Little things….

Little things….

Hi there,
Thanks for dropping in!
Friday’s blog a private peek.
So follow me.
Things are just about to hot up a bit,
so close your eyes, hold my hand so you don’t trip! 
Upstairs we go….into the bedroom.
You can open your eyes now:
Yep. A teasmade.
And you were expecting a tease maid!
Not today anyway!!
You see, we have always had a pleasant morning ritual, 
which involved dear Dave getting up at 6am 
and bringing a cup of tea for us back to bed.
This stems back to when we had dogs. Two black labs.
Dutchie and Duke needed to have a run in the garden,
so Dave made the tea whilst waiting for them to come back.
Then sadly, the dogs went off up to rainbow bridge, 
but we liked the tea in bed routine, 
so we just pretended there were dogs. 
Well, since Dave’s event 3 weeks ago, 
he hasn’t felt much like getting up and pretending we had dogs. 
Me? I did get up and make the tea a couple of times,
but then I remembered!
Years ago, I bought a Teasmade on a whim. 
Used it a few times, then moved house I think.
Either way, it never made it back to the bedroom.
So I resurrected it this week,
gave it a good clean,
worked out how to set the alarm without the booklet,
and Wayhay!!!
It rocks!
It’s got bells and lights and all sorts!
So at 6am on the nose, 
our little old friend starts spluttering away in the bedroom
(no, not Dave – he’s feeling much better!)
and all I have to do is pour it. 
Highly recommend it to anybody who enjoys a cuppa in bed.
What a little luxury!
I LOVE a good strong cup of tea with milk. 
No sugar.
Drink loads of it. 
Don’t think I have ever said no to a brew.
How about you?
It’s the most drunk drink in the world you know.
And I am certainly supporting that statistic!
Yorkshire brew for me till 6pm.
Then I switch to lovely teas we brought back from France:
green tea, chamomile, rosehip.
That’s when the lovely little pot comes out…
Even Dave enjoys the fruity teas.

In fact, I think it must be about that time…

So I shall leave you with a lovely old song all about Rosie Lee.
Do sing along!

love and hugs,

67 thoughts on “Little things….

  1. I can't function without a cup of tea, pg tips for me though. Have to have one as soon as I get up, it always tastes better when the other half makes it though. Glad Dave's feeling better, tea always makes you feel better xx

  2. Love a good old cuppa cha myself Barb, so pleased that Dave is feeling a bit better and this actually makes such good sense to all of us who have to rise early ….. Wonder if I can get one or maybe get one for the craft room ??? lol xx

  3. What a fab idea. Now nobody has to get up and you both get to have a lie in and a cuddle. Two fab reasons to get a teasmaid. Might have to think about one of those for us too. Have a lovely weekend. Xx

  4. Hi Barb,
    This reminds me of my dear mam. – she had a machine similar to this but just used it for boiling water as she only drank coffee. It was a real godsend when she couldn't get downstairs on her own but wanted a drink bless her. I think I must take after her as I only drink coffee too. Pleased to hear that Dave is feeling better. Love to you both, Alison xx

  5. That is a brilliant idea I can just imagine you two enjoying your tea in the morning. Me, I am a recent convert to Earl Grey tea and it all the fault of my good friend Diane and her wonderful birthday tea. Have a good weekend. Hugs Jackie

    1. Haha yes I'd forgotten you hadn't tried it until then, it is lovely and refreshing isn't it. You must try Lady Grey too, slightly lighter but just as enjoyable. We must have afternoon tea in the garden again soon – if ever it stops raining! Xxx

  6. Tea all day here too and at 3 or 4 a.m if I wake up. I plod down make it and take it back up tio bed with a 2 bar kit Kat and I know I'll nod off again after that! Otherwise hubby is tea maker I. Our house! There's been more of it since I've retired too!

    Glad Dave is feeling a bit better x

  7. Great idea, I love gadgets and even better when it makes life easier. I love a good strong cup of tea or 2 or 3 lol. Have you tried the Reddish teabags, caffeine free so ok for later on, it's a nice cuppa once you get used to the taste 😊 xx

  8. Nothing quite like cuppa to start the day but as start work at 5.30 (I work from home) I take a bucket size mug to my office to kick start the day. I had a teasmade as a wedding present back in70's, absolutely loved it. So glad Dave is feeling better, hope he continues to improve at a rapid rate.

