Don’t look Ethel !!!!

Don’t look Ethel !!!!

Hello there.
Thanks for popping in.
What about those thunder storms then?!
Now that’s what I call rain!!
No wonder our little island is so lush and verdant!
With that in mind, I thought I would bring out one of the Countryside Round Stamps and use it for a little arty project this evening.


Mind you, Thursday’s blog is something blue, 
so less of the green here!
Stamp the Round onto Kraft card using black Archival ink.
Do I know where we’re going? Do I heck!
But I DO know blue looks great on Kraft cardstock
so that’s an opener!
And yes, we DO stock Kraft Cardstock.
Colour in the fields with blue Spectrum Noir pencils,

and white.
Lovely combination.

Beautiful for blending.

 Build up the colour gradually, with light feathery strokes.

Pull the white and blue out beyond the frame,
and go lightly around the frame with the white.
Not sure why.
Just thought I’d give it a go!

Decided to cut the card back.
Needs something else…

Oh oh.
Here we go.
She’s got that Acrylic Paint out again…

“Bloody mess if you ask me Mildred.”
“Oh give her a chance Ethel. She usually manages to turn it round.”

“Mmmm. Walking that brayer through the paint 
and up the card looks pretty ropey if you ask me.
Why can’t she just mat and layer it on nice blue card?”

 carries on undeterred…

but a little Snowflake White will surely lift it.
“Don’t look Ethel…”

Let’s see if we can add a little magic with the embossing tool 
and a little snowflake paint.
I do swear by this white paint! 

See where I’m going?
A little night sky, a few shooting stars…
the finest embossing tool is excellent for dotting paint.

Some light blue dotting too, then mop up the rest of the blue paint with a make-up sponge and wipe the 4 sides.
Perfect way to edge.

“Can I look yet, Mildred?”

“Ooh, I think so, Ethel. It’s really rather nice now.
Without the backdrop –

– and with!”

Would make a lovely Christmas card, too.

I enjoyed that little journey into the unknown.
The more I do this daily blogging, 
the more comfortable I am with just firing up the imagination
and letting it loose.

We’re having a clearance sale at Clarity Towers for a couple of days, to clear some stock, and this beautiful Round Stamp is in the sale. We want to run down some stock basically, and make some space for new stuff!
We don’t do this often, but there are some lovely things in the sale until Sunday. 


love and hugs,

72 thoughts on “Don’t look Ethel !!!!

  1. I lovebyour little forays into the unknown. A beautiful result. No surprises there. Than you for the impromptu sale….I did order one of the stamp sets yesterday…cest la vie! That about sums up my week…Going back into my craft room to play with my groovi plates. Hugs xx

    1. Hi Emma, sorry to bother you. If you don't mind could you tell me what I can colour my parchment with other than the posh pencils please? I had a wee look on you blog but maybe I'm not looking in the right place, also tried to google it but it's bringing up weird things and nothing telling me what I'm asking!!! I've got a small set of oil pastels, and rubbishy water colour pens and drawing inks and mapping pen although not tried it yet, as well as the usual stuff. I would just have a go but I don't know what I'm supposed to sue to apply colour with any of these either. I've got baby oil too as I don't want to expose myself to the vocs in the blending solutions, I was going to try it with the posh pencils too. Thank you for any help, love Brenda xx

    2. HI Brenda, Just thought I'd let you know that I tried painting the back of the parchment with distress inks from my pads and it goes on nicely. Haven't tried blending or anything fancy. Sure there are lots of other options but thought I'd mention a simple place to start in case it helps. Lucinda

    3. Hello Brenda. I have used lots of different things to add colour. Promarkers, cheap and expensive pencils. I have used alcohol inks, Crayons with Dorso oil. You can paint with the Perga tints on the back and front. I like to outline with my mapping pen. If I use Ink, I put it on my blending mat first…you can mix colours there to get different shading. You can also make rainbow parchment using inks… Put colours onto blending mat and then use a soft sponge or cotton wool ball to swipe over parchment in arcs……do not use too much Ink, you can add depth by going back in once first layer is dry, but if you get the parchment too wet it will buckle and you can't save it. Another tip to help blend pencils….use a felt tip pen (any of the marker pens except sharpies) so pencil first then the pen. Hope this helps Brenda hugs xxx

