Funky Foliage – Bloggy Sale….

Funky Foliage – Bloggy Sale….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Sunny day down here.
I actually sat out in the warm sun and drank my tea outdoors earlier!
It felt very good. Very relaxing.
But then again, I am sprung like a bloody coil today, 
so drinking a cup of tea ANYWHERE was a bonus!!!

What about you?
Let’s go blue today, 
it being Thursday’s Blue Blog Day!
And the Bloggy Sale goes on.
These leafy stamps are very lovely to use.
If you haven’t already got them in your stash,
I highly recommend them.
Melanie drew these – fabulously bold.

Is that a marijuana plant on the left?
Nope, she shot back, only has 5 leaves.
Marijuana plant has 7. 

How does she know that?
I had to check!
Don’t be spreading rumours there!!!

Pretty though….

This project I blogged last August 15th ,
so if you want a step by step, simply check back.

Here’s another card I blogged using the same stamps
Step by Step on the 31st July, 2014.
My oh my, how time flies…

I remember doing another project blog with these stamps, 
but the colours were all autumnal.
That was nice too.
If you’re bored, do go and find it for us!
Let us know below where it is, would you?
There’s a lot in the set, all very funky.
So I think we will adjust the price from £19.99 to 14.99 until midnight tomorrow. 
ooooh I say! That’s a baaaaargain!
love & hugs,

98 thoughts on “Funky Foliage – Bloggy Sale….

  1. Good evening, Barbara. It has been a beautiful day here too, with a nice piece of post from Clarity to start the day well. You are being very kind to my bank balance with these blog sales, so I can save for Sunday's shows. I love this set, so useful and adaptable. I am busy going through all my Groovi plates, drawing each one out and labelling them for my catalogue. Keeps me quiet and fairly relaxed. Have a quiet evening. xxxx Maggie

  2. Fabulous artwork Barbara! I love these stamps! So useful for all sorts of different occasions! Very generous offer that shouldn't be missed. Love and hugs! Xxxx

  3. Fabulous artwork Barbara! I love these stamps! So useful for all sorts of different occasions! Very generous offer that shouldn't be missed. Love and hugs! Xxxx

  4. Hi Barbara – I love these stamps, and remember seeing the most recent blog! Very lovely – but no, I am not going to be tempted, as I don't know anything about marijuana, but I do have a new Groovi Addiction to fund! Glad that you have been enjoying some sunshine today, it's been beautiful here in Cornwall too. Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi Sheila, Morag, Donna, Alison, Diane, Pam, Dot, Brenda, Pen, Jackie and Sue 57 – I hope that you have all had a good day and that the sun has been shining upon you all! I have had a day of rest periods and Groovi periods.
      I have learnt many things – what not to do – today! My test piece will be very useful to me in the future – to show me where I went wrong! I have still enjoyed it, and at the moment it's the perfect thing for me to do. Very little equipment, and easy to put down and take up again later. Still need to learn how much pressure to put on for the white work. Please tell me how this should be done again. At the moment when I feel that I am not getting very far – Barbara's voice echoes in my head – 'it takes as long as it takes'! Hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, when I do my white work I use Barbara's tip of putting a bit of black card between the parchment and soft mat. This makes it harder to push too heavily. Hope that helps. Xx

    3. Hi Gilly
      Think about colouring in and use the same pressure as you would to shade something softly. Keep it gentle and repeated rather than heavy – I am a fnne one to talk, I've been shown but am still too impatient abd heavy handed at times! xx

    4. Hi Gilly, glad you are having your rest and pacing yourself with the groovy. I think it was Paul who suggested using a No.6 tool first, I have tried it on larger areas and it is quicker, then go over with the medium ball, Think we are a bit impatient to see it finished, when we are supposed to enjoy the journey. Live and hugs Pam xx

    5. Hi gilly so good to hear your enjoying the groovi and it's helping you rest you wait till you get the groovi baby mate I remember Barbara saying you just do light small stroking movements till you build up the white work hugs xxx

    6. Hi Sheila – yes I am enjoying it – taking baby steps. Looking forward to getting my Groovi baby mate, and I know that I need to be more patient with the white work! I hope that you have had a better day too! Lots of caring hugs, Gilly xx

    7. Gilly, I've got into the swing of groovi-ing the design one night then I put it into a heavy book to rest, the next night I'll do my first lot of white work with no.4 and another new design then into the book go two designs. I keep working this way and I've got about 6 on the go at once and I haven't even put colour to any yet. I hope I don't fluff that bit up. I'm used to sitting down and finishing a piece in one session but it is good to leave them as another idea will come into my head.

