7 Days to Christmas Eve Giveaway.

7 Days to Christmas Eve Giveaway.

Wet and windy outside here.
What about where you are?
White Christmas?
I’m thinking Nope.
What was all that flannel about months ago on the radio? 
That this was going to be the coldest, whitest winter ever ever on record, in fact before records began, in fact before the Ice Age.
Almost fell for it, didn’t we! -21˚C my derrière!
There was a butterfly woke up in our lounge yesterday!
Poor thing didn’t know what was going on!
Let’s have a little language lesson…
say after me “Schmetterling” [shmetta-ling]
There you go. Now you speak German too!
I always call my Mum my little Schmetterling.
On the subject of butterflies,
I thought I would give away this laminated piece of artwork  
which I did a while ago.
I hope you like it.
It was done using alcohol ink on the inside of the laminating pouch.
It’s totally glossy.

This pic always sits on the window ledge 
by my computer at the office,
and I stare at it when I am trying to concentrate.
So you can have it now. It’s time to flutter by and sit on your window ledge for a while.
Leave a kind message below, 
and maybe this little butterfly art will wing its way to you…
Tell you what. Since it’s Christmas,
the season of goodwill
Why don’t I turn this one into a £20 gift voucher for you, 
just to put a smile on somebody’s face.
A signed piece of artwork and a little pressie.
You’ve got to be in it to win it,
so leave a comment below, and next week, 
I shall pick a random winner…
Love & hugs,

212 thoughts on “7 Days to Christmas Eve Giveaway.

  1. This is an absolute masterpiece. My favourite thing – a smetterling, papillon – butterfly. Your last design club stamp is also so, so stunning. Thank you for your blog, really cheered me up – the aftermath of the anaesthetic (not booze!) has really taken its toll today. I have been propped up in bed watching back issues of everything Clarity. It has been wonderful to see a genius at work.
    Thank you so much – I have had a wonderful time with you today and you didn't even have to say a word.
    Lots of love and more thanks
    Anne (Reading)-and a first to comment. Greetings to all the lovely bloggers out there.

    1. I agree with you Anne, Barbara is a real tonic. I have trouble sleeping, and quite often she keeps me company at 3am, not many would do that but our Barb never complains even when I have to ask her to repeat something she has just done. 🙂

  2. This is so beautiful, I think I am obsessed with butterflies. My crafting friends always say they can pick my cards out as I cannot resist using a butterfly or two. You have inspired me to get out my alcohol inks. This will be my New Year's Day project. Thank you Barbara.

  3. Evening Barb, I love this technique….and I also love the butterfly stamps….I remember having a play with the laminator pouches at one of your fab workshops in Cheshire a couple of years ago…oh happy memories….fluttering in……enjoy your evening….hugs…xx

  4. How generous, I would just be quite happy with the lovely piece of art work though, so pretty. Been pouring with rain here for most of the day, so dark and miserable. I would rather have a crisp frosty day. Well at least this time next week shops will be shut and what we have not got we go without. Judging by some of the trolleys I saw when shopping today I reckon some people will not need to shop til end of January. xx

  5. Surprised to see I am one of the early ones – and yes I have been to sleep for anyone interested in my post from last night!! How wonderful to win a piece of artwork that is not only made by Barbara Gray but also one that she has been using for inspiration and reflection! And why shouldn't she? It's beautiful and the colours are so restful. I would love to have it to inspire me too – and a voucher ! That would help sort my clarity wish list 'problem' (not really a problem but it's getting more and more difficult to smuggle boxes past my beloved. At least my lovely postman now pushes them under our side gate and leaves me a cryptic note!! )

  6. I received my grooving starter kit today and some extra plates ordered because it was gray Friday, and wow. Wow, wow, wow… I absolutely love the clarity system for parchment crafting. Love it, love it, love it… The poor dogs are still waiting to be fed, I'll probably eat at midnight, can't put it down. Thank you for your great offer, and fabulous Grooving plate system xxxxxx
    Had a go also at whitewood, and colouring is next… brill.