    4. Thank you for taking the time to reply Emma, much appreciated and a great help. Don't tell Donna and co that you've told me I can use my cheap colouring pencils!!!!!! 😉 And you've just given me another idea to try too, drawing onto parchment and colouring in without embossing and doing the embossing and stuff as a frame round or whatever. Can't keep up with myself these days, so many ideas and things to try :-). So maybe I could use watered down paint /ink to make it less strong if I'm using the smallest amount and allowing to dry. I think I'll now be able to have a play, try out all the different colouring things I have, thank you, big hugs for you love Brenda xx

    5. If you are going to use watered down paint use your mapping pen. Don't over fill the pen…only have the paint up to the little hole in the nib….oh! Hi Brenda…forgot that bit lol. You are very welcome and ask away, I will do my best to help if I can. Love n hugs . Emma xx

  2. Hello Barbara

    Really love the effect you have created and yes it would be a perfect card for the festive season………..or even for a December/January birthday.

    Going to have a look at your sale now, and thanks for the inspiration tonight.

    Lol Barbara W

  3. Well Barbara that's beautiful! And the dotting with the embossing tool is just a perfect finishing trick!
    I've been having a walk with the brayer and paint myself today! Great technique for fabbie backgrounds! Thanks for showing us how!
    Love and hugs xxx

  4. Hi Barbara
    What a wonderful project it looks stunning.
    Watched the shooting stars here in Wales last night,I must say it was amazing never seen so many,the sky was as full as the sky on your card.

  5. Hi Barb,
    Really do love this. Was just looking at this stamp and it's companion one in the sale and debating which one to buy. I think now my mind has been made up for me so thank you. Love Alison xx

  6. Hi Barbara, I love this, it's brilliant, thank you for sharing. I do love the blues and whites on Kraft card, there's just something about it, like true blue flowers in a garden. looks like I'm going to have to stop prevaricating and buy myself some Kraft card soon, mind you I'd end up wanting to use this colour combo for everything!!! Maybe I can use disposable gloves if I can't bear the feel of the card.

    I had my first play with shaving foam today :-). Just used some food colours I found on a shelf and copy paper/card, that way I wasn't worrying about wasting good stuff, so I could just let myself experiment. As usual, started off following your lead, ended up taking my own detour!!! So I've a wee stash of very vibrant bold funky papers, that I now don't know what to do with!!! Bit too bold and bright for stamping on, although I'm thinking about trying walking the brayer randomly over it in patches to whiten it a bit for doing something with. But they'd make brilliant die cuts and backing papers :-). I scraped some through a couple of stencils too so I can have a we play to work out where I want to go with that technique. I think I'll need to search your blog for some inspiration :-).

    I'm going to do some Groovi stuff with the heart stencil and my own drawing in a bit. Definitely won't be hanging upside down out the kitchen window looking for meteors tonight, the storm you've all had is heading this way right now! And there's a weather warning for here, and I remember only too well the last time there was a weather warning for stormy rain thunder and lightening. Not looking forward to it, a bit scared actually, so Mindfulness crafting required methinks!!!

