A Mirror Masterpiece.

A Mirror Masterpiece.

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in!
How’s your day been?
Mine has been excellent.
I have been in high spirits and very productive. 
Demos are all in place for the TV shows on Sunday.
2-4pm and 6pm HOCHANDA.
Well, I’ve got 7. That will be plenty, don’t you think?

Love it when all the boxes are ticked. 

So I was just settling down to write to you, 
and I gazed out of the window, to ponder my direction….
and then of course I spied my mirror, my pride and joy.
And so I shall tell you a story about the mirror.
Are you sitting comfortably?

Years ago, at least 5, we were working at the Stevenage Show,
I was demonstrating as usual to a group of lovely crafters,
and suddenly, a young woman handed me a parcel. 
“This is for you, ” she said, and disappeared into the crowd.

Well, you can imagine my amazement when I opened the package and found this mirror:

Isn’t it wonderful?
The work and the detail!

Each tile a little masterpiece. 

Every time I look at it, I see something else.
So many of my old favourite stamps.
We forget about them, the Willow Lady and Dippy Toe.
But they were my companions for many many years. 

It really is perfect.

It must have taken many hours to make.
That a stranger would take so much time out of their lives 
to make something just for me.
I find that quite overwhelming.

And when I turned it over 
and read what the lady, Kathleen, had written,
well! I wept.

I don’t know whether Kathleen reads my blog.
(If you do, PLEASE say hi!!)
She could never know how much
pleasure and good energy her generous gift has given me.
Every single day.
I did write to her years ago, to tell her.
And one day I even left a message on her phone, 
just because I thought it was important to let her know.
Wherever my workplace is, there it sits. 

And the little delicate flower underneath is another precious gift from a very clever artist – Maggie Craner’s daughter Becky.
(The apple didn’t fall far from the tree there, eh)
It really is so lovely – it makes me feel good every time I look at it.
You should see her tiny walnut baskets !!
Let’s move in a little closer…
There we are. Thursday’s Blog a blue blog. 
Now I know you like a challenge,
and Kathleen’s mirror is calling you!
Would you like to win a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher?
(Haha! Has the Pope got a balcony??)
I would like you to 
count, name and list all the stamps she used.
Then email me your answer.
On Monday, I shall pick a random winner.
I’ll give you a clue:
There are more than 10,
but less than 100.
love and hugs,

53 thoughts on “A Mirror Masterpiece.

  1. Hi Barb,
    What lovely gifts. The mirror is fantastic and, like you said, must have taken hours to do. The little flower is simply divine- elegant in its simplicity. It just goes to show how much you mean to so many people and how much inspiration you give us all. Looking forward to the shows at the weekend, have set recorder already. Love Alison xx

  2. Oh wow Barbara! What a fabulous gift and what lovely words too! Kathleen is right about how you inspire and keep our crafty mojos going!
    And the little flower is perfect!
    Can't wait to see you on the TV on Sunday! One of the best days of the month is Claritystamp day!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  3. Oh wow Barbara! What a fabulous gift and what lovely words too! Kathleen is right about how you inspire and keep our crafty mojos going!
    And the little flower is perfect!
    Can't wait to see you on the TV on Sunday! One of the best days of the month is Claritystamp day!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  4. Stunning gift no wonder you treasure it so much all the love and time the lady has put into the mirror ,I love the blue flower too could you put a picture of the walnut basket so we can see that too .so pleased your all set for hochanda looking forward to the shows xxx

    1. Hi Sheila how are you feeling today? I managed to squeeze in a little more stencil and texture paste after lunch with my friend – hmmmm that sounds like it was a snack because I was still hungry! Xxxx

    2. Me again Sheila – Julian has a huge amount of his own craft stuff – mainly cross stitch, but he was the one who went wild at Ally Pally and bought the Groovi plates! Xxx

  5. There's nothing more precious than a handmade gift is there, the mirror is beautiful, I hope the lady reads your blog, and the little flower is lovely too.

    I'm glad you're all prepared for Sunday and can have a lovely evening without the worry and pressure that you've still got to get ready. I'm looking forward to watching, but will record it and watch later on in peace 🙂 xxx

  6. Wow what a wonderful present. It really puts my little box to shame. I must try harder. Glad you had a lovely day. Sorry, I wish I could say the same. It was absolutely awful in more ways than one. "Label it and move on you say" – still brooding and huffing and puffing. Husband says throw it away. Well maybe by midnight it will have gone away. I will just look at your past blogs, artroom etc and dream of Sunday
    Love Anne (Reading)

  7. Wow . A beautiful gift for a beautiful lady. The little flower is wonderful too. Does she make them to sell. I would love to buy some. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday.