    8. Hi Gilly
      I've got Barbara in my head too from last year at Ally Pally – long stroke short stroke long stroke short stroke! And don't for get to go away and have a cup of tea to let it have a rest! I'm too impatient too, I must remember it's not like stamping, you shouldn't try to make a card in a day – it will curl and pop out of the corners! Xx

    9. Heeee, heeee, Julia just read your comment. I will confess I have put some groovi work into a book on the bookshelf and I cant remember which one or where in the book I put it!! I usually use the same big book, but obviously not this time. So somewhere on the shelf I have two very relaxed bits of groovi work! XX

    10. Gilly, remember what Barbara says about colouring in – "you can always add but you can't take it away". Whitework is just the same, add a little at a time and you will not go through the parchment. Just stroke the ball tool along the parchment, let it rest and go back to it at intervals, adding a little more each time. xx Maggie

    11. Hi Julia, Diane, Donna and Maggie – thank you so much for your really helpful comments – I shall do my best to take them on board. Donna – I shall try not to lose them amongst my books! I have to admit that made me chuckle! Thanks again all of you, Gilly xxxx

    12. Hi Gilly,
      Really pleased that you are enjoying your Groovi -told you so. Just wait till you see Sunday's goodies. I think everyone has given you all the tips for whitework. I just always want it done! Hope you dont lose any like Donna! Love and hugs xx

    13. Hi again Sheila, and hi Dot and Alison – yes Groovi really does take over, so pleased that I'm not on my own with having to try to be more patient! Looking forward to Sunday – not sure about my bank balance though!! Hugs Gilly xx

  5. I enjoy using this set, remember you doing it on TV with the poppy head facing left and some water species made it look like it was sneezing. I have found a couple of other blog posts using this set:
    Saturday 9th August 2014 – Gelli plate project
    Tuesday 28th October 2014 – YouTube Tuesday project
    Enjoy XX

    1. Hi Donna I've mannage a little crafting but it's been a rest day had to go to bed earlier as didn't feel well but just checking in with my blog friends have you managed to Finnish your calendar challange hugs xxx

    2. Hi Donna
      It's been a beautiful day here today, went for a lovely walk, thought of Dawn as I marched up the hill and down again!. I'm going to start some Groovi once I've finished reading the blog xx

    3. Hi Pam, hi Diane, glad to hear you have both had a good day. I have lots of sunshine today and I got a bit of groovi in this evening.

      Hi Sheila, sorry to hear you haven't felt well again today. Early night will do the trick. Sending hugs. XX

  6. Evening remember them in fact have them may get out for play it was a beautiful day ended up with all four grandchildren playing in garden was busy but lovely shattered know though xxx

  7. Hurrah! A set of stamps in my collection I have used; I find them versatile and can be adapted for all sorts of occasions. My set currently sports a silver sheen, doesn't affect the stamping quality thank goodness. ;~}

  8. Lovely stamps Barbara, how lovely sitting out drinking tea. It's nice here in my wee corner of Scotland but quite chilly still. It's to rain tomorrow though! Well I'm off to get Groovi for a wee while x

  9. Lovely day here in Lincs as well, gardening most of the day but, did sit with coffee outside as well, luvvely !! Nice box of goodies from Clarity but, had to email as two of same item and one missing, await the reply – loving these stamps but, will have to hold fire with Ally Pally coming up – also looking forward to receiving March goodies from club xx

  10. It has been a beautiful day here as well. no coat needed this morning. Been a good day as Greg and Amie completed on their flat, first stage of moving to a house. They are with us for couple of months so busy times but great having young ones in the house.I have these stamps and they prove so useful. Glad you got time to sit and drink your tea for a change. Not sure I will get to see Sunday's shows as Hochanda not on Freeview at moment. I usually watch while busy in kitchen so hope I can get time to sit with laptop. Maybe Greg will cook dinner. xx

  11. An off piste question but can anyone enlighten me as to why I can't watch Hochanda on Freeview when I get home from work now? Sorry if I have missed something everyone else knows but just back from hols & don't do Facebook etc. Gutted!

    1. I think it's off for at least a few,weeks Lynn but it will be back. If you have a Kindle fire or tablet, note etc you can get it back on catchup on Hochanda. I did this to watch Pauls first show as forgot to record it. Don't know why but it did stop on my Kindle half way through. Hope this helps.