  7. Hi Barbara,
    great artwork again…
    Did something similar with your Inkabilities but not sure if these are alcohol or non-alcohol inks at the moment. Do you think that matters while drying?
    Sure Barb, I wanna be in it to win it!!!
    Rolf xxx

    1. The Inkabilities were water based inks, funnily enough I just finished using the ones I bought from Barbara many years ago. The alcohol inks smell a bit and should be used on glossy card because it keeps them vibrant. HTH xx

  8. This is my favourite so far I adore butterflies and will watch them for ages in the summer. Had a super day out with my Daughter to day, taking the usual Christmas wreaths to love ones that have passed away, shopping, lunch out, shopping again and picking up a beautiful homemade wooden wheelbarrow filled with plants that I won in our local hospice raffle,. Hazel c uk

  9. Hello Barbara, What a beautiful piece of artwork! My late sister-in-law (bless her) just loved butterflies as do I, and most people. Thought you might like the little verse "so faith and love should not die God sent to us a butterfly".
    Mary xxxx

  10. A beautiful, restful, piece of art. It would look lovely in my 'craft room' or anywhere else come to that. How lucky you are to be able to create such wonderful artwork ("not luck, just hard work" I hear you say). You'll soon be able to relax with your wonderful family so keep your pecker up. Xx

  11. I love butterflies and just wish we had more of them around these days. They are just so delicate and ephemeral (big word for this time of day).That technique is one I still have not got the hang of, not sure why. I think each time I have tried it it has been late in the day, and I have been too tired to "get it". One on my list for next year. You are so generous to give away something you treasure so much. I hope it gives the winner as much comfort and peace. Love Maggie xxx

  12. Butterflies are such wondrous creatures and they can symbolise so many things, never mind the simple joy that they give as they flutter on by. Rescued a caterpillar from drowning in a shallow pot today, butterfly in the making. Fab card, as ever.

  13. Oh boy ,now I'm so excited then earth is morning from all jumping for joy —- can you feel it across the pond ???? . I would LOVE this , love butterflies , love blue and I'm soooo hopeful !
    Very day ,in every way we are all growing in love and peace and joy . Blessing abound your way . Joy now jan

  14. I have today received my black Friday order of my starter groovi kit and several other plates, borders, storage system, etc. So the only other thing which could make this day even better is to win a piece of BG's artwork extrodinaire! What a day for the memory book that would make. Just love the thought of it!

  15. Evening Barb, said I would pop by. Funny thing my very best friend, linda who is no longer with us, was terrified of butterflies and yet I think they are most beautiful.

    My Dad when I was small would catch them in his hand, close his hand around them for a few seconds and they would just sit on his hand long enough to have a good look and off they would fly no damage.

    This "give away" reminds me of my best two friends Dad and Linda who are no longer here.

    Beautiful art work

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  16. Hi Barb,
    This is really beautiful. I love butterflies and the NDC stamp is gorgeous too. In fact I used it yesterday to do a mica card – now that you've shown me how to do it – & it looked fabulous. The colours you've used are coincidentally a perfect match for my craft room as well!!! Feeling a bit more festive now as I've finally got my tree up although the gas fire has died but hopefully it will be fixed before the big day. Love Alison xxx

  17. Lovely little schmetterling fluttering off to someone lucky! Great look with the alcohol inks, will have to dig mine out in the new year and give this a go. Would love a butterfly stencil in a similar design to the elephant and stag……….. Xx

    1. Hi Donna, Sheila, Diane, Brenda and Dot, hope you've all had a good day, sending love and hugs to you all, thinking of you Brenda as haven't't seen you here for a few days.xxx

  18. Would just love this to flutter by to my window in Canada. Just love butterflies and this piece of artwork is just so calming and insightful. You really are too generous to us Barbara. Am so excited that my Gray Day package has cleared customs in Canada and should have it within the next day or two. A little pressie to myself.

  19. No snow here I'm afraid…more's the pity….I don't feel Christmassy without it at least being a little bit chilly! I left work with the intention of going into town, had to hurry to the car as it was raining at 4.15, so I headed home instead – PANTS WEATHER!!!
    Lovely piece of art….Love the NDC one too – thank you 🙂
    Have a lovely evening xxx

  20. I love this Barbara. I adore butterflies and would be honoured to have your butterflies on my craft desk. I am sure the extreme cold weather will come and bite us all on the bum in Jan/Feb. Xxx

  21. Can't believe that there is one week to Christmas! My lavendar is flowering at the moment, I gave it a talking too and told it, it should still be asleep, blinking weather turning thw whole of nature on its head. I love butterflys, fluttery, buttery butterfly xx

  22. Just one word – beautiful! Wish I had half your talent. Hope it's bubble & squeak tonight with the left over roast! Opened my Christmas picallili tonight, delicious even if I do say so myself. Was worth the horrendous smellie house which lingered for a week after I madeit!

