8 Days to Christmas Eve Giveaway.

8 Days to Christmas Eve Giveaway.

Hello there.
Thanks for popping in!
I’ve got a joint in the oven, so forgive me if I type fast!
I sloped off to make some art to giveaway,
and I’m thinking I may have to stop and come back later….
Or I could just leave you the step by step pictures 
and let you figure it out!!!
I know it’s Mindful Wednesday today, 
and I am very mindful of the time!
To be perfectly honest, I have been thinking thinking thinking
way too much for my own good the past few days.
The washing machine head went into to spin mode on Saturday, and hasn’t really stopped since.
So let’s not dwell on it.
Let’s just get arty. 
Here’s an acrylic Gelli Plate background from my stash 
for starters. It’s been a while since I did this aperture trick…
Picked out some of my absolute favourite Tree Stamps,
Now it’s over to you…
Pretend you’re reading my instructions out loud.
Go on. 
(Shut the door, so nobody can hear you talking to yourself first!)
I’ll give you the first word for every pic:













That wasn’t so hard, was it?
Thanks for helping me out!
Now if you would like me to send you this little piece of artwork,
(signed, we’ve decided)
then leave a positive, uplifting little message below,
and your name will go in the hat for today’s draw.
I absolutely cannot believe that 195 people left comments yesterday! 195!!!! That’s got to be a record!
Makes me smile, makes me feel good about things. 
There’s nothing like a pat on the back, is there.
Much love & affection,

Got to go!
I can smell the joint from here!
And I’m above the garage!!!

157 thoughts on “8 Days to Christmas Eve Giveaway.

  1. Another great piece of art and would like to be in the draw for the signed card, along with many more. Enjoyed your blethers as usual. Hope the joint was'n't spoiled.
    Many thanks for making the time to blog, we all appreciate it.
    Have only recently learned how to reply , thanks to my patient grand daughter,
    Love Maureen x

  2. Was late writing yesterday but quick off the mark today. OH thought I had gone and talking to the iPad.

    Love this image, one of my resolutions will be to make much more use of the gelli plate as I adore the effects it gives. Saw some great art today and commented mine could never get to be that good. OH said I would never know if I didn't try so I intend to do just that.And I guess if I like it then that is a result in itself

    Enjoy the midweek roast xx

    1. Give it a go, I didn't like some of my first prints but kept them in my box. Now when I look at them I don't think they are that bad, just not what I was expecting at the time! You will enjoy the arty side of crafting with the gelli plate and if you don't want to use paint you could try first with ink pads. XX

    2. Thanks Barbara for all the time you spend on this amazing blog. We had the reception class visit from the local school to sing carols for the older people where I work, I was so inspired by these 4 and 5 year olds, they take children with hearing difficulties and learning difficulties at the school, the little ones had learned how to sing and sign so they could understand each other truly uplifting to watch. Merry Christmas Kathryn

  3. The thought of that joint is making my mouth water. That is one of the problems of being on your own, it is not worth cooking a joint. I am lucky enough to regularly have a lovely roast cooked up at Bec' s house with roast potatoes and veggies from the garden, although I know lots of people are not that lucky. I have only managed to skim through the instructions so far as I am determined to finish my last project tonight, but I know I have the perfect background in my stash which came from the workshop at Nottingham., the first time I was lucky enough to meet you and Dave. So I will be trying this one. Enjoy your dinner. Love Maggie xxxx

  4. Sorry Barbara I really couldn't eat another mouthful!! I bet your kitchen smells delicious….the sign of things to come over Christmas!
    Lovely artwork again! I did like the DIY instructions today! Makes you think about the visuals you are looking at and it also makes you realise that you know it….just can't always get it as perfect as you!
    I'm off to follow your inspiration and get creative with some parchment and groovi plates! Xxx

  5. Hmmm yes, got me thinking of my stomach, LOL those first few words can have the greatest impact! It's really not that hard all this talking to oneself. I'm always doing it, I sometimes add a tune to it too if i'm in a particularly bonkers frame of mindfuless :)Love that frame.