    2. Hi Lynne, it went off air on 30th March and will be back on 16th May. I have managed to plug a HDMI cable into my laptop and then into the TV, got Hochanda on my laptop, tuned my TV into the HDMI and voila Hochanda on the big screen. The only downside is that you can't use your laptop at the same time. Hope this helps.
      Lots of love from Patricia xx

  12. Saturday 9th August 2014 autumnal colours Barbara? Love these stamps use them a lot, looking forward to Sunday. even if it is on my Laptop so can't record it as I always do! X

  13. Lovely day here too Barbara, hope you've had a bit of a relax and are uncoiled now. I love these stamos too but must admit I've not used them yet, Been buying so much new stuff lately it's hard to get around to using everything. That isn't a complaint just a fact. Love Pam xxx

    1. Hello Pam, I know what you mean, so many lovely things to play with, not enough hours in the day! Hope you are ok, sending you hugs xx

  14. Hi it is a lovley day up in Leicestershire today. Had a few hours in the garden warm and lovley have not got these stamps yet but I do love them! !!! Well the husband says there must be a problem you can not get on to Hochanda. Thanks everyone for that have to go on line on Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone. Hope all goes well Barbara. Hugs Lynn xx

  15. Love these stamps and your artwork. I have been gardening all day in the sunshine and finally feel that I'm beating the weeds! I love growing things from cuttings or small plants. I have bought small Pieris plants over time, none more that £3.00 they are all in pots and two are now 12 years old and over 7 feet tall. Moving them needs me, hubby and sack barrow!
    Looking forward to warmer, lighter evening so I can Groovi in the conservatory. Enjoy as much outside time as you can xx

  16. Hi Sheila, Diane, Brenda, Dot, Alison, Morag, Pen, Sue and all our Blog Friends on here, hope you've all had the sunshine today and enjoyed a lovely day doing what you love best. Take care, live Pam xx

  17. What a treat to have a cuppa in the garden – it's been fine here today too, but not quite warm enough to sit outside. I spoke to Paul the other day and ordered most of the other bloggy offers, so need to pass on today's offer otherwise my OH will have a pink fit! Susan x

  18. Hi Barbara, Hope you had a lovely cuppa outdoors. I managed to get all my bedding dry on the line today. It has been sunshine 'on' and 'off', when it was on it was lovely and warm, when it was off it was cold haha.
    I'm loving these projects.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  19. Hi Barbara, Hope you had a lovely cuppa outdoors. I managed to get all my bedding dry on the line today. It has been sunshine 'on' and 'off', when it was on it was lovely and warm, when it was off it was cold haha.
    I'm loving these projects.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  20. Hi thanks to all my friends who have asked how I am or sent good wishes. I have had a good morning out in the garden. Wonderful to see blue sky and sunshine. Doing a bit of digging always helps me relax.

    I am still having to struggle with my sister not talking to mum it's been over 3 weeks now and to take the pain and conern of mum's stroke recovery.

    Beautiful art work Barb.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. Hi Pen – try not to stress over your sister – I know from experience that sisters can be very difficult. I have spent way too much time stressing over my sister over the years – please learn from my mistakes. Look after yourself first, it's great that you have been able to do some gardening and in beautiful weather too. Hugs Gilly xx

    2. Pen, I have some horrible family trouble and I've learned that you can't make anyone do anything. Just as Gilly says look after yourself and do what is right for you. I feel for you, these situations are incredibly difficult.

    3. Hi Pen, good to hear you've had a good time in the garden, digging takes your mind of things doesn't it. Look after yourself and try not to worry, things will sort themselves out eventually xx

    4. Hi Pen,
      Lovely that you have been able to get in the garden today. Isnt it lovely to get some fresh air? Sorry that things aren't going too well with your sister, it might be that she is really quite frightened about the whole situation with your mum and sort of blotting it out. Im sure that everything will sort itself out soon. Love and hugs Alison xx

  21. Hello Barbara this is a lovley set one I haven't got but waiting for Sunday's show especially as Paul said its new word chains lovley that you have mannage to have a rest with a cuppa in the garden and chill out even for a short while xxx