  23. So dark here today and so warm. Our neighbour's tree is blossoming. It is all very strange. Beautiful blue again – this is a lovely piece of artwork, Barbara. I'm just wondering what you will look at now to help you concentrate. Mxx

  24. I would love this for my mom, we have had a terrible year with mom loosing her husband to cancer and us loosing our dad!! With her upheaval of moving into a little apartment would make her smile again 😀

  25. I would absolutely love to have this in my craft room, it is absolutely beautiful – such gorgeous colours. Can you please do a tutorial on it when you have time, would really like to have a go. Pat x

  26. What can I say Barbara that hasn't already been said, I think you are one of the kindest ladies giving away your very special creations, there are going to be some very excited people when they receive your artwork.
    This butterfly is one of your best but then I love butterflies, they are just so graceful fluttering from flower to flower gathering nectar, plus my late husband used to call me his little butterfly. Good luck to everyone who leaves a message and some very lucky people are going to be getting a Barbara creation.
    Hope you and Dave have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2016 . Xx

  27. I'd forgotten how wonderful alcohol inks can be.

    What a generous offer to give away something that you have obviously treasured and to add a gift voucher too

    Butterflies are wonderful whether its a fleeting glance as it flies on by or whether it is part of an art work like yours. I loved the butterfly in the design club this month; i'll be playing with it as soon as I've sorted everything for Christmas

  28. Beautiful art work! I had a lovely day at work; last before Christmas. We had a crafty afternoon, glittering baubles to hang on the tree. So much fun, but glitter everywhere!!
    My lovely boss arranged for flowers to be delivered for me and a lovely gift voucher as well. (Unfortunately it isn't a Clarity one, but I will enjoy spending it on lovely clothes!!)
    Now I have time to get organised for Christmas and hopefully some crafting as well as I have so many ideas I want to try out. I am really looking forward to playing with my new butterfly stamp that arrived a couple of days ago.
    Thankyou for continuing to inspire me. xx

  29. Aah Barbara, you are so very kind! It truly is a beautiful piece of artwork and I adore butterflies, I would treasure it always! It's my favourite colour too, surely it's meant to be!?! Well I can but hope! As for a voucher too – you prove to us yet again what a generous lady you are! xx

  30. Been wet and windy all day and I have to say I am so happy that the forecasters got it wrong on the weather front because I loathe the cold and I'm not too keen on snow either. Another really beautiful piece of art and with my favourite critter too! Butterflies are wonderful creatures and your butterfly verse is my all time favourite sentiment too. Thanks so much for the chance Karen x

  31. another masterpiece to find a new home with an added gift of a voucher. Good luck everyone !! Too wet to go out this afternoon so caught up with the dreaded ironing but then the postman came with my Gray Friday parcel!! It was like a Christmas lucky dip as I delved through the foam filling to find my goodies. Thank you to the Clarity Team for all their hard work hope you all have a great Christmas.

  32. O wow Barb this one is a beauty, the gloss is incredible and how kind of you to give it away….that is a truly generous spirit. Thank you. I spied daffodils in full flower here today…amazing weather, perhaps we can just skip winter and head straight to spring day with singing birds, bees starting to buzz…ahh happy thoughts. However it's only 8 more sleeps to my favourite day of the year first ;0) xx

  33. It didn't turn wet and windy until this evening, so it was a nice day here.
    That art work appealed to me the second I saw it…….. I have always loved the colour blue and there's something about butterflies.
    Hope it stays nice and mild as I'm not a great lover of the cold.

  34. What a gorgeous work of art. Each time I look at it I see something different. So I'm not surprised it's helped to inspire you.
    I received my very first Stamp Club envelope today, and within 15 minutes of opening it, I was on the phone to enrol into the Groovi Club also! I am absolutely delighted with the butterfly and not one but three techniques…wonderful!

  35. Such pretty artwork, I haven't tried this technique yet. I have the set of stamps this butterfly is from and speaking of butterflies, absolutely loving the December club stamp too. These giveaways are getting very exciting, looking forward to the draw xx

  36. I love seeing the butterfly as a symbol of hope…..that spring will follow winter as the butterfly follows the chrysalis! Beautiful art work Barbara

  37. Beautiful blue butterfly to go with the balmy weather, daffodils are out , trees are in blossom, roses in the garden and it's christmas next week. Love the effect with the super glossy alcohol inks.

