Hi there.
Thanks for popping in today.
Early or what ?!?!
Everything has had to wait today, because I wanted to share 
our latest little creation with you!
Yesterday afternoon, 
the printer delivered the first batch of 2016 Calendars,
(haha! Strange number to deliver, thought Mrs Literal)
And oh Boy! Am I delighted with the quality!
Hats off to Leanne and her team! 
It’s a calendar of some of my favourite past projects.
Some blogged, some YouTubed.
So a nostalgic collection in A3 format.

There are photo step by step instructions 
on the back of each month, 
for creative folk who want to have a go.
But I think that even non-crafty people might be intrigued to see how we crafty folks arrive at our finished creations!
In the chaotic months leading up to today,
we haven’t managed to launch our colouring book,
although it is so close, and so beautiful !!
But a calendar was achievable,
and here it is.
I am modestly chuffed to bits.
Dave and I picked the artwork.
Jim photographed the artwork.
I wrote the Step by Steps and took those photos.
Rob did the layout and constructed the whole thing.  

Teamwork makes the dream work.
What’s more, we made it happen in a week.
From start to finish.
I must be a nightmare to work with actually.
Walks in on Monday morning with a pile of artwork, and says,
“I want to design a Calendar. By Friday.”
I think I’ll sign the first 200 that are ordered.
Who knows?! It might be worth a few bob one day!!
So if you fancy a copy, 
or you want them as Christmas Presents,
get them now.
When they’re gone, they’re gone. 
love and hugs,
a very excited old



  1. Oh good Morning Barbara. Wow you are on the ball today…I think I will get one for Margarethe as she hasn't Internet or hochanda. Brilliant idea and we'll done to all the team xx

  2. Oh good Morning Barbara. Wow you are on the ball today…I think I will get one for Margarethe as she hasn't Internet or hochanda. Brilliant idea and we'll done to all the team xx

  3. Morning – Ordered already – I still have your last one hanging in my craft room – so exited to get a new one …..also cant wait for colouring book jx

  4. Fantastic , I have ordered mine. Will I be lucky enough to get a signed one? Can't wait to have copies of your art work hanging on my craft room wall. Thank you Barbara x

  5. Ooh! Exciting!! Will raid the bank and get one ordered when i get home. What a lovely surprise to see you posting so early with such fabulous news. I am looking forward to the colouring book too.

  6. Good morning Barbara,

    I'm so pleased I have your blog as my Home Page because for once I think I've got in in the early stages and have already ordered your 2016 calendar! I normally scribble all over mine, but not this one which will remain in a pristine condition for viewing only in my art room. What a great idea to include the step-by-steps for each one to inspire us all. My son is buying it for me as my Christmas pressie and I will feel very special indeed to have my own signed edition (if your poor neck will allow you to sign 200 of them!).

    Thank you so much and have a great day.

    Alison xx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Great! I've already placed my order earlier this morning. I loved the last one and still have it somewhere so pleased that you've come up with a new one – great size too! Thanks Barb & all the team, love Alison xxxx

    1. I think she forgot them in the excitement Sheila! Half term and a Barbara Calender, that's as much excitement as you can take in one day! Hi Donna and Sheila hope you are both ok ( appart from Donnas bruises for missing the cushions!) have a great weekend xxxxxx

  8. Ordered 2 before I read your blog. One for me and one for a crafty friend who I know will appreciate it as much as me and everyone else who loves you and what you inspire us with each and every day of the year! We love you and the amazing team you have behind you. Blessings to everyone. Vanessa XX

  9. These look fab – as soon as I got the email here at work I sneakily went on-line and ordered two as I'm off to America next month and want to give one to my Cousin who we are staying with, and of course, one for myself! I normally get a Lang calendar when I'm in the US, now I don't have to worry about it.
    Great idea Barbara.
    Have a great day and looking forward to the shows on Sunday! Carole xxx

  10. A lovely idea Barbara and some wonderful artwork choices each totally suiting the month and/or the season. It would make a great Christmas gift. Looking forward to Sunday. x

  11. That was sneaky getting in so early today, and I nearly missed it until my friend Debbie told me. So I hope my order is in early enough to get them signed -pleeease! It looks really good and I cannot wait to get hold of mine. xxx Maggie

  12. Hi Barbara
    Oooooh this looks rather lovely, might be falling off that wagon again! Haha, you, a pain to work with Barbara! No I'm sure they all love you really! Great teamwork though so well done everyone at Clarity for the quick turn around. I think it's great you give credit to the entire team too, shows what a great employer you are – despite your mad cap schemes – that always work! Have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxxx

  13. Hi Barbara, I've been out all day so just logged in to see the fabulous calendar with all the stunning artwork which will brighten up the wall each month. I've ordered one as an early pressie from me to me, just hope as I'm not an early bird that I'm lucky enough to get a signed one

  14. early bird catches the worms! Well ordered my calendar and a bespoke stamp. I shall be devastated if I do not manage to get a signed one – I will even come down and hand you a pen!! I have been hard at work for the MOJ and did not get in till late – overlisting of courts and some more! I can calm down now and enjoy Clarity. I hope you will answer your door when I come knocking for a signature on my beautiful calendar (I still have one from years back) Thank you for such wonderful artwork and the expertise of you and your team. Please remember a very, tired old lady still grafting and still loving everything you do and say. You keep my head held high when all around are drowning in a sea of chaos called the CS!!!!!!
    have a good weekend to you and Dave. I am awaiting your new TV show.
    Lots of love Anne (Reading)
    p.s. very emotional tonight after traumas at work and how sad when worse things are happening round the world. I really must get a grip – on something or other – probably my husband of 46 years – he deserves a medal – hope you have a smile over my silly blog and all the other lovely followers – good weekend to one and all.

  15. Hi Barb
    I saw this yesterday on the Claritystamp website and 'ummed and ahhed' a bit, but wasn't sure, but your pix today have sold it – just ordered one (which my lovely husband will be giving me for my birthday on 11 November – by the way isn't Dave's birthday in November? So Happy Birthday to him for whenever it is!!)
    Looking forward to your shows this weekend.

  16. Hello Barb, absolutely fantastic, shouldn't be spending anything at the moment, but am going to order it and hubby can pack it away as part of my Christmas present. Thank you to the whole team involved in producing it. Take care all. Bx

  17. Good morning Barbara,

    what a fabulous idea making a calendar with the step-by-step instructions.

    The best of luck for the Hochanda shows!!!

    Rolf xxx

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