  8. Your mirror is lovely. Thanks for sharing the story with us.
    My day? It's best not to go into details. Suffice to say reading your blog has been the highlight. Tough times are coming. I'm hoping crafting can keep my head above water. Hugs (((())))

  9. Hi Barbara
    This is really beautiful, what a stunning gift to receive, I do hope Kathleen reads your blog and sees how important her gift is to you. The words are perfect too. The tiny flower is so beautiful too what talented people you know. Thank you for sharing these little pieces with us. Good to hear you are ahead of the game for Sunday, you can gave some chill time with Dave.
    Love Diane xxx

  10. it shouldn't surprise you at all. you do underestimate yourself if so. stunning mirror and such a sweet enameled flower. i think i will not be counting not because i wouldn't like the voucher, but because i don't have that much time. hugs xx

    1. Can't go wrong with a bit of glitter! I have glitter glue, dry glitter, glitter markers, glitter gel pens, glitter paints,……………….as you can tell I love a wee bit of glitter too! Xx

  11. What a truly beautiful gift – a talented as well as generous lady. No wonder you treasure it, and what an inspiration to see every day.

    I'm so glad you listed the times for Sunday – I'd set the machine for 2-4 but not 6 – missed that one. And did I remember you saying that you're on the 27th as well? My machine won't go that far ahead at the moment!

    Right off to bed for me as full of cold! Been up late crafting all week and paying the price now.

  12. A very beautiful gift – a work of art no less. Alas, assuming I could count all the stamps I wouldn't have a snowball's chance of naming them all. I'm sure several of your appreciative followers will though. I'll have to record you on Sunday – it might seem a bit rude to watch while I have company for the weekend 🙂
    Tonbridge Sue

    1. That's a really beautiful mirror Kathlene made especially for you, no wonder you treasure it so. The little flower is so sweet & lovely too, you have so many friends that value all the inspiration you have given them over the years. The hours you put into your blog for our benefit and all the little tricks you show us is deeply appreciated. Glad you had a lovely day and are now ahead of the game. Looking forward to seeing your show its on record as have visitors.xx

  13. This mirror is truly a work of art and Kathleen wanted to show her appreciation for the help and encouragement which you have given not just her but so many others of us too. There are many people who don't understand the need for creativity and just how fulfilling it can be and how much it can enrich our lives, and you have definitely played your part in that Barbara. There are so many different stamps used on this piece and I'm not sure that I could find them all but if I have an hour or two to spare between now and Sunday I might give it a try. I also love that pretty tiny flower and what a gorgeous shade of blue and the work of of another very talented lady. I am looking forward to Sunday and will be watching if I can. x

  14. What a fantastic gift. I couldn't possibly name them all but I reckon there are at least 43 …….. iM looking forward to watching the show although I have visitors on Sunday so will have to record and watch later. Beryl

  15. What a beautiful gift. I too am amazed that you remain so humbled, but that's what really makes you you, LOL. Like Anne I have had a truly horrible day, still reeling infact and just about coming down from the ceiling. I am very proud of the fact that I remained mindful, well for 90% of the time then exploded. To top it I had an important card to finish for a special chap. Now that was a challenge, trying to find a small piece of love to thread through the card when absolutely full of rage. Any tips on anger management? LOL I am so looking forward to Sunday as i'm now all tuned in to Hochanda, not sure I can manage any challenge after the one I have had today. I gonna limit myself to one a week a get back to picking the ones I enjoy.

    1. When I was still teaching and it was coming up to the end of term or other stressful times, we used to walk around with a lump of blutac or a piece of bubble wrap in our hands and take our stress out on those. xx Maggie

  16. Thank you for your lovely comments about Bec's tiny flower. She is over the moon that you love it so much and the lovely things everyone has said about it. Her talent came more from Geoff than from me, though, and I certainly cannot work in the tiny scale she loves. Her daughter is following in her footsteps, creating the most intricate nail art at the moment.. Kathleen's mirror is a true work of love and you deserve it totally, Barbara, for all the inspiration you share with us so generously. xx Maggie

  17. Hello Barb, 2 amazing and beautiful gifts. The mirror is indeed a work of art, and then again so is the flower, both show a love of creating. And it is an accolade to a very lovely inspiring woman, that people love and appreciate what you do, and will gladly give back a little of their time and talent. Looking forward to Sundays shows, but will have to record them. Have a great Friday and take care all. Bx

  18. What beautiful gifts, true works of art. I recognise some of the stamps but could not even begin to name them. How lovely to be surrounded by such loively artwork and to know that you have inspired it in so many ways

  19. What absolute treasures these are and the people who made them. They are stunning. When my dad passed away a few years ago I went looking for my parent's wedding album and was amazed to find a gift I had made my mum when I was 5! 51 now! It was copied from Blue Peter and because it has been kept in the ottoman the colours are still really bright. I have put it back and know that one day in the future I will look at it again and treasure my first crafting memory! I didn't know mum had kept it, not sure she remembers either. The mirror is amazing on so many levels and the flower simply gorgeous. Treasures all!. Lots of love

  20. What beautiful gifts, true works of art. I recognise some of the stamps but could not even begin to name them. How lovely to be surrounded by such loively artwork and to know that you have inspired it in so many ways

  21. What gorgeous gifts Barbara. The mirror is stunning and the flower beautiful. Two lovely ways of saying thank you to you for all the inspiration and encouragement you give us. xx

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