  38. Hi Barbara, it's a lovely picture,hope you're not flapping about yourself 🙂 nature gets confused doesn't, the blossom is out here. I love the cold and wintry weather, shame it's not a white Christmas again. xxx

  39. Another truly beautiful piece of artwork. Makes you feel calm and serene just to look at it. How can you bear to part with it? I wouldn't refuse it though if I was lucky enough to win it……one can only dream!

  40. This is beautiful absolutely love flutterbyes, might try to do this tomorrow, as i am signed off work till Feb I try to do at least one hour of crafting a day if I don't get to tired .

  41. I have only just learnt that one of my longest and dearest friends has had the most horrendous year… Her 10yr old son has suffered an awful accident and lost his sight and hearing, with facial disfigurement he has undergone brain and scull restructuring, only to have a paralysed face. I would send this beautiful piece of artwork to her, if I were so fortunate to win it. She is a wonderful Mum. I'm sure this would be an inspiration to her and a mssg of 'Hope' every time she looked at it!

    1. Frankie Rose – after reading about your friend, I set to and had a go at following Barbara's blog and making one of these pictures. If you aren't the lucky winner, and would like one of mine instead to send to your friend, please pm me with your address to send it to you. Mine obviously isn't as good as Barb's but as she is such a good teacher, it isn't bad…[my husband said!] Love Beryl Sheppard. xx

    2. Frankie Rose. After reading your sad news, I set to and tried to recreate Barb's Butterfly with alcohol inks and although it isn't a Barbara Gray original, if you aren't the lucky winner, I would like to send you my attempt for you to pass on to your friend. Barbara is such a good teacher that my husband says "its quite good"! If you PM me with your address, I will mail it to you or her – whichever. I am Beryl Sheppard and you can find me on FaceBook. xx

    3. Thank you all! Your kindness means so much. It sounds crazy but she is the most beautiful person I know and the best Mum to boot. I know her little boy will get the best chance at everything.
      We are all so very lucky, aren't we!

  42. Evening Barbara,
    A beautiful piece of art, lovely calming colours and a favourite of mine is a butterfly.
    I loved doing this technique, but I still need to perfect it.
    Crafty hugs,
    Jackie x

  43. Love it too, it made me rhyme:
    Mein kleiner blauer Schmetterling,
    e ist ein allerliebstes Ding.
    Er sitzt mal hier, er sitzt mal dort,
    flattert an einen andren Ort.
    Er schmettert nicht, er ist ganz still,
    und fliegt herum wohin er will.

    1. Tried a similar one in English:
      My blue butterfly
      dearest little flutterby
      sitting here, sitting there
      fly around everywhere
      You don't melt in the sun
      dance around having fun.

    2. Tried a similar one in English:
      My blue butterfly
      dearest little flutterby
      sitting here, sitting there
      fly around everywhere
      You don't melt in the sun
      dance around having fun.

  44. I love butterflies.your picture with the blue and the word Hope seems perfect.Butterflies seem to give hope,hope for a long warm summer,hope forlots of garden flowers…even if their catterpillers come to eat some.

  45. Hope….perfect for this time of year. Lovely work, Barbara. So kind of you to share such a piece that has obviously meant a lot to you. You inspire me daily. Thank you.

  46. How beautiful. I love the clouds of colour – just right for a Schmetterling im Himmel. I never could have guessed it was created inside a laminating pouch!
    Tonbridge Sue

  47. This is the one I really really want to own. It is stunningly beautiful. You can produce such original pieces of art. However I am not to proud to have to copy!
    No sign of a white Christmas here either. Today it was 14c, well above the average for this time of year. However, January and February are still ahead before we can relax
    Best wishes

  48. Hope is certainly the right word for today. It's been a challenging few days, but we're almost there, thank you for your positive outlook it helps enormously when life isn't perfect to be able to look at your amazing artwork.

  49. Did you know where the names came from? Smart-arse me had to look it up: It is not from German "schmettern" to slam (the door) or belt out (a song) but like butterfly from ancient German "Schmetten" or Czech "Smetana" (milk, cream). It's based on a legend that butterflies are cursed witches that had stolen butter and milk.

  50. Did you know where the names came from? Smart-arse me had to look it up: It is not from German "schmettern" to slam (the door) or belt out (a song) but like butterfly from ancient German "Schmetten" or Czech "Smetana" (milk, cream). It's based on a legend that butterflies are cursed witches that had stolen butter and milk.