  6. Oh, I love, love, love this one Barbara! Now that I've learnt how to answer on here, I'm afraid you'll have to put up with me everyday.
    It is a joy to come on here for a while each day and be transported to wherever your own thoughts have taken you…and a wonderful project too. Can't get better than that. x

  7. Another beautiful treasure you made, Barbara. I love how the girl caught the star; a symbol of hope to me. You inspire me to find ways to use my Gelli prints and to incorporate good messages within the artwork. Well done. Thank you.

  8. I'm dreaming of a Gray christmas,
    Just like the ones Barb likes to show,
    Where snowflake baubles glisten,
    And wee folk listen to hear
    Labradors barking in the snow.

  9. Another incredible 'Gray Masterpiece' – not surprising really that so many of us would love to own an original and (signed!) Barbara Gray piece of Artwork! I'm sure that the only person who is surprised by this is you Barbara! You have so many people who love and admire you! I, for one, really enjoy 'popping in here' each evening! My only regret is that it took me so long to join in – I love being part of your Blog family. Have a wonderful evening and enjoy that roast dinner! xxx

  10. Had fun with this one today, been a good Wednesday for me got a good blood result but still have a way to go still feeling positive for new year ahead! Hope your roast was okay x

  11. I look forward to your daily blog such a cute way today the way we could join in your fabulous for giving your time and a gift of a signed card is a wonderful gift one I would love to own enjoy your meal xxx

  12. Another lovely piece of art from the master. But….tut tut Barbara, using your groovi stylus for dabbing paint!! We shall just gloss over that shall we! Lol
    Enjoy your evening meal. Ooh chef husband has just come home early, I won't have to eat by my self….or cook for that matter, now that is uplifting lol xxxx

  13. Another lovely piece of art from the master. But….tut tut Barbara, using your groovi stylus for dabbing paint!! We shall just gloss over that shall we! Lol
    Enjoy your evening meal. Ooh chef husband has just come home early, I won't have to eat by my self….or cook for that matter, now that is uplifting lol xxxx

  14. Wonderful relaxing trip making your card just what I needed. What the joint beef chicken pork or even turkey ?

    Think need to get my crayons out to try to relax this evening.

    Crafty hugs pen x

  15. Well the boys have made lovely cards for their mum & dad, now I am panic wrapping gifts to be delivered tomorrow. Roll on Christmas, 2_weeks off to play with my new goodies. Another beautiful piece of art to drool over from you tonight. Now enjoy you roast & put your feet up xx

  16. Lovely piece of artwork on a very popular lady's blog! That's some going to have all those followers!
    Nothing like the aroma of food to get those crafty juices flowing….Enjoy your dinner Barbara – Hope it's not over-done! xxx

  17. "Out of this world" piece today. Probably my most favourite that I've seen on your blog to date. Now if I throw a joint in the oven & try to cremate it tomorrow, can you promise me that I'll make something as awesome as that ?! Hey, you could always use the carbon in a creative way, I'm sure. You should never, ever doubt yourself – that is fab. Do you think it's too late for Santa to put a Gelli Plate on my "I've been super duper good " list ? Fingers crossed

  18. Smashing piece of artwork. Hope your joint was as good! We had a nice afternoon as youngest son called in.. I've now completed the decorations, a couple of cards to sort a list of remaining presents sorted. Trip to town needed on Friday me thinks! Lights flashing everywhere and still one set to put up now I've decided where! Wrapping them Around the bannister !

    My mindfulness thinking today was of a friend in hospital who's going to have a triple by pass on Friday so fingers crossed for him. He's glad it didn't happen today as its his birthday!

    Have a good evening everyone! Xx

  19. Just got in and thought I'd check the blog. What a lovely card today, I like this girl and the way you have used her looks like she is putting the stars in the sky for everyone to see. I really want to come and rummage through you stash! Now I need to go eat as thinking of your joint in the oven has made me very hungry. XX

    1. Hi Donna I'm late tonight, been trying to do yesterday's blog card. I know you wouldn't have missed me out deliberately. Last day tomorrow before schools out. Love and hugs to you Donna.xxx

      Hi Sheila, Diane, Brenda and Dot, hope you're all well, any of you been crafting? Want to play with the gelli plate over the weekend make some backgrounds for the new year.Live and hugs to you all.xxxx

    2. Morning all couldn't get on last night someone kept telling me I dont except cookies well I do any kind and white chocolate chip are my favourite so there so don't let it happen again wee gremlins…x
      Morning Brenda here's your cuddle..x
      Taje care all early start wi Granny stuff this morning see you later…x

  20. Hello Barbara

    Hope the joint was ok!

