I Feel Fall is in the Air, A Groovi Step by Step by Barbie.

I Feel Fall is in the Air, A Groovi Step by Step by Barbie.

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by today.
I have prepared this Groovi Step by step project for TV tomorrow,
but just in case I don’t get to it,
or we run out of time and I have to go for option B, 
which is much faster and easier, 
here it is in slow motion!
We are only using the 
and the trees which come in the kit, 
Attach the parchment and trace the centre tree.

Add a square frame; 3rd square in hits the base of the tree

And a double frame, like so.

Add hills in the background, using the second plate 
which comes with the starter kit.
I moved my parchment around to add hills here and there.
She has a plan….

That’ll do.

This is it from the front.

Now go back to the hills and add a second line, like so….
just move the parchment up or down a tad.

Lay a sheet of tracing paper over the back 
and lightly trace the image with a pencil.

Flip the tracing paper to the front 
and write in the straddled words,
I Feel Fall is in the air.
(or whatever you fancy, actually).

Now turn the tracing paper to the back,
and you have your backward writing guide. 

Move the parchment artwork to the soft side of the blue mat,
and with the fine stylus, gently write the words into place, 
one letter at a time.

Looking good!
And very easy to do.

Now let’s add some falling leaves,
using the tree plate again.

and some funk around the frame,
using the square nests.

Time for some colour.
I decided to use Distress Markers.
Always from the back.
I had wanted to white emboss the tree, 
but I pressed to hard too quickly.
Never mind;
It looks all gnarled, like a real tree!!

Always work from behind.
I wanted to make the boxes around the edge look 
a bit like a Pantone test.
You know, when printers add the little boxes 
at the bottom of all the colours they have used. 

Cut the artwork right back to the white line.
Then mount on a piece of splattered inkwork from your stash.

How did I attach it?
Well, the Pantone strip also doubles up as a great hiding place 
for 3mm double-sided strips. 

Very bright and colourful.
Just like a crisp Autumn day. 

And don’t be afraid to try the straddled writing.
If you do the tracing paper trick first,
it’s a piece of cake.

Time to mount on teal.

I know it’s not typically autumnal, teal. 

But it works a treat here.
And who said Autumn had to be oranges and reds…

Have you heard about our 
Extra Groovi Shows this week?
On Tuesday, at 8pm 
I launch our One Day Special.
Then on Wednesday, I’m down for 4 hours!
9 am
12 noon
4 pm
 and 7 pm
We have a superb Groovi Storage Solution for you,
and have bundled it up with a pair of rather lovely Poppy Plates,
which I drew myself. 
And which I think you will like muchly…. 
So tune into HOCHANDA 
Love and hugs,

44 thoughts on “I Feel Fall is in the Air, A Groovi Step by Step by Barbie.

  1. Fabulous card Barbara!
    Just getting ready to watch you!
    And so glad I'm off this week!!! I can watch you on Wednesday! X
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  2. Gorgeous artwork to day. Just letting the dogs out so I can watch the shows and Hubby is watching the football, perfick. More shoes excellent, will get sky box sorted x

    1. Hi Sheila, I'm glad I had my Clarity cushions on, the postman will be kept busy with the steady stream of parcels heading my way! Hope you are having a good day without any pain. Just off to finish all my jobs for today so I can sit and enjoy the 6 O'clock show. XX

    2. Hi Donna loved both shows kept them on record to re visit 6pm on record now too it's brilliant to watch Barbara show us some of our old stamps Christmas jumper and joy too i have these sets I've just seen 2 new groovi plates sooooooooooooo tempted my post man will be calling each day with a clarity parcel cushions at the ready xxx

    3. No will power at all you two! I don't know, the neighbours will be gossiping about you and the postman at this rate!!!!! Lol. I'm going to record the Groovi shows so Julian can catch them too, good thing I recorded today's shows, we had a 3 hour catch up with Emma today just when Barbara was on – I couldn't say no to her could I! Hope you are both ok. Xxxxx

  3. Shows recording, so time for a quick comment. Can't wait for the storage solution as I've bought a few groovi plates and borders recently. Going to check out how it's going on line now!

  4. Lovely colour full groove their. Just watching show as just finish moving kitchen into lounge ready for workman tomorrow going to be noisy here as they strip kitchen tiles everywhere like yourjokeabout jumper jumping very good haha must get back to watching love and hugsJoy xxx

  5. Just enjoyed 2 Clarity hours and I am now going to run round like a loon to finish off everything else before the 6 O'clock show. Loved all the demos and the DT samples were fantastic as usual. Loving the new show format with you doing your demos without interruptions, that way we can really see how you are using the inks, stamps and stencils to their best. XX

  6. Hi Barb,
    Great show this morning 2 hours of fabulous inspiration. I had to order the Christmas stencils and I had everything else already.then I saw the frilly plates on your website and thought I'd have to have them but a,ready sent an order in yesterday as well so the plates will have to wait! Looking forward to seeing the storage solution and poppy plates too, although I've just bought a two tiered cake box to store all my Groovi things in which is working well at moment. You are coming up with some brilliant things I have to say! Off to sort dinner out ready to watch the next show. Well done, love Alison xxx

  7. My name is Sheila its 5 mins since my last purchase cushions ready for Wednesday sooooooooo a CCA fantastic shows Barbara and lots more to come Wednesday cannot come fast enough xxx

  8. Hello Barbara

    Thank you. You have answered my query. Now I know I am too fast and too heavy-handed with my whitework. My comes out all lumpy!