  51. Your mind may be like a washing machine but it certainly churns out beautiful artwork time after time. I wish I had your imagination but count myself lucky that I can reproduce what you have done and mostly successfully.

  52. Thank you Barbara for choosing to give away something that's given you so much pleasure, so that someone else can share in it.
    Can I also say, I phoned the office today to change the delivery address on my recent order, and Debbie couldn't have been more helpful – thank you one and all, you're fabulous. Claire x

  53. This is so lovely, firstly, it's a butterfly, and they are so beautiful and delicate. Secondly, it's blue, my favourite colour. It truly is a gorgeous piece of art, and it serves to remind us that change can be a good thing x

  54. This is so lovely, firstly, it's a butterfly, and they are so beautiful and delicate. Secondly, it's blue, my favourite colour. It truly is a gorgeous piece of art, and it serves to remind us that change can be a good thing x

  55. I love the way your brain works – never in a million years would I think of inking before laminating! Arty genius at work, eh………I am going to make it a resolution to be more arty/crafty in 2016 – have tons of stuff to get going with and with your help am sure will get there ish xxx

  56. Wow stunning art work Barbara and so generous you are giving your signed art work away and a gift with it too your such an insperation .i crafted today with my groovi got to put it together tomorrow into a card to get it in the post .
    I've got my first acupuncture appointment on Monday on my both-hands thumbs and elbows. Wrists too I do hope it helps with the fibromyalgia & athritic pain so I can craft a little more xxx

    1. Hi Sheila
      Oh I hope the acupuncture helps with your pain, that would be such a relief for you, constant pain must make you feel really miserable, but you always come across as so kind and carving with a thought for everybody but yourself my lovely lady. I would say I've got my fingers crossed for you but I still need them for making mince pies so I hope you don't mind 🙂 xxxxx

  57. This is so calming, no wonder you have it near to you when working. Hubby bought me a beautiful picture of our woods at dawn by a local artist which I have over my computer. I love being surrounded by meaningful and mindful art and know just where this piece would go if I get lucky. Thanks again. Karen xxxx

  58. Hi Barbara. Hope is the word and thanks for the chance to win something that you must really love yourself'
    Had a wee laugh at your reply to Ingrid I read it as wee scone a wee thing I say to my granddaughter, my other grandson wee Ian is learning German so when I'm helping with the homework might try a few words out here one day now there's a hope.
    Danke…love Dot

    1. Hi Dot, thank you for the lovely hug, sending one back to you, now Jim jams on, hot water bottle to warm the bed and some Horlicks to help you sleep. Night night sleep tight xxxx

  59. evening Barbra great price of art work making me think of spring with butterflies about in
    power garden and hopefully some nice weather!!fingers crossed love Helen

  60. I love alcohol inks, sort of watercolour with attitude!

    I found a bumblebee yesterday, looked like he was on his last legs so put him on my pansies and made up a batch of sugar water. (Read you should feed it to any bee in trouble, they may just have run out of energy) Kept checking on my little friend but he was still barely moving but the sugar water seemed to be going down so I topped it up. Slowly he seemed to be coming round and moving a bit more. More sugar water and then about 2-3 hours later he'd gone. No sign of him with the flowers or around so he must have flown away. My good deed for the day and it made me feel really good all day. Just hope the chunky chap got home safely.

  61. I remember you doing this one, it's beautiful. Love butterflies and and have liked all the cards you've previously made using alcohol inks. Would love to own one of your signed masterpieces if I was lucky enough, I'm sure it would give me constant inspiration to practise more to improve, you are such a master of craft. It's been wet here today, but we had a beautiful sunset about 4 o'clock. We've got our Magnolia almost in flower, and had a robin in the garden chirping away, just like spring. Looking forward to tomorrow's masterpiece.xxx

  62. Such a beautiful piece of art to share with us – thank you. We drove through a lot of lying snow on Monday coming back home (through Cumbria and the Cairngorms), but today was a glorious day, so we had a long walk along the river – no butterflies for us tho! I just love the NDC butterfly stamp that was my present for being in your club this month – thanks again. Susan x

  63. Our hellebores are in flower – and we live oop north! Had a couple of flies the kitchen today, too. Nowhere near as nice as butterflies and not a patch on a pre-loved one like yours here on the blog. Very generous of you as always.