    Loved today's blog and very pleased that I could follow it. You are obviously a good teacher and I have learned lots over the months and years I have been following you. My style of cardmaking is so different now from when I started.


  21. Had to keep going back to look what was added but got there in the end. Like the colour combination. I am looking forward to having the time after Christmas to go back over these card blogs and enjoy them a second time around. Hope the joint was good I could smell it in Staffordshire.

  22. This is beautiful and the background goes so perfectly with it and I love the colours too. I hope you saved the dinner and enjoyed it Barbara. x

  23. Such a gorgeous piece today again Barb,browns and blues go so well.Enjoy your roast, savour every mouthful and stay mindful while you do so! Hugs xx

  24. Such a gorgeous piece today again Barb,browns and blues go so well.Enjoy your roast, savour every mouthful and stay mindful while you do so! Hugs xx

  25. Lovely card Barbara, subtle but effective & my favourite colours. Enjoying the countdown to Christmas … can't wait as I'm getting the Groovi starter kit for christmas yay!

  26. Evening – loved the artwork and I really like how every day your creations are so different ,truly creative and inspiring. I have a gelli plate but so far have been a bit scared to use it, must try harder in the new year! Hope you enjoy your meal

  27. Love this ……. and the flow. Just had to look at the pictures a lityle longer than usual to see what was sdded. A terrific 'mindful Wednesdsy' exercise. Than you for making my spinning mind slow down. Be in the moment, in the place you are at. Really helps.

  28. Wow! Love the artwork. Think a New Years resolution must be to play with my Gelli plates and build a stash of backgrounds! Hope dinner wasn't spoilt.. Thank you for taking the time to write your blog xxx

  29. I'm slightly envious of your roast, as I just had leftover chilli for dinner tonight! Today I finally starting putting things back into my craftroom after all the home improvements were finished. If I get up into the loft for the Christmas decorations tomorrow, I might just get to play with my new stamps, stencils and gelliplate at the weekend, and what inspiration you have given us today. Enjoy your supper!!! Susan x

  30. Good game today! Like someone has already said, it made me look more closely at the pictures. I really like blues and browns together so I love this card. Thank you for all your inspiration, Barbara Mxx

  31. Hi Barbara,

    first I was wondering and had to look in the dictionary what a joint is. I knew a joint as something different. You funny thing ;-))

    The card is so full of atmosphere and I like the blue-brown colours. I´m so happy to have the christmas wee folk now which I bought on Gray Day.

    Rolf xxx

  32. 195 people left you a note
    To let you know that you are gifted
    Every day with your lovely post
    Our hearts feel like they have been lifted
    We watch you on the TV shows
    Full of joy and inspiration
    The enjoyment that you bring to us,
    Helps us with our new creations.

    Keep up the good work Barbara x

  33. Of course we all want a piece of your artwork. Fabulous. Hope the joint was not burnt, always too much to do this time of year. Even more so for you with a company to run. Just hope you get some relax time over Christmas. xx

  34. I'm in heaven – I love the art work, it is very similar to what I was doing on my gelli plate yesterday for what will become next year's Christmas cards.

    Place tree/bauble/bell in middle of gelli plate, place snowflakes stencils over the top. Brayer burnt umber, lift of some of the paint from around the middle by blotting with copy paper, remove snowflakes and leave to dry. Brayer buff titanium, remove tree/bauble/bell and pull print. Repeat another 49 times…mmm. Build a scene in the aperture…mmm.

    By the way, my oldest daughter thinks the bell looks like a willy but my youngest daughter thinks the bell looks like a nipple!!!

