb, Great technique and I have used the foam for making my own ink pads. So easy. The stamp and stencil are just beautiful.

    A bit of a cold day here today, and Den is working so home alone today and catching up with bibs and bobs.

    Mum was ill last night, she did too much, but as she said this morning, its her way of being able to cope. It does pain me but nothing I can do apart from give her support. My sister still will not have anything to do with her !!!

    Well think its time for me to get in the Groovi again got a bit of colouring in to do.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. I think you're doing the best thing for your Mum, just knowing you're there is good for her. I'm lucky my sister lives just in the next road to my mum so she keeps her eye on her. Saying that she's in Tenerife until Tues so I'm in charge!

  8. Dear Barbara thank you for showing us this technique. I remember the lovely autumn trees you did and these Spring colours are beautiful. I will practice this as it will be just right for my brother's anniversary card. What is the best way to store the ink pads please as my last attempt leaked inside the bag! Maybe It's too much ink.

  9. How wonderful to be reminded of this technique! New things are exciting, but sometimes it's nice to return to the tried and true. Hope you get through many plates. It keeps us grounded to hear that these lovely crafty objects need to pass through human hands before they arrive in beautifully packaged boxes ready for use.

  10. So lovely, wish I could do this kind of stuff….have loads of products and then back off using them…I know, be brave and go for it……………………maybe one day xx

  11. Lovely technique and such a pretty result, it is so cold today, just redefined a flower bed and made it bigger to accept more flowers! Think I may go pastel shades like the card,

  12. Lovely renewal of an old system. I must have a go but need the time and patience. I am afraid "worka and holic" are dragging me down. Need to be mindful and get in the groovi or just spash some colour burst around.
    Happy Weekend to everyone
    Love Anne (Reading)

    1. Kick them monsters out Anne and if you've got groovy get into that, it'll help you relax. I had,a go with my colour Bursts but didn't come out as I'd hoped, Have to try again, less is more with them I think. Sending a hug xx

  13. Have had a little crafty session this afternoon. Was tempted to start a puzzle, but decided to help my sister with a crafty project instead. Maybe I will play with the puzzle later. Cant decide what to do on it, so I shall have to look through my Clarity folders. XX

    1. Afternoon Donna are your puzzles clarity jigsaws if so have fun I certainly did so good to do a crafty project with your sister crafting hugs xxx

    2. Much better today Donna thank you, didn't get up until 10 am after going to bed at 10 pm last night. Went out food shopping then went for a nice coffee in Costa after taking the shopping home. Been making a groovy Wedding card for our Goddaughter. So a good day even though it's so cold. Hope you've had a good day. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    3. Hi Donna hope you had fun playing with the jigsaw pieces. Is this one a play or an Easter treat for school? Sounds like you had a fun crafty time with your sister xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Like the technique of making your own ink pad very clever and the heart stanps gorgeous.
    Looking forward to receiving my pierced groovi plates so I can have a dabble.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Hi Barbara thanks for taking the time to blog today love the colours on your art today very spring like and clever technique love the stencil worth a wee cushion me thinks.
    Hope you get your quota of plates done how lovely the boss just gets mucked in with anything that needs done.
    take care..xx

    1. Hi Dot, hope you've had a good Saturday, feeling almost normal today. Managed to do a shop and start a groovy wedding card tonight, so quite pleased with myself as wasn't expecting to feel much better after yesterday. Hope you've had a good day, hear you've had some sunshine, that's good. Cold and cloudy here the last few days. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  16. Stunning art work colours are vibrant I have both stamp sets and stencil too such a lovely stamp set I got my clarity parcel today beautiful baby plates so might have a play later if my energy returns .i have put my Easter jigsaws into Jiffy bags ready to post I must say I am impressed how they came out .happy crafting weekend Barbara even though your cleaning baby plates xxx

    1. Hello Sheila that's a good idea putting your jigsaws into bags for posting. Have you has sunshine? It's been very chilly here and quite gloomy, perfect crafting weather! Xxxx