  64. Would love to add this to my collect of your work that I have received when I have watched your demonstrations at the shows, and the £20 would be a great incentive to buy the Groovi plate mate…thanks x

  65. Gorgeous colours of summer to look at, those halcyon days of summer….. I will always remember a Clarity retreat at Little Baddow in 2013 when we did something similar…oh how you laughed at my attempts xx it was also when you voiced your thoughts of starting this here bogging … A great memory of a great workshop… Just you and Dave that day as you were on your own, Dave slaving over brayer so in the kitchen…

    Much love

    Kim xx

  66. Another sensational piece, love the colours. I think Mother Nature is rather upside down at the moment, I have roses, primroses, poppies and nicotiana still in flower in the garden. The fuchsias and geraniums that are in the greenhouse are having another flush of flowers.

  67. Butterfly – Schmetterling (thank you, Barbara – didn't know this), Papillon (from the film) Mariposa (from a set of craft papers) Vlinder ( Little Polly Flinders nursery rhyme) Rama-Rama (from times in Brunei), Papilio ( old Latin memories). It's great the way that all these words infiltrate from all sorts of sources – and I'd love to know the story behind the Little Polly Flinders nursery rhyme!
    Hope: love the laminated idea – missed yesterday's post as dealing big time, with two big identity issues but as both are current, cannot comment too greatly but my cloned number plate at the other end of the country really has got me quite concerned. ;~}

    1. Hi Sheila and thanks.
      Car was locked and in locked garage here when the supposed 'crime' took place outside London, different car-type and different make and – as for banking – it was not MY card!! Trouble is – we've both go these security-safe card cases so no scam-readers so no idea how it was compromised. ;~}

  68. Hi Barbara
    This is so beautiful, I can see why it gives you inspiration,it would be lovely to own something so precious to you. Thanks Gillian for going through the blog to find date you demoed it, I must have a play! Hmmm weather – we drove back from Birmingham today with awful rain along the motorway ( we went to see Madonna in concert last night – brilliant show but a late night). At home we've got daffodils out in flower – it's quite a talking point in our road!!!! Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  69. I can understand why you would have this on your window ledge as it is totally inspirational. I tried this technique but it turned out pants. I would so love to receive this xxx

  70. Butterflies always remind me of our beautiful daughter Ness. What a co incidence the previous post is written by a Vanessa. It is a lovely piece of artwork and extra special because it has been created and loved by you Barb. Jx

  71. A beautiful butterfly fluttering by, as I seem to be having one step forward -two steps back at the moment, I shall have a go a this with the recent butterfly club stamp that flew in with Decembers design club. It would of course be lovely to win it, but with you blogging it, we can all go back for a peep whether we are feeling down, or looking for inspiration.

  72. Lovely blog Barb – it brought back memories of the Workshop in 2013 (in the Rugby Club) when you taught us this technique. i am going to try it out with the new Club butterfly…….. Thanks. Beryl xx

  73. Beautiful but also uplifting piece of work. I can see why it kept drawing you to keep looking at it. I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow. Thank you for my whopping order that arrived today. Hugs Jeanette xxx

  74. One of our daughter in law's is butterfly mad, her wedding was planned with them here and there and I even stitched a cushion ring with a butterfly design. I usually put one somewhere on any card I make her too. One of her Christmas presents is a glass jewellery box with a butterfly on it. This is a lovely design and what a generous enough gift without a voucher too! We're so lucky.

    Been to see a friend in hospital today, well to see him and bring his wife home, he's having a triple heart bypass tomorrow (actually that's today now) so fingers crossed for him. He's been in a week already – I wonder if he'll be out for Christmas Day, I think they're planning on 23rd or 24th. We will see, the main thing is he recovers from the procedure. xxx

    p.s. laminating pocket – can we have a reminder of how to do that please – next year will be fine 😉 x x

  75. I adore butterflies. My husband says I am butterfly mad! Lol! Bought a new set of bedding with big butterflies all over, even on the pillowcases. Then one night I woke up screaming that there was something on my pillow! I thought it was a big moth, but no, you've guessed, it was one of the butterflies in the design! Lol!

    I'm sure that your butterfly wouldn't give me nightmares if I was lucky enough to win, Barbara!