  35. Whew , a joint in the USA means something entirely different Haha lol
    This is the first day of the rest of your life . Words of wisdom
    Just got my stamp,of the month, lovely ,and I learned a new word — horlicks .
    I was sad to hear that create and craft USA flunked out . I new it did but it was great for me , I understand fully . It was the stamps and also the size of the card that we here are not use to . I'm sure if you started with your wee stamps it would have been a great success . I love clarity and love you and all,that I've learned . I feel,so good when I am able to produce a decent card for a friend . Have a very merry Christmas . Would love to know what you meant by " I've gone mad " joy now Jan

  36. Another stunning and completely different piece of artwork. I love how the individual components make such a unique and beautiful whole. Can't wait to see what tomorrow's art will be – far more exciting than opening an Advent door!! Xxx

  37. Evening Barbara,
    Thanks for the ear worm, I can hear myself talking myself through making the artwork now, with each lovely step by step getting me to the finish line….just wish mine looked as good as yours, so I just NEED to have your art to display and keep mine hidden!
    Take care of your washing machine head 😉
    Jackie x

  38. Another amazing piece of artwork, my New Years resolution is to use all my clarity goodies & try and replicate some of your ideas. Thank you for your daily blog & here's to many more

  39. Another inspirational picture. Your step by step pictures need no explanation as you have just shown 🙂 still love reading your blog though as the humour shines through.

  40. Another fabulous piece of art. Thank you for drawing me back day after day for inspiration. I'll be honest, I wasn't quite sure where this one was going when I saw the starting point, but it's absolutely fabulous. I don't expect to be lucky enough to be picked out of the hat, so I think I'll just have to try and try and achieve something similar on my own 🙂 Claire x

  41. Lovely winter scene. Those little trees are priceless. I made about a hundred cards last year and most using the lovely little trees. They are fab. I think the washing machine syndrome is pandemic at this time of year. I know I am suffering from it and it is relentless. Helps to know we are not alone though xx

  42. The thought of that joint is making my mouth water. That is one of the problems of being on your own, it is not worth cooking a joint. I am lucky enough to regularly have a lovely roast cooked up at Bec' s house with roast potatoes and veggies from the garden, although I know lots of people are not that lucky. I have only managed to skim through the instructions so far as I am determined to finish my last project tonight, but I know I have the perfect background in my stash which came from the workshop at Nottingham., the first time I was lucky enough to meet you and Dave. So I will be trying this one. Enjoy your dinner. Love Maggie xxxx

  43. I love it Barbara – it could be festive if still needing Christmas cards but I see 'reach for the stars' – could be a New Year resolution

    Thanks for sharing your skill and giving your time to us every day


  44. Barb, thank you for your blogs, I really enjoy them. This time of year I am extra busy, I only make cards for family and friends, I have 10 grandchildren and I love to make them something personal for Christmas, I have been making photo albums crocheting minion hats, making jewellery for my 'gothy' granddaughter (no idea how long that will last).I have family coming to stay for the holidays, my son, who is in the armed services and his family. Will I ever be ready, this is the only time I notice the odd cobweb etc. My real passion is making portraits, painted, inked or pencilled , human or animal, it's all in the eyes and the shadows, but they are on hold just now, Christmas just takes over. Reading your blog is lovely, a time to relish the joy of creating. I am one of those waiting for my Gray Friday order, do I care, no, you can leave mine till after the New Year, I know it will come but I would rather wait than stress someone out. I would just like to wish all you crafters and artists a very merry Christmas. God bless you all.

  45. So creative – I too would like to own this piece of artwork from the Queen of craft. Must say thank you to all the lovely people who have been with me the last day or two wishing me a speedy recovery. Felt pretty bad today as the anaethetic wears off, the down mood kicks in and the pain increases. Glad to know people out there care. Many, many thanks – it will spur me on. I hope to get crafting tomorrow.
    Lots of love to Barbara, Dave and everyone on the blog.
    Anne (Reading)

  46. Hi Barbara
    My mouth is watering. I hope you rescued your joint. A lovely demo today and I like the apertures that you create on the Gelliplate. Thank you for more inspiration and a beautiful card.
    Hugs from Chris X

  47. This is brilliant – I think I got it. I can just imagine your voice as you tell us what you did. Fab. Hope you enjoyed your dinner and that it wasn't too 'well done'.xxxxx