    2. Hi Sheila, hope you are feeling better and that you've had a nice day, glad to hear your parcel arrived from Clarity, hoping to get mine next week. Wish I'd ordered more baby plates after seeing Maria's show. I've ordered the puzzles as well looking forward to trying them out. Feeling so much better today. Love and hugs,Pam xxx

    3. Hi Diana it's been very chilly here not been out just chilling with crafting xxxhi pam I've not had a bad day I'm in bed I've been doing my groovi got the wren with the Daisy's so made an Easter card got to colour in and finish of but pleased with it the baby plates are easy to use I hope you enjoy your jigsaws I found them really good especially for Easter as nice instead of a card more fun for them to make up hope you get your parcel soon and pleased your feeling better

  17. Love the card, I must have a look where I store my inks, I remember making one of those ink pads and wrapping it up carefully for another day, it is probably bone dry by now xx

  18. So lovely, must dig out this stencil and stamp, love the blend of colours. I have been getting my Groovi on at our groups crafty afty, love it. Thanks for all your hard work x

  19. I've never used this technique with the heart stamp, and it's one of my favourites, so I'll definitely be having a go. Thanks for the inspiration Barbara – enjoy the rugby whilst you're cleaning the groovi plates! Susan x

  20. I love this stamp and need to get the stencil, beautiful colours and like the idea of the hidden message. It's great to go back to some of your older techniques, thank you so much for these reminders. Remember you doing the autumn colours for the tree stamp a little while ago, brilliant. Bitterly cold here so you're in the best place by the Aga keeping warm, hope you're putting handcream on after cleaning all those plates, don't want you having sore hands. Been into groovy earlier making a Wedding card for our Goddaughter who's getting married on 2nd April. Hope to finish it tomorrow. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    1. Hello Pam
      Good to hear you are feeling brighter today. It's good to hear you've got a wedding to look forward too – a groovi card sounds perfect. Xxxx

    2. Hi Diane, Brenda, Gilly, Morag and Alison, hope you're all well and have had a good day with some relaxing crafting. I'm feeling much better today, a bonus after yesterday. Take care, love and hugs Pam xxx

  21. That's beautiful never thought of doing that with this stamp one of my favourite stamps one of those I had to have know so many things can do with it loveJoyx

  22. Hi Barbara
    This is pretty and I like the way you have added the pencils to create depth, really helps it to pop. It sounds very relaxing sitting by the aga cleaning plates with Romeo – hope you manages to getting to watch the rugby too. Take care
    Love Diane xxxxx

    1. Split household here, Diane, although I have been to the Rec to watch Bath when we lived there; even followed them to Twickenham! However Edinburgh and Murrayfield is another experience during a Six Nations Weekend! The shops aren't too shabby either. ;~}

  23. This is a lovely way to get a colourful design. Like many others I've also had a crafty afternoon. I managed to do the calendar challenge card, just need to photograph it and email it. Why is it that something that probably only takes you 15 mins takes me at least two hours. I'm not complaining mind you as I enjoy getting lost in what I'm doing.

  24. Hello Barb, beautiful artwork, love the multi coloured stamping, makes you realise spring is nearly here. Hope the plate cleaning went well. We had a rugby centred day, but I did spend time starting to alter an mdf tray that had fruit in it from the supermarket starting with M. Take care. Bx

  25. Hi Barb,
    Really sorry I haven't commented until now. I actually thought I had but then remembered it was on my to do list that I forgot about once the rugby started. I think it's growing old that does it. Anyway, I do love this piece of artwork, especially the stamp, it is so pretty. Love the colours you have chosen. Have all of the inks, one of my purchases at the first Catterick Open Day, so might give this a try once I get my Easter cards and birthday cards done. Hope you didn't sit up too long polishing and cleaning. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  26. I don't have any bottle inks only pads but this technique is great with wonderful finished results Barbara and I hope you got your quota of plates cleaned without too much trouble. x

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