    Watching the Groovi show at the moment. You are doing great. Will watch the earlier show tomorrow with my friend and looking forward to Tuesday and Wednesday.


  9. This is beautiful and I love the colours and the background piece is gorgeous. I am looking forward to all the other shows you will be doing this week Barbara. I did see your two hour show which was great! x

  10. Brilliant demo, love the card today and the background looks beautiful with it. I too had a bumpy dove when I embossed it and it even went through. Then I remembered you should be gentle with it and let the parchment rest each time between sessions of embossing (a tip from Maria). Never mind we live and learn. Watched your shows today, absolutely brilliant and with no interruptions, just great and you looked fantastic in outfit. Can't deal with all this temptation Barbara, Donna, Sheila etc say about a cushion, think I need the girl with the balloons to carry me up and away, love the new groovy plates and stencils and must have the word chains and haven't got to Tuesday and Wednesday's shows yet. You'll make us all bankrupt at this rate.xxx

  11. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, such gorgeous colours and do you know the teal works a treat – a bit like one of those beautiful skies you get on a sunny autumn day. I've had bumpy parchment too so must remember, it's like puff or flaky pastry, turn and rest, gently does it. I'm going to watch your shows tomorrow, rugby and motor racing have won in our house today and a lovely FaceTime session with our daughter – she's really enjoying her university course and is so excited to tell us about it each week when we chat. I've told her about your pumpkin – she's going to gave a look and get ideas. Safe journey home and have a lovely evening with Dave .
    Love Diane xxxxx

  12. Oh this is lovely Barbara, will be trying this tonight!! As others here have said, I will be mindful of being gentle when doing the white bits (I have a very holey dove on my desk….) Haven't seen Hochanda yet, have recorded your shows, so that's a treat for after work tomorrow. I have to say, Hochanda is fantastic, I love how we can see whole demos with little or no interruption, makes such good viewing. H2B ordered the calendar for me the other day, can't wait to get it! Still have the 2012 one, and I do go back to try out the projects even now. With love, Ruth

  13. Hi Barbara
    Fantastic show today,watched you while on my tread mill. Watching your show made the time on the tread mill go much easier and faster so all I need now is for you to be on every time I'm doing my exercise.
    I'm so glad you brought the jumper stamp back today,absolutely loved the demo you made I'm so looking forward to the shows this week.

  14. Ohhh youre early was looking for a late blog tonight. Great shoes off plenty time to chill with Dave when you got home.
    Loved the shows well done Hochanda for letting us see more of Barbara's great demo's glad I ordered my calendar on Friday knew it would go well and for those frilly Groovi plates once I seen the white work done on them I was hooked but will wait till Tuesday to get the cushions oot to see what else is coming..take care..xx

    1. Hi Brenda enjoyed the shows withoot the wee burly wheely thing thanks to you. Well back ti the school run the morn Amy will be so glad she's been looking oot the windae for days noo looking for the school taxi. Can you manage a wee Hi if yi can….missing yi and yer banter …..xx

  15. Hello Barb, love this image and the mix of colours, really lovely. Sundays shows were super, such great demo's and sample cards. Looking forward to the Groovi Shows, may just have to record them and have one on when hubby comes home, so I can explain to him what Groovi is all about 🙂 Take care, hope you had a lovely relaxing evening. Bx

  16. Loved the morning show, so much content and all my favourite techniques.. Much to my surprise I caught your Groovi show when I switched on while having my breakfast on Monday morning. Good start to the day. Looking forward to your extra shows also looking forward to receiving my calendar.

  17. I didn't get to read the blog yesterday, too busy watching the shows – recorded, as I had a lovely lunch catching up with my bestie! So much lovely inspiration, what to try first? It was good to see the gelli plate out, think I've figured out at least one thing I was doing "wrong" and not getting the results I quite expected. But then I also haven't had the Groovi out for a while, so would love to have a go with that too. I might try a version of this tree card with a Christmas tree – as Christmas cards are the current crafting priority!

    Going to try to set the machine for Tuesday and Wednesday, as it wasn't letting me do it yesterday. Have a good day off and see you again tomorrow!

  18. looking forward to more Groovi shows, I love mine, so addictive and therapeutic.Hope you didn't mind me showing my home made improvised storage I made yesterday, on your facebook page. It is only a temp fix to the storage problem until I see (and surely orde)r the official Clarity storage on Weds. x

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