  48. Another Masterpiece Barbara, love the colour combination and the scene is lovely. Which stencil did you use for the gelli work, it looks like letters and circles, don't worry I'll look on the web tomorrow, you've enough on your mind. Had a go with the adhesive sheet and the flakes tonight, first one not good, unusable, second better except for the bottom right corner but think I've saved it by putting on a corner of gold embossed card with parchment over the top, then added a gold snowflake brad to the corner. Look again in the morning, probably end up in the bin. More practise needed. Do hope your roast was saved, made my mouth water. Hope you've got rid of you washing machine head by now, chill Barbara.xx

  49. I was thinking of you this evening as i fashioned the oddments i had gathered into two Christmas cards to be delivered tomorrow. More than once i found myself asking "what would Barbara do?" when things took an unexpected turn. If it needed a bit of sorting there you were saying "not too much … You can add but not take away" & there i was creating away enjoying myself and it was thanks to your teaching through this blog & the tv. Two hours flew! I have to say i had no idea … but i have my cards ready. Are they perfect? Not a chance! Am i happy? You bet! So a huge thank you Barbara. I couldn't have done it without you.

  50. Another gorgeous piece of artwork. Really enjoyed the fill in the blank instructions. I could almost hear your voice as I was thinking of what you would be saying. Hope you enjoyed your lovely dinner.

  51. This is my favourite so far, so beautiful. And the background you found to mount it is amazing too, almost seems a shame to cover so much – or do you gut your backgrounds?

    Things are a bit in last minute panic mode for Christmas here, compounded by a sick baby who has only just gone to sleep! And has learn to climb the sofa so can't be left alone for too long! But hoping for a bit of calm after Christmas while hubby is still off school, to sit and play without pressure. Want some gelli plate playtime!

  52. Lovely and Christmasy, if there is such a word, I certainly can't spell it. Felt pretty rotten and uncreative today with a stonking headache but this has quite cheered me up. Hope the joint was not too cremated (my speciality when getting carried away with my art and craft projects). Looking forward to trying a few of these out over Christmas. Hugs Karen xxx

  53. What a wonderful magical scene you've created in that aperture. I enjoyed filling in the blanks for the instructions. Great card. I lost track of the number of comments I had to scroll past, to write my comment.
    Hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  54. Hi Barbara
    Such beautiful artwork again today, love the brown and blue combo, it's quite restful isn't it. Had to laugh at myself as I could hear your voice doing the step by step in my head! The end result is perfect. Thank you. I hope the joint wasn't burnt and dinner was lovely – we Brits all knew what you meant, even commented it's not a Sunday so that's a bit wild, but it's caused some hilarity on foreign shores – what are you like! It's good to end the day with a chuckle.
    Much love Diane xxxx

    Hi Dot Hi Brenda sending hugs your way xxxxxx

  55. Really late for me today – your washing machine has moved from your head to mine!! No sleep but I was ironing at 10.00 pm!! Anyway, lovely blog and picture – wish my Gelli scraps looked half as good!! And good to make us work for a change! Nice way to end a day – or if it goes on much longer – nice way to start one!

  56. It's 7-30pm here in California, so mention of your roast made my hunger worse. Haven't eaten yet. Waiting grandchildren getting back from drama it is great to be able to see your cards and read your so interesting blog, would be so thrilled to win a card. Love Josie

  57. Hi Barbara
    Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
    save it for a rainy day
    love todays art Barbara I often look up at the stars and talk to them and also love coming on here and talking to another one .
    thanks for the chance to win todays art this one would mean a lot even though many folks won't remember my first lines here today it was a wee song my Dad used to sing to me now I look up and sing it back…take care…love Dot.X

    1. Early this morning Dot. Love that song, Perry Como wasn't it? My Mum used to sing it a lot. Lovely that we can remember those happy days & songs bring those memories back.xx

  58. Guten Morgen Barbara,
    wenigstens kommt bei Deinem wunderschönen Bild ein bissel Winterstimmung auf.
    Hier in Deutschland sollen es heute 16 Grad werden und dies bedeutet, Wintermantel wieder weg und Sommerjacke raus, haha.
    Wünsche Dir und Deinem Team einen tollen Tag.
    Viele Grüße sendet Sabine:-)

  59. Your voice was in my head through that one! Obvouslty been rading you blog for a while :o)) loverly card makesup for missing the meteor shower the night before( too cloudy). Thanks for sharing! Lots of love xxx

  60. Hello Barb, brilliant artwork, lovely colours too. Luckily the cats don't worry when I talk to myself, as I did just that. This would make a beautiful Christmas card for my granddaughter, so may try replicate it. Hope you enjoyed the roast, I could smell it and I am even further away than the garage. Take care. Bx

  61. A really different but magical piece of art which is beautiful and I would love to own. I invested in a gelly plate in the summer but havn't had the confidence or the time to try it out hoping I will be able to have a go over the xmas break. I also got a set of acrylic paints for my birthday from a dear friend to use on it, so no excuse to have a go. Hope you enjoyed your roast.