    A clearance sale, well that'll be Sheila, closely followed by Donna, falling off the wagon again then!!! Well they would be falling off but they've not had time to climb back on since the last one!!!! Me, I'm still sitting on my hands, pins and needles big time, and huge amount of willpower, but doing my best to resist this one 😉

    Hope you're ok, and Dave is improving big hugs, love Brenda xx

    Hope the lad who's fighting for his life is showing signs of improvement too, been thinking a lot today about him and his family, poor souls

    1. Brenda will be thinking of you and Daisy tonight, I hope the storm isn't too bad, we've had heavy rain on and off today down south but nothing near as bad as they said, although from the news quite a lot of places have had it bad. Oh dear, a sale, I might end up joining that naughty pair if I'm not careful but I should resist after car expense last week and booking flights and accommodation for Emma starting university – yes she got in thank goodness after our initial thoughts that she hadn't ( one grade out but they offered her a slightly different course!) so Aberdeen here we come! Sounds like you have had a fun day – how many colours have you still got on your hands?!!! Sending you a big hug xxx

    2. Oh I meant to ask, I saw the A level results were out today and meant to ask how it went for your daughter. Glad to hear she can go to the university of her choice, hopefully she'll enjoy this course as much. That must be a huge relief for you too, although a very sad one as your baby is about to leave the nest. Hopefully the storm won't be as bad here either then, I think it's supposed to hit about 2am. Well, I've discovered a very big bonus with the food colours, and just as well, when I saw my multi-coloured hands!!!! Washed clean off straight away :-). I think you deserve a wee treat for yourself too so maybe you should fall off the wagon with them. guess they're both already over there checking it out eh!!!! Big hugs back, thank you xx

    3. Hello you two had a look in the sale part thought no don't need anything but now I've seen Barbara's blog well very tempted for the stamp and snowflake paint ooooo falling of the wagon CCA see you there Donna big hugs you make me smile xxx

    4. Hahaha you two, we knew you wouldn't let us down. Now those bruises Donna they must be giving you inspiration for colour combinations on your distress inks! Xxx

    5. Thank you Brenda, Emma is doing physiology instead of biomedical science – both courses start the same and she may have the option to change courses if she gets good grades – we will know more when she starts xxx

    6. Hi Brenda sorry not been around haven't been to great have had a trapped nerve in my neck and it's just been agony went to Doctor who gave me painkillers that just knocked me for six.
      I'm on the mend now but god that was a sare thing glad to see your back to uour auld self again and that yi missed me…love Dot..xc

    7. Diane, might be a bit of a blessing in disguise, physiology will give her a lot more options for a career.
      I never thought of that Diane, I've always got bruises somewhere, always bumping into things, lose my balance, stuff like that!!! I try to pretend I don't see them, maybe I should pay more attention to the colour combos from now on!!!!
      What are we going to do with that pair, they're hopeless?!!!! Just as well their addiction is craft eh!!!!! xx

  7. Hi Barbara
    I loved this stamp when you launched it at CHA. I must try the pencils on Kraft card. The blue and white works so well. Just popping off to the sale!
    X from Chris

  8. Evening Barbara

    Or should I say evening Mildred and Ethel! love it!!

    Rain is coming down hard here in Peterborough, but boy my grass sure needs it!!
    Off to look at the sale

    Much love to all of you LOL
    Kim xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    I remember that song! I think it was called the streak – used to make my mum laugh as it was a bit risky although tame by today's songs! Love today's artwork, same stamp but the artwork is so different today, oh dear the stamp is in the sale, dare I look? We've been celebrating with champagne and it always goes to my head so no hope really is there! I hope other parents waiting with their children for exam results today are all ok and results have been good. You would think we sat these exams ourselves wouldn't you! I know you've been there too Barbara!
    Right off for a little peep, it won't hurt will it! Haha. Love to you Barbara and the lovely Dave, hope you are both resting.
    Love and hugs Diane xxx

  10. Wow Barbara stunning ,beautiful blues &whites what a wonderful idea using the embossing tool to do snowflakes thank you for more inspiration hugs for you and Dave xxx

    1. I did try Brenda just popping over to the sale might be a few of us eh .
      I've just been resting as had a lot of pain on and so fatigued .
      You have been busy by your comment on the blog have you got the posh pencils as they are lovely for the parchment big hugs xxx

  11. I love it. I need some of the darker blue chalk paint, my youngest granddaughter has asked me to make her a picture like we did at the retreat but in blues. As for the thunderstorms not had any I am pleased to say but saw on the news that you have had more than your fair share. Is it summer?xx