  9. I do love a good cuppa but Earl Grey for me! And not too strong! I drink coffee as well and that needs to taste of coffee!

    So glad to hear Dave is feeling better! Still needs to rest and relax and if the teas maid is one way then that's great!
    Hope you both have a lovely weekend! Love and hugs to you both! Xxx

  10. No hot drinks for me. Wish I could drink tea or coffee. It seems quite antisocial to have to refuse when offered with a cup of the nations favourite drink but I just can't drink it.

  11. Firstly so glad Dave is feeling a little better, must take it steady though. Love the teasmade, reckon that might be what we need, I am always the one to make our morning cuppa. I love a cup of tea first thing to wake me up, think it goes back to being a youngster, my dear dad always brought me one. So enjoy your mornings, a moments peace before the mad rush of the day. xx

  12. What a great idea – reminds me of my nan and grandad who always had their teasmade going for their first cuppa of the day – lovely memories! I'm definitely a tea girl too, and have got quite into crocheting tea cosies at the moment – great for using up leftover bits and pieces of yarn. So pleased to hear that Dave is feeling better, even if he's not 100% yet – hope he continues to improve, Susan x

  13. Oh wot a luverly blog! – The song was a treat, it reminded me of my Dad, who died over 40 years ago. He loved tea, and there was never a wrong time to offer him a cuppa. Now that I am a retired "Lady of Leisure" I start my day by making a morning pot of tea to relax and enjoy 2 big mugs full, to ease myself gently into a lovely day. Mugs of coffee follow as and when required during the day. Thanks for sharing such an uplifting view of things and I hope your teasmade brings you and Dave a happy morning start to each day..

  14. I love my cups of her herbal teas lemon is my favourite like pomegranate too my partner / full time carer is my teas maid bless him .glad to know Dave is feeling brighter each day hope you soon find out his results thinking of you both hugs xxx
    I got my clarity parcel today my groovi Christmas tree and deckle square,did my tree this afternoon so lovely to be back in the groovi mindless time xxx

  15. I remember the old teasmades – never owned one myself but knew some people who did!
    I love a cuppa too – drink a lot of mint tea these days – and … following our Sazzle introducing it to me ….nightime tea…which has chamomile in it….I wasn't sure at first but have to confess I do like it …and I must admit do sleep better when I have a cup of it!!
    Glad Dave is starting to feel better – that is really good news xxx
    Much love
    Kim xx

  16. I like a strong cup of tea with little milk – though I prefer it to be decaffeinated these days. Also like herb teas too. Great idea about resurrecting the teasmade – very civilised having a cuppa in bed first thing. So glad Dave is feeling better. xx

  17. Fantastic teasmade Barbara!
    I drink Earl Grey ..have done for years now…and after the first two cups in the morning it's Earl Grey caffeine!
    Glad Dave is feeling better,

  18. Tea………yes please, milk no sugar (I'm sweet enough!!). A box of good old PG tips always gets packed when I jet off to America! The first time I asked for it in a cafe/restaurant out there I got the strangest look "what…… want hot tea???" Honestly you would have thought I'd asked for the blood of a black goat killed under a full moon the look I got! Nothing beats a good cuppa after being out for the day! Glad to hear Dave is feeling better. Xx

    1. Donna I wish I'd known about that two months ago! I spent two weeks without a cup of tea when we went to America because it tasted awful and was usually cold! I could have hugged the air steward when he gave me a proper cup of tea on the plane home! Xx

  19. So pleased to hear Dave is improving.
    Your teasmade looks more sleek than the ones I remember. Tea, milk and one sweetener, is definitely my drink of choice and my constant companion during the day. I purchase 12 month's supply from a supplier in the West Country each year when we visit Exmoor, and back up with Yorkshire tea if there's any danger of running out. We don't have a teasmade but have a kettle, small fridge etc. in our spare bedroom for tea in bed. We take it in turns to make the tea each morning.