  62. Must add the Christmas wee folk to my wish list they add a finishing touch to so many things .Must go and finish my cards .Thank you for making me smile with the little girl putting stars in the sky or is she getting one for her tree ?

  63. Hi Barb,
    A bit earlier today! Really love the artwork and I could actually fill in the missing instructions! Your teaching has certainly paid off. Hope the joint wasn't ruined. I wish my scraps looked like yours – mine are definitely only fit for the bin! Love Alison xxx

  64. Hi Barbara, Another fine piece of art, not sure where YOU get your inspiration from but I know YOU are helping me so much, Thank you!! Hope Im not too late for the days draw. Hope the roast was great, midweek hmmmmm, are you a domestic goddess aswell lol! x

  65. Hi Barbara I love the art work it's brill hope lm lucky I've never won a card all the years I've been a blogger I can smell the joint I've got two slices of bread buttered all I need now is two slices please
    Love to Dave xxxxxx June horrocks

  66. Hi Barb – you make it look so easy and you have such good ideas. I love the girl holding the star! Have had a go once with my Gelli plate and got a result i was pleased with but some how haven't used it again for other half finished projects getting in my way. Just franticly ordered some gilding wax on line as I realised that is the only thing that will give me the effect I am wanting. Praying it will arrive before Christmas but if it doesn't I will just have to wing it. Its for one of the presents I am busy trying to finish at the moment. Will make a point of getting the Gelli out after the New Year as I am always impressed by the results you can achieve. Hope you enjoyed your roast – how do you find the time? I bet you are looking forward to seeing your children. When do they arrive? Much love Jayne

  67. I love the 'looking through a window', makes me feel all warm and cosy 'cos it's freezing outside. Not this year yet, damp, wet and nearly blown away though. Still I love the card,

  68. I am deeply impressed by this WOW amazing artwork dear Barbara!
    Das Bild erinnert mich an das Märchen "Sterntaler" 🙂
    Sooooooo great in These colours.
    It would be such a great honour and pleasure for me to win this

    Ein grosser Fan

  69. How lovely to have such different demos every day, and I would be very happy to win any piece that you make. Still haven't had time to try out my Gray Day goodies – they are calling to me but will have to wait. Something to keep me occupied after Christmas.

  70. Love this artwork, too, Barbara. Another cracker! Not surprised you're being inundated with comments. Got my delivery from Clarity today so the dogs are sitting with their legs crossed wondering when we're going out for a walk! 🙂 Soon, I promise! Just got to play with those lovely Art Nouveau Groovi borders first… 🙂 xx

  71. Barbara we all admire you and your art an awful lot more than you realise. I would happily frame any art I received from you and so would and will anyone else. That is so very, very, very gorgeous! Love what you have created and funnily enough my tree stamps are my favourite stamps because I can use them so often and so much. You are our inspiration huni Karen x

  72. I can't believe I missed this one. I really wish I didn't have to go to work and then I would never miss another single post! Lol. Still if I didn't work I wouldn't have any pennies to buy beautiful Clarity goodies now would I. I love the look of this one Barbara, a bit vintagey and a bit shabby chic – gorgeous. xxx

  73. Wow again…definitely need more hours in a day..either that or I retire, but then if I retire how will I pay for all my lovely clarity goodies that I need ….

  74. The joys of childhood, when it felt like you could pick one of the stars from the sky. Now Tim Peake us reminding us that you can touch the stars as an adult.

  75. Barbara, your marketing idea is a stroke of genius, and indeed a win win win for all. Not only are you talented, but kind and generous as well. Santa riding the reindeer in that fashion makes me smile. Thank you!

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