    Love Joan xx

  76. I adore butterflies. My husband says I am butterfly mad! Lol! Bought a new set of bedding with big butterflies all over, even on the pillowcases. Then one night I woke up screaming that there was something on my pillow! I thought it was a big moth, but no, you've guessed, it was one of the butterflies in the design! Lol!

    I'm sure that your butterfly wouldn't give me nightmares if I was lucky enough to win, Barbara!

    Love Joan xx

  77. Always one of the last to comment due to the time difference. So pleased I have my iPad so that I can still read your blog while I am away.,love all your cards, but love blue, and butterflies. Hoping hoping. Love Josie

  78. A gorgeous piece of artwork Barbara and I adore the colours. It's lovely thought to think of it leaving your windowsill and making its way to mine. x

  79. Gorgeous piece of art work as always Barbara. Would love this in my craft room to give me inspiration, you are too generous by half. Read your blog every day, yet this is the first time I've commented.
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your pieces of art.

  80. Love Butterfly's , it's a very pretty card ,just came down cause couldn't sleep go such a headache!!!! It's a lovely piece of art work ,think it would brighten my room up ,would love to win it , hope you all have a happy Xmas xxx

  81. That's me just catching up with yesterday's blog, was so tired from a days babysitting went to bed really early. It's a wonderful picture Barbara but then all your work is wonderful but there's something about a butterfly that does inspire hope ! Hope for so many things in our lives. Right now I'm hoping my dad who's 91 and has prostate cancer which sadly is now getting worse stays his same jolly self for as long as he can. I hope for a lot of things …………. X

  82. Morning Barb and all the Clarity team, I read your blog every day and am amazed at the wonderful things you create and come up with, your a very, very talented lady and you have a wonderful team backing you up, they worked their socks off recently with the grey Friday sale, yes I ordered stuff as well, and Santa delivered it in record time, but I can't play with it until Christmas day, I see so much inspiration on here and on Hochanda and at NEC etc. and have a wealth of ideas buzzing in my head…………got to find a way of getting it out though…………anyway, I will be watching to see if I can see the repeats on Hochanda with Paul as I missed them due to my wonderful family visiting last weekend and not being able to tape the shows (yes I have Virgin Media, wish they would take it on) anyway I waffle on……….my age you know………….So good luck to everyone who would, like me, would love to win a signed Barb creation, I have an empty place on my craft wall that it would fit into lovely. Got dentist this morning then am going to have another play with my groovi's, I can honestly say that they are the best craft items I have bought this year (don't tell anyone but I have everyone of the plates – have to keep a record on a spreadsheet of all of them..see waffling again. Good luck everyone.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  83. Hello Barb, well this is just stunning artwork, if I won it, it would definitely be where I could see it while I work, it is peaceful and calming. You are such a generous person, giving away not only your artwork, but ingredients and vouchers too, you embody the spirit of Christmas. Thank you, and good luck everyone. Have a great Friday. Bx

  84. Beautiful work, don't butterflies just make you happy.
    I learn so much from your blog and now another language too….
    Just getting ready to take my retriever for a wash and trim after his stay in Kennels so hoping he will emerge from the groomers bright and new like a butterfly too

  85. Beautiful, would match the colours in one of my rooms perfectly. I have never seen this technique so will have to look it up. cant wait to see what tonight will bring…. x

  86. Guten Morgen Barbara,

    Wenn Schmetterlinge singen
    wird es still in Wald und Feld.
    Die anderen Tiere lauschen
    weil es ihnen gut gefällt.

    Wo vorher noch die Leere war
    die Traurigkeit sie fast erdrückt
    bringt der Gesang der Schmetterlinge
    die Lebensfreude schnell zurück.
    – Anneli Waldhaus –

    Ein wunderschönes Schmetterlingsbild und ich freue mich schon wieder drauf, wenn ich sie im Garten sehen kann.

    Dir und Deinem Team einen angenehmen Tag.

    Viele Grüße sendet Sabine

  87. What beautiful colours Barbara, this card speaks "hope" for all those people who are suffering from one thing or another, that there is always hope and especially at Christmastime.