    I hardly drink coffee but I do like coffee flavour in cakes, ice cream etc. So best of all worlds. x

  20. Hi Barbara

    Well they certainly do not make songs like that anymore!

    Although I am not a tea drinker – never have been – I can make a lovely cup for friends and family.

    Glad to hear Dave is improving and I am sure having your dear friend – tea express in the bedroom will help you both to relax in the mornings!

    Lol Barbara W

  21. So pleased that Dave is improving, and that your Teasmade has made a fresh appearance Teacycled maybe? I'm a coffee girl -not fond of 'ordinary tea' at all, but I do like the odd cup of fruity types and would love to have a pretty teapot like the one you have for your 'fruiteas'
    Enjoy your weekend.

  22. So glad to hear that Dave is feeling much better. I love my morning cuppa, too. Cannot start the day without one. Park the teapot beside me and I am happy! Have a lovely weekend. Xx

  23. Hi Barbara
    Oh that song brings back memories. My nan used to sing it to me. I love my cuppa. If I had a teas -made I would stay in bed until 10:30. Then I would have to get up to make another cup! Tea is good for you because the experts say it is full of anti-oxidants. The longer it brews the better. I know it's a little late and not very wise but I think I need a cup before bed.
    Hugs from Chris X

  24. I make the tea in this house usually about 7a.m now we are retired but when we were working we always used a teasmade. It was lovely to get a cuppa without getting out of bed
    but now the cat who joins us to ask for breakfast does not like the loud buzz the Teasmade makes so I have stopped using it (what an idiot) so I now go down stairs and make the tea and the cat gets fed.

  25. A few years ago I watched a tea tasting competition on the tv to see which was the best. I was very surprised when Asda own brand tea bags was the outright winner. I tried it and they were right it is the best. Even if I shop at Tesco (other supermarkets are available) I still need to get my Asda teabags…… Sad I know but we all have our little comforts in life….

  26. Hi Barbara
    My mum and dad had a teas made, it used to start making a noise about half an hour before the alarm went off! Great invention though and I'm pleased to hear it is helping you and Dave start the day off well. I love a cup of tea, standing joke in our family we can smell the tea being made as we arrive ar someone's house! Nice and strong with milk. So good to hear Dave is improving but keep resting both of you.
    Lots of love Diane xxx

  27. we had a teas-maid back in the eighties that gurgled and spluttered so loudly it woke us up before the alarm went off! The kettles never cold in our house, you can't beat a good cup of Yorkshire any time day or night. I think I've got an addiction

  28. I am more a coffee person these days, but am typing this drinking a cup of rosie lee! We used to have a teasmaid, and it was a real boon in those days of early feeds and young babies!

  29. Hi Barbara. I like my coffee but you can't beat a good cup of tea. In saying that though, I am of the brigade that likes to frighten the water with the teabag….no milk, a bit of sugar. Sometimes I even get adventurous and put in a slice of lemon!!
    I remember having a teasmade way back in the 70's. Remember discussions on whose turn it was to clean it out and set it up for the morning. You have set me off remembering all the gadgets we had to make life a bit easier lol Hugs to you and Dave. Xx

    1. Thanks for the info on mapping pens Emma, that's great :-). Every so often I have a look at my pens, I've got calligraphy pens for in too, and then put them back, didn't know about the filling, how much to dip in etc. So I'll add them to my list of things to play with soon. I'll be having a look for the wee hole in the nib later when I get up though 😉 I'll need to work out how I'm going to use things like inks, not being able to sit at a desk and me being proper clumsy, and Daisy always wanting to join in!!! big hugs love Brenda xx

    2. H Brenda. I have two cats that like to craft with me….sit on my arms if truth be told lol. So as not to have ALL my ink or paint spilled I use one of those plastic artist palettes. The one that is most useful is one the has little wells in them…you can only put in so much….less chance of spillage. If I have to sit with my legs up I use one of those padded knee thingymbobs to rest my work on. Good luck in getting down your list. Hugs xx

  30. Not a tea drunk myself like coffee but like to start day with just hot water few cups begin if of day the odd herbal tea through the day just a tiny dribble of milk in coffee as don't like milk in drinks goes back to years ago and very bad morning sickness and people saying start day with dry biscuit and cup of tea, then trying the Cambridge diet and becoming milk intolerant. So pleased to hear Dave is feeling a lot better xxx