    1. Evening Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda pam gilly morag Alison sue55 Jackie crafting hugs to you thinking of you all hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, sorry to see that you have not been so good today. I left you a reply to your message higher up. Sounds like you will be needing your cushions on Sunday. Lots of healing hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila sorry to hear you haven't been so good today, must be so frustrating after the good week you have had. Take it easy, lots of resting and look after yourself. S Ning you a big hug xxx

    4. Hi Sheila, i think we might all be in need of your cushions at the weekend. Had an email from Hochanda with a sneak peek at the goodies on sale – wow is all i can say! I think im going to be bankrupt soon – I want/ need everything!!! Have a good night's rest, love snd hugs xx

  22. It has been a beautiful day here today as well but it started very frosty. We went for a walk along a local beach, it was great, all you could hear were the gentle waves and a few oyster catchers -bliss. We took the garden chairs out of the shed at the weekend and had a cuppa whilst gardening. We did have our jackets on and got cold quickly as we weren't moving about. These stamps are lovely but like others I'm holding off until Sunday.

  23. I always wondered about THAT leaf Barb! Thankyou for the clarification. Another great offer. Today has been a lovely sunny warm day here in the North East. What has been even greater is that my old dog Jack's new tablets are a wonder drug. From a dog in constant pain who could find no rest and couldn't get up a step – well to a dog who I suddenly found was upstairs with me when I left him on the sofa, that ran to go out of the back door, who is lolling about like his old self all relaxed with not a hint of pain. I feel like I have won the lottery. I have also been crafting tonight in my craft room and he just sat on the sofa, no crying at all. So now he will be able to have his hair cut and he will be one new dog. Just managed to make my mam a fairy card for her birthday tomorrow. Glad you took the time Barb to feel the sun on your skin. Much love Jayne

  24. Hi Barbara
    I do like this wild set of stamps, often wondered about the leaf, mind you, I wouldn't recognise one if It grew in the garden!! Love these pieces of artwork, they really make ou smile. Good to hear you took time out to drink your cup of tea and catch up on your vitamin D. We are all looking forward to Sunday and know you will be fab so make sure you take time to enjoy it too even though it's a lot of work. Take care
    Love Diane xx

  25. Evening Barbara really like this stamp set so its a will I won't I situation here with me as I think the flowers would make lovely wee thistles I'm thinking but I really want to add to my Groovi stash bit by bit so might just save the pennies to see what's coming up on Sunday.
    Lovely sunny day here had the washing machine going ding dong (not the one in my head for a change) lovely fresh air sheet's on the bed so looking forward to that later.
    Take care Love Dot xx

    1. Evening Brenda hope the sun was shining through the windies your side and you can see your wee plants coming through back to ma wee normal self today her's yir cuddle.
      p.s. you might want to score that normal bit oot never been normal
      Evening Morag is the sun been shining your way to Hugs..xx

  26. Hi Barb,
    i have these stamps and they are amonst my favourites along with the row of trees drawn in a similar way. They are really useful for the pesky male cards too. Looking forward to the shows although disappointed that i wont be able to record them. New goodies look fabulous. Love and hugs Alison xx

  27. Evening everyone. It's a tiring week this week I think hubbys radiotherapy is catching up with me – he's fine though ! It's the early mornings and it seems a long week this week. We're just at the end of the sixth week and after tomorrow only 2 weeks and 1 day to go. I shouldn't moan but I we've both been thinking the same this week but keeping it to ourselves until this morning when we both agreed it must have been the excitement of getting half way and then realising we'd got the same amount of time to do again! LOL! I just missed the Clarity Challenge as I did my blog entry wrong and went back to do it again and was just too late. 🙁 There are some lovely ones there though and mine is quite simple. I'm loving the Groovi artwork Facebook page it's lovely to see everyone's work! What some inspiration! xxx

  28. Hi Barb, another awesome offer, these stamps are brilliant and the way you have used them on these pieces of art is just fabulous. Glad you enjoyed the sun. Take care. Bx

  29. Looking forward to Sunday but will need to watch on catch-up as I'm spending the day with my daughter which, as you will understand, doesn't happen as often as I'd like. Many thanks for this blog offer. I've always admired these stamps. Order is in!! Mxx

  30. Thank you for the great offer Barbara and these are lovely versatile stamps and love the way you have used them with those great colours, but not so much my style. I am looking forward to Sunday and will try to view on the computer or catch up. x

    1. Not on Freeview until the middle of May – because of 'contract' problems. There is a long explanation on the Hochanda page but essentially saying you can still watch via your pc or via Freesat.

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