  88. Love the butterfly ! With that and the warm weather – my blossom tree is budding and the daffodils are coming up ! They are are as confused as us! ! I like my seasons – doesn't fell like Christmas cos it's warm ! But hey ho this is England – we ll be like the Australia soon – bar b cue in the garden xx

  89. Hope is something I lose at time when I've been tired for several days this has been a timely reminder that we always have hope,would be wonderful to have to remind me regularly

  90. Beautiful piece of art ! I do sooooo love butterflies, the ladies at the Saturday workshop I go to laugh at me because I can't bare to see a butterfly upside down on a project – I tell them 'butterflies flutter not dive bomb'. Thanks for chance of winning this.
    Christine (Andypandy) x

  91. I love reading your blog everyday it's so uplifting. I met you a few years ago at the NEC. I told you how frightened I was at colouring in and you told me not to worry. I have a card you kindly mad me at the NEC on my wall. It isn't signed as I didn't ask because for me it didn't need to be. Thank you for your blog and please continue to be just you.

  92. Ah. The butterfly as a spirit animal signifies personal transformation! It means you can face change with grace. But we all know that, don't we? 🙂 In Chinese symbolism, it can also represent immortality – which in a way is what you have created with this blog and your wonderful art! Great work, Barbara! I hope your wee butterfly went happily back to sleep and didn't venture out into that wind. K x

  93. Stunning art Barbara it's so beautiful you can get lost in it for sure. There was a butterfly on my bay tree outside yesterday couldn't believe it my daffy are shooting up and the snowdrops crazy things are happening love to Dave and you of course xxxxxxx. June Horrocks xxx

  94. On here a bit late as I was making Christmas cards last night! This is very pretty and ethereal. I'd never have thought of using a laminating pouch like this – thank goodness we have you Barbara to give us all these ideas!

  95. I love butterflies. Any kind, anywhere. Along with damsel flies they appear to be full of magic. This piece of art is beautiful and I can't help but love it. Perfect for inspiration when you need it.

  96. Ooh – could we please have a demo of this technique? Either a YouTube Tuesday or a step-by-step would do, but Mum & I would love to know how you did it. I'm going to search back through the blog too, in case it's one we missed.

    If you give it away, what will you stare at for inspiration? – maybe we should do a swap!! Certainly hope that the inspiration your butterfly picture has given you rubs off on the lucky recipient!

  97. Christmas is a time of you for every girl and boy. Give a little pleasure this Christmas by giving a toy to a toy appeal. This artwork would be a lovely gift for whoever is lucky enough to win it. happy Christmas to all. xx

  98. Barbara, it's very hard to put into words the feeling I get when viewing your picture. All I can say is I feel calm and peaceful. Maybe it's the blue you have chosen,but I just know that I love it.

  99. I hope I'm lucky comment 200. My Gray Day parcel arrived today, so no matter what happens I've already been lucky. I love butterflies and have loads of stamps, stencils and dies already so this beautiful artwork would certainly fit in. I've just hung up the Clarity calendar in my craft shed so I already have one piece of Gray Art on the wall!

  100. Very late reading the Blog today. Been so busy crafting on the Christmas presents I am making. Iced the Christmas cake for my parents-in-law. Celebrated my mother-in-law's 90th birthday yesterday. My husband still has both parents. His dad will be 91 in March. How lucky to still have both parents. Cherish them both they always remind me of the little people that go in and out on a cuckoo clock. My mother-in-law has dementia but when my husband was scratching his head yesterday she piped up "what you scratching at- are you loppy!" Made us laugh. Still crafting tonight and been watching the recording of Paul Church I haven't had time to watch. I say watch – I really need to purchase bi-focals cause watching the TV and crafting now entails two pairs of glasses perched on top of each other and angled so if I look down I use the readers and if I look up my normal specs. Often my husband comes in to find me in this manner but it is so the norm he doesn't blink an eye!! Anyway back to Paul – just loved the stamp of the row of birds and will have to order it. Love any stamps with birds on so its a must. Paul is doing very well presenting and is a great ambassador for Clarity. Must get back to crafting. Much love to all especially the lady who fed the bee some sugar water. Must look after our bee friends.

  101. Barbara this is an absolutely gorgeous picture, the colours are just right and the effect is stunning. I love butterflies and remember when I was little there being all different colours and kinds of butterflies in our family garden. I wish people would plant more butterfly friendly plants instead of ripping up their gardens to make concrete drive-ins. It's such a shame. Thank you again for a lovely blog.

  102. You are so generous, Barbara. You'll be pleased to know that my Grey Friday package arrived on Friday last, just in time to go in my stocking for Christmas. I always do my own stocking that way I'm am sure to get all the lovely things that I really want. And after tomorrow the dark days of winter starts to lengthen so that's something to really look forward to.
    Happy Days,

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