  12. Well done it again with "do not know where I am going" and produced another masterpiece. What creativity you have – pass some down the ether to me.
    WARNING- beware mindfulness! Yesterday, yes I know it has gone. Well I read yesterday's blog – went into a mind drift so called and what did I do – flooded out the bathroom. I did not realise the water was running so swiftly! Sorry Barbara, we are not popular hear in Purley Beeches, Reading. Take that and a b….. awful day battling with the MOJ. I take the hint – yesterday has gone, label it and move on – I wish I could – still drying out!
    Anyway wonderful blog as ever – you do keep me sane – well saneish!
    Love and best wishes
    Anne (Reading) – have a smile – really is quite funny as it really is your blog's fault not mine! (That's what management says – pass the buck.
    Looking forward to many, many more fabulour blogs.

    1. Oh dear Anne hope it dries out quickly
      We had a leek on our water meter 2 months in a hotel nightmare been back in bungalow a while hope it's not as bad as ours was hugs xxx

    2. Oh Anne, you really do sound like there's bad stuff going on all over the place for you. I absolutely know how that feels! If you can laugh about it a bit, even if you don't feel it, it can help you through it, otherwise it takes over and pulls you down big time. Hope your bathroom dries out ok, at least it's summertime, it would be worse if you were trying to dry it out in winter. Big hug xx

  13. Well, I was wondering where this was going, wasn't sure at first, but of course you pulled it out of the bag. I really like the contrast between the crisp stamp and the grungy background. So may be playing with kraft card tomorrow!

    I've had a sneaky peak at the sale, some of my wish list in there – hubby may be getting the credit card out again and stocking up the pile of things he lays away for me for the next anniversary or birthday etc!

  14. Hi Barbara this is lovely never tried kraft card always thought it a bit dull but nothing dull about this with the blue and white really works and lovely.
    Sorry not been around for a wee while not been feeling to great lately but on the mend now I hope and catching up on the wee blog has cheered me up..take care hope Dave is on the mend to..Dot..xx

  15. Madge (aka Janet) wants to know what it actually means to 'walk' the brayer through the paint please Ethel or Mildred (or even Barb) please?? Izzit on a video somewhere?

    1. Hi, if you check out PaperArtsy youtubes – you're looking for brayer backgrounds, there's 3 of them and they're in the Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Paint section xx

  16. I do love this gathering place. I love coming to bed at the end of the day, and reading all the banter, and the interaction, and the friendships growing. It is wonderful to watch it grow. It's definitely a community, a proper one x

    1. Hi Barbara it's all down to you I would never have thought I would ever blog I cannot thank you enough the daily blog is so part of my daily routine and how wonderful to be part of the blog clarity family big hugs too all xxx

    2. Blooming tablet battery! All charged now. I agree with you this blog is a proper place of caring and friendship. you have created something very special Barbara that brightens the day of soon many people. THANK YOU XX

  17. I love the blue with kraft card Barbara and I have some but bardly ever use it so must experiment. You always try things and they end up as masterpieces, whereas my experiments quite often hit the bin x

  18. Oh I do love this Barbara and I am going to try this tomorrow. Who would have thought those pencils would work so well on kraft card. The blue and white is fabulous


  19. Beautiful card Barbara, I really love the blue on the Kraft card, it really works. I still haven't managed to save enough for those pencils though. Maybe one day…
    Hope you and Dave are ok and taking things easy.
    Bug hugs
    Amanda xx

  20. Hello Barb, how gorgeous is that, I never imagined that Blue would look so good on kraft card. Will have to give it a try, may take a mosey over to the website and see what is on sale. Hope you are all ok in Clarity land, and that Dave is feeling a load better. Bx

  21. Barbara, I do so love the way you just head off and give things a try! I'm probably still with Mildred & Ethel and would have just layered it up on plain card, but I'm trying to get more adventurous! Thanks for all the inspiration.

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