  31. Hi Barbara, nothing for me thanks, I'm a water drinker, got to be warmed though, boil the kettle a little first please, anything chilled makes me shiver and feel chilled to the bones (CFS). I've got laptop problems, been trying to sort them all day since I got up! It's related to yet another crash after a large Microsoft update the other day. Not got it fixed but the non working parts kind of work now. I've got a few corrupt files that the system can't repair :-(. And from researching it seems I'm not the only one that has these stemming from an update! It's got a bot beyond my capabilities now it's go this serious, don't want to make things even worse. So I've emailed my brother with the scan notes and a link to a techie site I found the info on, see if he can tell me what to do, if he can't between him and his workmate will work it out. I fear it being a rebuild, nightmare :-(. But they had talked me into doing the free upgrade to Windows 10 so maybe we won't need to do anything if that's a totally separate system. I agreed, if they let me wait until my brother's workmate had done his home upgrade, so there's someone there to help if it goes wrong or I get stuck finding something. My brother avoids computers in his leisure time, working on them all day for his job, he prefers Wii, Xbox, PlayStation!!!!! I better try to get some sleep. Glad to hear Dave is on the mend at last, that's a relief for sure. Big hugs, love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda …SNAP.. laptop after windows updates wont let me go into any websites not even homepage so back on phone till son comes tomorrow not good with bleary painkiller eyes tried Norton and my off/on routine Nightmare this techy stuff…Hugs Dot…x

    2. Sorry to hear that Dot. System restore and repairs/troubleshooting didn't work for me. Maybe because I think it originates from an update a few months back that's been compounded with others since. Tell your son to do a SCANNOW in cmd, it may be able to repair files and if not it will tell him what's corrupt and he copy paste those to google and he'll see what I found. I'm leaving it for my brother, but he won't get my email until Monday, didn't want him to have to do a work type thing on his weekend. Fortunately for me so far my browser seems ok, or I'd be freaking out even more being totally reliant on it for everything. The worst part is I've got a good quality laptop, don't expect this kind of thing, especially it being the OS that's caused it! I hope your son can fix yours easily xx

  32. Hi Barbara nothing like a cuppa in bed first thing had teasmade many moons ago but it made such a racket yours looks a bit updated version mines now in the attick along with the doughnut maker the the pie maker the and various other time saving gadgets one day that might be on the antiques roadshow along with the laptop which is heading out the nearest window soon…keep well Dave…Dot

  33. Ooh, I love tea too! I have a great friend who is about to launch a Website for his specialty teas, His company is called Tea Cosmos, so do look out for it – just the right idea for your after 6 tea!

  34. Hi Barbara. I had a teasmade back in the seventies but this is definitely a new millenium version and so much better for both of you than trailing downstairs to get a cup of tea first thing. I'm so glad Dave is on the mend too. I do drink coffee but tea is definitely my mug of choice, with milk and a little sugar please, and that song brings back memories of when I was young and my dad used to sing along to that. x

  35. Fabulous, aren't they just a great invention! We've used one for the whole time we've been married, people look at us like we're nuts but off I go every evening with my tray and 2 mugs and a teabag. We did suss out how to stop the milk curdling in the mugs during the warmer months but we have green tea now for our first cuppa during the week! Wx

  36. Like Wendy, we have also had a teasmade all our married life – 32 years last Thursday – first one was a wedding present and we are now on our third. Can't live without it! I have to roll over and switch it on during the school holidays when the other half has already left for work, but can't get up until I've had my cuppa. Hope you both enjoy your tea in bed for many years to come. X

  37. Am I the only voter for Sainsbury's Red Label tea? It's better than all the rest I promise you. That's a smashing teasmade Barbara, a bit more modern than the one my Mum and Dad had for a wedding present in 1954! (I love that little drawer unit you have behind it too). We are so lucky to be able to have all our little likes and dislikes aren't we? It makes me so grateful to think that even our various cups of tea which we enjoy, but probably take for granted, would be such a luxury to some living in other places. It just makes me very thankful xx

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