Too late tonight. The party was too much fun!!!

Too late tonight. The party was too much fun!!!

Too late I know.
Just been running around.
Joined a super surprise party for 
lovely Sally and the Clarity Peterborough troop
What a great crew.
And the men were brilliant too!

Darling Katie.
I do love this young woman.

In fact the whole group is pretty blimming amazing.
Had the chance to set up in the TV studio tonight, 
and grabbed the opportunity.
Makes for a much smoother ride tomorrow morning.
And before you know it, it’s nearly midnight.
So I do hope you can join me  at 10am for a Groovi Session.
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Sky 663
Freesat 822 
go to
Bedtime xxxxxxxxxxx

47 thoughts on “Too late tonight. The party was too much fun!!!

  1. Good evening Barbara. very much looking forward to the shows tomorrow. I'm up late because of the sniffles….so glad I didn't have a cold when I was down at Catterick with all that hugging going on. Good luck with the show (you don't really need any) Hugs to all. xxxx
    Now get some sleep!!!

    1. Thank you Carole. I am on the mend but my head feels like it is on another planet this past week or so….I found samples that I had started but not finished….I had even made a list to keep myself organised….didn't work!!!!

  2. Hi Barbara
    It looks like you have had a ball – what a lovely thing to do, you really are a very generous person ( and a genuinely lovely one too!). Have a good nights sleep and see you at 10 – I have the recorder set and just hope the Grand Prix doesn't overrun! Did you get a chance to watch the rugby tonight? Ooooo it was close and a good game too. ( I won't spoil it!). Take care.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Morning Sheila morning Dot. Sorry failed again, hope there isn't an owlett exam any time soon! I have my cushions strapped on firmly ready for my fall, or falls if I'm honest ;). Will you be joining me off the wagon or will I be down there on my own? Xx

    2. Afternoon Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda ,I failed too not a good day for pain yesterday but that's no excuse I've never miss a daily blog oh Barbara hope I'm still part of the owlet group hugs to all xxx

  3. Hoping to join in tomorrow at ten but may just have got my FT timing wrong! Atleast there is an afternoon option as well. Spent my evening texting the rugby updates to Mike who's in flight somewhere at this moment of time. ;~}

  4. What an amazing day we had and Katie was so loved her afternoon plus evening with you and also Jane Amanda Mark Steve And Hazel also there to celebrate are lovely Sazz's birthday what great Demos the girls have us Steve back serving us teas well it's 1-50 am better get back to bed sleep well. Will be there ready waiting 10 am Katie shouting Barbara gray is best lots love Joy xxc

  5. What a fabulous day and evening it was helping Saz celebrate the big 50. A great day of crafting with the help of Kim Shaw, Amanda Branston and Jane Telford. Oh and not forgetting Steve Edwards…. cracking cup of tea. Then off to the Windmill for a beautiful meal. Thank you Mark xxx

    Up bright and breezy tomorrow for some great classroom shows. What more could a girl want….


  6. Well done to you all and sounds like you had a great time! All housework done on Saturday so I can sit with my coffee and enjoy every minute. Make sure you do too Barbara! Bring it on Hochanda and here's to the first of many!

  7. Glad you had the chance to let your hair down and have fun with the lovely Sazz at her party. What a great way to start the weekend for you as well as Sazz. Will be there, ready and waiting for the shows today in about four hour time, with the recorder set. Night night for now. xxxx Maggie

  8. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Happy birthday Sally-Ann. You've joined Amanda and I in having our 50th's this year. What a great year 1965 must have been! Lol! What a great idea to all go out for a meal too,
    Glad you got set up last night Barbara, hopefully you'll have a more relaxed morning. Looking forward to a day of Clarity on TV, seeing what's new, your uninterrupted demonstrations and the fab samples from the DT. Good luck although you won't need it. Hugs, Jeanette xxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Happy birthday Sazz. Looks like everyone had a good time.. Pleased that you could get set up for the shows last night – must make it easier for you today. Looking forward to the shows and seeing the new stamps in action. Set the recorder so I'm all ready to relax – I might even Grooving along with you. Hope everything goes well – I'm sure it will. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  10. Good luck on your shows recorder set but I will still be watching! I'm sure everything will go smoothly and if there are any bumps in the road you will cope with them too. Xx

    Happy birthday Sally-Ann xx

  11. Hello Barb, so glad you could meet up with lovely people and have a good time. Looking forward to the shows today, it is going to be so good to have you back inspiring us. Bx

  12. Happy birthday Sally-Anne
    Barbara hope you have a lovely day at hochanda set my recorder to record the groovi on hochanda this morning and it hasn't recorded so disappointed could you tell me if it's going to be repeated
    Will be watching this afternoons show
    Happy crafting xxx

  13. Afternoon watching you as I write. Fantastic shows. Thank you so much.

    Better day today good progress about mum she is being discharged into rest bite home so thing as better. Been very stressful however your blog has kept me going in a positive way.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  14. It was a Fantastic day and evening. I am so glad you could make it…I think you were the cherry on the top after all the surprises Sally-Ann had had during the morning!!!!
    I got home just in time for your show at 2 pm! Xxx

  15. Happy Birthday to Sally and I'm sure she enjoyed the party and I did manage to catch some of your early show but had to go out and unfortunately missed the afternoon one. I notice you are on again tomorrow at 2pm so will definitely catch you then Barbara. x

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